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Need money for Christmas? 35 ways to make quick Christmas cash

Quick Christmas cash – How to make money for Christmas

The winter holidays are just a few months away from us and I need money for Christmas. Are you feeling the same?

Not only is the stressful time of the year, but it also the time to enjoy and spend quality time with your family.

But, if you have not accounted for the expenses (like increased electricity bills, food bills, Christmas gifts etc), it could turn into a nightmare.

So tell me –

  • Do you need extra money for Christmas fast?
  • Are you looking for ways to make free money before Christmas?
  • Want to earn quick Christmas cash?
  • Are you wondering how to make money fast?
  • How can I get free money for Christmas?

In this post, we will go over Christmas money making ideas that will answer all your questions about how to make money for Christmas season.

It has ideas that take some effort as well as easy ways to make money for Christmas.

The post includes affiliate links.

Want to make money quickly? Here are a few platforms to earn up to $25 – $50 in a few minutes!

Need Money For Christmas

#1 Personal Shopping

Holidays equals to a lot of shopping by families. So, if you like shopping, you can turn that passion into a money maker by shopping for those who don’t or can’t

As is the case with other businesses, there are two ways to work as a personal shopper:

  • Independent Services: This is a great way to make extra cash before Christmas and you can make a lot. You can advertise your services on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, using flyers (the traditional manner) or the word of mouth. You can either charge by the hour or trip
  • Work with a company: If working independently sounds like a trouble, you can opt to work with Instacart. All you have to do is register with them as a shopper, start shopping for other and delivering the groceries. You can easily make up to $20 per hour as an Instacart Shopper.

Personal shopping is a great way to make quick Christmas cash. In fact, this could be your answer to how to make quick money before Christmas

Sign up with Instacart RIGHT NOW.

#2 Take Surveys

Another answer to how to make quick money before christmas is to take surveys.

You cannot get rich taking surveys or earn a lot of extra cash for Christmas but it is definitely one of the easy ways to make money for Christmas.

It can definitely help you earn enough to cover Christmas gifts or some of the holiday expenses.

Also, taking surveys equals to free money for Christmas. Isn’t that cool?

There are many legitimate surveys that allow you to make free money for the holidays on the side.

So, here are a few of the survey companies, that can help you earn extra cash –

Grab the surveys and make quick cash for the holidays.

#3 Deliver food

… how to get christmas money fast? If I asked this to myself, my answer would be delivering food.

Delivering food can make good money for Christmas and one of my favorite ways to make quick Christmas cash.

Holidays and weekends are hot for food delivery businesses (for example, UberEats). People are busy shopping for Christmas, other holidays and running errands.

So, tell me, do you need money for Christmas gifts and expenses?

If you are nodding and as excited as I am to earn extra Christmas cash, you can start delivering meals with DoorDash and Postmates.

You can deliver using bike, motorcycle or even a scooter and set your own schedule. May be, just work on the weekends or a few hours each day.

Sign up with DoorDash and Postmates NOW.

#4 Rent out the car

I can understand if you do not want to drive around with Lyft or Uber. Not everyone has the time to.

If you do not have the time to drive around and still want to earn extra cash for Christmas, you can make enough money with your car with GetAround.

If you are smart and learn how to use the app, you can make hundreds of dollars easily.

It can cover all of your holiday expenses, Christmas gifts and other things you may like to do (like, some parts of a vacation). You can make $5+ per hour as a car owner who lets other people borrow your car.

Wondering what if someone damages your car? Well, don’t worry. Get Around provides $1 million insurance coverage against possible damages

All you have to do is name your car, set availability dates, pick up location and a description.

People who are on the lookout for renting cars can do so on the app and book using the app itself. You do not have to handle any logistics.

You can also explore Turo.

If you need money for Christmas, you can start renting out the car now and earn money passively (while you work at home or office).

It is a great alternative of rental cars for people who want to explore locally.

You can list your car and make money from it. Turo has insurance coverage of $1 million as well.

Depending on the car and the area, you can make anywhere upwards of $30 a day. Click here to start with Turo

This is definitely one of the best ways to make money in the winter.

Now that we’re talking about cars, you can also make money advertising on the cars.

#5 Earn money with research companies and focus group

Brands and businesses need consumer input to create new products, improve or update existing ones.

And, there are many such companies that prefer to get input directly from actual customers.

While you can get your hands on such opportunities on Craigslist, local colleges or use VIP voice to take part in focus groups.

VIP voice partners with companies to perform focus groups. If you are eligible and are selected, they pay upwards of $100.

Sign up with VIP Voice NOW

#6 Sell items on Decluttr or conduct a garage sale

We all have unwanted things in our house.

This is the best time to look through attics, basements, garage and decide on things you need to bid adieu.

If you are lacking the time, you can sell online using platforms like Decluttr. This is available only for the US.

In case you are based out of other countries, you can sell stuff on eBay or the new Facebook Marketplace. You can also join local buy and sell or garage sale groups on Facebook.

If you have a free weekend or get help from a friend, set up a garage sale. This is the best option if you have quite a lot of objects to sell.

You can easily earn $100-300 by selling off unwanted things like clothes.

Sign up for their FREE workshop on how to flip things and make money online

#7 Use Trim to save money

Need money for Christmas?

Try saving it and cut down your expenses. It is not a way to make quick Christmas cash, but a great way to save money before the holiday.

If you want to save money and trim down expenses, I highly recommend Trim Financial Manager.

It is a simple app that helps you in managing finances.

Once you link your bank account to the app, Trim will start analysing your expenses, subscriptions you may cancel, negotiates bill, finds better insurance covers and more.

You can sign up with TRIM Financial Manager here and link to your account.

I bet you can save at least $100 in the first month of using the app.

#8 Earn free money for Christmas in form of gift cards

Shopkick is a fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for everyday shopping.

You can easily use it for Christmas shopping or other holiday expenses.

Millions of people use Shopkick every day to discover new products, plan shopping trips, and earn rewards online, in their app, and in stores everywhere. 

Sign up with ShopKick here.

#9 Use a rewards credit card

I know you need money for Christmas and credit card does not seem like the best option out there.

If you are not careful with it, you can end up paying a lot of interest and gather debt – both of which are wrong!

However, it might be a good idea to take advantage of rewards, end of the year offers and deals.

Our credit card allows us to use rewards for shopping, travel, fuel and many more items.

Besides that, there are so many offers and cash back opportunities during the holiday season if you use a particular credit card.

#10 Sell on Amazon

Till now we talked about how to get quick cash for Christmas.

If you are an online shopping freak or are good at spotting good deals, then you may consider Amazon FBA program.

It can be a great way to make extra cash for the holidays, especially Christmas.

You can find good deals on brick and mortar stores or online and resell them on Amazon platform at a higher price.

With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon will handle the shipment and other handling. That means, all you have to worry, is shop for it.

Jessica from the Selling Family makes $5000 a month working part-time.

You can check out her free course on using Amazon FBA here

#11 Become a virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is a great way to make extra cash for Christmas and the holidays.

I recently interviewed Teagan, a single mother, who earns $10000+ A MONTH as a virtual assistant.

She works full time but if you were to take out a few hours in a day, you can easily earn between $2000-5000 a month.

You can provide more than 150+ services as a virtual assistant and includes social media management, graphic design, administrative tasks, personal assistant tasks, writing and online research etc.

You can easily make $20+ an hour as a beginner virtual assistant and grow upto $100+ an hour.

I recommend you check out Abbey Ashley’s free course on how to start working as a virtual assistant. This free webinar will help you understand how to start out as a virtual assistant and become a booked out as quickly as possible.

Make Extra Money for Christmas

#12 Make more money shopping for the holidays

Rakuten, or Ebates, is another option to use for online shopping during the holiday season or for Christmas presents.

You can earn cash back with Raukten along with applying other discounts.

In short, you can make some money and save money at the same time.

You even get a $10 sign on bonus when you open an account.

#13 Proofread

Freelancing is a great way to not only make quick Christmas cash but making a full time income working from home.

Do you have good English language skills or have an eye for grammar?

You can put these skills to use and make money proofreading content to ensure its free of errors.

As a beginner proofreader, you can easily make $20 an hour and more.

My friend, Caitlin Pyle, has a free webinar on how to get started that teaches you how to land general proofreading and transcript proofreading jobs you can do from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else you choose).

This 76-minute webinar is jam-packed with valuable information on finding out if proofreading is right for you, attracting your ideal proofreading clients and making money online. Check it out.

If you are looking to upskill yourself as a proofreader, I recommend you check this or this out NOW.

#14 Teach online

Online teaching is a great way to make extra money for Christmas. It is also one of the easy ways to make money for Christmas.

If you have a college degree, you can teach English to students overseas with VIPKID. (Read about VIPkid review here.)

They pay anywhere between $18 – 22 per hour and you can choose your own schedule.

You will also be provided with all the lesson plans and course materials.

All you need to teach is a computer with a webcam.

#15 Get paid to lose weight

Isn’t this a great motivation to earn money for Christmas?

You lose weight and get money for it.

Healthy Wage is a service that pays you to share your weight loss journey.

On the app, you will need to enter the number you want to lose and the amount of time you need for it. You will also enter how much you want to bet on it.

Their calculator determines how much you can win and sometimes it is up to $10,000.

Head over to HealthyWage now to see how much you could win

#16 Rent a second property or room in your existing one

If you have a second home or have some space in your existing one, you can make money renting your property through AirBnB

A lot of people travel around the holiday season, especially after Christmas and New Years. You can earn a lot of money renting out your property.

Make sure to click attractive pictures and specify all the amenities that come along with the rental.

You can also read this post on building investment property with small amount of money.

Check out out Airbnb host guide to learn how to start being a host and maximise earnings.

#17 Walk Dogs

If you are pet lover, You can sign up for pet sitting or dog walking.

Rover is a pet walking and sitting platform that is always looking for qualified dog sitters across the United States. 

You can earn anywhere between $10-30 for a 30 minute walk.

There you go.

These are some of the quick ways to make money on the side. If you are looking for more ideas, check out the following posts

Check under the table jobs as well.

#18 Pet sitter and baby sitters

This goes beyond walking the dogs and include additional services.

A lot of families travel during the holidays and have to make arrangement for their pets to be taken care of. connects you with such people in your area who need a pet sitters or babysitters while they are away from home.

#19 Customer Service

If you want a stress-free and easy to handle weekend job, then customer service (chat and email support jobs) is a great option.

You can work from home as a live chat operator, sales chat operator, email support agent etc and have flexible hours on the weekend.

You can even take up sexting jobs if you are comfortable with it.

There are many customer service jobs that are actually non phone work from home jobs – it is completely online and pay well.

Read: High Paying Online Jobs

For those of you interested in this weekend job, check out, this post on 20+ places to find chat and email support jobs from home.

#20 Freelance Writing

I have been working as a freelance writer for over 2 years now, and earning a decent income online.

… You can work whenever and wherever you want.

Whether or not you have any specific experience, you can earn with freelance writing.

You can start by reading this preliminary article on freelance writing

I highly recommend you to sign up for this free course

Holly Johnson is a popular freelance writer who has written for leading publications like Forbes and Business Insiders.

There is noone else you should learn freelance writing from if you want to make money over $200k a year (just like her). Check out her course here.

A few relevant reads on freelance writing on the weekends –

#21 Flipping things for profit

You can make money flipping things for profit on the weekends.

It is definitely one of the cool weekend jobs from home to earn money on the side or a full-time income.

Rob and Melissa, from the Flea Market flipper, are masters of this art.

They have made over $133000 last year flipping items that they find in thrift stores, flea market and such part-time.

And, guess what?

You need NOT have to spend a lot of money and can start flipping with $20-50.

And, you can start with a couple of dollars. Rob and Melissa recommend starting with $10-50 to find relevant items and sell them for a profit of about $200-500.

Sign up for their FREE workshop on how to flip things and make money online

#22 Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best passive income streams and could be started on anytime – which means it is a great way to consistently earn money for the holidays, vacations and Christmas.

While there are many streams of income with a blog, the easiest are the ads.

You write the article once and every time someone visits it, you will get paid for the ads seen.

I have been making $500+ constantly with ads each month besides the money made with affiliate marketin

Want to be a $100K blog? Check these courses out

Starting a website and designing it is not a difficult and tech-heavy task. You can simply get started for as little as $3.95 per month

Ready Set Blog for traffic  It is an EXTREMELY underpriced course on how to make money with a blog for beginners. It tells you how to set up your blog, use Pinterest and implement SEO strategies. Using her tips, I have been able to rank on page 1 of Google. You can read my first income report here.

Stupid Simple SEO (FREE COURSE) – It is the best investment I have made in the blog land. Take Mike’s course, apply it on your blog and you can see the results pouring it. Read detailed review here.

FREE SEO lessons (video) – If you’re looking for video classes on SEO, you cannot miss out what Lena has to tell you.

Pinteresting Strategies – This is an affordable course that tells you how to use (and, how NOT to use) Pinterest to drive traffic. Using this, I have been able to get a 200% increase in traffic within 2 months.

Affiliate marketing for bloggers – The ONLY resource I have used, which taught me everything required. I also understood a lot of things that I were doing wrong and could have been dinged by Google. Thank god!

#23 Sell feet pics

If you are comfortable with the idea of foot fetish and having conversations with people who like feet, you can learn how to sell feet pics for money.

Depending upon the buyer and how you take care of your feet, you can earn anywhere between $100-500+ per picture.

You can read all about selling feet pics for money here.

Related ideas: Sexting chat jobs and how to be a camgirl

#24 Become a personal stylist

If you are good at styling and often receive tonnes of compliment for your choice, become a personal stylist. You can sign up for Stella and Dot here.

It is one of the best platforms to earn money (offline or online) as a personal stylist.

You can sign up for Stella and Dot here and earn money with this weekend job!

#25 Website testing

You do not require an engineering degree to become a work at home tester. 

In this post, I bring you website testing opportunities which simply requires a computer, microphone, webcam, and your enthusiasm. 

…An easy way to make quick Christmas cash.

I highly recommend you to read 10 online portals that pay you to test websites

#26 Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

If you receive a lot of gift cards and don’t go to those places to shop anything, you can sell your unused gift cards for cash.

We recommend using CardPool to sell your gift cards. They have the best prices and also offer a bonus if you decide to get an Amazon card in exchange.

#27 Give Plasma

Anyone can give blood irrespective of the blood type. If you have some medical condition, then you may have to check the eligibility.

You can earn anywhere between $20-50 by donating plasma.

You can also try out donating sperm for money.

#28 Work in retail to make extra money for Christmas

Every year, there are several holiday jobs that open up.

So, why not get a job for Christmas?

If you have the time to take up a temporary job, then you should start looking for seasonal holiday Christmas jobs.

You can work at

  • Haunted house
  • Christmas tree lot
  • Macy’s
  • Instacart
  • Gift shops etc

You can also try for customer service jobs.

Whatever it is – apply for seasonal holiday jobs as soon as you can. There are a lot of people trying to make extra money for Christmas and the the seasonal jobs go by quickly.

#29 Earn Extra Money with Crowdsourcing Websites

You can take up small business tasks with companies like mTurk (Amazon) or Fancy Hands (Virtual Assistant)

While the pay is not amazing, you can earn some extra money for Christmas.

#30 Housesit

You can sit someone else’s house and make money.

As a house sitter, you will be paid to sit for clients when they are away for a holiday

You can advertise your services on Facebook Marketplace or use word of mouth.

You can also create a profile on to start getting clients.

#31 Baby Sitter

Running a babysitting or child care business is lucrative.

You can register yourself with and get started. It is platform for people and parents to find nannies, school sitters, senior care and much more

I’m sure you have friends, family, and neighbors who would love the help of a professional to watch their children.  

Just make sure that you obtain the correct licenses and permits.

#32 Hang Christmas lights

A lot of people hire professionals to decorate the yard.

If you can, you can set up Christmas lights for other people and make a little extra money.

#33 Sell Christmas decors and other crafts

Everyone, yes everyone, wants pretty decors for Christmas. However, a lot of people cannot afford how expensive wreaths, hangings, etc are.

If you are crafty, you can make popular Christmas crafts to sell.

You can also read this post to find out popular crafts that sell all round the year.

This is one of the best Christmas business ideas to make money from home.

#34 Save the change

Start using only cash and save all the change during the season.

Drop all $1 and $5 bills in a box. You will be surprised how much you are able to save before Christmas.

#35 Earn money with apps that pay to walk

There are multiple legitimate apps that pay you to walk, run and exercise on a daily basis.

You can find the apps here. Read Sweatcoin review here.

There you go – answer to how to make money for Christmas season and how to make fast money for Christmas.

Grab these Christmas money ideas RIGHT NOW!

These are the 36 easy and simple ways to make money this Christmas and I really hope it helps with money for Christmas.

So, if you need money for Christmas, grab the ones that speak to you and get started.

Ready to earn fast money for christmas?

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Need Money For Christmas? 35 ways to make quick Christmas cash.