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Get Paid To Donate Sperm (Up To $18,000+) and Sperm Banks That Pay

Get paid to donate sperm – Know how much is sperm worth!!

Get paid to donate your sperm!

Wow… I went whaaa when I first heard about donating sperm but me being me had to research a lot more on this!

So, are you wondering what I am talking about?

Well, you can legitimately earn by donating your sperm to sperm banks near you.

You can make up to a whopping $1800 a month if you qualify for sperm donation.

In this post, we will answer all the questions relating to sperm donation such as

Can you get money from donating sperm?
How much money for donating sperm can you earn?
What happens when you donate sperm?
How many times can you donate sperm?

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So, what does donate sperm for money entail?

Donating sperm is not as easy as selling feet pictures or donating blood or plasma, but it can surely make you a lot of money and make that fast!

Sperm donation involves voluntarily giving your sperm to a sperm bank or a CyroBank in exchange of money or free of cost.

The female equivalent of this would be egg donation

If you want to make money fast or if you need to make money urgently, donating your sperm could be a legitimate option to consider.

So, before we go on to talk about sperm donation pay, lets understand the basic first –

What is a sperm bank?

A sperm bank is a facility where sperm collection, freezing and storage takes place.

The sperm bank is also called as a cryo-bank, and this process is known as cryo-banking.

You can either donate sperm for others to use or hire them to store your sperm for your own future use.

If you are interested in donating sperm for money, you will need to visit a sperm donation center.

It will be your decision whether you want to donate your sperm for free or for money.

Why does anyone donate sperm or become a sperm donor?

Obviously, your next question would be why you need to donate your sperm.

Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider donating sperm:

  • The first reason is that you get paid for donating your sperm (You will be surprised to know how much is sperm worth!)
  • Secondly, any couple that is facing troubles in conceiving can make use of your sperm
  • Women who want to be single mothers can make use of your sperm for conceiving a child
  • Members of the LGBTQ community can use your sperm to birth a child through surrogacy or conception.
  • People with genetic disorders might seek out sperm banks for healthier sperms, and the list goes on.

Is sperm donation legal? Is it looked down upon?

Yes, sperm donation is completely legal.

To answer the second part, no, it is not looked down upon. If you read why people donate sperm, you will understand the it helps people and many couples who want to have kids but can’t.

Not only can you earn money donating sperm, it is also a noble thing to do!

How The Sperm Donor Process Works In Sperm Banks

So, if you are thinking that I want earn money by donating sperm, then here is what you need to  do:

Step 1 – Basic requirements

Most sperm banks follow almost the same process when it comes to accepting an individual for sperm donation.

They might have some minor changes, so it best to check with the facility for their conditions.

  • You need to be between 18-39 years old to donate sperm. The age limit might differ with sperm banks.
  • Your height should be at least 5’7 for getting qualified to donate sperm. Most sperm banks demand this requirement
  • You must be a graduate (college students are accepted)
  • You must have no genetic diseases or problems
  • You must have no family history of mental illness
  • You must not have smoking or drinking habits and should not be a drug user
  • If chosen, then you must be ready to undergo regular screening and donation for months
  • You should accept for a long-term commitment to visit the clinic two or three times a week and meet the other stipulations in 6 to 12 months of time.
  • Also, you should not have already donated your sperm to another sperm bank
  • In case you are adopted, you need to provide a record of family history. If not, you can’t donate your sperm.
  • You should maintain your self quite well and be presentable. Some centers don’t stress on the fact, but it is not right for you to either unkempt either.

Other than these requirements, most sperm banks have their own set of specific conditions.

So, it is better to know in advance the terms of that particular sperm bank.

It is a given that not everyone will qualify for sperm donation. In fact, only 5% are accepted for sperm donation.

It is pretty tough to get approved, but knowing these terms can help you to get prepared before you go for screening.

Step 2 – Making an appointment

In case you meet the conditions of a particular sperm bank, you can go directly apply.

You can register in the center and schedule a screening appointment.

When you do so, the next step is the screening of your medical and family history with the in-house center physician.

They will ask you to fill a questionnaire sharing your medical and family history. You will be asked to give a sample of your sperm in a sterile cup.

You will be given aide in the form of a porn video or magazine that would be offered for quick ejaculation in a private place or restroom in the facility.

This sperm submission is necessary to test for viability, count, motility, and other factors.

Step 3 – Screening for medical history and genetic conditions

You also need to undergo blood and urine tests for finding infectious diseases or underlying genetic conditions.

It helps them determine your blood group as well. There will also be a thorough physical examination.

Step 4 – Just before Approval

Once you are approved, it is time for you to get paid to donate sperm.  But before that make sure you remember these pointers:

  • The screening process takes up to 6 weeks to complete at the most
  • You need to donate sperm at least twice a week, and it would continue in the same fashion for a period of 6 months to a year.
  • You can’t use condoms, saliva, water, or lubricants during your sperm collection as they could damage the sperm cells.
  • You also need to sign an agreement to the effect of denouncing your parental claim or any contact with the child that may be born from your sperm donation.
  • Sometimes, your payment may be not until six months after your sperm emission. This is usually because the bank will conduct a second blood test to see whether the sperm produced is not infected.
  • If all goes well, you will get paid for the donation.

So, if you are thinking about how much money can you get for donating sperm, you still need to be prepared for these as well

Some more requirements or questions asked before sperm donation

You would need to give answers to the question about:

  • Your past sexual history
  • Any history of drug abuse
  • Life goals, hobbies, talents
  • You traveling experience and so on.

You might even be required to give your adult and childhood pictures for potential users along with an essay or a taped interview.

If you are not comfortable with sharing your details, ask the sperm donation center beforehand.

So, how much is sperm worth?

The million dollar question is here – how much money for donating sperm can you earn or how much money for sperm donation can you make?

The pay for every sperm donation is different for every sperm bank, and on average, you can earn up to $100 per specimen.

It goes up to $1500 a month, but it depends upon factors like sperm bank location, age, and health.

So, now you know how much can you sell sperm for!

The next question is obviously where you can donate sperm?

Here, we bring you a list of centers that pay you for donating your sperm:

Emotional stress with sperm donation?

If you passed the physical bridges, the next one is the emotional side of it.

You will explicitly revoke any parental rights on a child. That means, you need to be okay with one or many more kids out in the world that you never know!

Ask yourself if you are comfortable knowing your future children could one day just pop up and meet you?

A lot of times, sperm donors are rejected without a reason. Will you be okay not knowing the reason why you weren’t allowed to donate your sperm

There is a lot of emotional distress that comes along if you are donating sperm for money.

Where to donate sperm for money

Best Sperm Banks, Cryobanks or Sperm Clinics That Really Pay

Sperm Bank directory:

Sperm Bank Directory lets you search for local sperm donation centers in and around your area of residence.

This is actually a national directory of sperm banks available in the country.

They have a unique map system that lets you find a sperm bank near you. Even you search state-wise to find sperm banks near you.

Sperm Bank directory has a ton of information regarding sperm donation, and it also helps you in making an informed decision.

NW Cryo Bank:

Just like every other sperm bank, NW Cryo Bank has a tight screening process when it comes to accepting your sperm donation.

But they do have some additional requirements as well like:

  • You must at least 5’10” and be within the age of 18-35 years old
  • Have a post-secondary education with no history of smoking tobacco products including substance abuse

They accept sperm donations from men of all backgrounds, so it doesn’t matter whether you are Asian, African, or Caucasian.

California Cryobank (Donor Sperm Bank):

Originally from California, but now available in different parts of the country, this sperm bank traces its origins to 1977.

They have their sperm collection centers in California, Massachusetts, and New York.

They make payments up to $1500 a month and also give incentives from time to time to their donors. Usually, they are movie tickets or gift certificates.

One of the best things about this cryobank is that they ask you to only 5 hours of your time to donate your sperm if you qualify.

You also get entirely free genetic and health screenings free of cost, in case even If you don’t get selected for donation.

Are you ready to donate sperm for money?

If you were wondering how much can you make donating sperm, then you know its a viable option to make money on the side.

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