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Stupid Simple SEO Review – Can it REALLY Help You Rank on Google?

Stupid Simple SEO Review was long overdue!

I bought it almost 6 months back and am so happy with it. It is the best course that I have ever spent my money on!

For those of you who are new –

Stupid Simple SEO is a search engine optimisation course that teaches you how to rank your content on Google.

But, does it fulfil the promises?

Does it really teach you the things you need to know?

Does it provide the support you need?

In this Stupid Simple SEO review, we will talk about everything you need to know before buying it.

The post includes affiliate links.

Stupid Simple SEO Review Summary

Product Name: Stupid Simple SEO

Product Type: SEO course

Creator: Mike Pearson

Price: $297 or $497 (depends on which option you decide to go for)

Best For: Bloggers and website owners who want to drive organic traffic from search engines.

Summary: Stupid Simple SEO, a course by Mike Pearson who is a blogger and SEO expert. He created Stupid Simple SEO to teach other bloggers how to rank on search engines and get more stable traffic. Stupid Simple SEO makes SEO easy to implement.

Recommended: Yes

If you want to drive organic traffic and want to test the waters with Stupid Simple SEO, sign up for this free course by Mike Pearson. It will teach you a few basic SEO concepts and tactics that can start helping you drive traffic right away.

Why You Should Be Focusing on SEO

Stupid Simple SEO is a detailed course on SEO.

So, before we go on with the Stupid Simple SEO review, let’s touch a bit on why SEO is so important.

SEO is a way to drive organic traffic back to your website or blog. While it does take time to show results, but once it does, it allows you to capture relevant traffic.

That means, the quality of your traffic is going to be much better than the one you get from social media or Pinterest.

Think about it.

People have put in a search term to get to you. They actually want to know about it and probably, buy some related product.

That means, you can make more sales by targetting buying keywords.

Not only this, the RPMs are much higher for organic traffic as compared to social media. That means, more ad income.

All that said – SEO is something a lot of bloggers ignore because it sounds technical, time consuming and a lot of work.

The thing is – it is time consuming but it is always better to start it out as soon as possible

Note – Take this FREE Pinterest class by Cate Rosales

And, till the time it is not working, you should focus on developing a strong Pinterest Strategy (to get traffic right off the bat).

Just a note of caution – do not put all your eggs in the same basket. Do not EVER rely on only one platform to get you traffic.

It is the combination of search engine traffic and Pinterest that will give you more stability.

Why do I say that?

Sometime this year, my website was blocked and marked spam by Pinterest. [It happens to even legitimate websites and blogs].

I had no organic traffic and all the traffic from Pinterest came to a shocking halt.

I had about a 50 sessions as compared to over 1000 sessions in a day. It was shocking but it made me realise that I made a mistake by ignoring SEO.

This is where Stupid Simple SEO came into the picture.

Before you invest in Stupid Simple SEO (and, till the time it does not open for enrolment, sign up for this free course by Mike Pearson). It will teach you a few basic SEO concepts and tactics that can start helping you drive traffic right away.

I asked in the blogging circle and this course came with glowing reviews and hollywood-style fans!

From small bloggers to known bloggers, everyone recommended it without a doubt!

Literally, NO BAD REVIEWS of Stupid Simple SEO.

But, was I going to spend $497 or $297 just like that?

Of course, not. So, I signed up for his free course and implemented a few ideas.

To my surprise, I saw a bump in organic traffic (WITH HIS FREE TUTORIAL).

So, there was nothing left to ask. The next time the doors opened, I was the first one to buy it.

What results did I see with Stupid Simple SEO?

It is an obvious question that you should be asking.

If I am taking the effort to write a review for Stupid Simple SEO, you need to know how it helped me grow.

So, I invested in Stupid Simple SEO in the mid of May 2019.


By June 2019, I was able to grow my organic traffic by a whopping 220%.

Here are a few screenshot for you to check –

You can see that I was able to grow my organic traffic from 1181 to 3790 sessions in a month.


Besides this, when I started Stupid Simple SEO, I was ONLY at a domain authority of 19.

In 7 months, from May – Nov, I was able to increase it to 30. This is all because of the backlink methods that I have been implementing.

In a short span, I was able to get featured on leading publications like

  • MSN
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Go Banking Rates
  • CEO Blog Nation
  • Readers Digest
  • Car Rentals
  • Fundera
  • Fit Small Business
  • Post Bulletin
  • Student Loan Hero
  • Score
  • and, many more.

Thanks to the increase in DA and tactics that Mike teaches in Stupid Simple SEO, I have been able to rank better for a lot of the posts.

I see improvement in rankings every single day.

RPMs – Mediavine

Besides this, I have also noticed an increase in the RPMs. My ad income has considerably increased.

Honestly, I have recovered the cost of the course by the increase in ad income alone (within a month!)


Ok, now let’s dive into the details of Stupid Simple SEO.

Ready to make a difference in traffic, grab the FREE course by Mike now.

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO is an advanced course that helps you decode the important steps you need to take for search engine optimisation.

In short, it makes SEO simple for you.

If you have been wanting to learn SEO (or been avoiding it for sometime now), then Stupid Simple SEO is right for you.

It can help you with –

  • Keyword research
  • Increasing your domain authority
  • Competition analysis
  • Backlinks etc.

Who is Stupid Simple SEO For?

Stupid Simple SEO is best for bloggers who are looking to rank on Google, drive more relevant traffic and make more money.

The ideal buyer for this course is –

  • a blogger who is struggling to drive any traffic from search engines and relies on Pinterest or social media entirely
  • a blogger who wants to learn SEO the right way
  • a blogger who is new to SEO

Who is Stupid Simple SEO NOT For?

Stupid Simple SEO is not for you if

  • You are a new blogger and still figuring out how it works. This will work instead!
  • You already know a lot about SEO and drive substantial amount of traffic.

What You’ll Learn in Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO an extensive course that covers

  • ABCs of SEO
  • How to track your progress
  • How to set up your blog for SEO success
  • Optimal site structure and site design that works for SEO
  • How to do keyword research the rigth way
  • How to write epic content that ranks
  • How to start link building and increase your domain authority
  • How to master Google’s EAT alogirthm
  • How to do SEO for affiliate marketing
  • How to do blogger outreach
  • How to do guest posting for backlinks
  • How to use HARO to get features on leading publications etc

Lessons you will have if you buy the advanced Stupid Simple SEO course –

  •   How To Go Through This Course
  •   The ABCs of SEO
  •   An Hour Per Day of SEO
  •  Start How Long Does It Take To Rank?
  •  Start Your 7-Day Ahrefs Trials (Lessons To Complete)
  •  Start How To Track Your SEO Progress
  •  Start Trello Course Roadmap
  •   Private Facebook Group

Module 1: Setting Up Your Blog To Be Fast & Mobile-Friendly

  •  Start How to Make Your Blog Secure (SSL)
  •  Start How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly
  •  Start An Introduction to Site Speed
  •  Start Tips for Improving Your Site Speed

Module 2: Site Structure & An Optimal Homepage Design

  •  Start An Introduction To Relevance
  •   How To Rank Even If Your Site Is Very Broad
  •  Start How To Make Your Navigation Google Friendly
  •  Start Re-Imagining Your Category Pages
  •   How To Set Up Custom Category (Silo) Pages In WordPress
  •  Start How To Create An Optimal Homepage Design

Module 3: How to Do Keyword Research the Right Way

  •  Start Your Ahrefs 7-Day Trials (Lessons to Complete)
  •  Start An Intro To Keyword Research: What Makes A Good Keyword?
  •  Start Why Competitor Research Beats Traditional Keyword Research
  •  Start Brainstorming Your Initial Competitors
  •  Start How to Find Your Competitors With Ahrefs
  •  Start Filtering Out High-DR Sites (Batch Analysis)
  •  Start Finalizing Your List of Competitors
  •  Start How To Find Your Competitors’ Top Pages & Keywords
  •  Start How To Merge Your Keyword Spreadsheets
  •  Start How To Organize & Sort Your Spreadsheets
  •  Start How To Analyze Keyword Data & Develop A Content Strategy
  •  Start How To Determine Keyword Competitiveness
  •  Start How To Use Ahrefs Content Explorer For More Content Ideas
  •  Start How To Do Keyword Research For Existing Content

Module 4: The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves

  •  Start Satisfying User Intent
  •  Start Understanding User Satisfaction
  •  Start Pop-Ups, Aggressive Ads, And Bad User Experience
  •  Start Your Goal: Creating EPIC Content
  •  Start How To Research And Outline Your Content
  •  Start How To Find Long Tail & Related Keywords
  •  Start How To Create Epic Content That Ranks
  •  Start How To Set Up Your On-Page SEO
  •  Start How To Use The Yoast SEO Plugin
  •  Start An Introduction To Content Audits
  •  Start How To Do An SEO Content Audit

Module 5: Getting Started With Link Building

  •  Start What Are Links & Why Are They So Important?
  •  Start The 5 Characteristics Of A Great Link
  •  Start Link Building Expectations
  •  Start Getting Into The Outreach Mindset
  •  Start Links You Don’t Want Any Part Of

Module 6: How To Swipe Your Competitors’ Best Links

  •  Start Understanding Your Competitors’ Backlinks
  •  Start How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Backlinks
  •  Start How To Merge Your Backlink Spreadsheets
  •  Start How To Organize & Analyze Backlink Data For Link Opportunities

Module 7: How To Build Links With Guest Posting

  •  Start An Introduction To Guest Posting
  •  Start Getting Organized For Your First Guest Post Campaign
  •  Start How To Find Guest Posting Opportunities
  •  Start Sending Your Guest Post Pitches
  •  Start Handling Replies & Writing Your Guest Post

Module 8: How To Create Linkable Assets Other Websites Love Linking To

  •  Start An Introduction To Blogger Outreach & Linkable Assets
  •  Start Three Types Of Linkable Assets: Infographics Guides, & Surveys
  •  Start How To Brainstorm Ideas For Your Linkable Asset
  •  Start How To Create Your Linkable Asset
  •  Start How To Outreach To Bloggers With Linkable Assets

Bonus: How To Master Google’s E-A-T Algorithm

  •  Start An Intro to the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines
  •  Start Content Quality & The QRGs
  •  Start E-A-T and YMYL Pages
  •  Start Why Your “About” Page Matters
  •  Start How To Optimize Your Blog For E-A-T

Bonus: SEO For Affiliate Marketing

  •  Start How To Identify User Intent In The Sales Funnel
  •  Start How To Find Affiliate Keywords
  •  Start How To Create “Best [Product]” Type Content
  •  Start How To Create “Review” Type Content

Bonus: How To Get Your Blog Featured On Huge Websites (HARO)

  •  Start An Introduction To HARO
  •  Start Getting Set Up With HARO
  •  Start How To Respond To HARO Requests

Bonus: Building Powerful “Resource Page” Links

  •  Start An Introduction To Resource Page Link Building
  •  Start How To Find & Filter Resource Page Prospects
  •  Start How To Do Resource Page Outreach

Bonus: The Secrets To A Successful Expert Roundup

  •  Start An Introduction To The GuestoRoundup Technique
  •  Start Using Google Sheets To Get Organized
  •  Start Expert Roundup Overview & Choosing Your Question(s)
  •  Start How To Find Bloggers To Participate In Your Roundup
  •  Start How To Execute The Expert Roundup & Land Your Guest Posts

Bonus: SEMRush Mini-Class

  •  Start Finding More Competitors with SEMRush
  •  Start Swiping Your Competitors’ Top Pages & Keywords
  •  Start Spying on Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Bonus: Behind The Scenes of Credit Takeoff

  •  Start Niche Selection
  •  Start Setting Up The Site
  •  Start Monetization & Traffic Strategies
  •  Start Mapping Out a Content Strategy
  •  Start Hiring Freelance Writers
  •  Start Managing Freelance Writers

Grab the FREE SEO course by Mike Pearson NOW.

What I Like About Stupid Simple SEO

There are a few things I love about Stupid SImple SEO

  • Mike has a great teaching style. He has the knack of breaking down complex ideas and concepts into smaller chunks.
  • The course provides you with a solid and cannot-fail strategy of driving organic traffic
  • After you have finished a module, you will know EXACTLY what you need to do.
  • It works! Period.
  • You get to be a part of Stupid Simple SEO Facebook Group where Mike is always available. Besides that, the entire community is always helping you and encouraging you at every step.

What I Don’t Like About Stupid Simple SEO

To my suprise, there is nothing I do not like about Stupid Simple SEO.

The only drawback I could think of is – the entire course is video-based. So, if you are not fond of video learning, it may be difficult for you.

But, for the kind of course Stupid Simple SEO is, it did require a video. So, there is that!

How Much Does Stupid Simple SEO Cost?

There are two options that you can buy

  • Standard – $297
  • Advanced – $497

Ready to make a difference in traffic, grab the FREE course by Mike now.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

Yes, there is one very small cost.

The part where STupid SImple SEO deals with keyword research will require you to invest in a tool named Ahrefs.

However, Mike tells you how to do all the research within the 7 day trial period it has for ONLY $7.

It is a one time cost and you can cancel the subscription after that.

To clarify – Ahrefs is not required for the entire course, just a few modules.

Who is the Creator of Stupid Simple SEO?

The creator of Stupid Simple SEO is Mike Pearson.

When you are spending a lot of money and investing in an SEO course, you always want to know more about the person teaching you.

After all, all of us search for credibility.

Mike Pearson is a blogger himself. He has several blogs in different niches including one which is sold for six figures. He has also made over $200k with Amazon Associate Program.

His most recently created site is Credit Takeoff which has already been featured on, Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, Investopedia, and LendingTree.

Ready to make a difference in traffic, grab the FREE course by Mike now.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam?

No, Stupid Simple SEO is not a scam.

Mike is highly knowledagle and knows what he teaches. In fact, Stupid SImple SEO is the best course I have invested in till date.

All that said, SEO takes time. So, if you are investing in it and want to see results overnight, it is not going to happen.

You have to work through all the steps and wait for the magic to happen. To set your expectations right, you need to give it a years worht of work.

If you understand this and are ready to deep dive, Stupid Simple SEO course is right you

Ready to make a difference in traffic, grab the FREE course by Mike now.

Do I Recommend Stupid Simple SEO?

Yes, Yes and a thousand times Yes.

This is the ONLY course I recommend without any caveat.

How to Enroll in Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO is only open for enrolment a few times a year.

Click here to check if it’s currently open.

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