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Babysitting Jobs Near Me – Earn $2k+ a month and more

Babysitting Jobs Near Me

Searching for “babysitting jobs near me” “babysitter jobs near me” “summer babysitting jobs near me” on Google?

Well, it is definitely, one of the best side jobs from home.

Babysitter jobs are mostly scam-free, legitimate and high paying

Note: Babysitting jobs is all about taking care of young children while the parents or the guardians are away.

If you are unable to find any babysitting jobs near you, you can also find them using alternate words like infant care, nanny or baby minders.

You know what I love about becoming a babysitter –

Babysitting is an idea way to make extra money for teens, college students, stay at home moms, side hustles, weekend job seekers or any work at home enthusiast looking for babysitting jobs near me.

In this post, we will share quite a few babysitting job websites that allow you to offer babysitting services and find your prospective clients

Parents and guardians can posts babysitting jobs vacancies and interested babysitters like you can submit applications.

If you are chosen for the babysitter job, you will be required to meet the guardians first.

This post will answer many of your questions like

  • Where can i find a babysitting job?
  • How do you get hired to babysit?
  • How much money do you get from babysitting?
  • Where to find weekend babysitting jobs near me or part time (or full time) babysitting jobs?
  • Best practices and tips and so much more

Before we go on to talk about the platforms you can find babysitting jobs near me on, let’s talk basics

The post includes affiliate links.

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Babysitting jobs Requirements and Qualification

Before you start your babysitting application for nanny jobs, read this –

  • Before you take up any babysitter job, read a few babysitting tips on known websites like Health Line.
  • If you have never done a babysitting jobs, you should get some experience first and take a few jobs in your neighbourhood for lesser money or ask friends/relatives
  • If you are serious about babysitter jobs to make money, think about getting a certification and training on areas like safety, medical first aid, early childhood education etc to increase credibility (it also allows you to charge higher)
  • You should also try to get a background check done to increase credibility of your profile.

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5 Things About Babysitting Before Starting

The Basics

If you want to make money with babysitting jobs, you should be well aware of childcare basics. For example,

It will be easier to start babysitting if you have younger siblings or relatives with children. This way, you can get proper guidance.

Handling Behavioral Issues

You need to be ready to handle children of different temperament. While some children will be easy to babysit, a few others will test your patience.

So, you need to understand what is your level of patience, understanding and tolerance.

Only then will you be able to select the age group you are comfortable with.

Unexpected Situations

Kids will be kids and, as a babysitter, you will need to ensure their safety. Enrolling into a safety training or a first aid class will help you go a step further.

A babysitter should know how to handle cuts, scrapes, choking, etc at a minimum.

Pricing Your Services or Babysitting pay

So, you have decided to take up babysitting jobs. You will need to consider 5 things when pricing your babysitting services –

  • Experience
  • Minimum Wage
  • Number of children
  • Special conditions
  • Transportation

According to Today and Care, the rate for babysitting for a child is approx. $17 per hour.

Depending on how many hours of babysitting jobs you can grab, you can easily earn $300 or more per week in babysitting pay

With experience, you will also need to factor in a lot of other things in pricing. For example, number of children, any special needs kids, transportation cost from home etc.

If you are providing overnight babysitting, you can charge more.

Nanny & Babysitter Insurance

Ok.. so, babysitter insurance.

It is important to cover you against accidents and mishaps while on a babysitting job.

For example, if a child was hurt due to your negligence or you are accused of sexual abuse etc; the insurance will cover the legal fees.

So, if you are a babysitter who babysits regularly and babysitting forms the majority of your income, getting an insurance is the right thing to do.

But, if you are taking up babysitting as a side hustle, you do not require a babysitting insurance.

Babysitting Websites and jobs platform

Lets look at how to find babysitting jobs quickly and how to make money as a babysitter

Care: is one of the leading sites that offer legitimate caregiving jobs and babysitter jobs.

There are many kinds of caregiving options available like pet sitting, babysitting, elderly sitting, daycare services, home cleaning and so on.

You will need to create an account and submit all your details before accepting a job.

The best feature of this site is that they will link you to jobs that are most relevant to your location.

Meaning you don’t need to go that extra mile for earning some side income.

At the same time, the pay also differs from sitter to sitter based on their experience, location and so on.

Sign up with Care.Com NOW!

Sitter City:

Similar to, this site also offers different kinds of caregiving, tutoring, and housekeeping jobs.

They offer weekend babysitting jobs, part-time and full-time babysitter jobs that pay up to $15 an hour.

You need to create a free account with a complete profile before applying for the job.

You can add credibility to your profile by getting a paid background check, done by Sitter City’s team.

Once you have created your profile, you can start browsing for jobs.

You can earn by working as night babysitter, after-school sitter, new mother’s helper, daytime babysitters, last-minute sitters and so on.

Sign up with Sitter City NOW!

Urban Sitter:

Urban Sitter is the next great site where you can earn through babysitting.

One of the great advantages of this site is that you can directly negotiate with the client and set your pay.

You get to keep 100% of earnings when working with Urban Sitter. All you need to do is to create a free profile and start applying for babysitting jobs.

Sign up with Urban Sitter NOW!


Earn from $8 to $20 an hour with Care4hire. It is a huge database filled with many kinds of babysitting, tutoring, and housekeeping jobs.

You can enlist the help of the Care4Hire for creating a strong profile. They offer the services of online referees and background checks.

Sign up with Care4Hire here

Seeking Sitters:

This site is a great place to earn some money by registering as a caregiving professional.

But, before you start applying for any jobs, you would need to pass their background check.

Once you pass their checks, they will link you to their clients who are seeking babysitters. The pay is around $15 an hour.

Sign up with them here.

A very popular job site with more than 21 million users, offers jobs in Canada and the USA.

They offer free background checks along with CPR training, a skill required for babysitters.

Apart from the babysitting jobs, they also offer many other sitter chores like a pet sitter, live-in nanny and so on.

Just like other caregiving sites, you need to create a profile before applying for a job.

Sign up with Sitter


This is a unique site that offers sitter jobs to four age groups.

They are the Junior Sitter(13-15 years), the Standard sitter (15-18 years), Advanced sitter(18+ years) and the Elite (Highly experienced approved after a thorough background check starting from the age of 18+).

The income you earn will solely depend on what category you come under.

Moreover, you can track your working hours with their app, thereby ensuring you don’t get underpaid for your services.

You can also connect that app to your Facebook account to find more jobs.

Sign up with Bambino


Formerly known as Find a babysitter, this site has many types of sitter jobs available.

They have more than 20,000 clients registered in their portal. Create a profile and list out the hours you are available for work.

You can also browse their job board and message or call the clients directly.

Yoopies lets you set your rates by negotiating with the client and you get paid weekly.

Other than babysitting jobs, Yoopies also has tutoring, pet sitting, elderly sitting opportunities as well.

Sign up with Yoopies

Curated Care:

If you are an expert in music, language, science, sports or any other activities and also have a passion for childcare, then Curated Care is the best place to start.

This site accepts registrations from “Kid Experts” only.

It means you can find high paying jobs here and you can be the person who adds some value to a child’s learning or creative abilities.

You can work as after-school, night, weekend, in-home or emergency babysitter.

Sign up with Curated Care

With more than 1.2 million members, is one of the leading websites offering babysitting jobs.

They have their global presence in 24 countries and in 28 US states.

They offer free signup for babysitters and you have the freedom to negotiate your own rates.

There you go. These are all the babysitting sites where you can find babysitter jobs.

Ready to find babysitting jobs near me and earn money working from someone else’s home? *winks*


  • A lot of articles also talk about finding babysitting jobs with Craigslist BUT I do NOT recommend it at all.

    Craigslist is not a platform parents generally use to find a sitter. They generally prefer going through best babysitting websites we talked about or by word of mouth.
  • Think like a parent. What will you search to look for a babysitter?

    For example, nanny services near me, babysitting agency, babysitting services near me, babysitter needed near me, babysitters near me and focus on these keywords while creating your profile, website or application online
  • If you like babysitting, you can start your own babysitting business. Build a website and market yourself!

    You can offer weekend babysitting jobs, full time babysitting jobs or part time babysitting jobs near you

Note: If you are looking for babysitting jobs near you, you can start searching online with keywords “babysitting jobs near me” “babysitter jobs near me” “babysitter jobs” “full time babysitting jobs” “summer babysitting jobs” etc.

Besides this, you also want to search and. research on legal age for babysitting in florida (or any state that you live in) or babysitting laws for california etc.

Conclusion – Babysitting or Babysitter Jobs

Not only are babysitting jobs available par time and full time, they are a great weekend jobs as well as overnight jobs.

It is as suitable way to make money for everyone including the introverts (read more about introvert jobs)


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