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How to sell feet pics – A weirdly fast way to make money online!

Selling feet pictures and how to sell feet pics for money – It is true!

Yes, you read it right. In this post, we will talk about how to sell feet pics for money

You can make money selling pictures of feet.

There is an entire market to sell feet photos and if you are comfortable with the idea of foot fetish, you can make money from it (and, rather quickly!)

All you have to do is take pictures of feet (feet only!) and send it to people who are interested in buying feet photos. We will talk about in detail.

According to NYpost, this woman makes $70000 a year selling feet pics.

I will cover two ways of making money with feet – 

  • Selling feet pictures online
  • Becoming a foot model

Feel free to skip to the section you are interested in.

There are 3 things I want to tell you beforehand

  • If you are not comfortable with the idea of selling feet photos, there is no point reading the first half of this post.

    You can search for “foot modelling” and read the bit where I talk about how to become a foot model
  • It is completely normal to sell feet photos and you will soon know (in fact, there are so many Hollywood movies that show foot fetish).
  • There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are doing this but I would always recommend you to use fake profiles/details to sell feet photos online.

    You want to ensure privacy at all times!

Let’s get started and learn how to sell feet pics for money or photos of feet online. We will also talk about how to sell feet pictures legally


Note – This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure policy


Is selling feet photos illegal?

No. Absolutely, not.

You can sell pictures of your feet legally especially if you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and other western countries.

It may be illegal if you live in countries with strict religious or similar restrictions. 

Also, you need to be above 18 years of age to be able to sell feet pictures.

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Can I sell feet pics even if they are ugly?

yes, you can. Every foot is beautiful in its own way.

All you have to do is maintain them – take a regular pedicure, avoid getting blisters etc and learn to take good pictures.

If you do all of this, you should be able to sell your feet picture online

In fact, there. is also a market for pics of ugly feet or dirty feet or nasty feet pictures. Hey, some people like what they like.

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Do people really buy feet pics? 

Well, yes. People do buy feet pics for real. In fact, the market for people who buy feet pics is really HUGE.

Not only there are a LOT of people who buy feet pics but there is an equal number of people who sell pictures of feet. 

In fact, people have been buying feet pictures longer than you can think of.

Don’t feel weird or uncomfortable about this, and just read on. I promise you will have fun and learn an unknown way of making money online.

Just think I took out 4 hours researching on selling pictures of feet for money JUST FOR YOU. 

Why do people buy feet pictures and pay money for pictures?

There are three major reasons for people buying feet pictures and pay money for pictures

  • First, people buy feet pictures because of their liking towards it (just like any other liking you have). Some people (I am talking millions!) love feet and are willing to pay for attractive feet pictures! Yes, it is related to having a foot fetish.
  • Secondly, a lot of brands (for example, cosmetics) require feet for modeling their products. So they buy feet pics regularly and
  • Thirdly, a lot of publishers need photos of feet (for example, baby feet or salons requiring feet pictures for advertising) and hence, they buy feet pics

If you are looking for more ideas to make money online fast without having to do almost anything, grab this freebie right now!

What kind of people love feet pictures?

While second and third reasons are completely normal, I know you have one question for the first reason –

  • What kind of people love feet pictures?
  • What kind of people pays money to buy feet pictures?

The answer is – normal people like you and me. Remember, they are not just the depraved or pervert people that are interested in buying feet pictures online.

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Do you know there is an entire website dedicated to feet – WikiFeet?

It is a free collaborative site featuring celebrity feet pictures and is probably the largest celebrity feet database EVER!

The site is filled up with photos of celebrity feet, close-ups and whole body shots with feet in it.

They attract more than 3.2 million hits a month from those who love feet pictures.

No judgment there – people like what they like.

Check out this video where she talks everything about selling feet pictures online (along with how to sell pictures of your feet). It is an interesting video!

[Removed by YouTube]

Can I Sell Feet Pictures To Only Those With Foot Fetishes?

Now that I have mentioned foot fetish, I have to clear this.

No, you do not have to sell pictures of feet to only those with foot fetish. There are many people who will buy from you and will never admit they have a fetish.

The next question is –

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Who Else Can I Sell My Foot Pictures To?

Brands and businesses that need foot models.

People with sexy and beautiful feet can also sell their pictures for foot modeling. There is an entire market for models with good looking feet.

For example, for any jewelry pieces for feet, nail paints and shoes.

So, don’t feel weird, yucky or judgemental about selling feet pictures.

If you have beautiful feet, you can get into foot modeling and get paid for it!

Remember the Sienfeld episode where George gets a job for hand modeling (below is the section of that episode). Foot modeling is just like that!

Why should you Sell Feet Pictures?

Because there is a market for it. It is the entire demand and supply argument.

There are millions of people who will buy your feet pics and that is the best ever reason. You can make quick money selling your feet pictures online.

The only criterion?

You need to be 18 or above 18 years of age for selling pictures of feet. 

If you are looking to make quick money or earn extra cash, you can think of doing this.

Selling feet picture can help you earn some cash to cover a purchase.

If you are a college student (above 18 years!), you can sell pictures of feet to cover tuition fees

If you are looking for other ways to make money online, check out this

Where can I sell pictures of feet for money? Are Tthere Places to Sell Feet Pictures?

Of course.

By now you should realize the market for feet pictures is huge and there are always people who are amazing at monetizing opportunities.

You can sell pictures of feet on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (this is a big one!) and Instagram. We will talk about it a little later in the post

But, before that, the most important question is –

How Much Money Can You Earn Selling Your Feet Pictures?

So – how much for feet pics? How much do foot fetish-ers buy feet pics for?

The amount you can make selling feet pics (or the foot pic price) depends a lot on

  • Pictures of your feet
  • How presentable and attractive they are
  • the people interested in it and their willingness to pay

While some get hundreds of dollars (may be a six figure income) doing this in a week, there are others who get thousands of dollars for this.  Canadian woman who makes $90,000 per year.

In this post on weird ways to make money online, Emma talks about her experience of selling feet pictures on ebay.

make money selling feet pictures

If you are a modern family fanatic like I am, do you remember when Luke and Alex sells smelly shoes on ebay?

You can also look up this post where Kayla talks about making money selling feet pictures and be able to pay for Christmas gifts.

make money selling feet pictures

You get it right? There is no specific number and it could be anything from $20 to a $1000.

It is not always about people with fetish but yes, most of the times it is about that. If you care less, this could be a great venture for you to earn some extra money.

If you are not comfortable with this idea, you can check out other ways to make quick cash. 

Let’s now talk about how you can go about selling feet pictures online –

websites to sell pics pics on

How much should I charge for my feet pictures?

It all depends on the clients offer and how beautiful your feet are.

To begin with, $5-20 per image sounds reasonable. However, if your feet are beautiful, then you can sell your feet pictures for as much as $100.

But, for beautiful feet – never sell feet pics below $20.

You should also consider how much others are charging for their feet pictures. Your prices cannot be considerably higher than them. If they are, your feet pics will become unsellable.

Also, if you are asked to do some custom pictures, such as applying peanut butter on your feet or oil on your feet, make sure to charge EXTRA money for it.

People spend a lot more money if you fulfil their foot fetish with your feet pic.

Now, lets go onto something very important – where to sell feet pics in 2020

How To Sell photos of feet online on social media?

Before we move on, the first thing you must know if you are not selling your feet but how they look in the pictures.

So, you have to focus on presenting them well.

Ways to find people interested in buying feet pics

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Facebook

Selling your feet pictures on Facebook is a good option for beginners

There are two ways you can do it –

Create Your Own Facebook Group to sell foot pics – You can create your own group and post feet pics for sale.

You will have to work on increasing your members by promoting on other social channels like snapchat.

You will need a marketing strategy if you do not have a group which might be interested in buying feet pics.

Join Existing Facebook Group to sell feet pics

There are many facebook groups for those looking to buy and sell feet pictures. You can look for them and join.

You need to actively network and let people know you are comfortable with selling foot pictures. There will be people approaching you for buying feet pics once you have enough members.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Instagram

There are two ways to use Instagram to sell feet pictures and find people interested in buying feet pics

  • First, You can start an Instagram account, start posting feet pictures and increase your followers. There are many people who will reach out to you directly.
  • Secondly, you can actively look for photos and posts where people openly indicate their love for feet and looking to buy and approach them directly

You can use hastags like #feet #toes #soles #footfetishnation #feetworship #prettytoes #toesdone #prettyfeet #instafeet #cutefeet #beautifulfeet #barefeet #toes  #sole  #pedicure #socks # footmodel etc to get attention of those who like to buy.

You an also use – feet pics for sale (or foot pics for sale) to ensure people know you are in the market.

Hashtags for selling feet pics on Instagram

Feet pics on the Gram are popular. Check out the stats on feet pic hashtags –

  • #Feet – 13.9 million posts
  • #PrettyFeet – 3.1 million posts
  • #BeautifulFeet – 1.5 million posts
  • #FeetWorship – 1.4 million posts
  • #PerfectFeet – 1.3 million posts
  • #FeetLovers – 1.1 million posts

Start using them and get quick exposure.

This is all about selling feet pics on insta.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Twitter

Create your account and start tweeting pictures of feet regularly. Watermark them!

You can also follow other people who sell feet pictures on twitter and see how they go about it.

For example, if you see a comment, you can directly reach out to that person offering the feet pictures you have.

For starters, when you post content, make sure you use hashtags, such as #FeetPics or #FeetPicsForSale.

websites to sell pics pics on

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Reddit

Reddit is another good platform to sell feet pictures online.

Start by creating an account and post your feet pictures online. Feet lovers or foot fetish-ers will message you privately and then, you can take it forward.

Another way is to look for pages to post feet related content. Post your pictures in the corresponding page to target the clients more specifically.

When you do post feet pics, ensure that you write enticing tag lines and be clear that you have feet pics for sale (or foot pics for sale).

You can read this Reddit post for some tips.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Tinder

I know Tinder is a dating app but you can use it to sell feet pictures online.

After creating a tinder account, start posting the feet pictures and make friends on tinder.

If you are consistent, you will get buyers for your feet pictures. Overtime, selling feet pictures for money will become a lot easier.

Note: You can also opt to become a virtual friend online and make money.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On eBay

You can even look to sell your feet pictures on eBay.

I already referred to Emma Drew above. She makes a lot of moolah on ebay selling feet pictures along with her smelly shoes.

You can promote in all of the above social media sites one by one.

Experiment and see which one works for you and stick to that.

How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist?

You can sell feet pictures on Craiglist just as any other thing. Create a free ad indicating you have pictures of feet for sale.

You can also look for and contact those feet lovers who have ads looking for people to buy feet pictures from.

I want you to be able to make money in a safe space and being online helps but it does have pitfalls. I would suggest that you keep your business and personal social media separate. 

This way your family, friends and work won’t know what you do if you’re worried about who knows.

Be aware of scams and please don’t send anything unless you get your money in your PayPal account, Patreon and so on.

How To Sell Feet Pics on Tiktok

We all have heard about TikTok if not used it.

But, if you want to sell feet pictures and make money, TikTok is a great option.

TikTok is a social media platform that specializes in short-form video sharing. The app allows users to create, edit, and share 15-second videos with filters, music, and special effects.

With more than 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is THE platform to advertise your feet pics.

The best way to go about this is to create an account and stary by creating short videos with your feet.

You have to be creative and come up with entertaining ways to showcase your feet pictures so as to increase the number of views, followers and reach your potential customers.

Always put your link to the website or email address or anyway to contact you to buy feet pictures. This makes it easier for the potential customer to reach out to you.

From there, you can discuss your feet pic price packages along with a link to your cash transfer app for payment.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

Snapchat is a popular platform you can use to sell feet pics. Sign up with them and ensure you are regularly posting feet pics.

If you want to know more about how to sell feet pics on snapchat in detail, check this out.

Create a Premium Snapchat account

A premium Snap account is a private account where you can grant paying customers access. You can charge a subscription for this access, usually from $5 to $50 per month.

Once the user gets the access, they can check out all different types of feet pics and feet videos. Make sure you are posting new content regularly.

Once you grow, you can outsource management of subscription to management services like FanCentro.

FanCentro is a great platform to use for this. They take 25% of your subscription fee, but their service saves you a lot of time.

Once it’s set up, just sit back and focus on creating content – i.e. feet pics and feet videos. 

Use a public Snap account to sell your premium content

Besides that private account, you will need a public snap account so potential feet pic buyers can find you.

You have to learn to use public account to funnel your customers into buying your premium account.

This can be done by putting out creative and attractive content – feet pics and feet videos. Because your photos and videos disappear after 24 hours, you’re going to have to stay engaged and continuously put out content.

One way to find more ideas is to spy on competitors. See what they are creating, who is commenting on their feet pics and message them. You can also look at their followers and message them.

YOu have to stay engaged on Snapchat if you want to be successful.

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Websites to sell pictures of my feet

Wondering where can I sell pictures of my feet for money? Are there any websites to sell pictures of my feet? 


Apart from social media, you can also sell on picture websites. These are stock image websites and they pay you when people download the full pictures.

Here are a number of sites that will pay for your stock photos:

Besides this, also check out this list of best apps to sell photos online and make money

Apps & websites to sell feet pics

Sell feet pics on FeetFinder

One of the safest and credible websites to sell or buy feet pictures as well as videos is FeetFinder.

They’re a dedicated website for feet content. All the sellers verified with an ID to ensure there are no scammers or fake accounts.

In fact, FeetFinder is the ONLY website where sellers can upload content on the platform and have buyers purchase it directly from their profile or have buyers send custom requests for more exclusive content.

.. which is amazing because it gives you more scope to upsell and make more money selling feet pics or videos.

Buyers can also pay a monthly fee to access the content by you. The fee i, obviously, set by you which provides you a lot of control.

Just like any other platform, FeetFinder also have a fee. While they pay out 80% of the money to you, the other 20% is used to attract more buyers to the platform, enhance security to keep your data safe and work on new features to constantly improve the website.

They make weekly payouts to their models and has a trusted partner bank to ensure users always get their money.  Know more FAQs here.

Disclaimer: There are many feet pic sites that use Paypal and Cashapp as a mode of payment. That should be used carefully and is a major red flag since Paypal/Cashapp bans user’s accounts who sell feet pics as it’s against their guidelines. (Feet pics is considered adult content and you’re prohibited by both the apps to use their platform for that purpose.)

Users can sign up for free and sell 100% anonymously – which is great for beginners wanting to test out the waters and try selling feet pics.

They also have 450+ 5 star reviews on Trustpilot from real users so you know it’s not just another sketchy website, they are legit!

They have PCI compliant security so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive data ever being released. 

Still, want to know more about FeetFinder?  Check out the detailed “How it Works” video below!

Sell Feet pics on Feetify

Feetify is new platform available to you to sell feet pics online.

All you have to do is sign up as a seller and create a profile on their webiste.

The platform is made to trade in feet pics (as the name suggests as well – Feet-ify) – buyers should be able to find you and reach out to you.

It is important that you take the time to complete your profile and make it interesting with all sorts of creative pictures and language.

Feetify runs on a subscription model. That means, you have to pay monthly to utilise this platform.

One of the positives of using this platform to sell feet pics is the feature that allows you to interact with your customers. It is similar to the Facebook wall.

… You can use this to build connections, network and keep getting those repeat customers.

Sell feet pics on Instafeet

Instafeet is another popular app to sell feet pics. As you can know by the name, Instafeet is a feet pic app.

They recommend you post at least 5 photos to start with and gradually add more as you grow.

You will need to sign up with Instafeet, build a profile, work on your profile to attract people who will actually buy your feet pics.

Instafeet is a pretty popular platform and feet pics app to sell pictures.

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Sell feet pics on DollarFeet

DollarFeet is another way to sell feet pics and is a feet picture marketplace.

You will have to apply to them and it takes 24 hours for the application process to confirm.

Once your account is approved to sell feet pics, DollarFeet will send you instructions on how to upload your feet pics and videos.

What make DollarFeet different than any other platform for selling feet pics is this – they buy directly from you as opposed to you finding customers on the platform.

On an average, DollarFeet pay for feet pics is $5 to $10 for a video which is minimum 5 mins long.

If you upload 5 videos, you could get paid $25 – $50.

Sell feet pics on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for creative entrepreneurs we all know about. While the most of the items sold are arts, crafts, jewelry, candies etc, you can also use Etsy for selling feet pictures.

Etsy is definitely not an exclusive platform to sell feet pics (like other feet pic marketplaces we talked about), so finding a buyer can become a little tricky.

Just think of Etsy as an e-commerce platform to sell your photos.

The e-commerce platform on Etsy is comprehensive and individuals can easily sell their products.

There is one big drawback in using Etsy though – Etsy does charge a $0.20 per item as a listing fee, 5% transaction fee. There is also a payment processing fee, which is 3% of the sale plus $0.25.

Etsy would be my last choice if I were you because it is not a platform made to sell feet pics.

Sell feet pics on Zazzle

Zazzle is another platform to sell photos of yourself, just like Etsy.

It allows you to create products with independent manufacturers and sell them online.

You can use feet pics on different inventory like tees, cups, mugs and sell them

I recommend using Zazzle only if you have enough buyers already and making sh*t tonne of money selling feet pics already.

Other Websites you Can Use To Sell Your Feet Images

  • Zazzle can also be used to sell feet pics. We already talked about it.
  • Cafepress
  • Sell feet pics on Etsy — Yes, it may not be your first choice but they do have an entire section for feet pictures. See above.
  • eBay

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Other Interesting Ways to Sell Feet Pictures Online

Apart from using social media platforms to sell feet pics online, you can also use a few other platforms.

There are many ways to sell your feet pictures online, some of them are:


This will take some amount of work but you can create a blog entirely about feet models, feet pictures, celebs with foot fetish etc.

Once your blog become popular, you can promote your own feet pictures and sell it your followers.

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Creating your own brand

Another, and a rare way, of selling feet pictures online is to team up with a foot model or a person who sells feet pictures regularly.

Create your own brand with a logo on your feet pictures. This will help people with foot fetish to relate it you and it will become a way for them to search you directly.

Branding is an excellent way to increase the sales of any product.

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Sell it on Darknet

I do not recommend this option, but well, this is an option.

Internet is different than darknet.

Darknet can only be accessed by some special browsers like Tor and you can use it to sell your feet pictures too.

But, I am adding a caveat. There are a LOT of risk in selling feet pictures on the darknet.

If you want to know more about darknet then google it and sell your feet pictures there.

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Apps To Sell Feet Pics

Promote your feet picture on Quora

You have to be careful while promoting your feet pictures on quora. They can ban your account for this!

Do it indirectly and slyly.

If you do not know what quora is, it is a platform to find answers. You can promote your feet pictures in questions related to feet pics, foot fetish etc.

As you can see, you have so many ways and answers to how to sell feet pics for money. There are numerous ways to sell feet pics.

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Selling foot pics on onlyfans

So, can you sell feet pics on onlyans? How to sell foot pics on only fans?

You can definitely try out onlyfans to sell your feet pictures online.

It is an app that allows you to share pics but people need to buy subscription and membership to see whats behind the curtains.

Selling foot pics on onlyfans is a good idea. Just sign up and get started. If you want to know more about how to sell foot pics on onlyfans, check this out.

The minimum monthly subscription fee you can charge is $5 with no limit to what you can charge

The downside is that OnlyFans will take 20% of your monthly subscription as a fee for hosting and other associated costs. But their fee is similar to other services.

Note: If you were wondering where can i sell pictures of my body for money or where can I sell pictures of my feet for money, then onlyfans may be the place.

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Selling foot pics on Foap

Foap is actually a platform to sell pictures and make money for pictures you click.

Foap offer $10 dollar for each photograph that you take. Once a purchases buys it, you are given $5 dollar and they get $5 dollar (sharing).

To sell the photos

  1. Take different photos to attract the buyers
  2. Upload them with best tags.

If you want to use foap to sell feet pics, then you can go ahead with it. All you need to do is download the app and sign in.

So apart from the above-listed options, you can find your own way to sell feet pictures online and use the apps below –

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Good Apps to Sell Feet Pictures (Feet pics app)

Feet pics app or apps to sell feet pictures are popular ways for people looking to sell feet pics.

Lets look at few good apps for selling feet pics

Sell feet pics on Kik App

Start out with the Kik app if you want to sell foot pics or sell feet pics.

It is a completely anonymous app but you will still need to take precautions to ensure privacy.

The app is available both on iOS and Android.

To signup, all you will need is an email address. No phone number.

You can start looking for groups with # Feet Pictures and you should find a lot of them.

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Whisper app

Whisper app is another anonymous feet pic app you can use to sell foot pictures.

You can join it with a fake name and you must be 17 years or older.

It will allow you to share messages with other users anonymously and this is how you sell feet pics. It’s available both on Android and iOS.

Be cautious while using the platform to sell feet pics.

I personally do not recommend this feet pic app. There have been that this app to sell feet pic has had an attack where data was leaked publicly causing a lot of concern.

So you should do your research on it.

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Sell feet pics on Wikifeet

We did talk about wikifeet uptop.

It is a feet pic app where all celebs and feet fetish peoples lookup to buy feet pictures and make it easy to sell feet pictures.

These are all the feet selling apps I know of.

There may be other feet pics app where you can sell feet pictures but these are the popular ones and trusted by many people.

This is all about where to sell feet pics 2020.

Note: You can also try selling feet pics on venmo.

Sell feet pics on Whisper

Whisper is an anonymous social media app. You can post comments, confessions by super imposing text on top of pictures.

… Whisper is like Instagram but not as classy.

There are stock photos on the app that you can use in your posts. If somone shows interest in comments, there is no way to personally contact them. So, the only way it to publicly comment with your contact details like email address or website (something they can use to contact you to buy feet pics).

How To Sell Gay Feet Pics

Okay.. so this is a thing too. You can see gay feet pics and make money.

It is a VERY profitable niche because noone is focusing on it. Even though, a large segment of your audience are gay – either lesbian or gay.

If you want to start making money quickly and set yourself apart, learn how to sell gay feet pics.

Did you know that Men’s Health reported that 1 in 7 people fantasized about feet?

Below is a breakdown by groups:

  • 5% of heterosexual women
  • 18% of heterosexual men
  • 11% of lesbian and bisexual women
  • 21% of gay and bisexual men

Of the people who fantasize about feet, 39% are men, and 32% are people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Isn’t this AH-AMAZING?

You should start by targeting this segment and using platforms that target male audience and sites used by gay, lesbian or bisexual people (LQBTQ community)

Probably the most extensive collection of gay feet pics I’ve found is on Tumblr so lets talk about that.

Sell Gay feet pics on Tumblr

Tumblr is a pretty well known microblogging and social media platform.

You can post text, quotes, music, pictures and videos from your phone or desktop.

In my research, Tumblr has a huge collection of gay feet pics. All you have to is search or look for these gay feet pics.

If you are thinking of starting with selling gay feet pics on tumblr, create an account and get started by posting your gay feet pics.

Be active. Engage with people on other gay feet pics photos as well. You need to let people know that you sell gay feet pics as well and entice them into checking out your feet pics.

You can then move the conversation to email or Facebook and make a sale. Always try to do your best and make your customer happy – they can be very good repeat customers.

Save their email addresses because you can always retarget them later with more pictures, sales, bundles etc.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures

Once you have decided to sell feet pics and make money online, it is important to sort of the payment process.

It is best to use the most seamless way to pay – the one that keeps your identity secretive and is easy for your buyer to use.

But, before we talk about the platforms to use to accept payment, let’s talk a little bit about what price to charge for your feet pics.

The average price for feet pics online is between $5 – 25 per photo for beginners.

Start from the lower end if you are new. It will help you gain attention. Once you have built a customer base, start charging higher.

Now, let’s look at 3 platforms to start collecting payments for your beautiful and sexy feet pics.

Collect Feet Pics Payment with PayPal

PayPal is the gold standard when it comes to online payments.

It is easy to use, available in most countries and almost everyone uses it.

However, the trust that gets build automatically with Paypal comes with the hefty fee they charge eventually. It is a pretty expensive online payment option.

Depending on which country you live in, you will be charged anywhere from 2.9% plus $0.30 cents for each transaction.

Collect Feet Pics Payment with Venmo

Venmo is another credible cash transfer app you can use to transfer funds from your bank account to someone else via their profile.

You would have heard many people talking about transferring money to their friends and family using Venmo.

The only thing that you need to collect payment on Venmo is to have a profile.

So, start by setting up a business account. Personal account has restrictions on how much you can get or transfer each week – you don’t want to get into this hassle.

Note: For unverified accounts, you can’t exceed $300 a week.

I also recommend you verify your account and increase the limit to $3000 a week.

Venmo will charge you per transaction, 3% if you are using credit cards. But there is no charge if they are using debit cards – which sounds great!

For verification, however, you have to insert your social security number and date of birth.

Be aware that Venmo shares this information with the IRS so you will need to get your taxes in order.

Collect Feet Pics Payment with Cash App

Cash App is another peer-to-peer money transfer service like Venmo. 

The only difference between Cash App and Venmo is that the former can function like a bank account.

The platform, for example, gives its users debit cards. They call it Cash Card and they can be used to make purchases.

The limit is $1000 in 30 days. Again – to remove this limitation, you have to provide your social security number and date of birth to verify your identity.

This information is reported to the IRS. So, get your taxes in order.

Start a Patreon

Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows your customers (patrons) to pay and support your work.

The platform is used by creative entreprenuers (who makes videos, art, music etc) to raise money their venture.

This allow fans to contribute to the work they like and artists they admire.

Patreon works on a subscription model so if you can get buyers who support you each month, you can use this platform to accept payments for feet pictures.

Pros and Cons of Cash Transfer Apps & Other Systems


  • Easy set ups and simple to send as well as accept payments.
  • Easily accessible worldwide. All you need is a bank account or credit card.


  • Without verification, your account has a limit of $1000 which is pretty less.
  • They reserve the right to hold funds or terminate your account
  • Your personal information is sent to the IRS so they can collect taxes from you if you sell a lot of feet pics.

Note: All the payment processing companies report to the IRS anytime you exceed 200 transactions and $20000 in sales in one year.

So, the logical question is – if not the payment processing companies, then what are your options to receive payments for feet pics?

Well, you can have your own website with your own payment system.

Website eCommerce Solutions

If you decide to set up your own e-commerce store to sell feet pics (which I recommend once you have big enough base of regular customers), you can use the following add-ons.

WooCommerce: It is popular add-on shop to a WordPress site. You can easily use it by installing it on your site.

Sell Media. As the name suggests, you can use Sell Media to sell media files like pictures. This plugin was actually designed for photographers and because we’re talking about sell feet pictures, it will be a great fit.

Nextgen Pro. This is another plugin for photographers which is pretty popular. It’s allows customers to buy prints, image downloads, and licenses.

Build Your Brand and Online Presence

If you are going to work online or from home, you have to have a strong online presence.

How else would anyone find you? In this section, we will talk about a few basics you start with and start making money selling feet pics.

Have a Social Media Presence

Social Media is crucial to your existence as an online business owner.

With 3.2 billion people on social media, it is the best way to reach out to potential customers to sell feet pics.

Social media accounts will allow you to searchable and get in touch with customers, potential customers and people who are interested in buying from you or collaborating with you.

There is NO WAY you can run a profitable feet selling business online without social media.

But should you be on every major social media platform? Not really.

Depending on the target audience and where they hang out, you can figure out which platforms to target.

Let’s take an example of Pinterest. While Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 250 million active monthly users, the thing is it has more than 80% of Pinterest users are women.

… which makes it a not-so-great platform for selling feet pictures. Why? Because 39% of your clientele are men.

Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, on the other hand, are some of the more visual social media platforms and are known to have the most engagement for selling feet pictures.

Facebook, especially Facebook groups, has a large buyer/seller community which can be great to connect with your buyers.

Start with 1-2 and then branch out to others but have one place (like your website, email or Facebook group) you want to eventually drive traffic to.

The Drawbacks of Having a Social Media Accounts

We were just talking about how you should direct all your traffic to one place – like your email or website.

You cannot rely on social media 100%. The thing is, my friend, you don’t own those platforms and in a blink of an eye, it can disappear.

There could a glitch (which is more common than you think), an algorithm update, a manual action, or someone reporting you resulting into blocking your account.

In a second, your entire business of selling feet pics can crumble and you’ll lose touch with all your customers.

So – two things – Have a website and have an email list.

Create Your Website

Online business should mandatorily have website – even if it is just a one-pager.

You can get started with Bluehost with as little as $2.95 a month. You can grab this tutorial on starting a website.

With Bluehost, you get a domain name worth $15 for free.

Once you have set up the website, you can add an online shop and customers can directly buy from you.

They will also be added to your email list. For this, you can sign up with Mailerlite which is free for your first 1000 subscribers.

Managing Your Business Selling Feet Picture

In this section, let’s talk a little bit about managing your business of selling feet pictures.

Paying Taxes On Your Feet Picture Income

You cannot and should not escape paying taxes on your feet picture selling business.

So, the only other option is to be prepared for it.

Regardless of the business type, you will have to pay income tax as a small business. So, your feet pic selling business also comes under the purview.

When you are starting out, you can operate as a  sole-proprietorship. Your income will be taxed as a self-employed individual.

This is the easiest and fastest way to start out.

While you may think that you can avoid the IRS initially (which is true), it is illegal and eventually can cause you to pay thousands of dollars in fine and interest (if and when discovered by the IRS)

Your online transactions can be tracked and will result in fines and criminal penalties if caught.

Again – let me remind you – if you are using apps like Venmo or Cash App – they are required to report any account to the IRS, who generates more than $20,000 in gross sales and more than 200 transactions in a calendar year.

How Much Money Can I Make And Not Owe Taxes?

Valid question, not everyone is required to pay huge sums in taxes.

Your tax liability is deterined by 4 main factors –

  • Filing status
  • Gross Income
  • Age
  • whether you are a dependent or not. If you are not a dependent, use this IRS tax filing chart. If your income equals or exceeds these amounts for your filing status, you will need to file taxes.

If you are a sole-proprietorship, don’t worry about filing a separate tax return for your business. You will just add your income from selling feet pictures to your regular income and pay taxes on that.

If your total income is still below the threshold for your filing status, you won’t owe any taxes.

The IRS has an interactive tool you can use to find out if you should file taxes.

For state taxes, using this state tax filing requirements list by TurboTax.

Business Banking

If you run a business, it is always better to keep business bank account and personal account separate.

Here are a few banks that offer business checkings to get you started.

Chase is a popular bank and offers traditional bank experience. It is also one of your best options as a small-business owner.

They have branches all over the country and offer business checking with no fee (with $1,500 minimum balance requirement). They also provide a good online banking experience.

Navy Federal Credit Union. Navy Federal is not your traditional bank but it provides good quality banking services perfect for small businesses. They provide you with checking and savings, loans, credit cards, payment processing, and even retirement and insurance.

Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is another popular bank. It is the largest Small Business Administration lender for SBA loans. The bank also has more branches than any other bank in the United States.

5+ Best Tips on Selling Feet Pictures

Remember, selling feet pictures require maintaining your feet and following routines for your feet to look pretty.

Here are some tips that will help you sell feet pictures online

1. Do not do it if you are not comfortable 

First and foremost, this is not for everyone. So, if you are not comfortable, don’t do it.

2. Take good care of your feet at all time

After all, you are selling feet pictures. They should look beautiful and attractive at all times.

If you take good care of it, you can demand higher rates.

You can also get feet exercises to tone your feet.

3. Watermark Your Feet Pictures Before Posting Online

You have to save pictures from those who want it without paying. So, watermark them and blur them a little if someone asks for a preview photo.

You can watermark pictures using, and

4. Don’t Show Your Face in Your Pictures

There is absolutely no need. You have to think of privacy and avoid showing face (or even things) that can meddle with privacy.

Genuine feet lovers do not care about how you look – so it should not be a problem. If they do ask for it, just stop responding.

5. Don’t Meet Up With Anyone, Unless You Know Them

This is obvious of course. Don’t meet up physically with anyone offering to buy your pictures.

6. Privacy

Work on privacy – you do not want to be stalked. You do not have to give out any genuine information. So, use fake names, address, phone numbers etc.

7. Keep the contact on dms limited.

You don’t want to engage in a conversation with foot pic buyers. While many of them are decent, there are just as many possibilities of dealing with weirdos.

Keep it minimal.

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8. Receive payments before sending the original feet picture

Always send out a watermarked picture of your feet in the beginning (i.e. if they are looking to see feet first and then buy)

This is because some clients will not pay you after getting the original picture. So, get the pay and then sent the original feet picture.

There you go. That is all about how to make money selling pictures of your feet

9. Always use a business account for peer-to-peer payments

We will talk about how you should use separate account for business including social media, banking etc.

Buyers have the option to ask for refund and reverse the payment on your product.

In fact, PayPal recently settled a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) relating to this. Sometimes buyers can also use fradulent credit cards or accounts.

Once the payment company is notified the purchase was fraudulent, the payment is reversed.

Business account protect you a lot of these frauds and give you additional levels of security.

and, just to be clear, you are prohibited from using personal account for business purposes especially with Venmo.

10. Don’t accept overpayments for feet pics

Overpaying is another online scam you are most likely to run into.

They will send you extra bit and ask you to send back the difference.

Not only do they get the feet pic, but they also claim refund AND get some money from you.

Do not accept overpayments. If they want to send a tip, do that in a separate transaction.

4. Set boundaries and expectations

If you start a feet selling business, you should set rules and expectations for your buyers which you let them know before they buy from you.

It could be anything – for example – not showing your face, revealing your real name etc.

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How to take good feet pics

If you want to sell foot pics for money and increase foot pic prices, then you need to know how to take good feet pics.

Here are a few tips to help –

Don’t copy others and be unique

If you keep copying what others are doing with their feet pictures, it will be difficult to sell.

Don’t copy other’s feet picture. Innovate with your feet pics. Come up with new styles for your foot pics

Photoshop foot pics little and not much

Photoshop your feet picture a little bit but make keep it real.

Background and lighting in your foot pics

Your feet and your feet picture will only look good in the lighting. If the lighting is bad, the feet pictures will not sell.

An attractive feet picture will always have a good background and excellent lighting.

With these basic tips, you can be good at selling feet pictures online. Now, let’s see how to become a foot model.

Becoming a foot model

This is the next option for you but it is a time consuming one. If you are not interested or comfortable selling feet pictures to strangers, foot modeling could be for you.

If you have attractive feet and get a lot of compliments regularly, think about doing this. You can make a career as a foot model.

Typically, body part models can get up to £500 per shoot or more depending on the brand you work for.

Note: You can also make money selling hands pics. Just as foot models, there is also an industry for buying hands pics.

There are lot many people hands pics or doing hand modelling for money. If you are interested to sell hand pics, comment below and let me know.

I will research and write more about selling hand pics and hand modelling.

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What is foot modeling?

Foot modeling is similar to other types of modeling.

In this career, your feet are the ones that are actually modelling though. The feet of the model are either captured or videoed for commercial purposes like advertising socks, shows, anklets, etc.

How much you can earn with foot modeling?

Foot models on average earn about $50 – $1000 per hour.

However, the top foot models earn from $1500 – $10000 per hour.

The amount of money you can make will depend on how popular you are in the industry.

Things you need to consider

Shoe size

You never see foot models with big foot. The average size is between 5-7 for women and 8 and 11 for men.

Check out the specific size requirements before you apply to any foot modeling jobs. Different jobs have a different kind of requirements.

Foot Fitness

Just like overall body fitness, feet fitness is important when modeling the feet. People like to look at slender and shapely feet.

It is important that you do ankle exercises, get foot massages and stay away from blisters.

Steps to become a foot model

The below tips will aid you if you want to step into a foot model career.

  • Create a portfolio of photos
  • Take care of feet – use feet masks, pedicures, etc. Foot model is all about your foot and not any other body parts. So keep your foot clean and maintain your hygiene.
  • Exfoliate your feet regularly to achieve a glowing look. You can exfoliate your feet just before taking pictures so you can have feet pictures that shine
  • Don’t walk barefoot. Take care to not make your feet become hard or cracked. Avoid sunlight to your feet as far as possible.
  • Trim your nails. Nails can add beauty to your feet but at the same time, if not done properly, it can make your feet look ugly.
  • Moisturize your feet and prevent your feet from drying or cracks.
  • Remove hair on your feet. Most people. donot like hairy feet.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Learn new feet poses. Feet modeling will require you to learn poses. You have to be creative and make your feet pictures stand out.

How to get foot model jobs?

Getting foot modelling job is not as simple as selling feet pictures for money.

You have to know some marketing strategies too. Below are some ways to get a foot model job.

Have a good portfolio of your feet

Start by creating a portfolio of your feet. Make sure to keep the portfolio online like on a website or on Instagram.

Get creative with feet pictures and click from different angles. Also have some short professionally edited video clips of your feet in your portfolio.

Connect with modeling agencies

  • Sign up with specialty modeling agencies in your area (like this one). Do not sign any exclusive contract with any agency and have a lawyer review the contract.

Have social accounts with more followers

If you have a social account with followers interested in your foot pictures then, it’ll attract companies or individual to hire you as a foot model.

Foot modeling can be a full-time job if you’re passionate about it and ready to struggle for sometime. With the time you can earn a handful if you do well as a foot model.

You can read about the experience of a hand and foot model here. 

What do we recommend? Foot model or Selling feet pictures online?

Becoming a foot model vs selling feet pictures for money.

I recommend you start with selling feet pictures online for money and simultaneously look for work as a foot model.

Inf act, you can do both – foot modelling and selling feet pics together.

If you earn good money by selling feet pictures online then you can be sure that your feet look good and you can become a foot model. By now, you will already have followers and name in the foot industry.

At the end, it is your decision – both foot modelling and selling feet pictures for money have good prospects.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

Pros for selling feet pics online

  • It is a good online business or an online entrepreneur
  • You can earn thousands of dollar each month
  • Flexible schedule
  • Location independent
  • Select who you will work with

Cons for selling feet pics online

  • You can receive inappropriate requests from customers
  • Inconsistent income
  • Lots of competition

Frequently Asked Questions on Selling Feet Pictures

How much money can I make selling feet pictures?

Based on our research and on average, the feet pictures are selling between $5 to $25.

The price of your feet pics will also depend on how many feet are in the photo, what angle it is shot at, how creative it is and if the photo has been shot at a special request.

Do you have to pay taxes for selling feet pics?

Yes, as we discussed, you will have to pay taxes when selling feet pics. In short, you will have to file income tax returns on selling feet pics.

It is recorded on a Schedule C tax form. You can check the section on income tax for more details.

How to increase the Price rate of my Feet Picture?

You can increase the rate or foot pic prices with these tips

Bundle instead of single

Instead of selling a single feet picture for $25, combine pictures into bundles of 2-4s and sell them for $50 or $100 etc.

Make them come back

Foot pic prices depends a lot on convincing your clients to come back for more.

The more you fulfil, the more your foot pic prices will be.

Fulfil their fetish, be creative and make your clients come back for more feet pictures from you. Give them feet fetish pictures they crave for. u

Try different opportunities

Instead of solely depending on only the feet fetish group, try out each and every platform we talked about and sell feet pictures there.

Try to Post more feet pictures for sale:

Keep posting more and more pictures on social media channels to get a following and reach new clients who will be interested in buying feet pics for money

Genuinely, Try to Post more feet pictures for sale

Even if you follow the above tips, make sure to keep up the quality of the feet picture.

2. Do people really buy pictures of feet?

Yes, they do. There are many people who love feet and have foot fetish.

In fact, foot fetish is one of the biggest sex related industry and one of the most common fetish across the globe.

3. Why do people buy feet pictures and pay for it?

There are numerous reasons for buying pictures of feet. They can buy feet pictures because –

Foot fetishism

Foot fetishism is sexual interest or fetish in other people’s feet. It is basically something that excites them and helps them with sexual arousal.

This may sound weird but this is true. Famous celebs like Brittany Spears and Ricky Martin have openly talked about their foot fetish.

So people buy foot pictures to satisfy their foot fetish.

Publishers and News Agencies

Publishers and news agencies sometimes do buy feet pictures, especially when they are writing about feet or writing an article that may require a foot picture.

Marketing firms or businesses also use feet pictures for different marketing or business purposes like advertisements, branding and so on.

Apart from these two, people may buy feet pictures for various other reasons.

The demand for feet pictures is not. going anywhere. It there to stay!

How to sell feet pictures safely?

Now, this is a biggie.

The risk involved in selling feet pictures online is actually not much unless you make the mistake of letting people know about you.

If you follow these tips, no problem will occur

  • Use separate social media business accounts over personal accounts
  • Avoid meetings
  • Do not give away your identity
  • Never be too close to your clients

How to sell feet pictures entail porn, nudity?

Absolutely not. Selling feet pictures does not require you to show your face or private parts.

Do only as much as you are comfortable with. In fact, people with foot fetish, are not even interested in anything else except the feet.

So, do not worry.

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Summary on how to sell feet pics

That’s all about selling feet pictures and about becoming a foot model.

That is it and have fun clicking feet pictures.

If you are interested in selling feet pictures for money, grab this ebook today and get started with it. The book contains step by step method of selling feet pictures for money and tells you which platforms are worth your time (and, which are not)

how to sell feet pics

Actionable tips

Join my Facebook community and post your questions, wins and get the support

Resources that can help you with land work from home jobs  

How to find and pitch clients your freelance services– You can find my strategies to find high-paying freelance writing clients.

Become a work at home mom– A FREE training session that comes along with a workbook and guides you through the entire freelancing journey.

FlexJobs You can find 100% legitimate work from home jobs and freelancing gigs on this platform

How to sell pictures of your feet and make money selling pictures of your feet

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