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Highest paying plasma donation center near me (+ what and how to donate plasma for money)

Highest paying plasma donation center near me (+ everything about donating plasma for money)

Are you looking for places to sell plasma (or the highest paying plasma donation center near me) or donate plasma for money near me?

Wondering how much do you can earn when you donate plasma?

Want to know about the places to donate plasma?

Then here is a one-stop guide to donating plasma for money.

But before you go for plasma donation or sell plasma for money, it is essential to know the in and out of this earning avenue.

Yes, this donation can get you money, but there are several factors that you need to look before having your body fluid extracted.

You don’t want to rush into it and want to consider the ethical concerns as well.

But first, you need to know what is plasma and why it is important component in your body?

Plasma is actually one of the several components of human blood

Most of us know that our blood has red blood cells, white blood cells, and lastly, the platelets. So, when you remove all these from our blood, the plasma remains.

Plasma actually is the transparent liquid portion that makes up for 55% of our blood.

It is made of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, salt, and ever-present water.

Plasma is responsible for keeping us hale and healthy. It is also needed for blood clotting and transporting substances all through our bodies.

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Do you know? Only a very limited amount of people can donate plasma.

Plasma Donation Requirements

So, how do you donate plasma for money?

Before we get into technicalities, let us understand how is plasma extracted from your body.

It happens through a process called plasmapheresis. In this process, the plasma is separated from other blood components.

However, the process can only start if the plasma donor (in this case, you) are healthy and eligible.

To know whether you are eligible to donate plasma, you can get yourself checked in a plasma collection center. Usually, a plasma donor must be at least 18 years or more and weigh at least 50 kgs or 110 pounds, regardless of gender.

They also need to pass a thorough medical examination with a detailed screening of their medical history. Then the donor will be tested for transmissible infections. If you want to qualify, you need to be non-reactive (negative) to these diseases.

You also need to inform the plasma collection center of recent surgeries, tattoo or body piercing. Moreover, if you are under any medication or medical care, you need to report that as well.

If you are eligible for plasma donation, you need to complete basic medical tests that includes heart check, urine sample, and reflex test. They will even check your blood count along with iron and hemoglobin levels.

Remember – as per the US FDA regulations, the amount of plasma collected should correspond to your body weight.

So, what happens if you are eligible to donate plasma for money?

Well, even if you are eligible to donate plasma, accepting your donation is the sole discretion of the plasma collection facility.

If they deny donation, then you cannot donate plasma. But, on the flip side if you are eligible, you need to follow specific steps:

  • You need to follow a daily diet that includes up to 50 to 80 grams of protein
  • You also need to be well-hydrated either by drinking plenty of water or juice.

If the plasma facility personnel disqualify you for donation, you will receive a deferral. It can be a temporary or a permanent one.

If you are sick, had a recent surgical procedure, or have low iron or blood levels, you will be temporarily deferred. You will be advised of ways of how you can qualify as a donor.  

Permanent deferral happens when you are an elderly person, having some weight issues or medical conditions. 

So, if you donate your plasma, you earn money!

Note – Typically, a plasma donation takes about one to three hours, while compared to 30 minutes of blood donation. So, in the view of your commitment, you get paid for donating your plasma.

Are you looking for places to sell plasma?

What happens when you donate plasma for money?

The personnel at the facility will draw your blood and extract the plasma using the plasmapheresis machine.

Once that is done, the blood will be returned to your body. If you are a first time donor, the extraction process will take a little more time as you need to complete other formalities as well.

But, your subsequent donations will be a shorter process.

You can only donate your plasma twice a week. If you plan to do them in the same week, make sure you have 24-48 hours gap between each donation.                                                                                                     

If you are worried that it might hurt when donating your plasma, don’t worry; all you will feel is a little prick of the needle. But, if you are feeling any abnormal discomfort, let the personnel know immediately.

How much can you earn when donating plasma for money? Is selling plasma worth it?

Well, it depends on many factors.

If you are going plasma selling the first time, you might earn more because of the long process, and the physicals. You can earn around $20 to $50.

FAQs on donating plasma for money

How much do you get for donating plasma? how much do you get when you donate plasma?

You can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 and more. If you have certain specific kinds of plasma, you can earn more donating plasma.

What are the benefits of donating plasma?

Not only do you help save lives, but you are also forced to take good care of your body.

Besides that, you also go through a number of medical test which helps you stay update with your health.

Is donating plasma painful?

No. It is similar to an receiving an injection.

Highest paying plasma donation center near me

Where can I donate plasma for money near me?

If you are looking for donating plasma near me, it is best to go to an FDA approved center.

The FDA has implemented strict norms for plasma collection for the public’s health and general safety. So, make sure that the plasma collection center is FDA approved.

Here are some FDA approved centers where you can donate plasma for money which are also highest paying plasma donation center near me

Donating Plasma:

With over 600 licensed and FDA authorized plasma collection centers across Europe and the U.S, this company lets you earn cash for donating plasma.

They also have educating content on their website, explaining all about blood and this process.

You will also come to know about the life-saving medications made using plasma.

CLS Plasma:

CLS Plasma operates in 36 states with 200 plasma collection centers and has one of the biggest facilities.

They are based in Boca Raton, Florida; they offer protein therapies for neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, and hemophilia.

Octopharma Plasma:

If you are looking for donating plasma near me and also help save someone’s life, then go to Octopharma for donating plasma for money.

They have over 80 plasma collection centers across 26 U.S states. Their website contains all the information about this donation and how it is used for medicine.

You get a prepaid debit card after you have made a successful plasma donation.

If you are first-timer, then you can earn up to hundreds of dollars. However, the payment will be varied by location.

You also will be eligible to receive prizes, bonuses, and other incentives.

Grifols Plasma:

Grifols has more than 150 plasma collection centers across the country.

They are a part of a global healthcare company with a passion for helping people. They develop life-saving medications from your plasma.

Their website contains all the information about why you should donate and how you can be eligible for their program.   

Biotest Plasma:

Earn $45 for every plasma donation from Biotest Plasma.

They have plasma collection centers across 12 U.S. states but the payment for every donation varies from location to location.

BPL Plasma:

Earn up to $300 every month by selling plasma for money with BPL Plasma.

This plasma collection center also gives incentives and bonuses along with payments.

They have branches across ten states in the U.S.

B Positive:

One of the highest paying plasma donation centers in the country, B Positive, pays up to $500 a month.

You can get $50 for the first five donations you make, and they increase as you regularly donate.

You can also earn a referral bonus of $20 for every referral you make. They are available in New Jersey and Maryland.


KEDPLASMA is a great place to sell plasma

You can earn up to $300 with KED and $50 for the first five donations. But, the pay decreases after a few donations.

They are available in nine states.

The Interstate Companies:

You can earn up to $350 a month in earnings when donating plasma for money with Interstate  Companies.

The website doesn’t specify how much they will exactly pay, but you can earn up to $50 for every donation.

They are available in 14 states across the U.S.

So, if you are you looking for a comprehensive guide to selling plasma for money, then here it is for you.


If you want a few hundreds bucks each month, selling plasma could you your gig.

We have already discussed places to sell plasma (in fact, highest paying plasma donation center near me) and all the basic requirements of donating plasma for money.

Not only do you make money donating plasma, you are also helping doctors and patients struggling with health conditions.

Are You Considering Selling Plasma For Money?

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