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Apps that pay you to walk: Are you ready to get paid to walk?

Apps that pay you to walk – Get paid to walk now

Can you get money for walking? Is getting paid for walking legit?

Reasonable question, after all, it seems so easy!

While you cannot make loads of money with it, it is true – There are apps that pay you to walk and apps that pay you to exercise.

The next question comes logical –

What apps pay you the most? What are the highest paying apps that pay you to walk, pay you to run, pay you to exercise?

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Of course, you want to know that. After all, you can make money walking into stores.

So, let’s look at 20 apps that pay you to walk in UK and other countries. So, are you ready to cash your steps?

The post includes affiliate links.

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1. SweatCoin

apps that pay you to walk

If you want to get paid to walk outside, SweatCoin is the right app for you!

They do not count in treadmills and walking around inside the house, however, if you are walking outside in the park, you will get rewarded for it.

You will have to use the GPS in your phone when you go for the walks. It also integrates with other fitness trackers like Fitbit.

For every 1000 steps outdoors, SweatCoin rewards you with 0.95 SweatCoins.

Is Sweatcoin real money? Unfortunately, no. It is not. You can use the coins to redeem rewards within the app.

The rewards keep changing so you can hold onto the coins until you find something you are interested in. For example, you can get a gift card for $1000 for 20000 steps.

Read a detailed SweatCoin Review here.

2. Rover – Get paid to walk dogs


Another great app that pay you to walk is Rover. The app is designed to help you find dog walking jobs.

So, you will basically get paid to walk dogs (while you are walking too!)

You will have to register yourself as a walker on their website or the app.

While other apps that pay you walk does not allow you to make quick money, Rover on the other hand, allows you to earn $20 for one walk.

If you are a pet lover, this could be a great opportunity for you to make extra cash.

In fact, if you are a pet love, you can also start pet food business from home. Check out this FREE workshop

3. Achievement

apps that pay you to run

Not only can you get paid to walk with Achievement, but they also pay you complete a variety of exercises. For example, you can get paid to run, swim, bike, play etc.

In short, not only is Achievement an app that pay you to walk but it is an app that pay you to exercise.

Each day, you will have to log your activities on the app.

It will reward you 6 points (and, max 80 points) for logging in the details of food intake, sleep schedule, weight loss or gain and sharing the journey on social media.

Once you have reached 10,000 points, you will be rewarded $10. You can redeem it for cash or donate it to a listed charity.

While you cannot earn a whole lot of money, you can make $10 every 3-4 months. All you have to do is use the app skilfully.

If you are health freak, you can add a few extra bucks with them and if you want to earn money, health is an added bonus! Ain’t it?

4. WallGreens Balance

If you shop at Wallgreens, this is a great way to get paid to walk and provide information about your weight and blood.

They reward you with Balance Reward points when you take a walk and guess what, they are redeemable at the store.

All you have to do is sign up for Wallgreen’s Balance Rewards on their website or app. The app will ask you to link to a fitness tracker.

For every mile, you can earn up to 20 points with a max limit of 1000 per month.

This is a great way to earn extra money for Walgreens shoppers.

You can also check out and make money with daily mail rewards.

5. StepBet

apps that pay you to walk

As the name suggests, StepBet is an app that wants you to bet on yourself.

You can meet the goals and win the money or not meet the goals and lose the money.

Depending on your current level of fitness, the app will determine your goals. You are then required to meet your goals each week for the entire six-week period to be able to win any money

You can bet approx. $40 on your goals.

6. Runtopia

Runtopia, as you might have already guessed, is an app that pay you to walk, run, cycle etc along with giving you an audio coach that plays during your workouts.

As and when you complete daily tasks within the app and participate in the community, you will earn Sports Coins.

These coins can be redeemed for products, free memberships, coupons and even PayPal cash.

They expire every March 1st so remember to redeem and use them.

Runtopia actually has a lot more features than the ones I have mentioned, so why not go here and check them out?

7. LifeCoin

LifeCoin is almost a copy of SweatCoin. To be able to earn LifeCoins and get paid to walk, you need to step out outdoors.

For all the free app users, you can earn 5 coins a day at max. However, if you upgrade at $4.33/mont, the max limit becomes 10 coins.

LifeCoins can be redeems for a variety of gift cards or for physical products such as Airpods, a quadcopter, or Beats headphones.

As with SweatCoin, the rewards change constantly.

So, you will definitely find something you are interested in and if you do, grab it quickly!

8. Charity Miles

Well, this is a little different that other apps that pay you to walk.

Instead of walking and earning some cash, you will be earning money for the choice of your charities.

According to them, the members of Charity Miles have already earned more than 2.5 million dollars for charities by walking, cycling, running, biking and much more.

Wondering, how does this work? Well, Charity Miles is sponsored by 8 companies who are redirecting their marketing budget.

That means, instead of using it on advertisement of any sort, they channel to towards the charity you are walking for.

apps that pay you money for walking

9. Lympo

Lympo, just like any other fitness apps, have walking and running challenges for you. They pay you to complete these challenges!

They keep adding new challenges to their apps and you can finish a challenge anywhere you want – indoors or outdoors.

Once you have finished the challenge, you will earn LYM tokens. They can redeemed for rewards and products within the app. Unfortunately, the tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.

10. PK Coin or PK Rewards

PK Rewards pay you to walk and workout.

Before any workout (walk, run, bike etc), you will need to open up the app and hit “start earning” option.

Once you are done, you will need to tap on it again. They will calculate your time and effort under “Effort Score” to rewards you with coins.

You can use the coins to buy from Amazon, etc.

11. FitPotato

FitPotato, just like StepBet, wants you to bet on yourself to earn a bigger reward.

Every week there is a pool of money for rewards, usually $1000. You will need to bet $5 on yourself.

Now, if you want to win the money, you need to successfully complete the sessions (walk, run, jog).

The amount of steps in each session is usually close to 6000 but that could change depending on the day.

At the end of the week, you will need to ensure the app has sync your steps. If you have completed the sessions as they were meant to be, you will get a share in the money pool.

12. EarthMiles

They pay you in EarthMiles for walking, running or biking. The harder your exercises are, the more they pay Earthmiles.

For example – while you may earn 1 EM for 1 km walking, you can earn 5 EM for 1 km of running.

You can spend EMs on healthy rewards. You can check out the list of rewards here – Learn more about Earthmiles here.

13. Fit For Bucks

If you are moving, you can earn with Fit for Bucks.

As you collect more and more steps, you can redeem them for rewards – like – massage, smoothie, coffee etc

14. Vingo

Vingo is a great lottery kind of app that pays you to walk and gather steps.

Once you register with Vingo, your steps will start adding up throughout the day.

You will have to make a bet with your steps and once locked in, the total number of steps becomes your ticket number.

At 10 PM ET, the lucky number is announced. If you number matches it, you win a cash prize.

If there is more than one user with the same number, you will have to split the cash with them.


15. WinWalk

For every 100 steps you take, you will be rewarded 1 coin by WinWalk. Once you reach 100 coins, you can exchange them for gift cards from big brands.

It will track your steps whether you are indoors or outdoors.

16. Gigwalk

Gigwalks pays you to complete tasks or in other words, gigs.

Once you download and install the app, you will apply for paid gigs that are posted by companies who need the task completed.

Once you are approved for the gig, you will receive a set of instructions so you can complete the tasks and submit for approval.

You will be paid via Paypal.

17. People Walker

You can get paid for walking by helping other people get motivated to walk more.

People Walker wants you to stay responsible by hiring walkers to accompany them on walks for $7 a mile. Once you register on the app, you will be matched with someone who needs a walk.

You can make approx. $20 an hour helping other people walk while getting enough exercise yourself.

Before you can start working for them, you will need to pass a virtual interview.

It is one of the best and my favorite, get money for walking app

18. FitFetti

FitFetti is also different from other apps that pay you to walk.

You can get your steps sponsored by friends, family or employers or you can sponsor someone who wants to get active.

Sponsors will pledge money for you reaching your weekly goals which will be paid in Amazon credits

get paid to walk

19. Fit4Mom

Fit4Mom allows you to make money while walking and instructing other moms.

You will find programs for all – pregnant women, new moms, and moms who want to get back into shape.

There is truly no better way to get in shape and make money walking. It is one of the best apps that pay you to exercise.

20. Elderly Caretaker

Working as a caretaker could be great way to walk and increase daily step count.

There are many senior citizens who would love to walk and you can play that part. Caregivers are typically paid $7-15 an hour.

You can check out



21. HealthyWage – how to get paid for losing weight

Wondering how to get paid for losing weight? This app, HealtyWage, can help!

To be clear, this app does not pay you to walk but allows you to bet on yourself to hit a weight loss goal. If you successfully hit your goal, you can win up to $10000.

Isn’t that a great motivation to start right away?

You can check how much money you can potentially win by using the HealthyWage Calculator.

If you prefer working with a team to lose weight, you can opt for HealthyWage Team Challenges

22. Delivery Gigs

If you live in an area which is accessible by foot, you can sign up for on-foot delivery person. The three popular and most recommended apps are –

If you cannot walk, you can take a bike and deliver the food.

There you go. Sign up with more than one, cash your steps and make money.

You can even make money walking into stores, after all, it is walking!

This is all about apps that pay you to walk.

apps that pay you to walk run exercise
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Get money for walking


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