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Voice over jobs for beginners from home: Ultimate Guide 101

Voice over jobs for beginners from home

If any of you asked me about voice over jobs for beginners from home a few weeks back, I would have known NOTHING.

I would have stared blankly at you wondering if this could really be a legitimate work from home option.

But, over the course of time, I have learned a lot about becoming a voice over artist, looking for voice over jobs for beginners from home and boost your voice acting career online.

Did I feel there were WAY TOO MANY “voices” in there or they actually were? Anyway!

So, how can you become a voice over online artist? Let’s start with basics of voice over artist jobs from home.

If you are wondering how to start doing voice over work or how to get started in voice over work, read this entire post!

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Her voice has been used by Samsung, Best Western, GE, ING, Prentice Hall, Pearson Learning, Nextiva and Goodwill of the Great Plains. She has narrated and produced well over 100 audiobooks and is an Audible Approved Producer.

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The post covers –

  • Can you do voice over work from home?
  • How much can you make doing voice over work?
  • How do you become a voice actor for home?
  • How can I get a voiceover job with no experience?
  • Voice over training to get into voice acting online

Let’s start with knowing more about voice acting jobs and where to find them.

The post includes affiliate links.

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How to start doing voice over work

What are voice over jobs from home?

Voice over jobs are basically – voice acting work. 

It is an art of providing your voice to represent a character or give information to your audience.

A voice over artist job will require you to read the script and using your voice bring that script to life.

Voice actors can be heard in commercials, audiobooks, telephone greetings, movies, shows, plays, store announcements etc

Note: If you want to know more about voice acting, voice over jobs from home for beginners and voice over training, you should check out this free course.

It will answer all your questions about starting your voice acting career.

I am almost 100 percent sure that you come across voice overs EVERY DAY, you just don’t realize it. 

Basically, anytime you hear a voice but have no face to see – it is a voice over.

To understand what does voice over jobs entail, watch this video

Voice over online actors or artists are more common than you think.

Similarly, there are many voice over jobs in the market which makes voice over jobs from home easy to find and a lucrative option to consider.

You can find even cartoon voice acting jobs

Are voice over jobs remote? As a beginner voice artist, can I find voice over jobs from home?


Most voice over online actors work from home.

All they require is internet and a basic recording gear (we will talk about it later).

Do I need acting experience for landing voice over jobs from home?

“I don’t think I have any characters within me
“I don’t think I can do it, I have no experience”


No, you do not require any acting experience for landing a voice over job from home. 

I say, you have it in you BUT you require a bit of experience before you see it.

Look, voice over jobs can make you a bit uncomfortable or feel silly about what you are doing.

You may get conscious about what you are doing as a beginner voice artist and some roles may seem like a stretch.

Of course, not every voice over job from home for beginners is as fun as this –

If you are serious about landing well-paying voice over jobs, I would advise you to audition for roles that you feel comfortable with.

For example, a voice over job similar to your own personality. It will be much easier for you to relate and not feel uncomfortable about being in the character.

With practice, you will get better and better. 

As you improve you can try new styles and increase your range of voice over jobs.If you are interested in learning in detail about the questions below,

I highly recommend you to sign up for this FREE VOICE OVER TRAINING course

It tells you –

  • What is Voice Over?
  • How does voice over artist job work?
  • What background do I need to be successful?
  • What skills would I need to learn?
  • How do I get work?
  • How much money can I make as a voice over artist?
  • Do I need my own recording space and equipment for a voice over job?
  • What’s a typical day like?
  • How can I learn everything I need to know?

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What are the types of Voice Acting or voice over jobs from home?

  • Radio and TV commercials – Radios and TV provide a large chunk of voice over jobs.

    Usually, you get 15, 30 or a 60-second spot and they do not take a lot of time to record.

    However, commercials require you to understand the copy and give it a relatable character.
  • Educational E-learning – Any voice over jobs in this category require you to teach a subject you aren’t familiar with.

    Though it can be a challenge, the more you do it and the better you will get at it.

    You are generally required to deliver in a manner which keeps the audience interested over the period of time.
  • Audio Books – This is one of the most interesting types of voice over jobs.

    Audiobooks can take weeks to create and are a great source of constant income.

    Audiobooks could also be kids storybooks, self-help, romance, fiction etc and the style of voice depends on the subject matter.

    Learn how to get paid to read books
  • Phone Prompts are used to keep your customers entertained when they are put on hold.

    Businesses uses these to assist callers in finding the right person to speak with.

    These announcements (when on hold) generally promote services and products provided by the company.

    All you need is a friendly conversational tone!

Besides that, you will also find voice over artist jobs for beginners from home in these niches

  • films
  • dubbed foreign language films
  • animation shorts or films
  • tv programs
  • commercials
  • radio or audio dramas
  • video games
  • audiobooks
  • live events
  • awards shows
  • toys and games
  • vehicle and transportation
  • documentaries
  • phone message and IVR
  • promos
  • trailers
  • training / e-learning
  • podcasts

What skills do I need for voice over jobs for beginners from home?

Neither do you need a college degree, nor do you need an academy award for acting skills!

However, you do require to work on two important skills –

  • Ability to Voice Act – You are providing voice over for a character.

    It is becomes crucial that you understand who is speaking, who is your character speaking to and the emotions your character is experiencing.

    It is important to be able to interpret the script and give it character.
  • Basic technical skills – You don’t have to be a coder!

    All you need to know is working with emails and simple audio recording software.

Note: If you want to know more about voice acting, voice over jobs and voice over training, you should check out this free course.

It will answer all your questions about starting your voice acting career.

What do you require to run a voice over artist business from home?

  • A quiet place where you can do the recordings. This place should be away from any noise from the outside

    Relevant: Overnight work from home jobs (or night jobs) to earn money TODAY!

  • A good quality microphone in order to record

  • A mic stand – Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to hold your microphone and record the whole time. A mic stand makes it easier for you. However, you can invest in a good mic stand once you start getting better at voice over jobs

  • Pop filters are put in front of the mic to reduce the noise (especially the “S” and “P” sounds) and transmit the sound evenly.

  • A computer or a laptop

  • Fast internet connection

  • Audio software (like Audacity) to record, edit, and save your audio.

How Much are Voice Actors Paid, especially voice over online artists? How much can you get paid for voice over work?

Like every other work from home option, rates vary based on experience and the job itself.

That said, you can expect to make anywhere between $100 – 300 per minute of the audio.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, voice acting artist makes an average salary of $33,220 in 2018 and actors made roughly $17.50 per hour.

Where to Audition for Voice Acting Jobs? How do you get freelance voice over work from home?

If you are looking for voice over jobs for beginners (even if you have no experience in voice overs), the best place to start are online voice casting websites, like like VoicesVoiceBunny, or Voice123.

You can also find voice over work from home on sites like FlexJobs and Upwork.

FlexJobs is one of the best places to find online voice acting work from home.

When I searched “voice acting” there were 394 job results. You can filter them for freelance voice over jobs, remote, local, part time, full time or temporary voice jobs online.

So, you will find the exact type of voice over jobs from home you are looking for.

FlexJobs is my favorite option because:

  1. LEGITIMATE JOBS – They screen the job listings to ensure they are 100% legitimate

  2. EASY TO USE – You can find at home, remote, flexible schedule, part-time jobs easily

  3. SUPPORT – Real, friendly people on the customer service team.

  4. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Get a refund within 30 days if you are unhappy with the service.

The only downside for Flexjobs is the investment. It is a paid service which is approx. $14.95 per month.

They keep having sales and right now hey have limited time promotions.

50% Off If You Use Promo Code: JOBSSign up here.

Remember it is risk free and they refund your money within 30 days.

Details about platforms to find voice over work from home:

The websites listed below often have listings for voice over jobs from home.

So if you want to get started and know how to get voice over work

1. Filmless

Filmless is always looking for freelance voice over artists worldwide.

They need the voice over artists to have their own home studio but it is not a mandatory requirement.

However, they do require 5+ years of past voice work experience.

I cannot comment on the pay as I could not find a lot of information

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best places for beginners to search for voice over work from home jobs.

You can sign up as a Fiverr seller and list your voice over services, and get paid for your work.

Fiverr is open to everyone worldwide. The base amount you can offer a service for is $5 but you can always list add-ons that make many of your gigs pay much more than that.

It is one of the easiest to find freelance voice over work

3. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings  hires people to work from home doing voice overs. They specialize in telephone greetings.

Snap Recordings is open to voice over artists worldwide.

All you have to provide them is. ademo reel before they consider you for any voice over job from home.

Again – I could not find pay info on them.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a similar platform like Fiverr. It is a freelance bidding site where you can find a lot of voice over gigs.

While it can be a good platform to find voice over jobs for beginners from home, I highly recommend to move from it as soon as you can.

5. is a dedicated community of freelance voice talent, actors, producers, and narrators online.

As a member, you will have access to voice over jobs posting everyday.

You can sign up with a guest account (which is free) on but if you have the budget, I recommend going with the premium account. It makes it easier to find more voice over work from home and get hired.

6. Voice123

Voice123 is another marketplace that is similar to You can find a lot of voice over jobs from home.

Just like, they also have membership options and includes a free option.

This site doesn’t take commission or agent fees. You are paid directly by the client.

7. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is a great option for finding voice over work.

You can set your own rates and get paid for every recording you make including the auditions!

8. Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters are a multi-lingual agency to find voice over jobs!

However, to find any voice over work with them, you must have at least five years of professional experience along with a professional recording studio at home.

9. Mandy Voices

You can create a free profile with them and has been recognised as aone of the largest platforms to find voice over jobs from home.

It was formerly known as Voices Pro.

Mandy is a large network of professionals from all over the entertainment industry including film, TV, and theater. 

They have over 1000 employers registered through their directory.

10. The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is another platform with over 5,000 registered voice-over artists.

All you need to do is fill out the online form and submit it along with a demo. You will need to have patience because they take time to get back.

If you get through, they will contact you to publish your profile on the site. You can then grab freelance voice acting work.

11. Bodalgo

This company hires voice artists globally and has a huge voice-over talent base of over 7,500 people.

Once you are accepted, you can go through the posted projects and send in demo samples with your rates.

If you are selected, the client contacts you directly. There are no commissions or subscriptions for registering.

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1 Tip on how to apply for voice over work

Whenever you apply for any freelance voice over work, do not forget to attach a demo along with it.

Your demo should be recorded in a noise free environment and should show how professional you are along with your equipments.

Take your time to record a demo. It would be better if you could do more than 2-3 voices.

How do I know if voice acting is for me?

This is an easy answer. Ask yourself

  • Does anyone tell you have a nice voice over the phone?

  • Does anyone tell you how you can make money out of your voice?

  • Can you imitate voices (for example, from the cartoons, animated films or movie trailers) or create new ones?

  • Can you do different accents?

If you answer “yes” to a few of them, you have the potential to be a successful voice over online actor.

That said, you will need to work on developing your voice acting skills to land well-paying voice over jobs.

Note: If you want to know more about voice acting, voice over jobs and voice over training, you should check out this free course. It will answer all your questions about starting your voice acting career.

How you become a voice over actor? Is there any voice over training online?

Julie Eickhoff has a great FREE course for beginners.

She has been working from home doing voice overs since 2011. She has narrated and produced around 100 audiobooks and is an Audible Approved Producer.

She has worked on a variety of projects including

  • eLearning training modules,
  • web videos,
  • movie theater ads,
  • radio ads,
  • television ads,
  • telephone surveys,
  • corporate videos and
  • has worked with a variety of advertising agencies, production houses and project managers.

Her voice has been used by Samsung, Best Western, GE, ING, Prentice Hall, Pearson Learning, Nextiva and Goodwill of the Great Plains.

What you learn in this voice over training online by Julie Eickhoff?

To give you a brief, it includes

Module 1: Choosing and Preparing a Place to Record

Module 2: Recording Equipment [She says, these equipment are extremely inexpensive and recording software is covered by the course]

Module 3: Skills [this includes using microphone, mics along with warming up and protecting your voice. She also covers reading and interpretation of the script]

Module 4: Where to Find Work and how to create demos

Module 5: Running Your Business [We discuss business entities, record keeping, your company name and logo, websites, talent agents and how you get paid]

Module 6: Doing the work and rates

Module 7: Free Voice Review! You receive scripts to record and Julie will give you personalized feedback on your delivery, script reading and interpretation skills and also give you descriptors of your voice. It’s like a free coaching session!

PLUS, You’ll be invited to her Facebook Group! A great community where you can ask questions, share accomplishments, ask for feedback on demos and learn about audition opportunities.

Relevant Entry level work from home jobs – No experience! (+ companies that hire)

If you are interested in this course, Julie also has a FREE voice over training course which you can access here.

Is this voice over training course for you?

According to Julie – All voices are needed, from perky young voices to mature and educational voices to character voices. 

This course is jam-packed with information on how to get your voice over business up and running.

t has the potential to replace your full-time income. You can also do it part-time.

There you go. Everything you need to know about voice over jobs from home.

Conclusion – Voice over jobs from home for beginners

Voice over jobs from home for beginners are a great way to make money from home. In fact, voice jobs online aren’t so competitive either because there is a death of good voice over artists.

While it will it a little difficult to find voice over jobs in the start, once you gain some experience and take a few trainings like this, you can earn as much as $100 per audio hour.

Don’t just stop at “i want to do voice over work”, start with the training and grab voice acting jobs from home.

If you have any questions about voice over jobs from home, comment below and let me know

Note: If you want to know more about voice acting, voice over jobs and voice over training, you should check out this free course. It will answer all your questions about starting your voice acting career.

Alternate options to voice jobs online:

voice over jobs for beginners is possible. This post has EVERYTHING you need to know about voice over training, voice over jobs, skills, tips, what voice over equipment to use etc. So kickstart this side hustle in 2019 and earn a living - stay at home.

Online voice over jobs from home