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VIPKID Review – Is VIPKID legit or scam?

Is VIPkid Job legitimate? Is VIPKID scam? – Check out this detailed VIPKID review

Are you looking for honest VIPKID reviews?

Do you have doubts on whether VIPKID is legit or is VIPKID a scam? Is VIPKID scam or real?

This post will answer all of your questions in detail. So, follow along.

To tell you a few – this post answers

Is VIPKID legitimate business?
How much does VIPKID cost?
Does VIPKID verify your degree? etc

If you are looking to work from home or make money online (fast), teaching English online is a great option.

You can become a VIPkid a teacher and start making money quickly.

Let’s get started with this VIPKID review.

The post includes affiliate links.

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Let’s begin with the basic question –

  • What is VIPKID?
  • Is VIPKID legit?

Without discussing or sharing any information, I am going to tell you the answer straightforward –

VIPKID is legit and is a fast-growing Chinese company which connects students with teachers in the United States and Canada.

In fact, VIPKID is featured in Forbes for #1 spot in the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs in 2018

And, we all know, that Forbes will not cover a scam company.

A little more about them…

VIPKID offers English lessons to children aged 4 – 12 years old in China.

Basically, they aim to hire native English speaking teachers for these kids and provide them with one on one lessons.

Each of these sessions last for 30 mins (approx.) including the 5 mins that are dedicated to questions. All of it is done through the VIPKID portal and you do not need any outside software like Skype.

Similarly, you will be provided with all the tools and material you need.

Once you start working with them and take a few classes, the time to prep for each class will considerably reduce.

Besides teaching the students, you are also responsible to give feedback for each of your students on each session.

Sign up for VIPKID here.

Teacher Trisha says, I just started with VIPKid. I am 2 months in.

The application process is a cinch! If you have a degree, they basically automatically pass you to the Express interview. This mean you just need to agree to a mock class (teach for 10 minutes to an adult pretending to be a kid) and within a few hours you will know if you have passed and they will tell you your starting pay.I love it so far.

I sat on the fence for a year before taking the plunge. I figured it was a scam, or too good to be true, but I absolutely love it!

Right now I teach about 30 classes a week, but amount of classes can change depending on how much you want to teach.

You receive a base pay per class (the class is 25 minutes long) and your base pay can range between $7-9. There are also lots of other incentives and challenges along the way.
Of course if you refer teachers you can receive bonuses up to $30,000!


I think we have already cleared the answer to the biggest question – Is VIPKID a scam?

No, it is not. VIPKID is a legitimate way to make money from home especially for teachers who want to make additional income or looking for a high paying side hustle.

If you think or read anywhere that VIPKID is a scam, it is not true. It is NOT a scam.

That said, it is definitely NOT easy to start working with them but I will get into the details of it later.

In fact, some have made it their full-time job and earn a decent income.


The first and the foremost hurdle with VIPKID is to get hired with them.

This is not a random freelancing site or teaching job where you can bag something easily.

There is no bidding or posting your profile.

The application process of becoming a VIPKID teacher is difficult.

Not only do you require a bachelors degree, but you will also need to do a mock class and go through different levels of review process.

If you do not have a bachelors degree, check out this post on flexible stay at home mom jobs or non phone work at home jobs.

In case you do meet the criteria of becoming a VIPKID teacher, you will have to finish the entire process of an interview and demo lesson.

VIPKID Application Process

You will also be assesses on the following grounds:

Classroom Management

As a teacher, you are suppose to manage a class. It could be anything – rewarding the students who do well, helping the students who need extra attention or reprimanding the students when necessary.

Lesson Planning

While the curriculum is set by VIPKID, you will have to prepare for the class. As a teacher, you need to ensure that the classes are not only informational but they are also engaging and fun.

Efficient Pacing & Timing

It is important to work on your pacing and timing because you are teaching English to students who do not know the language well.

That means, you need to be slow enough but not so slow as to miss the content


The teacher needs to create a good rapport with the students. They need to feel comfortable with the teacher.

If you’re not able to get hired on by VIPKid, there are other options to making money online.

Besides this, you are also evaluated on

Common ESL Techniques

  • TPR & Demonstration
  • Level Appropriate Output
  • Attitude
  • Supplementary Tools
  • Mastery of English
  • Positive Correction
  • Repetition
  • Full Sentences

Teaching Practice

  • Talk Time
  • Adapting to the Student
  • Patience
  • Transcending
  • Extending


  • Presentable
  • Technology
  • Background
  • Distance
  • Lighting

Keep all of these factors in mind when you are applying to VIPKID for becoming an online tutor.

So, let’s review VIPKID application process in detail

According to Teacher SamanthaMiss you too journey with VIPKid started because I found out my son had an illness that prevented him from being successful in a daycare/group setting.

I needed to stay home with him for his health. Therefore, I needed to find a way quickly to make some money while at home. I found the VIPKid opportunity, got connected with a recruiter, and completed the application within a week and a half.

Typically, the application process can be completed within 7 days. However, toddler life is busy so it took me a little longer. The mock class part of the application was probably the most nerve wracking part for me because it is a one-on-one with a trainer who is assessing your teaching skills for 10 minutes. However, I passed on my first try and was so glad that I went through with it.

I was able to set my teaching schedule to take place in the evenings after my son goes to bed. The pay ranges for each teacher depending on your previous experience and education. There are additional opportunities where you can make more money during the month.

I have consistently been averaging $21 per hour through VIPKid! I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to continue my passion for teaching while being home with my son.

I am not yet making the thousands of dollars per month that other teachers are making. However, I will get there one day!

III. VIPKID Application Process

Sign up for VIPKID here.

The signup process is straightforward. Just click on the link above and follow the prompt.

1. Create A Profile And Fill Out The Online Application

It is as simple as it sounds. Just fill up the application form and provide all the information.

Ensure that you mention relevant experience or education, especially if it is related to any form of teaching

vipkid reviews

2. 1-on-1 or recorded interview

The first interview level is a demo class with one of the interviewers.

You are expected to treat them like any 4 – 12 year student and teach them an English lesson.

This is your first opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Remember this test will determine your base pay so practice!

3. Training & Introduction to teaching

The best part about working as a teacher with VIPKID is that they offer training.

Once you have completed the demo class, you will enter the certification centre. You are required to take teacher training on the platform.

4. Teach A Mock Class

Once you have completed the required training, you are ready to do a mock class.

This is another 10 minutes lesson but this time you are teaching an existing VIPKID teacher. They will decide if you are ready to teach one on one.

Practice well for this mock class.

You can redo a mock class but it is always better to go prepared.

5. Sign Contract

If you pass all the levels, you will be ready to become a VIPKID teachers. It takes time to finish the process but it is worth all the time and money.

IV. VIPKID Pay for teachers

As a VIPKID teacher, you can make approx. $22 per hour.

I know many teachers that are booked solid with them and are earning a full time income

Breakdown VIPKid Teacher Pay Breakdown:


As a VIPKID teacher, you are paid $7 to $9 per session i.e. 30 minutes (approx).

The base pay depends a lot of your experience and how your interview went.

As you grow old in the institution, you are eligible to get a raise in your base pay.

BONUS – VIPKid Teacher Bonuses

Besides the base pay for VIPKID teachers, you also get a $1 bonus for every class you complete.

If you complete more than 45 classes in a month, you will get an additional $1.

If you are between 30 – 45 classes in a month, you can get an additional of $.5 per class.

Besides this, you also get a sign up bonus of $5 with them if you have a trial student that has signed up taking your trial class.

Each student can take upto 3 trial classes.

Just remember that your bookings will be slow initially. But as time goes, you will be able to attract more students and book more classes.

The pay will get steady with time and you can increase your rates.

VIPKid Teacher Payments

You will get paid via direct deposit usually around the 10th or 15th of each month.

You are responsible for your own taxes.

Sign up for VIPKID here.

V. How VIPKID works?

As mentioned above, the lessons are provided by VIPKID.

VIPKID Teacher Requirements

Some basic VIPKID teacher requirements include:

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience teaching K-12 in U.S. or Canada will be an add-on
  • 6-month renewable contract

VIPKID Requirements – Necessary Items For becoming a VIPKid Teacher:

  • Desktop, Laptop, Mac or Surface device
  • HD Camera – this can be integrated or an add-on
  • Headset with a microphone
  • Internet connection of at least 20 Mbps

These the absolute minimum VIKID requirements that you need to start working with them.

If necessary, you add any prop you want to use for teaching.

is vipkid legit

VIPKID hours

You are in total control of your schedule with VIPKID. This is why so many stay at home moms love working with them – the flexibility is lovely!

There are no minimum hour requirements.

You can change your schedule as long as you have no bookings. Remember, you do not book classes.

The students are the one who are booking your classes.

That also means, you will have different students all the time.

You can work anytime between 9am – 10pm Beijing time. The peak hours are generally 6 – 10 PM and weekends in Beijing.

 The peak time within those hours is  7-9pm Beijing time.

Ready to get started? Click here apply to be a VIPKID teacher!

VI. Frequently Asked Questions about VIPKID

1. Can I apply if I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree?

No, you cannot. It is a mandatory requirement for them to have.

2. Where do I have to live to start working with VIPKID as a teacher?


3. How long is the contractor for?

6 months

4. How many students do you teach in one class?

All classes are one-on-one

5. Where does the interview happen

On the portal itself.

6. Do you need to prepare teaching materials?

No. The material is provided.

7. Do we need to communicate with parents of the kid

No, VIPKID staff takes care of it.

8. What if I do not have the VIPKID teacher requirements?

If you do not have teaching experience, it is ok. But, if you do not have a bachelors degree, you cannot work with VIPKID.

9. Is VIPkid pyramid scheme?

No, it is not. VIPKID is a legitimate company that hire teachers for students to learn English

10. Is VIPKID safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe

Let’s get to the pros and cons. Without that, any VIPKID review is lousy!

vipkid teach requirements

VIPKID PROS (one of them is VIPKID PAY)

  • VIPKID PAY: You can easily earn $22 an hour, which is great for an online job.
  • FLEXIBILITY: You choose your own hours and you can change the schedule as long as you are not booked. There is a lot of customisation available.
  • BONUSES: VIPKID gives an opportunity to earn extra money. They reward you for taking more classes and give feedback.
  • EASY: You have all the lesson plans. All you need to do is prepare and teach. You don’t need to worry about giving tests, assignments, or grading papers.
  • TRAINING: VIPKID also provides trainings, workshops, feedback in order for you to perform better.
  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: When you join VIPKID, you also get to communicate with the existing teachers. You can reach out to share tips, ideas, get advice or support. Join chat groups, forums, meet-ups etc.

Sign up for VIPKID here.


  • TERMINATION – You are allowed to make 6 cancellations within your contract. Ideally, you should cancel 2 weeks beforehand. If you make more than 6 cancellations in your 6 month contract, VIPKID may terminate your contract in toto. Besides this, if you do not show up or inform them or cancel less than 2 hours, $10 will be deducted your from next pay.
  • TAX – You work as an independent contractor. That means, you pay your own tax.
  • NO PERKS – No health insurance or other benefits of any kind.
  • UNPREDICTABLE – you are dependent on platform. That means, it is not a stable source of income. There will be days when you are booked out and then there will be days you have nothing in hand.
  • DIFFICULT PROCESS – They are extremely selective. So, don’t be discourage if you apply and do not get through


VIPKID is definitely a great way to earn extra income online. It is also an amazing option for people looking to have a part-time job that pays well.

Apply to be a VIPKID teacher now! Ready to grab VIPKID jobs?

Are you a VIPKID teacher? Leave your VIPKID reviews below!

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