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Best work from home chat jobs & email support jobs from home (2023)

Live Text Chat Operator and email support jobs from home

Are you looking for work from home chat jobs?

Do you have question about how to become a live chat operator (or an online chat agent)?

Then this post can help YOU.

Whenever we visit any business website these days, there is an option to ask a query to the support team using chat or emails.

I am sure you used chat or email support system recently – be it a billing inquiry, product return, general questions or if you needed any help.

I did.

While there are so many non phone work from home jobs today, work from home chat support jobs are gaining momentum.

In fact, there are so many customer service chat jobs available right now. They are all work from home chat jobs and you will be working remotely.

In this post, we will talk about 20+ companies that have work from home chat support jobs as well as email support jobs from home.

Watch the video to find more work from home chat jobs online. The online chat job companies are in addition to the ones listed below. So you do not skip over the blog post! 🙂

Note – This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

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So, the obvious question first – how to become a live chat agent?

Anyone can become a live chat support agent by getting a customer care job.

You do not need any specific educational qualification or degree to become a work at home chat agent or a live chat operator

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There are a few equipments you will need for any work from home chat job or online chat jobs –

  • Reliable internet connection of at least 5 Mbps download
  • At least 35 WPM typing speed
  • Minimal typos and clear communication
  • Handle multiple conversations at once
  • Friendly and professional attitude
  • Self-discipline to work from home

The home office requirements for any live chat jobs from home are lenient. You do not need to be over a call so you don’t need quiet and distraction free work environment.

This makes online chat jobs a possibility if you have small children or a baby.


Work from home or online chat jobs are a great work from home opportunity (could be a weekend job or overnight jobs from home) for

These chat agent jobs are becoming more common with people preferring instant communication over a phone call.

Whether it’s at-home customer service or driving to a call center, chatting with customers instead of having a phone conversation can be far less stressful.

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While there are many companies hiring for online chat jobs, we wil discuss a few here. You can also check out the list of companies that are hiring right now

#1 Live Sales Staff

You can find wok from home chat jobs with Live Sales Staff and become a live chat operator or email customer support agent.

Live Sales Staff specialises in offering continuous online support, via chat, email, and online ticketing systems.

They are always looking for people interested in chat and email support jobs from home.

You will work as an independent contractor with them.

According to many sources and posts online, many chat and email support agents with LSS make $400-500+ a month.

They are currently hiring for customer service chat agents.

If you are interested in any of the customer service chat jobs, live text chat operator jobs from home or email support jobs from home with them, contact them via our online chat and send your Resume into their HR department: [email protected]

#2 Paperless Pipeline

This is another company to check for remote chat and email support jobs from home. They help real estate business go paperless.

While they do not have opening at all times, they do hire chat and email agents to assist customers with their questions and process.

Currently, there are no job openings, but their page says to check their Facebook and Twitter daily for new chat only work at home jobs.

#3 Site5

Site5 does not hire at all time, but you can definitely send in your resume even if they are not hiring work at home chat agents. 

If you do get a work from home job with them, tou will be responsible for providing phone, chat, and email support to their clients.

The pay is approx. $13-15 per hour and you should be able to work at least 15 hours a week.

#4 FlexJobs

If you are looking for remote jobs of any kind (including online chat support agent jobs), you should sign up with Flexjobs.

It will help you go through great flexible job listings from legitimate employers quickly, easily, and safely.

Every single job on FlexJobs is hand-screened for legitimacy, with no ads or scams mixed in, and every single job offers work flexibility such as telecommuting, freelance, part-time or other flexible options.

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email support jobs from home

Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

#5 is leading provider of tech support and turnkey support center services.

While they almost always have a few work from home positions, they might not be chat and email support jobs from home.

You will have to keep checking back on their career site and apply as soon as you see a vacancy for chat jobs from home that suits you.

The pay rate for work from home chat agents is approximately $11 per hour.

#6 Talk2Rep or Outplex

Outplex is a great platform to find chat agents jobs from home.

It is a reliable place to look for chat and email support jobs from home.

While a lot of their remote job require you to provide customer service through a call centre, they also have fair number of tasks which include online chat support agent jobs, live chat services, email management etc.

You need to have the ability to type from 30WPM – 50WPM with 0 errors for any chat jobs from home.

Also, the work from home option is available to the people in the US only.

You can check out Outplex careers page, here.

#7 Fancy Hands

While fancy hands is a great platform to look for remote virtual assistant jobs, they also have various others tasks including email and chat support or online help jobs.

You are paid per task and the average pay is $3-7. If you pick up a few tasks, it won’t be difficult to make$50-100 in a day.

#8 Live World (US and people outside of the US)

If you are great at social media, you can find live chat jobs and become a email and work from home chat support agent with LiveWorld.

Your primary job would include responding to customer feedback, answering questions, and providing customer support.

Considering most brands and businesses use social media for engagement and brand awareness, they are always willing to hire people who can be available to their social media clientele.

Click here to find online chatting jobs with them.

email support jobs from home

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

#9 Presto Experts

Presto Experts is another great platform to look for online chatting jobs and email support jobs from home.

When you sign up, you will be asked to create an online profile where you can list qualifications, education, specialities and other information you want the potential clients to know.

You’ll indicate how you want to connect (chat, voice, email, or all of the above) and upload a photo so clients can get to know you.

Then your profile will appear in the list of available categories, and people can search for you by your specialty or keyword.

The more you’re online, the more clients will find you and offer you online chat job!

You can set your own fees and accept freelance work according to your schedule.

#10 Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is always looking for work at home professionals including people interested in cha customer service jobs. They help companies manage social media platforms.

While they do not have any current job openings, you can bookmark them and check them out in the future.

#11 Live Person

They provide chat services to brands and hence always hiring for chat customer service jobs.

They are not hiring for any work from home chat jobs right now but you can send your resume to [email protected].

You will not find a tonne of information on their website, but it is always worth checking back when you decide to launch your work at home career or exploring stay at home jobs.

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#12 Needle

if you are looking for a great side gig (like text chat operator jobs from home) to add some extra income to your household, Needle is a great option.

They no longer offer hourly rates; however, you can help shoppers find what they are looking for and earn points to get free VISA gift cards.

#13 SiteStaff

They are always accepting applications for work at home chat agent jobs and keeping them in the records even if they are not actively hiring right now.

You will be responsible for engaging visitors, and answering customer queries.

While there is no specific qualifications, you need to have 65-75 words per minute of typing speed with perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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#14 The Chat Shop

If you are interested in customer service chat jobs online, the chat shop is the perfect company to start with.

Besides hiring you, they also offer you training and resources for you to be successful at chat only work at home jobs

You will need to upload a resume and take a typing test (at least 65 words per minute without errors).

#15 Apple At Home

Apple hires work at home advisors (also known as Applecare Advisor) on a regular basis.

You can basically find a lot of chat tech support jobs with them.

They have a call centre program that hires work at home professionals as well as college students to work remotely on a full time or part time basis.

While you are allowed to work remotely, you still need to be within certain specified distance of given locations. You can check here for more details.

#16 Best Buy

They hire sales chat agents work at home to provide technical support in theUS, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and California.

While they do not have any vacancy right now, you should keep checking the career pages at regular interval.

#17 Weebly

They do not hire chat and email support agents regularly but they do hire them! The jobs will be termed as customer success advocates.

#18 Televated

They have customer service jobs, live chat operator jobs from home and email support jobs. The payment is usually around $8 per hour with incentives

#19 Buffer

If you know anything about the online marketing space, you have heard of Buffer. They deal with social media platforms and content marketing.

They hire customer service specialist frequently and it is worthy of your time to keep a track of it.

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#20 Automattic

Automatic is present in more than 50 countries and are frequently have chat support jobs from home

They deal with blog management tools and help website owners optimize their website and user expereince. The pay depends and varies on the subject you are dealing with.

While the pay is decent, the perks are great. You will be given Life Insurance, vacations along with a hardware and software reimbursement for the things you used on the job.

Look into Automattic to choose the career that suits you.

#21 Concentrix:

They deal with financial consulting, IT, analytics, marketing and much more. They are always looking for a customer service specialist to handle email and chat tickets to satisfy their clients

Besides the pay, they also offer great benefits like paid training, paid holiday, medical benefits, incentives, and many others.

#22 Indeed

Indeed is a know job site to look for online chat and email support jobs from home. All you have to do is set up the search for “remote” or “home-based” on the location bar.

You will be able to find many open positions that are suitable for you to work from home. Besides that, you can also set up an alert

#23 CapitalTyping:

They provide services including translation, data entry, research, and others.

As a customer service representative and a work from home chat agent, you will be responsible to deal with the clients and answer queries through live chats or emails.

You can find live chat operator jobs from home and email support jobs on their careers page.

#24 Kelly Connect:

Just like others on the list, Kelly Connect, hires home based agents to provide live chat support and email support jobs.

You can easily earn $15 per hour easily with them.

For applying to any remote text chat operator jobs from home or email support jobs on their site, you will be required high school diploma certificate and experience certificate. You can start here.

#25 GitHub

GitHub is a collaborative platform for software loves. In other words, it is a place for open source code.

As a user, you can manage and share your code with others. There are millions of GitHub users across the globe along with open source projects that are hosted here.

That means, they require to give out tonne of support and this is why they hire chat and email support agents on a regular basis. You can provide support from accounts perspective to tech and service. It all depends on your background, experience, and personality.

Besides the pay, you also get 100% healthcare coverage for you and your family and stock options. Check out GitHub remote jobs here.

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#26 OkCupid 

OkCupid is one of the best dating sites today.

You can sign up for free, set up a profile and the algorithm starts to match you with the right people.

With the paid plans, you can upgrade to many features including incognito browsing, message filtering, and ad-free browsing.

They have almost 1 million installs and over 5 million messages sent each day. That means, they require support and hence, they hire email support reps on a regular basis.

You can find chat support jobs from home with them.

Check out their current opening for OkCupid chat customer service jobs on OkCupid Hiring Page

#27 The Yeomen

The Yeomen provides consulting and support staffing to others businesses in need of help desk management. Their agents are responsible to engage with the users on a daily basis, answer questions, and build an active community of users.

They are often hiring chat and email support representatives from home to join their team. You can check whether they are currently hiring or not on the Careers Page

#28 Clara

They help businesses and entrepreneurs schedule appointments, meeting, freeing up valuable time for busy professional. The only difference is that you will be the human element behind their artificial intelligence framework.

Since AI is not perfected at all, Clara is always in need of remote representatives to process emails. You will be resposible to process emails during the peak hours and will be given an email support job.

They are not always hiring and it is best to visit their About Us Page to see their current openings

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

#29 Ibotta

Ibotta is a popular app to earn cash back on groceries. Before you do the actual shopping, you have to check out the available offers and once you have made the purchase, you will redeem your rebate. All you have to is scan the product bar codes and upload photo of the receipt.

Once Ibotta approves it, your account will be credited to your account in just 24 hours. In order to process such huge volumes of receipts and photo uploads, they require email support reps.

This is a remote location but only to the people living in Denver. You can check out their Careers Page if you qualify for their jobs

#30 Zapier

Zapier is a widely used service today. With all the workflows and automated sequences it creates, there are bound to have numerous queries.

While they have a detailed help centre which answers a LOT of the queries, they hire Customer Champions to help the ones that face problems or want to optimise

If you are interested in working with them, check out their Jobs Page

#31 Knack

Knack allows users to create databases without writing any code and using pre made templates. There are tonnes of users, and to help them make the most of the tool, Knack hires customer success representatives.

They hire quite frequently and you can check out this page to learn how to apply and land a remote email support job

#32 TED

We all know about TED Talks. They are always on the look out for people to give inspirational talks around many subjects.

All the videos and talks are viewed by billions of people and there is a large following that interacts with the company daily.

And, that is the reason why, they require customer support specialists at TED to help users. You can find work from home chat agents on their website but you will have to keep an eye out for it.

You will be responsible for answering queries relating to tech support issues, bugs and evaluating existing systems.

As an award-winning company whose talks have been viewed more than a billion times, there’s definitely a large and loyal audience of TED talks followers who interact with the company on a daily basis. And Customer Support Specialists at TED are there to lend these users a helping hand and address their needs.

You can head on over to their Careers Page to see is they’re currently hiring.

FAQs About Online Chat Jobs

Let’s clear all your doubts about online Chat job.

How Much Do Online Chat Jobs Pay?

Fair question.

According to ZipRecruiter, Most work from home chat jobs pay between $8 and $15 an hour.

For entry-level online chatting jobs, you can expect to earn up to $10 an hour.

What Tasks Do Work from Home Chat Jobs Require?

Your daily tasks as a work at home chat agent will depend a lot on your clients needs.

However, you may be doing any of this –

  • Customer service
  • Sales agent
  • Email support
  • Technical support

Are Online Chat Jobs for US-Based Only?

Not really.

While some companies will hire only US based freelancers, a few others have worldwide online chat jobs from home.

However, whereever you may be based, you should fulfil two requirements

  • Native speaking ability
  • Ability to type quickly and accurately.

If you are interested in any remote chat job and qualify for it, you should strongly consider applying for it.

Do All Online Chat Jobs Provide Benefits?

No. With any online chat job you take up, you are working as a independent contractor

That means, these chat agent jobs DO NOT pay benefits like health insurance or 401k.

If you want to avail these benefits in a customer service chat job, consider applying for a full time position with a company and be an employee

Sign up with Flexjobs to find 100% legitimate and verified work from home jobs.

What are the Minimum Hours for an Online Chat Job?

The minimum hours will depend a lot on the company you work it.

For any part time work from home chat jobs, you are usually expected to work 10 – 20 hours each week.

For full time positions, you will work between 35 – 40 hours a week.

Regardless of how many hours you work in a week, online chat jobs provide a steady income stream and allow you to work from home.

Are All Online Chat Jobs Remote?

An online chat job would mean you can work online and work from home except if you have some training sessions or travel required.

Sometimes companies prefer you work with them on site for a year or two. It is only when you become proficient as a chat agent, they give you a full time option to work frrm home.

If you are looking for remote chat agent jobs, apply to agency or freelancer platforms where you work as an independent contractor.

Online chat jobs are best online jobs for introverts and shy

Do You Need a College Degree to Work Online Chat Jobs?

Again, it will depend on the company and clients.

While some clients require a college degree to be an online chat agent, in may other cases, it is not relevant at all.

However, the least you can have is a high school diploma or GED equivalent. If you have previous job experience, even better!

That is why online chat jobs are great entry level work from home jobs!

Can I Have an Online Chat Job If I Have Lots of Background Noise?

Yes, you can.

The most amazing benefit of work from home chat jobs or online chat jobs is the fact that you do not require to speak on the phone.

That mean, you can be in as busy environment as you want – it is not going to matter!

Before online chat and email support were on the job market, you needed a quiet work environment (because you had to talk).

All that said, you should always read the job description before applying and accepting any chat agent job position. If you have doubts, ask.

Conclusion – Work from Home Chat agent jobs or Online Chat jobs

Every industry, every business needs an online chat agent nowadays. You can make part time as well as full time income with online chats

Ready to grab chat agents jobs from home?

Sign up with Flexjobs to find 100% legitimate and verified work from home jobs.

This is all about online customer services at home (work from home chat support jobs as well as email support jobs from home).

chat and email support jobs from home

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