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Best items to flip on eBay (+ how to start reselling for profit)

 Best items to flip on eBay or resell for profit

Looking to start flipping items for money and wondering, what are the best items to resell for profit or what are the best items to flip for cash?

If yes, then this post on best items to flip on eBay and other platforms is definitely for you! 

The post includes affiliate links.

In this post we’ll identify over 20+ of the best items to flip, where to find them, and how to sell them to make money fast.

We will also talk about the things to look for at thrift stores to reselleasiest items to flip for profit, selling flea market items on eBay and how to become a flipping ninja.

Finally, if you wish to learn how to flip and resell items and make a full time income, we have got you covered as well.

Flipping items for cash is not just a random side hustle. If you have watched History TV anytime (especially Storage Wars), you can make lot of money buying and selling (flipping items for cash)

My friends, Rob and Melissa, have been doing it full-time for years now and make over $133k a year.


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thrift store which says love and where you can find items to flip online for profit

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Step 1 – Best items to flip for cash on eBay or resell for profit on other platformswork from home

So, your first and the most obvious step is to know about the best items to flip for cash.

Before you start out buying or selling on eBay or flipping items for profit, there is one obvious question you need to have a rock solid answer to –

  • What are the best items to resell for profit?
  •  Are there products that you can buy cheap and sell for high prices?
  • What can I buy at thrift stores to resell on eBay?
  • Can you list the best items to sell on eBay? 
  • What are the easiest things flip?

In other words –

You need to learn to know what items are valuable for flipping purposes and things to look for at thrift stores to resell that can be actually sold for a profit. 

In my research, the following are the easiest items and products to flip for profit – 

  • Antiques of all varieties – People love antiques which is why they sell at high price on eBay.

    If the item has historical significance, it increases the value of the antique by multifold. You can also look at smaller vintage items like lamps.
  • Furniture made of real and strong wood – You can find good furniture in flea markets and thrift stores.

    Furniture is hands down of the easy things to flip for cash!

    With sanding and a new coat of finish, you can sell it at almost 100% profit. It is also easy to sell upholstered chairs on the internet as well.
  • Record Players and Jukeboxes – Many people are ready to buy record players and jukeboxes which are fitted with Bluetooth.

    If you can DIY, you could easily make profits with it.
  • VCRs, LP Records: Yes, this is one of the most surprising things that sell well on ebay
  • Bathtubs, porcelain sinks – It is definitely funny but these items sell easily on eBay/internet.

    If you can find something interesting (like clawfoot bathtubs) and in good condition, it can be super profitable.
  • Painting and art: If you can find something good, you can sell it at a good profit margin.

    You can also keep an eye on vintage picture frames, they are hot selling items!
  • Old edition board games
  • Legos are a good product to flip for cash
  • Ceramic decorations that are rare to find
  • Any thing vintage, like, kitchen tools, meat grinders, old coffee mugs, mason jars, rugs etc
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Video game consoles are worth lot more than you think! You can find good games for a steal ($1 -5) and sell them for over $50 (if you know which ones are in demand)
  • Records and record sleeves
  • Old cameras and camera lenses
  • Jewellery, especially sterling silver
  • Textbooks
  • Sport equipment
  • Glassware
  • Disney items
  • Barbies and related accessories
  • Anything related to Star Wars
  • Vinyl records
  • Shoes (want to flip shoes for money, check this out)

Find out the 5 steps to start flipping today and make 100k+ a year

These are some of the easiest items to sell.

This is not an exhaustive list of top selling items on the internet or the best things to sell on eBay to make money.

There are so many more things to sell for money! From cheap things to buy and sell for a profit to expensive and rare items to resell.

There are much more and you will NEED to learn the art of determining “WHAT WILL RESELL EASILY”

Step 2 – Evaluating your profit potentialwork from home

When you’re looking for the best items to resell for a profit, it is important to know how to evaluate an item, gauge its condition, and determine how much money you could make on it.

For this purpose, I have a few easy and quick tips for you –

Check how much is the item selling for

Before you buy any product to flip, you have to search for similar items on online platforms like eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

This is exactly what you have to do –

  • The first step is to look for the exact product or item on eBay. Pay attention to
    • Number of such items on sale
    • How many days since it was listed
    • How much money it is selling for

      If the item is listed for prolonged period without being sold, it is a red flag. It means the demand for the product is not that high!
  • Besides eBay, you can also check on Craigslist. While it will be a little trickier to search for items, but it is totally possible and you should do it.

    It is one of the best ways to determine how well an item sells in your area
  • The third platform is to check for Facebook Marketplace. It is also a great tool to check profitability and demand for the product

Whenever you go out, keep your phone with you so you can check whether or not an item will sell and what is the approximate value it is selling for (basically, if you can make adequate profit).

Before we go any further, let just look at how to look at eBay –

You can go to eBay, search for an item, select “sold items” from the left menu and sort it by high-low price.

This will give you an idea of whether or not the item you are planning on selling it worth your time or not.

Here is a quick screencast for you to understand how it works –

I am in India right now, so all of it shows in INR but you will get an idea on how to check for the value of an item.

With this method, you can easily find the best things to resell on eBay or resell for profit

If you lookup on the internet, you will find many articles and blog posts on best things to sell on eBay to make money or easiest items to flip on the internet.

However, you need to ask yourself and make a decision - is it worth selling on eBay or reselling it on any platform available to you?

I have known people make profit worth thousand dollars by selling a prosthetic leg they bought from a thrift store.

So, there are LOT many weird things sold on eBay for lots of money. If you can find them, you will succeed at flipping items for profit.

Carefully Evaluate an Item’s Condition, Age, and Size

Besides evaluating the demands and profitability, you also have to be careful about the condition, size and age. of the product.

The value of the product depends a lot on its condition. Before you buy any item to flip on eBay, you have to to check for defects, like marks, scratches or tears are

One of the biggest indicators of an item’s value is its condition. Sure, most goods will have some wear and tear. But you’ll want to be especially vigilant to be sure that any defects, like marks, scratches, or tears..

It will be different for different products. For example, for clothes and fabric, you want to avoid stains and smells.

Similarly, for many products the age would matter. Some products are better aged and some are better younger (if that's right!)

Finally, it’s important to consider an item’s size. It decides your shipping cost so be very careful!

Step 3: Where to get products to sell, resell or flipwork from home

Get these 5 steps to start flipping today (in detail) and make 100k+ a year

Best items to flip online in your house

If you are a beginner flipper or want to sell items on eBay to make quick money, you should start with your own home.

You will find many items worth money in your home. It is likely that you have valuable items sitting in the attic or garage.

If you have a doubt whether it would sell or not, you can quickly Google it and see how much it is selling for.

Garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores

Once you have wrapped your head around the idea of flipping items and buying items that can resell for profit, you can begin sifting through thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales in your area.

You should be able to spot a few items to flip easily!

By the way, if you see branded clothes with tags on, you can buy them and flip them on eBay for profit.

Look for discount days, build a personal relationship with the store owner to let you know when new stock comes in and grab products/items in "new" like condition (except, of course, if they are vintage)

wooden frames in different colors

Step 4: Get your items ready to be flippedwork from home

Once you have procured items to resell, you are ready to start making money.

There are a few simple things you should do to maximize the profit potential of each item flipped:

  • Clean up dirty or dusty items: It is important that your item is aesthetically appealing. The least you can do is to clean up the dirt so your photos look much better
  • If you have any item that is slightly damaged, make small repairs. Like, tighten loose screws, polish furniture or glassware etc
  • Plan how you will ship the items. You should always plan shipping way before the item is sold. If you make arrangements end moment, shipping cost will eat up a lot of your profit.

Grab this easy to use and detailed guide for beginners to selling on eBay without shipping eating away your profits

Step 5: How to resell items on eBay or other platforms for profitwork from home

Once you have repaired or refurbished items, it is time to become a flipping ninja and sell them to make money.

The first and foremost tip on making money flipping to sell items cheaply. Now, I am not referring to the price but the platform.

The platform you choose to resell on should be the cheapest one available. You want to keep the maximum profits in your pockets.

First off you are a first-time flipper, You can start out the easiest way to sell items and make profit - have a garage sale.

You can also use the Facebook personal page or Marketplace to sell the items.

Just ensure that you have well lit pictures from every angle and a good description.

Second, you can sell items on craigslist, which is a legitimate way to flip items and make some money.

You can reach out to many more people than with a few Facebook groups BUT Craiglist is becoming old and people are starting to encounter more scams on the platform.

This can make the entire process fairly difficult

Third, Ebay is one of the best platforms to resell things for profit.

If you are not familiar with the process, as other platforms, you can learn it easily and if you want to do it well from the first day, take this free webinar.

Grab this easy to use and detailed guide for beginners to selling on eBay

vintage wooden items to resell for profit

Still Not Selling? These Apps for Reselling Items Online may help

If you tried all the platforms and cannot get your items to move, it is time to try out these best apps for reselling items.


Decluttr is an app to sell unwanted items online.

  1. Start your own Decluttr account. It’s free to sign-up.
  2. Give details about your item and get a free evaluation
  3. If you accept an offer on your item, you’ll receive a pre-paid shipping label to send off the item using the UPS.
  4. When Decluttr receives your package, you’ll get paid via PayPal, check, or direct deposit

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OfferUp is another popular way to sell items online. You will have to check out other offers near you and see if you can sell your item here.


LetGo is a go-to free app to buy and sell unwanted stuff. It is easy to use and you need to put the items on the platform

Check out LetGo here.

Tips to avoid losses and ensuring a profit on your findswork from home

Always check online:

Your smartphone is your best friend when looking for item to flip for profit.

But, before you go out shopping, make sure you have a reliable internet connection on your phone.

Whenever you spot an item, you can quickly look it up on eBay to check the value and whether it has been recently sold - this works as a great yardstick to judge.

Your aim is to look for products you can buy cheap and sell high

If you are unable to decide, check -

  • How many of those items are listed on eBay
  • What is the average bid
  • How many items have been sold
  • Past sales information and price range

Check for markings

If an item is in great shape and you think it will sell, check for markings on it.

Many times, you can find stamps and marking on an object that you can search for online.

For example, authentic stamps on jewellery or brand markings on vintage collectibles.

It may seem like just another thing but it could be worth a lot!

Make a list of thrift stores that have discount days

There is nothing better than buying from a thrift store on a discount - what a day!

Most of the thrift stores will have days when the items are deeply discounted. Make a note of that and visit the store on those days!

Consider packaging costs

You should always (ALWAYS) bear in ind that you will have packaging costs and you can lose out on margins.

For example, the boxes or sheets that you have to use to pack the items.

If you pack an item in a bigger box, you will also end up spending on packing material to fill the gaps and then again, for shipping.

Grab this guide on flipping for profit and start making money!

Start Making a full-time income Every Month Flipping Itemswork from home

How to flip items for profit - Flea Market Flipper University

How can you get started and become a flipping ninja? You need Flea Market Flipper University.

What is Flea Market Flipper University?

It is owned by a couple, Rob and Melissa, who earn more than $133000 just by flipping items that they find in thrift stores or flea market on eBay.

Flipper University is the best resource out there to earn how to flip items for profit and make this a real side hustle or even a full-time job.

In their university, you will get to learn -

  • Learn how to find the best items to flip and what items have poor resale value
  • Create appealing listings on Ebay, Facebook, Offer Up, and Craigslist and get items sold quickly.
  • Learn how your smart phone can be your biggest weapon when flipping for profit.
  • Ship items to maximize your profits every time.
  • Make more money (potentially) than virtually any other side hustle around today.

It is because of the Flea Market Flipper University that it is a real full-time gig for many now.

You can also check out their blog which is one of the best thrift store flipping blog on the internet today!

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Do check out the Flipper university and the brilliant success stories of their students, right here.

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best items to flip on ebay

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Best items to resell for profit and the top selling items on the internet