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How to sell feet pics on instagram? – Sell fast NOW.

how to sell feet pics on instagram

Do you want to make money selling feet pictures online?

If so, then this article is for you! We’re going to show you how to sell your feet pics on Instagram.

You can sell photos of your feet and even create custom content for people who want it! It’s a great way to make some extra cash while doing something fun.

So if you have pretty toes or nice ankles, read on and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about making money with them.

And don’t worry – no one will ever see these pictures unless YOU say they can!

Yes? Ready to sell feet pics on Instagram?

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Why Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell feet pics?

Instagram is one of the best social media sites to sell your feet pics on because it’s used by so many people.

And, most importantly, anyone can create an account and work towards getting maximum exposure!

It is just as simple as it sounds like.

In fact, there are tonnes of people who are selling feet pics on Instagram already. You can find them using the most popular hashtags like #feetpics #feetpicsforsale #feetpicsinstagram #footfetis #feetpicswanted

Top accounts that sell feet pics on Instagram

Well, we did some of the work and found these feet pic accounts on the top –


8 Steps to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

Step 1: Open a Dedicated Creator’s Instagram Account

To get started, you’re going to need a dedicated creator account. This is an Instagram page that you will use only for selling feet pics.

This way, your personal account remains safe from any of the content that you post on your business site!

You can avoid any picture, locations or clothes that reveal your identity on your business Instagram account.

It is best to keep your Instagram account separate if you want to use it to sell feet pics.

Step 2: Set up an optimised profile

Your catered Instagram for selling feet pics should have an optimised profile with an attractive display picture and a relevant link.

  • Use an attractive feet picture as the profile picture. It should be beautiful, clean and show that you sell feet pics on Instagram.
  • Have a user name which has “feet pic” in it so people can find it easily
  • Have an optimised bio to showcase that you sell feet pics on instagram, how to contact you and a link.

Step 3: Build a Relevant Following using good pictures and hashtags

After you create and upload the content, you need to build a relevant following.

Having a good amount of followers will help to increase the exposure that your foot pictures get.

To do this, make sure that your Instagram account is easy to find with appropriate hashtags as well as having good engagement on all of your posts.

This is the best way to build up a following for your feet pics.

Step 4: Be active and respond to comments and direct messages

To get more followers on Instagram, ensure that you reply to all of your comments and direct messages.

Step 5: Create packages and set rates for feet pictures

This step is very important because it will help you set your prices for feet pics. If you’re new with average to no following, you can start selling your feet pictures at about $5 – 20 (depending on how good and creative your feet pics are)

You can also create packages that include x number of feet pics for an x amount.

Here are some examples: 

· 3 feet pics for $45

· 5 feet pics for $90

· 10 feet pics for $175

Make sure to get a clear idea of what your price ranges are before you start selling your pictures.

If you have a good following, you can increase the prices since customers will be happy to pay more for your content.

Step 6: Upload your feet pics to make money on Instagram

The next step is to upload the feet pictures that you want sell on Instagram.

There are a couple of things that you need to remember when uploading your photos.

  • Always put it up with a light watermark or a logo so noone can steal it from you.
  • The pictures should be high quality
  • Try posting teasers instead of full pictures. You have to leave the buyer wanting more (why would they buy if they have everything available for free anyway, right?)

Step 7: Offer Fans Exclusive Photos for Payment

Having an engaged following on your business Instagram for selling feet pics is essential.

Try creating exclusive foot pictures for fans who pay you (discuss the price in advance with them depending on how popular they are and their willingness to pay).

This will provide an incentive to buy feet pics from you.

Step 8: Convert fans and buyers into regular customers

After you get a few customers, you need to find ways to keep them coming back.

  • Try sending them little gifts from time to time, especially if they buy more than one feet pic from you.
  • Send a thank you message and ask them what you can do better in the future. This will help build a connection with them
  • Give them good discounts
  • Launch a special membership site where you upload new feet pics and video everyday for a monthly price (which is much cheaper than buying individual pictures).

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram: FAQ

Is it illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram?

No, it is not illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram. You can use it to sell feet pictures as discussed in this post.

Find out the best 5 platforms to sell feet pics on.

How much should I charge for feet pics?

As discussed in the answer to the previous FAQ, it depends on your Instagram follower and if they want exclusive or not. You can set a rate yourself and you can also do packages.

At a minimum, I would say charge between $5 – 20 for a single feet pic.

What hashtags should I use for selling foot pictures?

You can use #niche #selling #sell #customfeetpics #feetpicsforsale #feetpicbuyers   #custom #forsale #buyers #instamodel #instagood #instadaily to try to get more people to see your Instagram selling feet pictures.

Do I Have to Be a Foot Model to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

Selling feet pics doesn’t require you to be a foot model, it only requires that you have nice looking feet.

What kind of feet pictures sell?

Well, that is entirely up to you.

You can choose the feet pictures of women wearing high heels, stockings or other kinds of clothes.

A few poses would be:

  • On your toes
  • One feet on top of another
  • Feet with anklets and other jewels
  • Feet with heels
  • Feet with stockings
  • Feet with flowers
  • Feet with honey on it or other food items etc.

Just google up feet pics or sexy feet pics and get inspired. Get creative.

At this point, I would really love to tell you that you can also make money selling photos of yourself, selling hand pics and more.

If you’re comfortable with these, you may also want to check out cam sites that pay well, becoming a web cam model and selling used panties for money.

and, if all this is TOO MUCH, you can get paid to chat and flirt.

What other platforms can I sell feet pics on?

Wondering where you can sell your feet pics, then you should try the following:

Check this and this out to know everything about selling feet pics and make money.

Conclusion – how to sell feet pics on instagram

If you have ever wanted to earn money from your feet, the time is now.

You can make money through selling photos of your feet on Instagram, and making custom content for people who want to buy it!

This article has shown you how to sell feet pics on instagram.

The best part is that there are no start up costs; all you need is a cell phone with an internet connection and some creativity.

Get started now!

how to sell feet pics on instagram

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