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Where to sell feet pics instantly? – 5 platforms that work (guaranteed)!

Where to sell feet pics?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a living selling photos of your feet?

Well, I have.

And in this article, we’ll explore where to sell feet pics. We’re going to look at some of the best platforms for selling foot pics and making easy money online!

If you want to learn more about these sites and see which ones might work best for you, read on!

Let’s get started and find out more about earning an income from selling photos of your feet online!

But, first, check this out – how to sell feet pics for money. The post covers everything you need to know about selling feet pics and how to get started.

The post includes affiliate links.

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5 best platforms to sell feet pics NOW and make money

Where to sell feet pics? – Social Media

Sell feet pics on Facebook Groups

The first place that a lot of people go to is a Facebook group.

One way of doing this is going to different groups and offering your services there, and selling feet pictures to people who are interested in it.

Join groups specifically related to feet pics  and selling them.

You can find a lot of these groups by simply searching through Facebook and scrolling through the results to see if anything pops up.

Join them, share your feet pics but make sure you abide by the group rules.

If not, you can always create your own group!

When it comes to transactions, only use the most reliable ones like Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App. That said, do not use Paypal for this. They might ban your account because they do not allow usage for adult industry or anything closely related to it.

Sell feet pics on Instagram

Another great platform for selling feet pics is Instagram.

This social media giant has over 800 million users and needs no introduction.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of this platform, there are now thousands of people making money online by selling photos of their feet on Instagram.

And you can be one of them.

Also, remember to be careful when dealing with people.  Always use an encrypted platform like Paypal, Venmo or Cash App if you are sending them money.

Top tips to sell feet pics on Instagram:

  • Make sure your account is set to public.
  • Post your photos or videos that showcase your feet and offer them to people who are interested in buying them, just like what other Instagram feet sellers have been doing.  
  • Asking the buyer to send you direct message (DM) is a great way of initiating contact.  
  • Use relevant hashtags to grow your account and keep them engaged.
  • Optimise your bio with keywords to ensure you’re found easily for words that people would put in. For example, feet pics, feet pictures, selling feet pics, buy feet pics etc.

While Instagram is a social networking site, you don’t have to show your face or disclose personal information.

Where to sell pics on photo platforms?

Sell feet pics on OnlyFans

Another  platform that can be a great way of earning money by selling feet pics is OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is only one of the many exclusive-content apps that you can join. As a matter of fact, it’s been around for over 5 years now and has over 1 million users who are ready to subscribe to your content!

Once you create your OnlyFans account, you can start uploading your feet pics to the site and letting people subscribe to see them.

If you want to know more about how to sell foot pics on onlyfans, check this out.

The minimum monthly subscription fee you can charge is $5 with no limit to what you can charge

Where to sell feet pics? – Feet pic apps

Sell feet pics on FeetFinder

You can sell feet pics on a photo app called FeetFinder. They’re a dedicated website for feet content.

On FeetFinder, sellers can upload content on the platform and have buyers purchase it directly from their profile or have buyers send custom requests for more exclusive content.

Buyers can also pay a monthly fee to access the content by you.

FeetFinder also have a fee i.e. 20%. Know more FAQs here.

Sell feet pics on Feetify

Feetify is dedicated to sell feet pics online. All you have to do is sign up as a seller and create a profile on their webiste.

Feetify runs on a subscription model. That means, you have to pay monthly to utilise this platform.

One of the positives of using this platform to sell feet pics is the feature that allows you to interact with your customers. It is similar to the Facebook wall.

Where to sell feet pics independently?

Sell feet pics through Blogging

This will take some amount of work but you can create a blog entirely about feet models, feet pictures, celebs with foot fetish etc.

Once your blog become popular, you can promote your own feet pictures and sell it your followers.

It could be bundled photos or a membership site where they pay on a subscription model to access your feet pictures.

You can even teach people how to sell feet pics online later in your career.

There are three different ways you can go about monetising the blog as well:

Ads – Ads  are shown on your blog, and you make money every time someone clicks on it. Find out alternatives to Adsense that pay well for ads

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is when you recommend other people’s products in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Check this out to learn how to go about affiliate marketing that reaps money

Email marketing – This form of monetisation involves building your own email list and then sending them targeted emails about related topics or products. Check out this free course on how to create an attractive lead magnet

Creating your own brand

Another, and a rare way, of selling feet pictures online is to team up with a foot model or a person who sells feet pictures regularly.

Create your own brand with a logo on your feet pictures. This will help people with foot fetish to relate it you and it will become a way for them to search you directly.

Branding is an excellent way to increase the sales of any product.

Tops tips to sell feet pics and take the best feet pics to sell

1. Do your research on the best platform for you:

Before you start selling feet pictures, make sure the platform you select is the best one for you.  Go with the one that fits your needs and has a large customer base who are interested in foot pictures online.

If you’re working with a company, then make sure they are legit and have high privacy standards.

2. Take high quality pictures of your feet:

The higher the quality of the picture, the more attractive it appears to people.

Take clear foot pictures with bright lighting because poor lighting can make even your feet look dull and boring.

Make sure you have good definition on display for viewers to see accurately.

Enhance your photography skills by taking multiple shots of feet  pictures and combining the good ones together to make epic feet picture.

3. Wear something sexy:

People are more attracted to sexy looking feet pictures.  Add some high heels on it or some fishnet stockings etc.

If you can, get a professional photographer to take amazing shots of your feet for you.

4. Don’t sell feet pictures until you’re paid in full:

Make sure you get paid before sending your pictures online.

5. Don’t forget you will have to pay taxes on money earned selling feet pics

Selling feet pictures is a legal business so you’ll have to pay taxes on the money you earn.  Keep aside some of your earnings for tax deductions before spending it all away on shoes, clothes and travelling.

6. Stay anonymous and protect your identity online

Protect your identity, whether you’re selling feet pictures online or not.

Do not reveal any personal detail about you which can be traced back to your real person.

People might want to stalk you and ruin your life if they know who you are. Leave bread crumbs but don’t leave anything directly traceable to yourself.

7. Take care of your feet

It is essential to take care of your toes, soul, ankles and heel.

Go for pedicure regularly or soak yourself in salt water once a week.

Let people kiss your feet with love! Thank you so much 🙂

Frequently asked questions – Where to sell feet pics?

Who buys feet pics?

There are tonnes of people who will buy feet pics:

  • Stock photo websites
  • Bloggers
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • People who Foot Fetish
  • Production companies
  • Healthcare businesses
  • Jewellery businesses

Do you have to pay taxes for selling feet pics?

Yes, as we discussed, you will have to pay taxes when selling feet pics. In short, you will have to file income tax returns on selling feet pics.

It is recorded on a Schedule C tax form. You can check the section on income tax for more details.

How much should I charge for feet pictures?

If you’re new to selling feet pics, you can start at selling $10-20 per pic.

Once you gain some confidence, learn the tricks of the trade, and have a decent following, you can charge as much as $100-500 a feet pic or video.

Can you get in trouble for selling pictures of your feet?

Only if you’re below 18 years old or your country treats selling feet pics as profanity or obscenity.

If you are above 18 years old and in a country which is cool with feet pics and adult industry, you will not get trouble for selling pictures of your feet.

FYI – selling feet pictures is legal in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many more countries.

Where Can You Sell Feet Pics in America?

If you’re a US citizen, you can sell feet pics on all the platforms we discussed in this post and this post.

These are not the only places you can sell feet pics. You can find more here and then get more creative in finding ways to sell feet pics in America or outside.

How to sell feet pictures safely?

Now, this is a biggie.

The risk involved in selling feet pictures online is actually not much unless you make the mistake of letting people know about you.

If you follow these tips, no problem will occur

  • Use separate social media business accounts over personal accounts
  • Avoid meetings
  • Do not give away your identity
  • Never be too close to your clients

Does selling feet pictures entail porn, nudity?

Absolutely not. Selling feet pictures does not require you to show your face or private parts.

Do only as much as you are comfortable with. In fact, people with foot fetish, are not even interested in anything else except the feet.

So, do not worry.

What kinds of feet pics can I sell?

Any kind. If you are working with business then you will need to model accordingly and if you are working for people with foot fetish, you need to sex it up.

  • Feet with ornaments
  • Feet with socks
  • Feet on a chair
  • Feet pics for medical businesses
  • Feet pics for beauty businesses
  • On your toes
  • Feet pics where your legs are crossed etc

At this point, I would really love to tell you that you can also make money selling photos of yourself, selling hand pics and more.

If you’re comfortable with these, you may also want to check out cam sites that pay well, becoming a web cam model and selling used panties for money.

and, if all this is TOO MUCH, you can get paid to chat and flirt.

Conclusion paragraph: Where to sell feet pics?

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for how to make money with your feet and where to sell your feet pictures.

If not, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to sell photos online.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to making money with digital assets so get started now!

Where to sell feet pics in America and elsewhere?

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