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Phone actress jobs: Guide 101 to earn upto $100K a year

Phone actress jobs to make side income

Have you ever wanted to make money by talking on the phone?

Phone actress jobs are positions that offer the opportunity for individuals to earn money working as an on-screen character talking with other people on the phone.

Depending on what kind of phone actress job you take up, the chat would initially be normal, and it would naturally shift towards flirty or sexual conversations.

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The industry is lucrative for those who would like to channelize their flirtatious energy into making big bucks from home. These jobs can be recruited to work as a phone actress in a virtual call center position.

It’s fun, easy, and exciting – not just another boring job where you sit at a desk all day long.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing then we encourage you to apply today! We have many different companies available so there is sure to be one suited perfectly for your personality type!

All of the employees or hires are generally given extensive training before they begin working so don’t worry about being unprepared when starting out.

So lets learn more about phone actress jobs

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What is a phone actress job?

A phone actress job is a position that offers the opportunity for individuals to earn money working as an on-screen character talking with other people on the phone.

Depending on what kind of phone actress job you take up, the chat would initially be normal, and it would naturally shift towards flirty conversations.

We will talk about all the details about phone actress job here.

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What is a Phone Actress Jobs Pay

The pay for phone actress jobs is awesome, the median hourly rate is $9 with a range from minimum wage to upwards of $19-25 per hour.

That means that your potential earnings could be up about half of a million dollars annually with a single phone actress job!

There are phone actresses who have earn $29 an hour with $5000+ a month and $60000 a year or more.

phone actress jobs

In this profession, the top phone actress job earners make up to $147,000 per year.

However, this is dependant of lot of factors like length of the call, your rates, experience, where you work and how entertaining you are.

Are phone actress job illegal?

No, they are absolutely not illegal unless you live in a country where anything related to sex, flirting, obscenity etc are against the law. So make where it is allowed in the country you live in.

How Does It Feel To Work As A Phone Actress?

In most cases, phone actresses have to start a conversation normally. Depending on what your client wants, the conversation can become sexual or flirty.

Whatever it may be, you should always use a different (alias) name to sign up and talk as phone actress.

You should also always keep your personal lives separate from your life as a phone actress. That means, you shuold not share your favorite place, home address or personal phone number.

This is to avoid any stalkers.

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Where to find Phone Actress Jobs from Home? – Legit Phone Actress Jobs

Websites To Find Legit Phone Actress Jobs

1. Chat Recruitment

Chat Recruitis a UK based platform which hires phone actresses to work from home. You would only need a computer with internet connection, good typing speed and an interest in chatting.

They pay you about $2 a minute of chat time.

That means, if you can manage 60 mins of chat time in one day, you can earn $120 a an hour and about $1000 a day.

While they might be based in the UK, they hire from all round the world and pay via bank deposits only.

The chat recruit platform charges a small commission once you start earning. Chat Recruit deducts a percentage of your earnings as its fee.

Joining this platform is completely free though.

2. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is solely for people who are looking for phone actress jobs to chat, flirt or video call with people to make money.

They have over 20000 girls working for them but the best thing is – they hire irrespective of the gender or qualification.

You get to set your own rates and rules with MyGirlFund.

The payment is not made public, but they claim that users have made up to $40000 a year and more.

Customers will browse several profiles before making a decision. As a result, make certain that you post flirtatious pictures of yourself to entice more consumers.

3. Dream Lover

DreamLover is a popular phone actress platform for both men and women to search for work and talk to the clients.

You need to start by creating a profile on the website and once its approved you will be listed as a phone actress.

When a client is interested, they will buy coins to chat or flirt with you.

Phone Actress Texting Jobs to make money online

4. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is a platform where you will get paid for flirting or get paid for texting (via phone, messaging as well as video).

Flirtbucks is very strict about being civil on the platform. That means, if you are not comfortable with something, you do not have to go ahead with that conversation.

You do not have to talk dirty or engage in any kinks.

Flirtbucks also pay well. You’ll make about 5 cents per minute of text and 30 cents per minute of video call. As you keep using Flirtbucks, you will be paid higher and better.

Once you use it for 6 months, Flirtbucks increase the rate to 50 cents per minute.

5. Phrendly

Phrendly is a popular phone actress job company out there if you want to make money with phone acting, chatting and video.

Phrendly is professional about all the information provided to them and your privacy as long as you stay on their platform.

They also let you “share a drink” with monetary value. If someone gets back to you to “share a drink”, it turns into real monetary value.

All the conversations, chats, texts and payment are enabled by their platform so you do not have to share any information that you do not want to disclose.

In short, you can make money chatting online, texting and flirting in a safe and secure environment.

So, ready to get paid to chat with strangers? Read detailed Phrendly review.

Virtual call centre jobs to make money talking

6. Working solutions

Working solutions is a good phone actress job company.

They pay well and offer great working conditions for their employees.

Your work is to respond to client queries through various channels, such as texts, emails, social media, and voice calls.

The pay for this Work Solutions job ranges from $15 per hour. At 8 hours a day, you will earn $100-120 a day. You may work up to 7 hours each day and 4 days a week.

7. Outplex

OutPLEX offers outsourcing services for customer support functions like live chat and text support.

Although OutPLEX has locations in the US and Dominican Republic, it provides work from home jobs only to US citizens. 

As a sales chat agent or customer sales representative, you will solve customer issues through email or phone.

You need to be able to type a minimum of 30 to 50 words per minute and have excellent communication, grammar, and spelling skills. 

8. SiteStaff Chat for live chat operator jobs

SiteStaff Chat, as the name suggests, hires live chatting staff for small businesses.

For SiteStaff, you should at least have a minimum of 65 words per minute and have good English language skills.

As a text chat operator job with them, you should have good problem solving skills and ability to handle multiple conversations at time.

The pay is decent and you get benefits like training, weekly bonuses, increasing residual commissions, and opportunities for growth.

9. LiveOps

You may earn approximately $12-15 per hour as a customer service representative or phone actress.

You can also set your own schedule.

10. The Chat Shop

If you are interested in customer service chat jobs online, the chat shop is the perfect company to start with.

Besides hiring you, they also offer you training and resources for you to be successful at chat only work at home jobs

You will need to upload a resume and take a typing test (at least 65 words per minute without errors).

11. Live World (US and people outside of the US)

If you are great at social media, you can find live chat jobs and become a email and work from home chat support agent with LiveWorld.

Your primary job would include responding to customer feedback, answering questions, and providing customer support.

Considering most brands and businesses use social media for engagement and brand awareness, they are always willing to hire people who can be available to their social media clientele.

12. is leading provider of tech support and turnkey support center services.

While they almost always have a few work from home positions, they might not be chat and email support jobs from home.

You will have to keep checking back on their career site and apply as soon as you see a vacancy for chat jobs from home that suits you.

The pay rate for work from home chat agents is approximately $11 per hour

13. OkCupid online chat operator jobs

OkCupid is a US-based, internationally operating online dating and friendship app.

This app has approximately 150,000 users online at any given minute. This means a lot of conversations and a lot of questions for the customer service team. 

This company works with customer support executives who can work from their own homes, though these positions are not always available.

FAQs on phone actress jobs and making money

1. Are Phone Actress Jobs Legit?

Yes, phone actress jobs are completely legit. There are many men and women who have become phone actresses and earned money while working from home

2. How Much Does a Phone Actress Make?

As stated in this post, on average, you can make $19-29 an hour. You should not fall for any get rich quick schemes. Remember, as a beginner, you may earn less but as you scale and gain experience, you will earn more.

There are many phone actresses who have reached upto $100k a year or more.

3. How Can I Make Money Talking on the Phone?

You can either decide to take up phone actress jobs, sexting jobs or customer service representative jobs.

3 tips to Help You Avoid Phone actress jobs

First, if you have decided to go with phone actress jobs, start looking for these jobs with companies and job boards which deal with adult industry.

You can look at and

Second, give your best to the audition process. A phone based interview is standard for getting any phone actress jobs so be prepared for it. That said, if the interviewer seems overly involved with the interview and having uncomfortable requests, you can hang up the phone and apply somewhere else.

Third, becoming a phone actress should not cost you a penny except for your phone bills. So if there is aany phone actress job company that asks you to pay anything upfront, you should not entertain it any further.

Fourth, beware of of any big promises that are made by any of these phone actress job companies. Anything that looks far fetched, is most likely far fetched.

Conclusion: Phone actress jobs

Phone actress jobs are legit and can pay really good money online.

So if you’re comfortable being a phone actress, grab phone actress jobs today and start making money

Phone actress jobs