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Instafeet Review (2021): A detailed guide to selling feet pics

Instafeet Review

Do you want to sell feet pics online and make money?

You probably came across Instafeet and are now looking for legit Instafeet reviews that can tell you everything about it.

Well, you are in the right place then. In this Instafeet review, we will discuss everything good, bad and the ugly.

Let’s begin

Note: Want to know how to sell feet pics other than on Instafeet? Check here to find everything about feet pic business online

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What is Instafeet?

Instafeet is a platform to buy and sell feet pics, videos and media.

If you have a foot fetish, you can register on Instafeet to browse through millions of feet pics and buy the ones you like or subscribe to an account.

If you want to sell feet pics and make money, you can register as a seller on the platform and sell feet pics.

Note: If you want to sell feet pics with Instafeet, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Who is behind Instafeet?

We did a little of digging to write this Instafeet review, my friends

The first thing I did was to read their about me page. Instafeet seems to owned by a bunch of girl who found success online selling feet pics using social media platforms.

… But, unfortunately, in a few months their accounts would be suspended and they had to start all over again.

It is then they decided to launch a platform on their own where women interested in selling feet pics can sign up and work without having to worry about account suspensions.

But, then I went ahead and checked linkedin.

Turns out, Instafeet is owned by Fabian Lejsek and is headquartered in Santa Clara. You can check it out here

who owns instafeet
selling feet pics on instafeet

When I check the company details, it says – Private social platform where women can connect with admirers of their feet and get paid. 100,000+ registered users.

but, there is no more information which makes it a little too new or suspicious.

Is Instafeet Legit?

Yes, Instafeet is a legit platform to sell feet pics for money. We will go over some reviews later in this instafeet review so do check them out.

Is instafeet safe?

Ok, this is a valid question. How safe is Instafeet, after all?

Instafeet is a private platform: That means, your account is not pubic and people can’t just find you. They have to be a buyer on the platform to be able to find your profile (but they cannot view the photos).

They have to be paying subscribers for them to get access to all the feet pics and video you upload.

That said, if there is a creep or stalker in your subscribers, then you have to know how to handle it.

It also allows you to work under alias which means you don’t have to worry about your personal identity leaking out.

Do I have to show face on Instafeet?

This is completely your choice. If you are comfortable showing face or other parts of the body, do it.

… and if not, don’t do it.

When you are on the internet and dealing with adult content, you are bound to attract weirdos, stalkers or people who make you uncomfortable.

You have to decide whether or not you want to deal with that.

Now, the policy of Instafeet is straightforward. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. However, their top earners do.

The logic? The feet buyers want to see the pretty face of the feet owner as well.

What you can do is to make them available only to your subscribers and only a few of them.

How does Instafeet work?

Step 1: Create a seller profile – You cannot just sign up with Instafeet and have an account with them. You need to apply for a profile.

They do not approve everyone so read the rules carefully. You have to email the approval to join in and they claim to approve only 10% creators

You will also need to share your valid photo ID for verification

Rules to follow


  • Valid ID
  • Moisturize your feet and toes.
  • Get a pedicure/ color on.
  • Remove any hairs, plucking is best.
  • Submit both face and feet photos.


  • Register more than once.
  • Upload blurry or stock photos.
  • Apply if you are male or ftm trans.
  • Submit only face or only feet photos.


  • Toe rings and ankle bracelets.

Step 2: Post content – Once you have successfuly created a seller account and verified, you can start posting 5-10 feet pics to start off

Add spicy feet pics and videos to make sure your subscribers are paying you every month.

Step 3: Set a price – Most feet pic sellers charge about $10 a month

Step 4: Get your own unique link.

Step 5: Promote on other social media channels you have.

How much can you earn with Instafeet?

How much can you make with Instafeet will depend on how many subscribers you have on the platform and if they buy from you.

Basically, on Instafeet, you have two ways to make money

  • Selling feet pics, videos and other media
  • Getting people to subscribe to your account

While a single feet pic sell from anywhere between $5-100 per image, subscribes can pay anywhere from $5-50 each month to access to all the photos that you upload.

Let’s say, you have 5 subscribers who pays you $10 each for subscription. That means, in a month, you are earning $50.

Now, if out of this 5 subscribers, someone wants to buy one feet pic you have put up for sale – you can earn $50 straight with it.

Instafeet takes a standard fee (10%) to pay for credit card processing and maintenance. So count that in!

Going by our example, you will earn $45 in both the cases – subscription or selling feet pics.

This is a small example.. in fact, a very small. Instafeet boasts the the top earners make approx $500 a day.

That’s not less money, right?

How Much Should I Charge For Feet Pictures?

The minimum you should charge for a feet pic is $5-25. Once you have a base and know how to sell feet pics, you can charge higher. Sky is your limit.

I would recommend you start at $10-15 and rise your rate with every new feet pic buyer.

You can also add in more money if someone asked you to do something more (like a fetish, rubbing mustard sauce on your feet or breaking an egg with it).

Can I sell hand pics on instafeet?

No. Just like the name, InstaFeet is solely for foot fetish and feet pic sellers.

If you want to sell hands pics, you can check out this post.

You can make use of other platforms to sell hands pics

  • Stock Photo platforms
  • Social Media

OR work as a hand model with modeling agencies.

Instafeet reviews

We are going to look at different Instafeet reviews and see how they are like.

The first one I found is by Racheal Mended on Adopt10plus

She is a web developer by profession and has been selling pictures of feet for the last one month on Instafeet. She has claimed to have earned over $6000 in a month.

… she has gone ahead and shared her Paypal image as well

PayPal sale Instafeet
Copyright Adop10plus

If you read more reiews on that website, you will find most of them it is a legit website. However, it is a NEW website with not much authority or credibility built out there.

In a lot of Quora and Reddit threads, you will see people claimed identity theft. Basically, they have sent them photo and a valid ID only for Instafeet to never respond.

But, we already know that instafeet doesn’t respond or take on everyone. Right?

This is a question on Reddit to which Instafeet responded


To me, the response makes sense.

This has happened to lot of people but do they state that only 10% creator accounts are accepted on the platform.

This is what I found on Trustpilot

instafeet review

So, to conclude, I think Instafeet is just too new and trying to find a way to serve the feet pic buyers and sellers.

You can definitely try it out.

How to keep yourself safe on Instafeet?

  • Use alias in your profile name. Do not use your original name in it
  • Do not give out any personal information while selling feet pics online.
  • Try to avoid clicking feet pics or videos at a place which is easily recognisable and gives away your location
  • Make use of secure payment methods
  • Put a watermark on each of your photos so noone can just download them or click a picture of it without having to pay you each month or sell it for their own benefit.

Selling feet pics – Other FAQs

Is selling feet pics legal

Yes, selling feet pictures is legal in most countries like the US, UK, Canada etc.

However, you should check your local laws before engaging into any activity that involves selling feet pics. You have to check whether or not

  • Selling feet pics comes under pornography
  • Selling feet pics hurts the sentiments of your religion

Irrespective of where ever you are based, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Why do people buy feet pics?

I am sure, if you are new to feet pic business, you are wondering why do people buy feet pics.

There are numerous reasons for this.

  • Foot Fetish: This is your biggest market and the market Instafeet caters to. Your buyers are men who love feet and get turned on by it.

    Foot fetish is common even in the Hollywood with Britney Spears and Quentin Tarantino openly talking about.

  • Foot Model Agencies: Your job would be to model for items that involves the feet. For example, foot jewellery, nail paints, etc.

  • Stock photography sites: They have a collection of photos and feet pics is just a part of it. It is available to anyone who wants to use it commercially.

  • Artists or painters: These are people who buy feet pics to draw them, paint them and create something beautiful

  • Magazines, newspaper, agencies: They generally require feet pics when they are writing about something that may need body part pictures

How else can i sell feet pics

There are a tonne of ways to sell feet pictures online. Find them here.

Sell feet pics and instafeet review: Conclusion

I hope this post clarifies on how you can sell feet pics online with instafeet and clears your question about instafeet as well.

Instafeet is a particularly new platform trying to establish its dominance in the industry. That is why, you cannot find much about it online.

It is a platform worth trying but if you don’t want to, it is fine as well.

There are many other platforms like Instafeet that you can use to sell. Find them all here.

How to sell feet pics on Instafeet + Instafeet review

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