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Online jobs that pay through PayPal in 2023

Online jobs that pay through PayPal

Do you want to work on online jobs that pay through Paypal?

Of course, you want to.

Paypal is the easiest way to earn money online and accept payments from across the globe.

It has made it easier than EVER BEFORE.


If you have ever worked online before or know about work from home jobs, you already know about Paypal.

If not, let me tell you a little bit about what is Paypal.

Paypal is a worldwide online payment system that support transfers as well as acceptances from anywhere in the world (provided Paypal serves in that country)

How To Create A PayPal Account?

  1. Go to the PayPal
  2. Click on Sign up now.
  3. If you want to accept payments, start with a Business Account
  4. Fill up the details (Depending on your country of residence, you may require to provide Paypal with KYC documents)
  5. Enter your email address and submit
  6. Create your password and submit.
  7. Enter your personal information.
  8. Fill your Credit or Debit card information.
  9. Enter your bank account details.
  10. Confirm your account
  11. Link your bank account & credit or debit cards
  12. You are ready to go!

It has made accepting money from work at home companies all the more easier.

Paypal is also safe to use and you do not need to worry about hackers stealing your information from them.

They have been around for a long time now and a lot of business owners (including me) have been using it to receive all our payments without an issue.

So, if you are looking for online jobs that pay daily through Paypal, follow along.

In this post, we will talk about different companies and apps that pay through Paypal.

The post includes affiliate links.

Want to make money quickly? Here are a few platforms to earn up to $25 – $50 in a few minutes!


If you want to offer your services as a freelancer, then Fiverr is the place to go.

Services like writing, video editing, graphics, coding, proofreading, and so on are some of the popular categories.

You can price your services anywhere from $5 to $1500.

Fiverr is one of the top marketplace for freelancers that allows you to take up an online job and get paid paid through Paypal


If you want to earn extra cash by doing daily activities, then Survey Junkie is the best option.

It has over 5 million users and you can complete short or long surveys that pay anywhere from $5 – $75.

Your earnings can only be cashed after you have reached a specific payout threshold but that won’t be difficult to achieve.

You can easily get paid weekly for surveys. Check this out for more weekly payment jobs

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If you are on the lookout for jobs that pay daily cash or wondering if you can find same day pay jobs online , Inbox Dollars has a lot to offer.

You earn money by watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, or by shopping online.

The amount received is credited as cash, not as points in this app.

You also get a $5 bonus on signing up.

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Vindale Research is one of the most popular online jobs that pay through PayPal.  

It offers many ways for the user to earn money like taking surveys, reading emails, sending payment receipts, referring friends and so on.

Vindale research is an excellent platform if you are looking to earn some extra cash during your free time.

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>> MY POINTS         

My Points is a popular survey platform that helps get paid daily through your cell phone and on Paypal.

You can earn from $2-$7 per survey, and this platform also has the highest acceptance of surveys.

It lets you make money almost from every survey you take.

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Pinecone Research offers many legit online jobs that pay well.  They also offer Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards as payouts.

They pay up to $7 for product testing and provide bonus earnings through short surveys.

However, the Payments are through PayPal.

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If you want to work online from home and get paid, then Minds Pay is a great option.

You can get paid for reading promotional emails and taking surveys.

You can earn up to $50 for surveys and 50 cents for reading the promotional emails.


If you are wondering how to make money and get paid through PayPal, Swagbucks is your destination.

You can earn money by doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and so much more.

You can also redeem your Swagbucks earnings for gift cards too. New users get a $5 welcome bonus on signing up.

Are you excited to make money with Paypal jobs?

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Known for its amazing offers and cashback for its customers, Rakuten is one of a kind shopping platform.

When you purchase from a store based on Raukten’s recommendation, you earn cash back up to 40%.

You can redeem these cashback as a quarterly payment through check or PayPal.

Rakuten also offers a $10 bonus on sign-up.


If you are an avid social media user or know multiple languages, you can put them to profitable use by registering in the Appen portal.

The Appen portal offers numerous legit online jobs with no fees or any other investment.

You can either work as a translator, a transcriptionist job that pays through paypal, a social media evaluator, and many others on a contract basis.

Appen pays your salary through the PayPal portal at specific intervals.


Babble Type platform is for translators, transcriptionists, proofreaders, and editors. You can work from any part of the world.

Payments are paid weekly through PayPal.


If you are a skilled handyman who gets things done around the house, then TaskRabbit is the platform for you.

You can offer your services in areas of plumbing, carpentry, moving, and others.  

They offer a wide range of jobs where you can make money using PayPal (sometimes $1000 per day) by putting your skills to use.

TaskRabbit also has offer codes that help you save a little extra.

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MTurk is Amazon for individuals and businesses looking to outsource their processes.

You can find online data entry jobs that pay through paypal.

The tasks can range from simple data entry to more complex tasks. They also offer online jobs that pay by PayPal.

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Formerly What Users Do, now IntelliZoom Panel, this website pays you for sharing your experiences and by testing new sites.

You can earn up to $8 for every task you undertake on the platform.

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If you love being around pets, then the Rover gives you plenty of opportunities.

You can earn money as a professional dog or cat sitter.

If you are wondering how to get paid via PayPal, don’t’ worry Rover offers a range of payment options for your services.

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User Testing has a wide range of online jobs that pay hourly.

You get paid to test and share your experiences regarding an app, website, or any other services.

For the site you evaluate, you get $10.

Payments are through PayPal only. Ready to get paid to work online?


If you are wondering, how can I earn PayPal money writing, then your search has ended.

Even if you have no experience, you can join Go Transcript and start earning.

Payments are paid weekly through PayPal. You can easily work online from home get paid.

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Start getting paid for helping businesses and people when you join Fancy Hands.

You can work as a virtual assistant for individuals, businesses, or developers.

Fancy Hands is legit and provides work from home jobs that pay cash.


Put your teaching skills to use by joining on VIPKid site.

You can earn up to $22 hourly by teaching English to the kids in China.

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Clickworker is a data processing website.

You can join them either as a copywriter, translator, survey or as an analyst.

You can either work through your PC, Laptop or phone. All you need is an active data connection to do the tasks and earn online.


One of the most popular smartphone apps, Ibotta, lets you earn cash back on your shopping. 

Once you reach a minimum threshold, you can withdraw them through PayPal or redeem it as a gift card.

If not, you can use your Ibotta cash to buy something else.

You also get a $10 bonus when you sign up on Ibotta.

>> REV

Rev offers online jobs that pay through PayPal, where you can work with them as transcriptionists, translators and captioners.

You can find transcriptions jobs that pay through paypal.

Payments are paid weekly through PayPal.

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Rev is definitely one of the rare platforms to find good paying online jobs.


If you are wondering how to get paid on PayPal for free, then Lyft is your best choice.

It is ridesharing service that lets you book car rides, scooters, bicycles on sharing basis, and food delivery services.


Love shopping online?

Then Paribus is the way to shop.

It keeps track of the prices of the items you buy and gets you a refund in case of a price drop.


Become a shopper with Instacart and deliver groceries at your flexible schedule.

All you need to do is register yourself with the Instacart site and get introduced yourself to the local grocery stores.

You can undertake any number of orders in a week and get paid through PayPal.


Become a caregiver by registering on the website.

You offer your services in the areas of childcare, elderly care, pet care, and housekeeping.

It connects with your clients directly in and around your preferred location.

You can get paid for your services through PayPal or any other payment method.


Decluttr is the easy way to get your home decluttered by selling your unused stuff, including your unused iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and others.

It lets you earn quick cash online through PayPal.

How to sell old clothes for money? – A beginners guide!


A food delivery app that lets you earn money online as soon as you start registering on the site.

The app lets you know how much you will receive precisely for every delivery.

Flexible working hours, more accessible payment options are the added advantages of Door Dash.


Earn money by listing your car on Turo, a car rental service that lets its customers hire your vehicles.

You can make money using Paypal $1000 per day by registering them in Turo.


Share your car and earn great money online with the GetAround app.

All you need to do is share your car by signing up on the platform.

GetAround will then direct customers to your vehicle by showing its availability, and you start earning.


Postmates is online delivery and pickup platform that delivers groceries, food, and beverages.

You can join their fleet and start working as their delivery partner.

Earn money online by completing deliveries throughout the day.

You can work as per your convenience and earn money.


Love shopping online or in-store? Then Shopkick rewards you with digital gift cards.

You can earn reward points when shopping in-store or earn kicks while shopping online.

You can make those gift cards through your cell phone by swapping your kicks in the Shopkick site.


While this is not exactly an online job, but it helps you get some cash back and hence, I have included it in list of online jobs that pay instantly

Dubbed as the most generous cashback app, TopCashback gives you instant cashback for your purchases.

You can also earn free cashback by participating in free trials, surveys, and competitions.

It also gives you discount codes and can be used for shopping.


BlogMutt hires freelance writers and pays through Paypal

They pay weekly for all articles or post purchased by a client.


They pay between $3 and $12 per online task.

Your earnings are in the Field Agent account until you withdraw it via Paypal.

Payments are made within 48 hours of completing the job.


Healthy Wage, one of the highest paying apps out there that pays money to lose weight

Healthy Wage is a service that pays you to share your weight loss journey.

On the app, you will need to enter the number you want to lose and the amount of time you need for it.

You will also enter how much you want to bet on it.

Their calculator determines how much you can win and sometimes it is up to $10,000.

Head over to HealthyWage now to see how much you could win

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This is a virtual assistant company that hires for variety of tasks.

The pay is around $9 per hour and you can take on up to 45 hours a week.

Get Your Own Clients

Because PayPal is so popular, it is the most common way to receive payments by online service providers like the virtual assistants, proofreaders, writers etc.

Gig economy is on a rise and it is the best time to become a freelancer.

From small businesses to big ones and from brick/mortar shops to online entrepreneurs, everyone is hiring freelancers for their work.

While I would not recommend opting for freelancing if you are super lazy and don’t want to put in any work BUT if you are ready to in teeny weeny work in it, you can earn $1000+ a month easily.

A few options are –

Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal – FAQs:

1. Is getting paid through Paypal safe?

Yes, Paypal is a legitimate company that deals with accepting and transferring online payments.

You are only sharing the email address that you signed up with and no other details (which makes it safer to use and share with merchants/clients)

2. Can we really get paid through Paypal with the jobs listed above?

Yes, you can. While I have not personally used all of them, I have used and received payments from many.

You can try earning from these websites and apps.

3. What do I need to start with an online jobs that pays through Paypal?

The maximum requirements that you need to have is a laptop/computer and a good internet connection

For many of them, all you need is an app on your smartphone.

Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal – Conclusion:

So, are you ready to earn some free money through these legitimate online jobs that pay through paypal?

I hope you liked the list and comment below to share which apps or websites you will start out with

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How to make money online and how to get paid via PayPal

online jobs that pay through paypal


Thursday 5th of December 2019

Such an inclusive list! Thanks for gathering the options all into one place and giving quick tips. I'm thinking about starting selling on Fiverr and work full-time with VIPKid! It's definitely not a scam although it seems too good to be true (: It's amazing that we live in a time where we can make money on our own schedules!


Thursday 5th of December 2019

Wow! This is such an amazing and put together list! I never knew there were so many opportunities. I’m about to go sign up for a few.