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12 apps for odd jobs near me (earn $200+ a day – ALWAYS HIRING)

Legit odd jobs apps

Are you looking to find legit apps for odd jobs?

Do you find yourself constantly searching for odd jobs near me online, especially part time odd jobs?

I totally get you. Who doesn’t want extra cash to cover certain expenses or monthly costs, right?

We will talk all about finding these temporary odd jobs and the most credible platforms and apps for odd jobs.

So…. if you are hoping to make extra cash online or start a side hustle to earn money fast with odd jobs, this post will definitely help.

Let’s get started and answer –

Is there an app for odd jobs? Are there apps for finding odd jobs?
How can I make money with odd jobs?
What are some odd jobs?
Where do I find odd jobs online for money?

Note: There are so many ways to make extra cash without having to sell your soul or spend a tonne of time, especially online jobs that pay via paypal.

Want to make money quickly? Here are a few platforms to earn up to $25 – $50 in a few minutes!

12 apps for odd jobs to make money: How & Where

If you have already decided to take up part time or temporary odd jobs to make money, here is your answer to –

  • Where to find odd jobs
  • How to find odd jobs

Let’s start looking at some of the best apps and websites for odd jobs.


DoorDash is one of the best odd jobs app there is to make quick bucks online.

You’ll get paid to deliver food to the customers from the restaurants they order from. The best way to make $500 easily is to work during meal times and weekends.

DoorDash pays a flat fee.

DoorDash will pay you a flat rate fee which is approx. around $25. The best part? You get to keep 100% of your tips.


This had to come up first.

It is one of my favorite ways to make money with odd jobs and a legit survey company

Swagbucks lets you earn cash or rewards for surveys, watching videos, participating in polls, playing games and much more.

You can earn 10-200 points for every survey you complete, and it all depends on the difficulty and length of the survey.

The points you have collected can be redeemed as cash or gift cards from online and offline stores like Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

Swagbucks also has a rewards wheel and a bingo card contest for you to win rewards.

You get paid for watching videos, answer surveys, or browsing.

While watching and searching gets you points, the surveys are the ones that help you earn big bucks.

As of now, Swagbucks is only available in the countries of the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Australia.

To get a payout of your earned points, you need to accumulate at least 2,500 Swagbucks, which is equivalent to $25.

They have a fast and straightforward payment process, and you get paid via Paypal without hassle or fuss.

You can sign up with Swagbucks here


Fiverr is a great place to earn money online through odd jobs and freelancing gigs

You can price your tasks from $5 to $995, and they are called Gig Packages.

On Fiverr, you can earn money for both skilled and unskilled tasks.

While skilled task relates to more on the digital side (for example, web development and graphic design), unskilled jobs range from data entry to virtual assistant.

You can list the tasks you can complete along with your rates.

You will get paid through Fiverr’s secure payment channel on the successful completion of the tasks. However, Fiverr will take away a part of the payment as their fee.

If you have some extra time on your hands, then Fiverr is a great place to earn money by doing odd jobs.

You can sign up with Fiverr here


Available in the more than 30 cities across the US, TaskRabbit is a great site for you to earn doing temporary or one time odd jobs.

You can sign up for free and become a tasker to bid on available local jobs and start earning.

The gigs available on this platform are handyman (for example, taking up odd jobs around the house), moving, delivery, personal assistant, and so on.

If you want a local job available at your location , you need to first bid for it, and if your asking price meets the client’s requirement, you are hired.

However, the work goes to the person who offers the least amount, so you have to be on the lookout.

You can contact the client through TaskRabbit’s messaging app, and you get paid online once you complete the job.

TaskRabbit, according to me, is the best odd jobs apps out there

You can sign up with Task Rabbit here

Note: If you like TaskRabbit and you are ok to go out, check out how to make money with Uber Eats and with other driver delivery jobs.

Amazon MTurk:

Amazon MTurk is a crowdsourcing website that lets you work on a variety of tasks.

You would ask to choose images for generating captcha images or participate in surveys. These are also known micro tasks or small jobs.

The jobs at this platform look for the human input, in simple the tasks that cannot be performed by a computer.

When you accept a task in Amazon Mturk, it will let you know how you will earn for that particular task.

To get started on Amazon Mturk, all you need to do is get registered as a worker and start completing tasks.

mTurk is one of the most legitimate small jobs app on the internet

If you are comfortable working at night only, do check out these overnight jobs from home and flexible chat/email agents jobs

You can sign up with mTurk here


Similar to Amazon MTurk, this site offers you microtasks that mainly focuses on your areas nearby to your location.

You would be asked to take pictures of products at local supermarkets, checking their prices or their promotions.

Moreover, these tasks are available across the cities of the United States, and typically, you will obtain the payment within a day or two of completing a task.

You can sign up with EasyShift here


Similar to TaskRabbit, this site lets you earn from doing odd jobs for small businesses in your area.

One of the primary benefits of Zaarly is that you can set your own rates. In case you have a skill with no competitors in the area, then you can earn a lot more.

But, if there are a lot of competitors, then it is best to lower your rates as gigs usually go to the lowest bidder.

Other than these odd jobs, Zaarly also has companies that post technical or high skill requirement openings.

You can sign up with Zaarly here


Formerly known as Crowdflower, this site primarily focuses on data collection.

It offers microtasks based on data entry, research, and so on, similar to the Amazon MTurk platform.

You can complete tasks and earn money online through Paypal. However, in this platform, your accuracy matters.

So, the more accurate you are in completing tasks, the more you earn.

You can sign up with FigureEight here


Just like EasyShift, FieldAgent is another app for finding odd jobs near me and gives you tasks that will actually take you places.

You would either need to go to the local stores to take photos of the product or check the prices.

You can also go for scavenger hunts that involve looking for specific products and their related questions.

You can earn from $1-$12 per job and can cash out the money without the need to reach a particular limit.

You can sign up with FieldAgent here


If you are looking to earn $100 or more for one single job, then GigWalk is where you should register.

The featured gigs on this app for odd jobs come from retailers and brand houses that pay for checking up on the products.

That would include checking of prices, the way the items are displayed and what promotions are currently going on across several store locations.

You will need to do a virtual check-in along with Geotagging your photos to get paid for the gig.

With GigWalk, you get the option of working anytime, anywhere. All you to need to log in to the app and scroll down for available jobs.

Most gigs range from five minutes to a couple of hours. The longer the gig, the more you are paid.

You can sign up with GigWalk here

Fancy Hands:

If you would like to earn as a work-from-home virtual assistant, then, Fancy Hands is the right place for you.

You can make money by doing some odd jobs such as finding or booking hotels, data entry, price checking of products and so on.

One of the unique features of this platform is that if you perform consistently well, you will be promoted to a managerial position with a team of assistants working under you.

Fancy Hands is one of my personal apps for odd jobs.

You can sign up with FancyHands here


Spare5 helps the companies find workers for completing microtasks that require human input.

Tasks often include keywords for photos, tagging pictures and so on. You might also earn money for working on audio or video files.

Basically, these are easy odd jobs opportunities to make money

Just like all other platforms, you would need to access the desktop or app to get working on tasks and the payment happens through PayPal.

You can sign up with Spare5 here


Earn by reviewing customer care phone calls in the Humantic platform.

You will listen to the recorded customer care calls and answer questions about the queries raised, customer requests, the answers given and so on.

This review will present the companies with detailed analytics and help them improve their customer service. You can earn from $1-$4.50 per task.

You can sign up with Humantic here

These are all the odd jobs app I know and recommend highly. Now let’s take a few other things you can do to make quick money online or offline

Watch the video for MORE options to make quick money online. The video talks about online jobs (including side job ideas) that pay through paypal


Stock image websites:

If you have a good phone camera, you can start selling stock images (photos of several things like offices, books, desks etc) on platforms like ShutterStock, Getty Images etc.

Not only can you make money selling stock images, but you can also earn money selling photos of yourself as well as selling feet pics online

Get paid to walk with these apps

For real. You can now get paid to

  • Walk
  • Exercise
  • Run
  • Loose weight and so much more.

Check out all these apps that pay you to walk as well as highest paying apps that pay you to do small tasks.

Note: Sweatcoin is my favorite app to get paid to walk. Read Sweatcoin review here.

Besides this, you can also earn money

If you are looking for quick cash gigs, check odd job websites like Craigslist.

Have you considered looking for odd jobs?

Already decided to take up an odd job for money, then great! If not, think about it.

When you are in a need to make money, odd jobs are a great option. They are available to each and everyone of you without much effort.

Note: You can also look at some under the table jobs that are legit!

All you need to know is where to find these odd jobs near you and which apps for odd jobs are credible.

So, stop wondering how to find odd jobs and try out the methods and apps in this post.

With these apps for odd jobs, you find work easily and earn extra cash on a daily (or weekly) basis.

Conclusion on odd jobs apps for money

These apps for odd jobs are definitely handy for anyone looking to make money.

You can find odd jobs for extra cash with these odd job apps. Doing odd jobs for money is easy to do and is available for everyone worldwide!

Out of all the apps I talked about, the best odd jobs to make money are with TaskRabbit, Swagbucks and these survey companies.

Are you ready to make money doing odd jobs?

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