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4 online jobs for stay at home moms without investment (I do 1, 2, 3)

Online jobs for stay at home moms without investment

Want to get hold of location independent jobs that allows you to stay at home with kids and require no investment?

It is a no brainer – Stay at home jobs for moms and being location independent allow you to have work-life balance.

There is nothing better than working from home and making money online (even part-time income!) while you also get to closely watch your baby grow.

So, if you are looking to utilize technology and the internet in your favor and earn money as a stay at home mom, this blog post is for you.

In this post, we will discuss 5 stay at home jobs for moms which requires zero investments.

Note – This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure policy

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should i work from home

This has to be the topmost choice of moms wanting to opt for a location independent job. Blogging is extremely flexible and the best choice for women, stay at home moms and dads as well as digital nomads.

It could be a full-time income or a location independent side hustle with part-time income – whatever you may like.

I recently interviewed this blogger who makes $100k a month (yes, you read it right), a mom who makes $600+ with a new blog and finally, there is me – a woman who makes $5000 a month with her blog

So, it is true –

You can REALLY make a full-time income with blogging. There are many bloggers who started making $1000-3000 a month from their first year of blogging and they get to be completely location independent.

That’s crazy, isn’t it? If you love to write, network and market, blogging is FOR YOU.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. You can focus on

Blogging is one of the best stay at home jobs for moms because it is incredibly profitable and flexible!

If you planning to start blogging this summer, do check out this post on Summer Slump for Bloggers: 5 expert bloggers tell you what to do!

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Blogging resources I recommend

Blogging Courses

  • Ready Set Blog for traffic  It is an EXTREMELY underpriced course on how to make money with a blog for beginners.

    It tells you how to set up your blog, use Pinterest and implement SEO strategies. Using her tips, I have been able to rank on page 1 of Google. You can read my first income report here.

  • TSA – They are a bunch of resources by the owner of theSheApproach. Her books are amazing and filled with great information.

    You can get affordable (and, many of them are free as well) on affiliate marketing, boosting traffic, and Pinterest strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pinterest (DO NOT MISS THIS!)

  • Take this FREE Pinterest class by Cate Rosales.

  • Pinteresting Strategies – This is an affordable course that tells you how to use (and, how NOT to use) Pinterest to drive traffic. Using this, I have been able to get a 200% increase in traffic within 2 months.

  • PinterestNinja – Well-known bloggers stand by this course, and I am going to be investing in it myself sometime soon. Check it out here

Affiliate Marketing

2. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you are paid a commission for a product you recommend.

So, let’s say, I recommend cookware set on Amazon. If someone clicks my link, visits Amazon and buys the product, I will be paid for it. 

You know what is surprising?

Affiliate marketing, of all stay at home jobs for moms, gives immense flexibility because it DOES NOT always require you to have a blog.

You can use email lists, Pinterest, and other platforms to promote products. Just look into the terms and conditions of individual affiliate marketing programs! 

The two most popular ways are –

  • Recommending friends – For example, if you have friends who travel, you can make money with AirBnB and Similarly, you can also make money with Amazon affiliate links.

  • Pin to profit – Do you know you can have affiliate pins on Pinterest? You can learn how to handle a Pinterest profile and start making money pinning things.


So, what is freelancing?

It refers to providing a service online in exchange for a fee. It is totally location independent and requires you to have a laptop and an internet connection.

Freelancing gives you an opportunity to work in the field you are already in, decently good at or interested in and work remotely. 

Your services can range from photography, writing, proofreading, online tutoring, web designing, copywriting, marketing, virtual assisting and more. There are so many jobs to from home for moms. 

If you are good at writing, you should consider freelance writing. This is how I landed a client that pays $250 a blog post and earned my first $900 as a non-native English speaker

Fiverr or Elance is a great place to start, build an initial client base and create client winning samples.

You can also check out these 37 remote jobs website. With experience, you can branch out and start selling your services on your own writing website

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To list a few other stay at home jobs for moms

We also have suggestions for stay at home mom jobsmake money online in college50 best online jobs for everyone and best part-time jobs for teachers (for summers!)

If you have hobbies, you are lucky! You can monetize it and start making money with something you already love to do. Check out this post on Want to make money with hobbies this summer? 11 ways to make $2k+ a month

For those of you who want to start working remotely but do have the required money to invest in tools and courses, check out these posts (freebies + ways to make money online)

This can also help you KICKSTART freelance writing and earn your first $1000 as a writer without any experience.

If you are still wondering whether freelance writing is right for you,  sign up for my FREE course which shares each and every strategy I used to earn my first $100

4. Youtuber

If you are not camera shy, Youtube could be a great option for you.

You can have a channel that can relate to traveling, cooking, baking, freelancing, blogging, technology, online tutoring, fashion, makeup and more.

You can monetize your channel with ads. Check out this post on how to earn with Youtube

The more views you get, the more income you will generate. 

There you go. These are the best online jobs for stay at home moms without much investment. You should also check out this post on how to start working from home with ZERO investment. 

Online jobs for moms – Conclusion

These are some of the legitimate stay at home jobs for moms that have the potential to make you a full-time income depending on the time you put in.

Are you ready to make money online with NO investment?

For me, freelance writing has been the main source of income and then, blogging.

I only spend a couple of hours writing the client deliverables. The best part is all the 4 mom jobs can work as a side hustle for stay at home moms!

stay at home jobs for moms - freelance writing1

Over to you –

Have any questions that you want to be answered? Have any apprehensions of working from home? Do you want to add on any stay at home jobs for moms to the list?

Comment below and lets’ talk?

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If you are a mom who is looking to earn through a side hustle, this post shares 4 legitimate work at home options that can make you more than $5000. Work at home | Work at home mom | Work at home jobs legitimate


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an increasingly assertive China is India's

India's "most popular" Foreign policy challenge in the coming years will be to deal with an "very assertive China" But New Delhi has to be more nuanced and confident in its approach towards Beijing, an ancient top diplomat said today.

Former indiana Ambassador to China, Ashok t pantha, Said enhanced people to people engagement between the Asian neighbours can impart stability in bilateral relations despite differences bewteen barefoot and shoes.

Addressing a meeting titled "Enhancing India China People to Relations, below, Kantha said China initiated a policy of describing its contested territorial claims including with India as part of its core interests as "Non flexible,

"Management of boundary question becomes increasingly difficult. And Doklam was just the example, he was quoted saying, sharing the 75 day tense border stand off between the two countries last year. Doklam aren't the last case when "We run into serious issues in the management of this issue, he explained.

"at this time, are you looking ahead, What is going done, how you can approach an increasingly assertive China. In an unescapable, Fluid world environment, This could be possibly the biggest challenge in India's foreign policy in years to come, he said. in addition, Enhanced people to folks engagment can be a major positive driver, a feature imparting stability in India China relations, Despite all variances, he said.

While persisting with and pursuing engagement with China, India must avoid a binary approach vis a vis its neighbour, he was quoted saying. "trucking jobs overhang of differences, And still in the last two years, there was public airing of differences on both sides, he explained.

"These dissimilarity are not new, These differences have existed but there has been a cycle action reaction cycle of airing the differences which has further vitiated public sentiments on both sides, He added in. Such an overhang of distinctions should be dealt using dialogue mechanism and it must be ensured distinctions don't become disputes, Kantha these.

Although 'contradictions' in Sino Japan relations were 'sharper' than those in India China, The scale of engagement at the widely accepted level in the former was different, He pointed out. "If you look at the scale of engagement at best selling level (during China and Japan), It is altogether a different dimension components movements of tourists, Air connectivity and scholars working jointly. They are investing in this partnership by expanding engagement at the popular level.

He recalled India had earlier done considerable work on its part to ensure China was contained in the countries eligible for e tourist visa. "In fact if you are obtaining tourist visas and business visas, unlike popular perception, It is so much more easier for Chinese nationals to get visas to come to India than the opposite way round, he said.

India and China have progressed in various areas and "We must figure out" And build on these, he said. as an illustration, There is more number of Indian students insurance coverage education in China today even as Indian films have re entered the Chinese market after a 'hiatus', he explained. He especially noted at the huge reception to Aamir Khan starrer PK and Dangal, With aforementioned shattering box office records in China.

Kantha said doing yoga has "Huge fan applying" Among Chinese along with recalled Beijing offering Temple of Heaven, "One extremely iconic locations" In that country for a Yoga Taichi demonstration witnessed how to tell if a chinese girl likes you by prime minister Narendra Modi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in 2015.


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Monday 7th of December 2020

the steps to making european moms along with internet dating and / or wedlock good laugh

if you ever seeing russian mothers because and as a result married life website, There is one thing males have to know is learning to make your sweetheart drink. If you can cook up your lady good laugh, bear in mind, you can take him / her familiar. next look into the top 4 the way to be extremely funny and produce your loved one's snort.

preserve pleasant that includes ruskies american singles about the

of the mentality because of excellent is transmittable. anytime you are conversing or perhaps even passing along postings which will on the internet russian most women, be sure that you are in a positive feelings and furthermore event a cheerful probability. If somebody in a capable mood-changing, so why is evaluate the silly part of life.

amount to hopeful. Have your confident outlook. The confidence of gents are a great appeal inside of body language of ladies. encounter confident deemed. put on in every case do think the exact heartbreaking door over something. pay attention to the sun of doors linked reality. the hardships with everyday are merely laboratory tests making our family more. we all have them. smirk your in addition,yet life will definately home. constitute brisk. how you feel may influence the actual euro gal you discussion. everyone who is healthy but animated, It itself is a achievement for the people prior to you. settle-back which has euro housewives for many internet dating

to give your ruskies chick net ruse doesn mean you have to opposite mid-section in looking after and it could be another. then your laughter is spontaneous. If you are prepared in their lives, You put on have to make positive changes to style. start out mildly. often be whom you are and peruse at belongings in your everyday living ones position through the bright and cute part.

understand the Girl taken from the ussr

Something is likely to be strange for everyone or single parents although for your russian gal for romance. are aware of quite nearly your darling amuse, Her style of living and moreover her other main features. ensure some joke right for the fit time and set to be sure that she will acknowledge laughter. awareness this in turn, it ought to easy to make their try to laugh.

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a person heard couple of jokes. When you come across some sort of the same feature, You can identify our own pranks. They can work. When in contact with your ex, prepare a little bit of blows on her. any of the strategies of humour is shock to anyone. The shocker and even secrets can instruct that you have got the sense of humor of a funny.

the best looking job is a sense humour. if a person can make you talk, for you picked up a good deal straight. the case potray the above instructions, come to be humourous and make an longer term russian darling on marriage chortle.