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Mom blogs that make money, Interview #7 Meet Saranya

Are you interested in starting mom blogs that make money but unsure if it ACTUALLY will? Frankly, there are many stay at home mom blogs that make money and you can too.

I know how frustrating it is to read blog posts about starting mom blogs that make money or watching the free webinars, hoping to learn something valuable.

Ugh! I know.

Mamas – it is POSSIBLE to start mom blogs that make money. In this post, I am going to talk to Saranya, mom to two little girls and a successful blogger. Throughout this post, she will share with you how you can get started in making money from your mommy blog!

But, if you haven’t started a mom blog, please check out my free series on how to start a mom blog that makes moneyI have written a series on how to start a mom blog that makes money

  • Decide the name of your mom blog 
  • Understand different parts of the website and your choices
  • Compare price options when getting your blog (you have to spend money to get a legit blog, and I paid $70 for a year!)
  • Step by Step on how to set up your blog in under 15 minutes
  • Get a FREE domain name (that usually costs $15 a year)

Instead of admiring other mom blogs that make money and wondering about having yours, start your own blog and give yourself a time frame to work it out (at least a year!). 

This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

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If you are a new reader, let me tell you something about this series.

A lot of my readers are looking for remote jobs and a few of you may be struggling to grow your online business. I receive emails where a lot of you have asked me questions on how to find remote jobs, start working from home, are work from home jobs scam, what are my options etc

The purpose of this interview post is to tell you how others have successfully created a dream job of their own, earning a full-time living (at least $1k-2k+ a month) and staying at home to work. 

In this post, we talk to Saranya and learn about starting mom blogs that make money

mom blogs that make money

#1 Tell me something about yourself and your mom blogs that make money

I’m Saranya, a mom to two little girls that made me decide to work from home was the best way moving forward. It gave me the flexibility to work my own hours and at my own pace.

I started my blog One Fine Wallet in early 2018 and little did I know that this would make me money from home.

The first couple of months were the hardest, as I was never a fan of learning the tech side of blogging. I had a passion to write and that was it. If that’s you, give yourself at least a month to play around with your blog, read about mom blogs that make money and get a feel of how things work especially if this is your first time blogging.


You can start one of the mom blogs that makes money with as little as $3.95 a month or Rs. 276 a month (if you are in India, you can also opt for Hostgator for Rs. 350 a month) or go with the free options. However, I do not recommend using free options. You can read about other options here and here.

You can use this step by step tutorial to get your WordPress blog up and running. If you have difficulty in understanding the basics (like domain name, or .com, hosting etc), you can read this article on website basics.

If you do not want to invest in a website designer (which I did not, and created this website on my own), buy a theme builder like Elementor. It is super easy, is almost drag and drop and did I mention – it has a FREE version too!

#2 How did you get into working from home as a mom blogger?

Very strange but a true story, I was searching for baby recipe ideas on Pinterest and happened to stumble upon work from home ideas for moms. I was very surprised to find that there were so many mom blogs that make money from home.

That’s when I thought – why not me?

And from there on it was no looking back. I got busy with learning blogging and Pinterest as that’s one of the easiest ways new bloggers can promote content and get readers to your blog.

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8 budget resources for your side hustle idea to work in 2019

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#3 Did you have any inhibitions about working from home? If yes, how did you overcome it? Did something help (any online resource)?

My biggest fear was learning to set up my website.

I had no clue about coding or creating articles online. I am very old school – prefer books to pdfs, and paper to an ipad. You can see a lot of sticky notes around my house- ha! So you can imagine the fear I had before I began this blog.

The only resource I invested in learning all things blogging and the tech side of it was the Blog by Number course.

That was it! The only one, and by far the best investment. It broke things down so easily in simple language and it was written by a mom blogger.

Note: I highly recommend Ready Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain because it is a gold mine for aspiring mom bloggers. This is one of the BEST resources on how to make money blogging for beginners. She shares a lot of information on how to drive traffic, SEO optimization tactics, how to write for your audience etc.  It is by Elna Cain and you should know she owns 3 mom blogs that makes money!

mom blogs that make money

RESULT: At the beginning of October, I noticed that my blog posts were ranking on Google. When I say ranking, I mean the FIRST TWO PAGES. I was dancing with joy, literally, for the entire day! I also implemented her Pinterest strategies and saw an increase in overall Pinterest pageviews.

How much money can you make blogging

how to make money blogging for beginners

#4 How long have you been blogging as your main source of living? When did you start seeing money coming in?

I started my blog in March 2018 and began making a few hundred dollars in my first-month blogging. But keep in mind, I did almost 6 months of researching and learning before I published my first blog post.

Give yourself the grace to grow, and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t reach your goals. In fact, I recommend not setting many goals when you begin. I found it was less stressful this way.

#5 Can you share the approximate (monthly or yearly) income from this online business? You don’t need to be exact – whatever you are comfortable with.

There are many ways mom blogs that make money use to generate more revenue. I approximate $1,000 – $1,500 a month, with 40% of my income from ads and 60% from affiliate sales I make on my blog.

#6 What were the top 3 challenges that you faced while getting started with your mom blog that makes money?

My kids, social media promotion and time.

With two kids under 3, they kept me very busy throughout the day. There were days I felt I was busy with them 24 x 7. I wished there was more time to do more with my blog. I was constantly on Facebook and Pinterest and doing a lot of time-consuming promotion.

That’s when I knew I needed a system in place, and invested in a Pinterest course and learned everything there was to promoting on it. This platform is a goldmine for new bloggers.

I get over 50,000 page views to my blog each month and 90% of the traffic comes from Pinterest. I use Tailwind to schedule out my pins a month in advance. This has reduced my blog work tremendously, and get time to create more content.

Note: I highly recommend you Pinteresting Strategies– Pinterest confused me and it did this time as well. I knew I had to learn it and the cheapest resource (with tonnes of good review) I found online was this. It is a course by Carly Cbell (from mommyonpurpose who owns mom blogs that make money regularly) where she teaches how to manually pin on Pinterest. Using these strategies she quickly scaled to 300k page views to her blog! But, that was NOT the reason why I bought it. For me, it was affordable and it was the ONLY resource which did not ask you to invest in ANOTHER TOOL (Tailwind).

RESULT: I started implementing her strategies in August and doubled my traffic in August and September. I had 1k followers on Pinterest and average around 100k Pinterest pageviews. I knew her strategies were working so I stuck to it.

#7 If you could go back in time, what would you change that would help you get where you are (now)  faster?


A lot of bloggers (including myself) feel like ranking on page one of Google is for experts in the field. It was, for this reason, I neglected SEO for almost 7 months. This was a big mistake.

I have just started my SEO journey and have started seeing results – slow but it’s happening!

Google is free traffic! I haven’t invested in any SEO resource yet. I see a lot of free SEO information floating around the internet. Make use of any information you can get hold of and use it to improve your blog’s chances of ranking. Take time updating old posts and make them more Google friendly. Trust me you won’t regret doing this.

Note: I recommend you to look into this. It not only tells you how to start mom blogs that make money but also show you tactics to rank on Google. 

#8 What does a typical day of yours look like? How much time in a day do you spend on this?

In all honesty, no two days are alike for me. There are days I get time to blog the entire day, when my husband takes the kids out. And some days I never get a minute to check my emails.  But on an average day, I spend at least 2-3 hours here and there.

#9 What types of skills and/or tools are needed to run a blogger business successfully?

As a blogger, if you have a passion to write and learn – that’s all there is.

Don’t let fear or disappointment discourage you. There are many ups and downs in blogging. Days you might not make any money, days when you have very little readers to your blog. And then there are days you can make $300 one day!

Keep pushing yourself and moving forward.

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#10 Do you recommend any course, blog etc which can help in this journey?

For Pinterest, the course I used to grow my blog was Pinterest Ninja. This is a fantastic resource because Megan Johnson the author updates this guide regularly, so your strategies are never outdated and once you make the purchase you get every future update for free.

#11 Last but not least, what should be the learning process (or steps) for someone aspiring to be a blogger?

The first thing to do is to start your blog right away. It is the secret behind all mom blogs that make money. Once you register a blog/website, Google starts to recognize your site. Older blogs get more love from Google than newer ones. So get your hosting done and set up your blog, this not only helps you rank better but also gives you an opportunity to learn hands-on how blogging works.

You can start creating sample posts on your blog.

Join Pinterest and begin learning how to use it for a blog.

Read posts on keyword research and SEO.

Connect and reach out to other bloggers for help.

The only way you learn is if you get in and DO it:)

There you go. All the best for your mom blog!

If you have any questions about starting mom blogs that make money, comment below and let us know.

Do you want to start a mom blog that makes money? Mom Blogging is a great outlet for stay at home moms and those that just want to earn some cash online. If you're not sure how to start a mom blog, Saranya shares her insights on how to do it the right way.



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