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23+ low stress jobs for lazy people

Low stress jobs for lazy people

Are you someone who are looking for lucrative jobs for lazy people?

Are you looking for jobs for lazy college students or jobs for lazy stoners?

The one that are not only interesting but fun to do!

We will talk about a bunch silly jobs that pay well. They are also great jobs for lazy people and best career for stubborn people

I know you have lots of question like

  • What is the best job for a lazy person?
  • What are the easiest high paying job
  • What jobs are good for introverts?
  • What are the least stressful careers?

This post answers them all!

The post includes affiliate links.

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#1 Swagbucks

Yes, you cannot earn a full-time income working from home with Swagbucks. They are full of silly jobs that pay well!

But, it is a great side job for lazy people. All you have to do is watch TV, videos, play games, and participate in surveys or polls.

They are a legit company and I have earned over $50 with them without spending more than a minute or two on the app. Once you complete a task, you will earn swagbucks or SBs.

After you gather enough SBs, you can exchange them into cash, gift cards, shopping vouchers and other rewards. For instance, 1600 SBs can be exchanged for an Amazon or Flipkart gift voucher.

You should also check out Nielsen Computers if you are looking to earn a little money doing lazy tasks.

Earn $5 sign up bonus, sign up with Swagbucks here.

Once you sign up, you should also refer to friends and family who are interested in it. Referring a friend can earn you 10% of their earnings for lifetime.

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Want to make money quickly? Here are a few platforms to earn up to $25 – $50 in a few minutes!

#2. Dog walking

making money in one day

If you an animal lover, dog walking jobs is a great way to earn money easily. It is also one of the best jobs for lazy people and introverts.

Your job would be to take the dogs out for a walk in the outdoors. It is as simple as it sounds and you do not require any sort of training, degree or expertise.

Register yourself as dog walker with Rover. They will match you with dog owners and you can take it from there.

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#3 Read emails

You know which is one of the best low stress jobs? Reading emails and getting paid for it and, you don’t have to answer it.

Inbox Dollars is a popular website that rewards you to read emails and complete offers.

They pay in cash via PayPal and bank deposits. So, no matter how lazy you are, you can open an email and read them.

Sign up with Inbox Dollars here and get $5 sign up bonus.

Once you do, they will send you email offers and all you have to do is click on the confirm link to prove that you are ready to read the emails.

#4. Food Critic

how can kids make money online

Food critic is definitely the best jobs for lazy people.

You can earn money by sampling food items at the restaurant and writing about your experiences/review that is published in print.

You can take culinary training to begin with this lazy career job. It will help you develop a palate and required food knowledge.

This is definitely one of my favorite careers for lazy people like me!

Average hourly pay — $20-25

#5 Survey

Taking surveys is an easy side job, and the laziest can do it too!

If you want to earn $100 per survey, always be honest and take longer surveys.

The best survey companies –

  • Paribus helps you get refunds and cash back owned by stores directly to your account.
  • Shopkick pays you to walk into the stores, scan bar codes, shop online, watch videos, submit shopping receipts and more.
  • Neilsen Computers pay you to install their app. They research on your phone usage, browsing experience and other internet consuming related research studies

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6. Get Paid To Share Your Opinions

Sharing opinion is not only a silly job that pays well but it also is the best job for lazy people to earn a few bucks

There are many websites and platform that collect research data, and pay you to take surveys, opinion polls and participate in group studies.

The surveys take 5-15 minutes each depending on the length and can pay anywhere between $5-50 per survey.

You know a unique fact about this easy job for lazy people? There are so options out there to make money from.

Best surveys sites

7. Delivering food or groceries

While this is one of the great jobs for lazy introverts (or people), you still have to go out, drive or walk.

There are a few companies that are always hiring for this low stress job –

If you are not interested in delivery, then you can opt for renting out your car. This is the perfect job for lazy people because you literally don’t have to move a part. You can sign up with GetAround and get started.

8. ESL Teacher or Translator

If you can speak, write and understand a second language or you are prepared to teach English to foreign students (especially, China students), becoming an ESL teacher or a translator is a great job for you.

  • ESL teacher average hourly pay—$27.94
  • Translator average hourly pay—$26.55

You can start working as an ESL teacher with VIPKid. Sign up here.

9. Mystery Shopper

clothes with flower

Mystery shopper is an interesting job for lazy people.

There are many companies, restaurants, department stores etc who hire mystery shoppers to visit their establishments as an ordinary customer and rate the experience.

You will need to be discreet and have a great sense of attention to detail. While you assess, you can have fun eating at a restaurant or shopping at a store.

Average hourly pay—$14.66

10. Photographer

If you looking for a lazy jobs that pay well or a low stress job and have an eye for photography, you can use it to make money.

It can be your side gig or a full-time job that can make thousands of dollars each month.

You can consider –

  • A photographer for occasions like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers etc
  • A photographer for business photos or scenic pictures to be sold as stock photos

If you are a beginner, I would advise you to take a few classes online and understand how it works. A few free ones that you can take are

  • Average hourly pay—$20.56

11. Budtender

Wondering what that is? At least, I had no idea what a budtender is!

Look, the cannabis industry is growing and so are the jobs. In several US states, medical dispensaries and shops are allowed to sell marijuana legally.

Budtenders are much like Bartenders and work at these medical dispensaries and marijuana shops.

  • Median hourly pay—$11.93

12. Fortune Cookie Writer

What better career for lazy people than writing fortune cookies (and, just may be, eat one too?)

Fortune Cookies are popular amongst the American children as well as the adults.

That makes, fortune cookie writers in demand. The manufactures, often, hire freelance writers to do this job and come up with new phrases.

If you are lazy and love eating cookies, this is a great job! You can sit on your sofa, grab a bite and think about what you would like to read on a fortune cookie note.

Best low stress job ever!

  • Average hourly pay (for all writers and editors in the food manufacturing sector) – $34.35

If you want to make a full-time income as a writer, check out this and this

14. Professional Cuddler

Wohoo! There cannot be a more lazy and easy side job that this is!

Want to get paid to cuddle professionally? For those of you who love to cuddle, you can think about this profession.

Your job would be a comfort a stranger by cuddling them. It is platonic and you are not expected to do any funny business. You can stay in your comfort clothes all day and enjoy lying down!

Average Rate: Up to $80 (£57) per day

15. Pretend Businessperson

email support jobs work from home

I am not kidding, this is a real job and a great job for lazy people or introverts.

You can get paid to fly to China, throw on a fancy suit, shake hands with business associates and hang around for the meeting. The expenses for the trip are fully paid.

It is a real side gig!

Average Rate: $1,000 (£710) per week

16. Hotel Tester

Can there be any better jobs for lazy people than test a hotel out? In fact, this is a lazy job that pays well!

You can really get paid for staying in a luxury hotel and test out the facility. Inspect the facility, have attention to detail like a hawk and write a detailed report about it.

If this interests you, this low stress job is perfect for you!

Average Rate: Up to $120 (£85) per day

17. Freelancing

text chat operators job from home

Freelancing is a great option for everyone.

While I would not recommend opting for freelancing if you are super lazy and don’t want to put in any work BUT if you are ready to in teeny weeny work in it, you can earn $1000+ a month easily.

A few options are –

  • Scoping – You can get paid to work with court reporters. It is a great job and a lesser known job which makes it a high paying one as well. You can start here.
  • Writing – You can earn money writing for businesses. It can be anything – blog posts, ebook, guides, emails, etc. If you want to make a full-time income as a writer, check out this and this
  • Blogging – It is always great to make money online from home with blogging. You can work at your schedule and it is more passive than anything else on the list of jobs for lazy people.

18. Shopping

Won’t be great, you lazy friend? You can get paid for shopping online or helping other people to shop.

You can sign up with Shopkick and start earning money right away for

  • Walking into stores
  • Scanning product barcodes
  • Watch shopping related videos
  • Link your shopping credit card
  • Scan, submit your shopping receipts

A few other websites that pay you to shop online –

19. Video Game Tester

Do you love to stay home and play video games all the time? What if I said, you can get paid for it.

It is a great profession for gamers who want to stay at home and play video games for a living.

Average Rate: Up to $14 (£10) per hour

20. Breath Odour Evaluator

If you do not mind being up close with participants and smelling their breath, you can opt for this career option!

Wondering who hires them? Well, think about it.

They are the comapnies that manufacture chewing gums, mints, toothpaste and mouthwash hire freelancers to smell mouth odour and let them know if the products are working.

Average Rate: Up to $64,000 (£45,500) per year

21. Professional Slacker

Isn’t that a dream job for lazy people? You can be a professional slacker!

You are paid to go on a vacation and relax. Laze around all day, laze on the beach, sleep and completely ignore the bypassing commuters.

Here is an example of fakeation specialist

22. Professional Binge Watcher

So, you don’t want to go on a vacation. So much work!

Want a job for lazier people? ha! You can become a professional binge watcher. It is easy side jobs for lazy college students, stoners or anyone who is generally – Lazy.

Netflix frequently looks for editorial analyst who is responsible for watching shows and movies, write a short description for it and add them to the appropriate category and genre

23. Beer Taster

Love lazing around the couch and drink a beer? You can get paid to get drunk for a living. All you do is sample different kinds of brewed beer and rate your experience.

Average Rate: $142 (£100) per day

24. Ostrich Babysitter

Wait, whaaaa

Well, yeah. There are just so many weird jobs for lazy people to make money online.

As an Ostrich babysitter all you have to is watch over cute baby ostriches.

In case you want to babysit kids or provide senior care (which is much more common than ostrich), you can register yourself with and get started. It is platform for people and parents to find nannies, school sitters, senior care and much more

Average Rate: $20 (£14) per hour

25. Chocolate Taster

Want to binge on chocolates and earn money? You can do it.

You can become a chocolate tester, earn a living and grab those surgar treats at absolutely no cost.

Average Rate: $24,000 (£17,000) per year

26. Professional Apologiser

Are you good at apologies?

Even better, are you good at word play that makes people to forgive you for the sins?

Well, if you are the word-playboy, you can become a professional apologiser and make a living in Japan. You will be hired by someone to apologise to another person.

Although, it does sound ridiculous and you may not forgive the person who cannot shop up themselves, you will get paid for it (and, there is a market for it.)

Average Rate: $60,000 (£42,660) per year

27. Professional Sports Fan

Are you a sports fan?

You can take a job as a professional sports fan and earn money watching matches with other people to get them interested in it and enjoy it.

28. Hair Boiler

I know this is an absolutely weird job, but hear me out.

The people who create curly wigs require to boil hair in order to give it a curly look. All you have to do is learn the tricks to boil the hair and then – repeat.

Average Rate: $15 (£10) per hour

29. Chicken Sexer

Do you want to make money identifying sex of chickens?

Well, sure it does sound weird but it is a low stress job. This is also a great job for lazy introverts who are looking for an easy going career

Average Rate: $60,000 (£42,660) per year

30. Mime

If you are into performances, you can work as mime and earn money. You will need face paint, a nautical top and suspenders.

Average Rate: $28 (£20) per day

21. Vlogger

If you are great on-camera and have information to share, you can start vlogging and earn money with advertising or affiliate marketing.

You will need a few basic equipment, but for the start, you can do it with a phone camera, microphone and a ring light.

Check out this class on how to start a vlog (from beginner to advanced)

Average Rate: $7.6 (£5.8) per 1,000 views

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email support jobs from home

22. Tester

A tester is someone who is responsible to use a product or a service and give honest feedback about it.

Many businesses and companies want users to provide a feedback so they can improve the quality of their products.

You will get free samples, products, etc for testing. You can find 13+ companies that hire product/website testers.

Relevant post: 10+ places to find testing jobs

Top 3 Sites you can Find Testing Jobs

  • Earn more than $10 per test through testing products @ TestIO
  • Make money by testing the user interface of software and other products @ UserTesting
  • Get paid to test games @ Game Tester

23. Furniture Tester

Are you a couch potato? If yes, this is a great and a low stress job for lazy people.

You will be paid to sit around all day, test different furniture and give honest feedback on the comfort level, quality and price.

Average Rate: $36,580 (£26,000) per year

24. Luxury House Sitter

You can sit someone else’s house and make money.

As a luxury house sitter, you will be paid to sit for clients when they are away for a holiday.

Average Rate: Up to $45 (£32) per day

25. TV/Movie Extra

Ok, this has to be the best job for lazy people.

All you have to do is hang out on the set of your favourite TV show or a movie. Who knows you will get an acting break and if not, you can make celebrity friends!

Average Rate: $13.50 (£10) per day

26. Food Taster

blogging tips for newbies

If I were to get paid to taste food, I will leave all other jobs.

As a food taster, you will be sampling food like ice cream, cakes, snacks and much more and reviewing it based on smell, taste and consistency.

Unfortunately, you only get to eat a bit (not empty the plate)

Average Rate: $30,000 (£21,300) per day

27. Test Subject

A great way to earn money without having to work is to become a test subject.

You can participate in clinical trials where you act as test subject for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Average Rate: Over $1,000 (£710) per test

How to Overcome Laziness

A few ways to overcome laziness it work on yourself. So, for starters,

  • Set realistic expectations and goals for yourself
  • Manage time effectively
  • Surround yourself with positive people who can motivate you at all time
  • Stop procrastinating

girl on hammock lazing around finding a job

Actionable tips

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Easy jobs that pay well without experience


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