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How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in 2020

How to become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Know how to become a real estate virtual assistant, work from home and make a full-time income.

If you asked me a few days back, I had no idea you could work from home in the real estate industry WITHOUT having to become a real estate agent!

Come on…

Becoming a real estate agent demands considerable (if not HUGE!) investment depending on the state you are in.

After all, you are required to pay for licenses, fee, courses, marketing materials, etc.

Not everyone is ready for this kind of investment.

So, what do you do? How do you make money online in the real estate industry?

Well, I have some good news.

You can become a real estate virtual assistant.

It is a completely an online job. You are getting paid to work with real estate agents and help them with a variety of tasks! How cool is that?

The obvious questions follow –

How to become a real estate virtual assistant at home?
Do real estate virtual assistants make good money?
What skills do you need to become a real estate virtual assistant?
Is there any real estate virtual assistant training online?

Do you get real estate virtual assistant jobs easily?
What is a real estate virtual assistant job description?

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There isn’t a free real estate virtual assistant training available now, but you can check the above trainings and one below.

1. Real Estate VA

Uff, so many questions!

In this post, we will talk about all the aspects of becoming a real estate virtual assistants. Without wasting any further time, let’s start.

Note – This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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#1 What does a real estate virtual assistant do? What is a real estate virtual assistant job description?

Before we talk about what is a real estate virtual assistant job, let us cover a bit about virtual assistants in general.

If you have no idea, a virtual assistant is someone where you offer a service in exchange for a fee.

It does not matter whether or not you have any kind of job experience, you can start out as a beginner virtual assistant and earn over $100 an hour.

You know why?

The scope of services a virtual assistant can provide is really huge. You can offer as many as 150+ virtual assistant services and some of them pay really good.

For example, you can become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and get paid to manage Pinterest accounts for other business owners.

This stay at home mom makes over $10000 doing this.

Looking for FREE Virtual Assistants trainings, grab this post.

A real estate virtual assistant helps realtors in their day to day tasks of running a real estate business. You will be responsible for

  • Organizing paperwork for a real estate transaction
  • Listings
  • Email management
  • Social media management
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Preparing and proofreading listings
  • Provide market research etc

We will talk about real estate virtual assistant services in a bit.

I highly recommend you to check out this real estate virtual assistant online course. 

It is one of its kind – created by a virtual assistant and a realtor – which makes it the most practical course online.

Watch this video to grab a step by step plan for launching your own online virtual assistant business

#2 Is there ample demand for real estate virtual assistants?

The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. 

That means, there are 2 million people in the US who could be your target clients.

Real estate agents run their own business and have a lot of tasks that can be delegated (which in turn gives them the time to focus on what they should be doing – showing properties and closing deals).

They are constantly working on marketing, sales, transactions, listings, etc which takes up a lot of their time and real estate virtual assistant could really save the day.

Why not an assistant?

Because no one who is focused on growing their business wants to waste time in teaching you how the industry works.

They want to delegate tasks without having to worry whether you understand how it works or not. 

Real estate virtual assistants are well versed with the industry and can help with revenue-generating tasks. 

While realtors can definitely hire an assistant, using a real estate virtual assistant will give them more options and security in terms of quality work.

They can delegate more than just calendar management and distribute flyers. 

Check this out to know more about virtual assistant and real estate industry.

Now that we understand what is a real estate agent and is there a demand for it, the next question is pretty obvious –

real estate virtual assistant business

#3 Why do real estate agents need virtual assistants?

Considering there are no industry standards processes and systems in place, real estate agents often find themselves under a pile of work.

They have to deal with different aspects of the business all by themselves.

For example,

  • it is a difficult task for real estate agents to constantly follow up with past and future clients. 

    However, this is important for the growth of any business.
  • Nowadays, it has become mandatory to have social media presence and real estate often find themselves in a fix.

    They either do not have the time to build a presence or have no knowledge of how to go about it.
  • Real estate agents should prioritize showing properties and generating leads instead of emerging themselves in paperwork and boxes. 

These are just some of the pain points for real estate agents which virtual assistants can solve.

A real estate virtual assistant can step in, create processes and systems that can free up an agent from “additional tasks” so they can focus on selling more homes.

>>>>> Check this out to know more about virtual assistant and real estate industry. <<<<<<

real estate virtual assistant business

#4 What are the real estate virtual assistant services

It is a legit question! If you do decide to become a Real Estate virtual assistant, what real estate virtual assistant services can you provide?

Let’s go over a few of these real estate virtual assistant services

  • Research – It could include
    • Finding information on ownership of property and deed types
    • Checking out establishments with a property’s vicinity
    • Looking for properties with good pricing and upside potential
    • Rate of migration
    • Lending rates
    • Developments, and other real estate fundamentals.
  • Data Entry include typing and updating all the names, addresses, emails, status reports, and other vital information about the clients
  • Bookkeeping includes keeping track of income and expenses. You do not require a degree or experience to become a bookkeeper. Start here.
  • Proofreading: Learn how to become a proofreader here and grab this FREE training.
  • Translation
  • Spreadsheet creation and management
  • Cold Calling
  • Managing and organising contracts
  • Setting and managing appointments
  • Calendar Management
  • Creating emails and letters
  • Online marketing tasks
  • Website management
  • Customer management
  • Prospecting

This is not an all inclusive list of real estate virtual assistant services. Be creative, understand the need of your clients and pitch more and more services.

how to become a bookkeeper from home

#4 How much does a real estate virtual assistant get paid? What is real estate virtual assistant salary?

Just as other virtual assistants, real estate virtual assistant salary is around $15-30 an hour with bonuses when a home sells.

You can also work out a retainer arrangement. For example, a 20-hour week can translate into a $2,000 per month retainer fee.

As you grow and gain more experience, you can charge $30+ an hour.

So, if you ask me how much does a real estate assistant get paid on average? I say – $20-25 per hour

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#5 How many hours per week does a real estate virtual assistant need to work?

When you are working from home and freelancing, there is no upper limit on the hours.

It depends on your availability and wants to work. You can work only on the weekends or at night!

There are plenty of opportunities and real estate virtual assistant jobs to take on for you.

If you have no idea how it works, check out this article on what is freelancing? and should I work from home?

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Where Can I Actually Find Real Estate Assistant Jobs? 

Now that we understand how to become a real estate virtual assistant, it is time to find virtual real estate assistant jobs.

You start by looking at websites and careers page of big brokers and real estate agencies.

These include household names like: 

  • Century 21
  • Remax 
  • Keller Williams 
  • Coldwell Banker 

You can also check large job search sites, like Flexjobs, Indeed or ZipRecruiter to find work from home real estate assistant jobs

Besides that, you can also find real estate virtual assistant jobs on niche job boards like Select Leaders. However, the real estate virtual assistant jobs here are local and you may need to go to the office.

If you are looking for virtual real estate virtual assistant jobs, strike out on your own! Sign up for this training!

#6 What skills and VA training are required to start?

First and foremost, you DO NOT need any prior knowledge of the real estate industry to become a real estate virtual assistant.

Of course, if you have experience or knowledge in this domain, it is an add-on.

Let’s assume you have minimal to no experience – which makes it important to start off with the right tools and training if you are aiming to scale and become profitable quickly.

Look at this way –

When a real estate agent decides to hire a virtual assistant and outsource his work, he/she really DO NOT want to spend time teaching the basics.

Right tools and real estate virtual assistant training will help you impress, land high-paying clientele and be confident in your discovery calls.

If you are wondering how to become a virtual real estate agent, you need to check out this training.


Because it gives you detailed insights into the pain points of agents and straight from an agent’s mouth – this makes it easy for you to speak to your target clients and exploit the pain points to convince them to hire you.

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The training includes

  • Training on actual real estate processes
  • Task-specific training. For example, listing preparation workflows, transaction management, social media management, email management, etc.
  • Teaching tools that every real estate VA should know of
  • Business hacks and tricks to become successful right from the start
  • Process of finding clients,
  • How to pitch them effectively
  • Setting your rates
  • Providing students with a clear picture of the ROI for an agent working with a VA,
  • Taxes etc.

It also contains bonus materials, like:

  • an onboarding checklist for new clients,
  • a social media posting checklist,
  • links to extra tutorials,
  • email templates,
  • a real estate process cheatsheet,
  • a glossary of terms for real estate VAs and
  • homework at the end of each lesson designed to keep you engaged and taking action with what you’re learning

They have also included a video so you can hear firsthand about the ins and outs of being a real estate VA. Check it out here. 

#7 How do I start a real estate virtual assistant business?

Considering this a high niche market, your first step should be to invest in yourself and your business by getting real estate specific virtual assistant training.

The specific training program will also set up on the path to success. It is the best real estate virtual assistant course available online!

#8 Where can I find work as a freelancer?

There are tons of places to look for work as a freelancer. The best of all are –

  • Looking in your immediate network (friends, family, and acquaintance)
  • Pitching clients directly (email)
  • Marketing with blogging and guest posting
  • Using social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • In-person networking events
  • Job boards
  • Agencies
  • Marketplaces

#9 Is real estate virtual assistant for me?

If you have the willingness to learn, real estate virtual assistant could be a great option for you. A few other traits that will add –

  • Organized
  • A people’s person (this is an added bonus and if you do not have it, it is okay!)
  • Interest in real estate (huge bonus!)
  • A great communicator
  • Ability to manage tasks
  • Eye for detail
stay at home jobs for moms

If you are nodding, then this is for you!

Look – if you love the idea of becoming a real estate virtual assistant, then you SHOULD NOT worry about

  • Not having adequate knowledge about the real estate business
  • Being unsure of what real estate virtual assistant services does an agent need
  • Feeling confident in meeting clients needs
  • How to market yourself and land clients
  • How to go about packaging or selling services

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#10 A little more about how to become a real estate virtual assistant training online by Horkey Handbook

This is one of the legitimate and the only real estate virtual assistant training available online.

The course is created by a licensed real estate agent and his virtual assistant. It covers –

  • Essential real estate terminology
  • New listing coordination
  • Client communication
  • Social media
  • And more!

Along with the awesome information, you also get the following –

If you want detail instruction on how to become a real estate virtual assistant, grab this training now!

A final piece of advice for those looking to become a real estate VA

There you go. This is all about virtual real estate assistants and make money.

I say – Go for it!

If you have interest in being a virtual assistant, you can learn everything else on the job. You do not need to know anything right from start.

There are so many real estate virtual assistant jobs available today and we talked about the best real estate virtual assistant course in the market.

Do you have any questions? Comment below and let us know!

Free start up Virtual Assistant trainings –

1. Jumpstart your VA Career
2. Break into VA webinar


1. Real Estate VA

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Do not know whether you are fit to become a real estate virtual assistant or not?

How to become a virtual real estate assistant

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