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50+ at home activities for kids and teens to keep them busy

I cannot believe I am writing this today!

Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic and the cases are only rising – which means – the shutdowns are here to stay.

We have no idea when the life would return to normal and we are all dealing with kids of different age groups (as well as teens) AT HOME and ALL THE TIME!

For anyone and everyone who is working at home (and, even if not), it becomes a difficult task to handle them, keep them interested, make them understand social distancing due to COVID 19 and ensure some learning happens while the schools are closed.


The next weeks are not going to be any easier.

To help, we have put together a list of ideas that you can take up. Some of them need basic craft supplies but we have tried to make sure, most of them don’t.

We have also avoided activities that involve the internet assuming that you landed on this post for that!

The post includes affiliate links.

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  1. Make a fort – You can do this with linen or any other way you think can keep kids busy.
  2. Spend time crafting together – You need not take up any complicated craft projects. Just a few crafting sheets, crayons, and paints will do!!

    You can make puppets or stuff animals with socks. There are lot of guides online (both, blog posts as well as YT videos)
  3. Read together – There is nothing better to read books. Not only does it while away time, but it also helps kids learn a lot.
  4. Board games – Take out all of your board games and start playing! You can either let kids play it on their own or have family involved.
  5. Write letters – It is a long last art but it is a great time to write letters to your near and dear ones. Not only does it help connect and remember, but it also improves english and skills to express.
  6. Create a comic book
  7. Bake. You can bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes etc.
  8. Play Dough – If your kids are small, you can keep them busy with play dough.
  9. Play with lego. You can spend a lot of time making new and creative things with lego blocks. You can find a lot of Lego activities for kids here.
  10. Learn origami.
  11. Play cards. You can either play what you already know or learn new ones online.
  12. Do a movie marathon. You can watch educational movies with kids to ensure they learn from it. Check this list!
  13. Play pictionary and learn new words
  14. Build a fort of cards
  15. Listen to podcasts. You can find fun ones or educational ones – follow a combination of both!
  16. Draw or paint
  17. Video chat with friends, family. You can use Hangout, Whatsapp, FaceTime or Skype.
  18. Try to make musical instruments from various objects at home
  19. Make an indoor or an outdoor garden
  20. Exercise together.
  21. Learn a new language. You can make use of apps like Duolingo. You can spend quite a few hours and days doing this!
  22. Advance your vocabulary.
  23. Watch movies in different language and try to make your own stories.
  24. Cook a new cuisine
  25. Do puzzles
  26. Take a new online course
  27. Learn a new skill. You can sign up for free Skillshare classes.
  28. Learn photography. You can sign up for free Skillshare classes.
  29. Start a YouTube channel
  30. Do yoga
  31. Play dress-up
  32. Play hide and seek with objects or family
  33. You can learn to sew.
  34. Pick up a song and choreograph a dance routine to it
  35. Play scavenger hunt at home
  36. Print out colouring pages and work on it
  37. Put up a play. Have your kids select a play and perform their own creation
  38. Use water. You can fill up a tub, put animal toys into it and let your toddler play with it.
  39. Bowl indoors.
  40. Ask kids to help with household chores
  41. Play with water balloons
  42. Fly kites
  43. Play charades
  44. Climb a tree in your backyard
  45. DIY thumbprint family tree
  46. DIY foam paint
  47. Polka dot slime. Check this.
  48. Make obstacles using pool noodle. Here are 12 other ways to use pool noodle.
  49. Try Nail polish art
  50. DIY soap boat races. Check this.
  51. Play indoor hopscotch
  52. Play popcorn olympics
  53. Racing pom pom balls
  54. Create indoor golf. Look at this!
  55. Place your child into a cardboard box and give them colours
  56. Plastic plate tic tac toe
  57. Balloon Stamp Painting
  58. Turn a cardboard box into a marble run. Click here on how to do this.
  59. DIY laser maze

There are so many more interesting indoor activities for kids and teens here.

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