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How to make money illegally: An Ultimate Guide on what NOT to do!

30 Ways to make money illegally

So… how to make money illegally?

Making money through illegal may be a quick way to make tonnes of cash but it is definitely not the the best way to get rich.

And, if you are down on cash, in a do or die situation and could use some fast cash to get some relief in a difficult time, I’m sure you’re tempted to take the risk.

…Movies like Ocean’s Eleven and television series like Breaking Bad make fast cash seem so darn glamorous… right?

But, let me assure you there is nothing glamorous about being on the wrong side of the law.

This article is just for your entertainment and not to encourage you to learn how to make money illegally online (or offline) and act upon it.

Here’s a list of 30 innovative ways to make fast money illegally.

Please note that the ideas listed below are for entertainment purposes only and you should not, under any circumstance, actually consider trying any of these out.

Note – This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure policy


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Here are some methods on how to make money fast illegally.

And, you all have toAvoid these ways if you don’t want to go to jail.

1. Play BlackJack

If you were searching on how to make money illegally online and landed here, this is the ONLY option you could even afford to try!

Counting cards while playing BlackJack is not really illegal, but it is definitely not appreciated at the casinos.

In fact, counting cards is not illegal under any law – British or Federal laws of the US.

The only trick is to go unnoticed… because casinos don’t appreciate it.

If you learn how to count cards, you can make a decent profit at the BlackJack table.

The issue with this method is that most casinos are very good at catching card counters and banning them.

Also, the odds are generally not very good and the payoff isn’t that great.

The casino generally makes $1 for every $100 in the pot.

If you can learn to count cards, you can decrease the house advantage and profit by 1.5% on every hand.

This means you can win $75 per hour if the average bet is $100 and 50 hands are dealt per hour.

2. Credit card fraud

You may have often read about credit card frauds in the newspaper, or maybe you have even been a victim of one.

And now, when your funds are low, you may be wishing you knew how to do credit card fraud.

The term credit card fraud refers to theft or fraud committed using a credit or debit card.

For this fraud, you need to buy a credit card skimmer on the dark web.

Then find a way to attach it to an ATM or vending machine without being noticed.

This skimmer will then store the information of anyone who uses the ATM. 

You can then use this information to buy goods or get money from their account.

oooh.. I can see the tension building up. But, for realzies, don’t do it!

Note: A credit card fraud can invite as much as $5000 in fine and 5 years of imprisonment.

3. Become a pimp

Becoming a pimp (or a Madam) can be a highly profitable venture.

Pimps can earn between $5000 to $32,000 per week. All you need is a sharp brain, a scary presence and a cold heart.

A pimp runs a prostitution business and takes a cut from the workers. 

A pimp usually employs around five or six sex workers at one time.

This job includes advertising services, physical protection, and providing a location for the sex worker to engage with clients.

Of course, prostitution and becoming a pimp is illegal in the US.

4. Steal

How to make 1000 dollars fast illegally? Steal.

Okay… so this is the most common and best way to make money illegally ANYWHERE.

You can steal things and sell them for a profit in online stores like eBay and Craigslist OR to offline flea markets.

Whether it is snatching a phone from a bystander or picking someone’s handbag on a busy tube, stealing stuff requires you to be quick to avoid any suspicion.

Your profits will depend on what item you are stealing. So, for example, stealing phones can help you to get big profits.

Just make sure there aren’t any policemen around when you snatch or steal.

5. Rob a bank

Wohoo.. reminds me of Money Heist.

Robbing a bank is an adventurous way to make money illegally. Actually, it is the answer to your question on how to make lots of money illegally.

All you need is a mask, a gun and loads of planning. However, before you start to dream about millions, let me tell you that, according to US News, a bank robber netted just $7,500 on an average in 2010

And if you do manage to collect the millions despite all the odds,  there’s also the task of laundering the money so that it cannot be traced back to you.

6. Rob a convenience store

Robbing a convenience store may not be as lucrative as robbing a bank.

Convenience stores keep very little cash on hand these days.

There is also a good chance that the owner may have a gun.  There is also the additional risk of getting identified on the surveillance camera.

Still, if you decide to rob a convenience store, make sure you only grab the cash and smaller items that can fit into your backpack. Reselling these goods can fetch you some extra money.

7. Catfishing

Create a fake Facebook or Instagram account and pose as a young beautiful woman.

Make sure your profile looks genuine.

Build your social media profile, add some pictures to your account, and also purchase some fake Facebook friends or followers. 

Once your profile is created, start looking for rich men who are willing to meet you and chat with you in exchange for money.

You can tell them that you are visiting their town and will meet you if they pay in advance. You can be paid in Bitcoin or even through PayPal.

8. Resell eBooks

Technically there is nothing known as a used ebook.

But you can still make some easy money selling ebooks like college textbooks, fitness books, and finance books online.

You will find many of these books online available for free download.

Just download them and put them up for sale on Amazon or eBay for less than their actual cost.

Don’t forget to mention that the eBook will be sent to the email account of the buyer.

If you can sell five books worth $35, it is an easy $175 a month.

Though it is illegal to sell these books online (it is copyright infringement), there is a good chance you will not be caught for months.

Even if you do, all that will happen is that your listing will be removed unless the author decides to pursue his/her rights in toto.

9. Scam gullible folk

If you are looking how to make money illegally, this is prevalent idea but extremely dangerous if you are caught.

Scamming is a big business these days.

We often hear about new scams where people have lost thousands of dollars on the news.

So, why not try scamming gullible old folk and make some extra money. 

Here are some easy ways to earn money as a professional scammer.

  • Work from home: Place an ad that says that you can earn easy money while working online at home. When people answer the ad, tell them they need to pay a fee to qualify for the job.
  • Pyramid schemes: Get people to join a plan by paying a fee and then recruit others to do the same. Since they can only earn money when they recruit others, they are most likely to lose the fee.
  • Investment scams: People are always looking for investment schemes to add to their savings. You can get gullible people to invest in your investment scam.
  • Fake check overpayment scam: You pretend to buy something from someone online and accidentally send a check for much. Then you can ask the person to wire some of the money back to you.
  • Fake prize scam: You can tell gullible people they have won a grand prize, and they now need to send some money back to cover shipping and handling, taxes, and processing fee.

10. Ransomware

You need to be well versed in computer and hacking knowledge for this scam.

You can send a virus through an email to a business. When they click on the link sent by you, it locks and encrypts all their data.

Then you can demand money to decrypt this data. You can make a decent profit if you target several small businesses.

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of demanding and negotiating about money, you can steal their data and sell it on the black market.

11. Sell drugs

Selling drugs can be a great income-generating business as an increasing number of people are now consuming drugs.

You can buy illegal drugs from a drug baron and sell it to buyers in smaller quantities.

Slowly you will become known among drug users, and they will seek you out for when they have to buy more.

More demand means more money. Most people selling drugs on the street can make around $1200 per week.

However, you must remember that this is a high-risk business. If you get caught, you will land straight in jail.

12. Embezzle your employer

You can make easy money if you work in the billing department of your office.

Slowly siphon off a small amount of office money into your account without catching anyone’s attention.

You hear about embezzlement all the time in the news. People have been caught after years of embezzling money.

And maybe others get away with it.

So, the trick is to funnel money in small increments and never to get caught. Your employer can sue you if you ever get caught.

Embezzling is so prevalent in the retail industry that there is even an official term for it – shrinkage.

Most retail stores have around 2% shrinkage.

13. Establish an illegal shylock business

Becoming an illegal money lender is a quick way to make money.

In this business, you lend money to people in desperate need at high rates of interest.

You also make them give a high-value item like a piece of jewellery or an expensive electronic item as collateral.

Make sure that the item that you take for collateral is priced higher than the money they receive from you.

This way, if they default on the payment, you can sell the item and make a tidy profit.

This business is not for the faint-hearted.

Be ready to deal with threats and curses of the borrowers if they are not able to pay the money back.

14. Sell pirated music or movies

We often hear in the news that piracy costs the movie and music industry millions of dollars.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be one of these who pocked a bit of this money?

To make money in the piracy industry, you need a good PC, printer, DVDs, CD, and flash disks.

Download the latest movies and music from the torrent sites and store them on DVDs, CDs, and flash disks. 

You can even print copies of the original covers to make your DVDs look authentic.

Price your product low to be able to sell them fast.

15. Sell counterfeit products

Unlawful duplication of goods has been growing in recent years.

It has grown to reach the estimated value of up to $ 917 billion a year, according to the International Chamber of Commerce.

The internet has made it easier to sell counterfeit products than ever before. 

Search online for production and distribution companies for knockoffs.

You will find that most of them are based in China. Rayban, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, and Nike are among the most counterfeited brands.

You can buy these products from the Chinese distribution companies and sell them on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart.

Many of these fakes are so perfect that your buyers don’t even notice. Even if these sites remove your store, you can set up another account and start selling again.

This is the fastest way to make money illegally

16. Blackmail

You need a sharp and cunning mind to be successful in this business.

You need to target unsuspecting rich people as they can pay you substantial money. You also need to make sure that the rich man is married and has an image to keep in society.

You can team up with a prostitute to lure your target. You can then videotape them in the act.

Send a clip of the video to the man and demand money in exchange for your silence.

You need to be smart about choosing your victim. Many rich men are well connected to the mafia, and you can end up being the victim yourself if you target them.

17. Kidnap someone

You need careful planning to execute a successful kidnapping.

Identify your victim carefully. The timing of the abduction should be just right so that you do not face any problems.

You should also have a secret base where you can keep the victim safe till the time you get the payment.

Now kidnap your victim when no one else is around and take him to the base.

You can then negotiate the ransom from a phone that cannot be traced back to you.

Ensure you are not being followed when you go out to collect the ransom.  You could also send some agents to collect the ransom for you.

18. Become a shoplifter

Removing merchandise from a shop without paying for it is known as shoplifting. The US retail industry lost $ 47 billion in 2017 due to shoplifting.

You need to be quick with your hands and the ability to distract to be a successful shoplifter.

Look for items that are small but are highly-priced like watches and jewelry. It is easy to grab these items and hide them.

The shopkeeper may not find out that something is missing until it is too late.

When you pick an item, make sure there is no shop assistant or other shoppers around.

You should also keep a watch on where the CCTV cameras are placed and make sure you avoid them.

Always buy a few items from the shop to ensure that the shop assistants are not suspicious of you.

19. Form a cartel

Wondering how to make money illegally in yuor business?

A cartel is an organization created by a group of producers of a specific product to raise prices and gain huge profits.

If you run a business and are not happy with the money you are making, forming a cartel is the way to go.

You can arrange a meeting with all your competitors and raise the prices of your products or services. The customers will have no choice to pay higher rates, and you will make huge profits.

Form connections in a government office and get them to give you a tender for some essential goods or services. You can charge exorbitant rates from the public and make money.

Cartels attract a heavy fine and imprisonment under competition laws.

20. Con people

A conman is a person who tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuades them to believe something that is not true.

There are thousands of ways through which you can trick people and make money.

You can search for properties that are for sale. Now create a fake title deed for that property.

Now, this part requires some skill and connections to ensure that the deed looks authentic.

Find a gullible person who wants to buy this property. Take the upfront fee and disappear from the scene before the person can smell something fishy.

If you don’t want to make so much effort, you can con people on the streets as well.

Pretend you have lost your wallet and don’t have money for the ride home.

Ask people for some money so that you can buy a bus ticket. You can make a pretty decent amount by the end of the day.

21. Engage in smuggling

If you can find a way to smuggle goods in and out of the country without getting detected by the authorities, you can make big money.

If you import or export goods through proper channels, you have to pay hefty import and export duties, which can lower your profits. 

Avoiding duties and taxes is a great way to make quick money.

Smuggling illegal products is an even more profitable venture. There is always a market for such products and people who are willing to pay high prices for these products.

22. Smuggle illegal immigrants

Many people from foreign counties are willing to enter more prosperous countries in the hope of making a successful life.

You can profit from this demand and smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

You will need the means and good connections in powerful places to be successful in this business.

If you are successful, you can make vast amounts of cash.

23. Try illegal gambling

Nevada is the only state in the US that has legalised gambling.

Various other states have different forms of gambling that are considered illegal.

Even online gambling may be illegal in your state.

You can try your hand at illegal gambling as the chance of earning big bucks is good.

Always remember to be smart about the bets that you place. You can also lose big bucks if you are reckless.

24. Bet on fixed matches

Placing bets on matches that have been fixed is a lucrative way to make money.

You don’t always need inside connections to find the information about the fixed matches.

The dark web is an excellent place to find information about matches whose results are already fixed.

Place big stakes on these matches and earn big money.

25. Burgle homes

You can break into other people’s homes and steal cash and other expensive stuff like electronics and jewelry.

You should always do some homework before you attempt a burglary.

Keep an eye on a neighborhood to find out which of the homes are easier to enter, and when the occupants are away.

Most burglaries occur during the daytime when the occupants are away at work.

You must also have the relevant tools to be able to enter the house without making too much noise.

Burglary carries a mandatory prison sentence, so be very careful before you plan one.

26. Racketeering

Racketeering is a criminal activity in which criminals extorted money from a victim by threat of force.

Racketeering can take many forms.

You can opt for the traditional style of racketeering that functions in industries like prostitution, counterfeiting, drug trade, illegal human trafficking, or take on something more modern like cyber extortion.

You can also be involved in protection racketeering. You can threaten to cause harm to a business or a person’s private property if the owner refuses to pay a fee for protection.

Racketeering is illegal, and you may have to serve a lengthy prison term if you get caught.

27. Resell stamps

Forever stamps are non-denominational stamps.

You can buy them at the current first-class postage rate, and they can remain valid even if the rate rises in the future.

You can buy these stamps in bulk and then sell them at a later date when the prices rise.

The only problem with this form of illegal business is that it may take you a long time to earn a substantial amount of money.

28. Pickpocketing

If you are interested in cash, then pickpocketing might not be the best option for you.

People generally do not carry too much paper money with them these days.

However, you can make some quick money from the credit cards that you may steal from people’s wallets and purses.

You can buy high-value items from stolen credit cards and sell them later. You can also sell people’s credit card and social security information on the black market.

29. Buy alcohol for teens

Wondering how to make money illegally fast?

You can do a successful business of buying alcohol for teenagers.

You need to be smart and discreet. Just visit a college campus and let it be known among newcomers that you can provide alcohol to them for a small fee.

As the word gets around, you will have a steady stream of requests, and then your illegal business starts making regular money.

Make sure you are discreet, or else you run the risk of getting caught by the cops.

This is also an illegal way to make fast cash.

30. Commit insurance fraud

According to the Coalition against Insurance Frauds, insurance frauds cost almost $80 billion a year in false claims.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a piece of this multibillion-dollar pie?

From pretending to be seriously hurt in a car accident to claiming that your expensive jewelry had been stolen, there are numerous ways to getting payouts from the insurance companies.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are getting better at spotting these frauds, so you have to get more creative with your insurance fraud schemes.

Final thoughts on how to make money illegally

After going through this extensive list of illegal ways to make money, you may be wondering if they are worth it considering the risk of jail time.

Why do people even indulge in such activities?

Some people commit crimes because they are in a desperate situation where they can’t make ends meet; others do it just for the thrill of it.

Whatever your reason for making money illegally may be, it is a path to destruction.

You should use your energy and ingenuity to make money through legal means.

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This is all about how to make illegal money. It is time to think straight and work on ideas to make legal money

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How to make money illegally: 30 illegal ways to make money

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