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9 Jobs that make 200k a year (no one is talking about)

jobs that make 200k a year

Are you looking for new jobs that makes 200k a year or more?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to make over $200,000 per year? (I have!)

There are many offline as well as online jobs that can offer you the chance to earn this much money. You just have to know where to look!

We’re going to show you some of these jobs today.

You will learn about all kinds of high paying jobs and find out if they’re right for your career goals. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants more money in their pocket or just wants a better job overall. So let’s get started!

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Jobs that make 200k a year and concept of multiple streams of income

You can pick up any jobs that makes 200k from our list but there is one thing in common – need to build multiple streams of income.

It is much easier and faster to reach $200k when you have 5 ways of making that instead of just one.

So, for the rest of the post, this section of recommendations remain the same:

Jobs that make 200k a year and noone is talking about

Pet Baker:

You can start a business from home which sells dog treats, cat treats or any other kind of pet treats.

You don’t need any degree or experience to start your own business. Just a few licenses and some amazing recipes.

Take this free workshop to start off.

A few tips:

  • Research on your target audience
  • Find your favourite recipes and make sure they are safe for your pets
  • Get licenses
  • Decide on a brand name, create a logo and personalise packaging
  • Start baking and cooking
  • Collaborate with local businesses to sell your treats
  • Start marketing on social media especially Instagram and your own website

Want to start a dog baking business and start making at least $500 a week? Check this out right away.

Consulting or freelancing:

Freelancing is a great way to make money if you have a skillset. Freelancers offer expert advice and services all over the world.

You can create your own schedule, set your own rates, and work in the comfort of your home.

Freelancing doesn’t require any formal qualifications or training, but it can be beneficial to acquire specific skills like graphic design or writing in order to make more money as a freelancer.

There are over 200+ skills you can monetise as a freelancer. It is the best way to set your monthly income and work on your own time.

Freelancers earn as much as $90-$250 per hour and it is totally possible to earn over $200k a year with freelancing.

The most popular freelancing services are:

Whatever you do, it is important to see your client’s perspectives and improve upon what you are offering them. So how do you get started?

Answer the questions below:

  • What does your niche skill offer?
  • How can you use it to help your target audience?
  • How much will you charge per hour?
  • How will you market yourself?
  • What is your onboarding system?
  • Who are your target clients and why do they need what you’re offering them?

6 steps to launch your freelancing business

  • Find a niche skill to offer. You have to portray yourself as an expert
  • Ensure the skill is in demand and is profitable.
  • Find a target client for yourself
  • If you don’t have experience, get 1-2 beta clients for testimonials and experience
  • Create a portfolio
  • Create an onboarding system
  • Start networking and outreach
  • Get your client and keep upskilling yourself.

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Personal Trainer and a nutritionist:

A personal trainer is a professional who helps clients to achieve their fitness goals. They provide guidance, support, and instruction on how to exercise safely and improve overall fitness.

Personal trainers typically have a certification from a reputable training organization.

A nutritionist is a professional who helps clients to improve their health by providing dietary advice and guidance. Nutritionists typically have a degree in nutrition or a related field.

As a personal trainer and a nutritionist, you can get certified later and start your own business.

A few different ways to earn money

  • Be a social media influencer (earn with sponsorships and brand deals)
  • Sell your services and consult online
  • Collaborate with doctors clinic
  • Collaborate with gyms, dance studios, zumba studios, yoga studios etc
  • Collaborate with gym instructors, personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionist etc

You may be wondering how much you can earn. Well here is the thing

  • You can be a freelance consultant with a gym, studio etc
  • Have a social media presence and earn via sponsorship deals
  • Start consulting online and monetise your social media account
  • Launch your own fitness or diet plan courses and make money passively
  • Start a blog or a YouTube channel and monetise that as well.
  • Once you have gained reach and have adequate social media following, you can launch your own brand of gym wear, accessories etc

Overall, if you choose a couple of the ideas listed above, you can easily make $200k


As a blogger, you can monetize your passion by creating and sharing helpful and interesting content with your audience.

It can also be a great way to make money. There are many different ways that bloggers can earn money, including through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and more.

There are many bloggers who earn upwards of $200k a year. Just like Debbie Gartner, Jennifer Maker, Monica Froese, Michelle of Making Sense of Cents and so many more.

To better understand how to monetise a blog:

Ads – Ads  are shown on your blog, and you make money every time someone clicks on it. Find out alternatives to Adsense that pay well for ads

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is when you recommend other people’s products in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Check this out to learn how to go about affiliate marketing that reaps money

Email marketing – This form of monetisation involves building your own email list and then sending them targeted emails about related topics or products. Check out this free course on how to create an attractive lead magnet

Want to learn blogging, Check this out.

Cake Decorater:

A cake decorator is a baking and pastry arts expert who creates and adorns baked items.

Cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries are frequently decorated with a variety of frostings and other toppings in unique patterns or for custom orders.

You can start your own cake decorating business by selling cakes on the weekends or during holidays.

Cake decorators make an average of $31,226 per year but if you freelance alongside, launch your own courses and teach people cake decoration, and start your own blog/youtube channel, you can easily make over $200k a year.

Hair Dresser and stylist:

A hairstylist is a person who works in the field of haircuts and styles to alter or maintain a person’s image.

You can start a hairdressing and styling business from home. Just get your license and start taking appointments in the comfort of your own home.

It is important to know your client’s needs, so spend some time learning about different kinds of hairstyles before you begin.

Appleton, the hairstylist for Kim Kardashian, has a fancy net worth of about $1 million. Similarly, Alex Pardoe, a 25-year-old hairstylist, earns $280,000 a year through his own salon Aesthetic Hair Co.

Like I have been clarifying, you cannot make $200k just with one stream of income.

Overall, Pardoe earns around

  • $190,000 a year from client work,
  • $50,000 in tips,
  • $30,000 from teaching classes and holding private sessions with other stylists, and
  • $10,000 from his product line.

Makeup artists:

A makeup artist is a professional who applies makeup to performers and models before they go on stage or before a photoshoot.

Some makeup artists also work with clients for everyday makeup.

You can start a make-up business from home as well. It is important to learn about different looks before you begin.

What are the trendy looks? What will work for your client?

Start with a few appointments and then expand on it once you have some more experience under your belt.

You can also consider starting your own YouTube channel to help you gain more experience and learn about different products.

For example, one of today’s most well-paid makeup artists, Sam Fine, charges over $3,500 per day for his services. Going by that, it only takes him 57 appointments in a year, to reach $200k.

Again, you can also start out your Instagram account, youtube channel, blog to share tips and tricks, and consult with budding makeup artists on tactics.

Monetise your skill with every avenue you have today!

Social Media Influencers:

Social media influencers are people who have a large following on social media and are often paid by brands to promote their products.

They can be paid in many different ways, including through product reviews, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or paid posts.

Some social media influencers make over $200,000 a year.

You can monetize your social media accounts by creating engaging content on your platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Lele Pons has become a powerhouse influencer who makes over $180,000 per sponsored post and Jen Selter makes an average of $27,400 per sponsored post.

See how fast they can reach $200k a year.

Professional Organiser:

If you are good at helping people reduce their mess, become a professional organizer.

It is important to know how to help somebody else improve their day-to-day life, work, or both. You can start teaching them organizing skills and help free up some time for them.

Professional Organizer salary in the United States is $47,596 

You can combine it with other business ideas like consultation, YouTube, Blogging, and Podcast to achieve $200k

Why do I have this on the list? Because this is NOT yet a saturated niche.

Stock Trader:

A stock trader is an individual who trades stocks and other financial assets, such as bonds. The services of a stock trader may be provided to individuals or institutions.

Stock traders need to have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting.

Trading stocks can earn you around $160-$200k+ per year if you are good at it.

Direct Response Copywriter:

Direct response copywriters are creative problem solvers. They have a variety of skills, from advertising to sales.

A direct response copywriter can provide an effective and compelling solution in any situation and help brands/businesses make more sales.

You can start your own business by writing sales pages for different products. You can also consult companies on how to create better ad copies etc.

As a direct response copywriter, you can charge a flat rate or a percentage of sales that happen because of your copywriting.

Personal Stylist:

A personal stylist is a professional who helps people improve their appearance. They may work with clients to select clothes, makeup, and hairstyles.

Personal stylists may also help clients with organization and planning for special events. Some personal stylists charge by the hour, while others may charge a flat fee for their services.

A personal stylist is a sought-after profession in the fashion industry.

You can start off by focusing on a specific clientele and then expanding your reach later on.

It will help if you have a good knowledge of fashion and trends. You can also consider starting your own blog or YouTube channel to gain popularity and brand your name.

Fashion Illustrator:

Do you have a talent for drawing? You can easily become a fashion illustrator.

As a fashion illustrator, your primary responsibility is to communicate fashion designs through drawing.

You’ll develop these sketches based on your own designs or ideas, or those of other fashion designers.

Style your drawings with the latest trends to make them even more appealing.

You can also consider becoming an Instagram influencer if you are good at promoting yourself!

Ethical Hacker:

An ethical hacker is a computer security professional who hacks into computer systems to find and fix security vulnerabilities.

Unlike a black hat hacker, an ethical hacker is authorized to break into systems in order to find and fix problems.

If you have a knack for hacking and computer security, this is the ideal profession for you.

It can help if you have some prior experience in this field. However, it is not necessary.

There are many training programs available for brand new individuals as well.

Tarot Reader:

Someone is reading tarot cards. Graphic for a post on jobs that pay 200k

If you are good at predicting the future, tarot card reading can be a lucrative job.

It will require some training and learning before you become successful.

You can also consider taking classes for this profession if it interests you. You could do so online or in person.

Start with free readings to gain experience and then charge a fee for your services once you’re good at it!

Virtual Dance Teacher:

Are you a good dancer? You can teach dance online to students around the world.

You can give them lessons via Skype or any other video calling app.

Start by creating videos with some steps and tutorials for young kids who are interested in learning how to dance.

This will be beneficial for you as well because you can use the steps you show in your video to start earning money.

Foot Model :

If you don’t mind your face and body being visible to the world, become a foot model. This is something you can do as a side hustle.

You can also try getting noticed by popular brands and companies if they need any new models.

Do some research on what makes attractive feet and start off with that as your foundation.

You can also sell feet pictures or hand pics which is more lucrative than you think.

Become a rented friend for someone who is lonely

You can start your own business by renting yourself out as a friend.

If you are having trouble making new friends, this will also be beneficial to you.

This way, you are paid for being someone’s friend and you can finally make some money from it!

Conclusion: jobs that make 200k a year.

There are many different jobs that can offer you the chance to earn over $200,000 per year.

All you need to do is find the right profession for yourself.

To get started, research the job description and requirements carefully so that you can prepare yourself before pursuing your dream career!

If you are good at any of these skills, let us know in the comments!

jobs that make 200k a year.