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12 things to buy that makes money (buy and get rich!)

Things to buy that makes money for sure!

There are so many things to buy that make money out there, but it can be hard to know what is good and what isn’t.

If you have extra funds from your side hustle, investing in something that will make you more money might be a good idea.

This is a post discussing the top 6 things to invest your money on that will make you more money! 

After all, investing wisely is one of the best ways to ensure financial security for yourself and your family.

Here are some tips on how not to waste time researching these investments (because they’re all awesome).

The post includes affiliate links.

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Overview of things to buy and sell that makes money for you

The post on things to buy and sell that makes money for you. It is divided into 4 parts.

  • Things to buy and sell that makes money: Requires some involvement
    • Buying and Selling Websites
    • Buying and Selling Domains
    • Investing in Art
    • A few other similar things to buy things that make money would be
  • Things to buy and sell that makes money: Passive income
    • Investing in Cryptocurrency
    • Investing in Startups
    • Investing in Property
    • Stocks and Shares 
  • Things to buy and sell that makes money – what equipment can i buy to make money
    • Buy a camera – Sell photos or start a youtube channel
    • Buy domain and hosting – Start a blog
    • Buy a laptop and start freelancing website
  • Best Things To Sell On eBay To Make Quick Money
    • Buy clothes from thrift stores and resell them on eBay
    • Sell Shoes and Sneakers 

Things to buy and sell that makes money: Requires some involvement

Things to buy that makes money

1. Buying and Selling Websites

If you research the web, you’ll find information on how to buy and sell websites.

One of the best things you can do if you want to be successful at buying and selling websites is to find a website that is already making money and buy it.

This may sound like what you’re supposed to do, but there’s more to it than that!

Just ensure you buy a website with

  • Good organic traffic potential, especially organic traffic
  • Monetisation potential (should be able to monetise with ads, affiliates, sponsored content and more)
  • ease of outsourcing (the thing is my friend, you should be easily able to outsource content creation and other aspects to make sure its a hands-free investment)

I worked on a blog for 6 months, brought it to about 700 pageviews from Google, and sold it for $1700.

and, all this happened within 8 months of time, and invest just $400 from my pocket.

That means I had 4x the profit.

Check out; a platform where you can buy & sell online business and websites.

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2. Buying and Selling Domains

It can be a great idea to buy and sell domains as well (if not the websites), but you need to make sure you do it right.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up with a dud that isn’t worth anything.

Make sure your domain has keywords and are simply spelled. The easier it is to read, write, spell, and is in the niche of the words in them, the more it will be sold for.

For example, an indoor garden pro for a website on indoor gardens OR make more time for a website on time management.

Be choosy when you buy domains.

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3. Investing in Art

Art is a very good investment, but it’s a market that not a lot of people can get into.

As their popularity grows as an artist, so will the value of their work; leaving an enormous money-making opportunity for early investors.

One great way to find these artists is to look out for galleries and exhibitions that usually sell original pieces.

You can also find budding artists on places like Instagram, but keep in mind that these people may not be the best at marketing themselves yet.

Remember –

In 2010, a Pablo Picasso painting was sold at auction for $106.5 million. And one day, it will be re-auctioned and sold for even more money.

4. A few other similar things to buy things that make money would be:

  • Buying and Selling Antique  or vintage items
  • Investing in antique items is another good idea.

However, make sure you do your research on what you’re buying because all of these can be faked.

One way to tell if the item is genuine or not is that when it comes to money or made in a certain era – always look for stamps, dating, and other documents.

A common tactic of the seller is to put a flattering price on an item and then get you down on it.

This works especially well if you’re buying from an individual, not a dealer.

Things to buy and sell that makes passive income

5. Investing in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin may be old news for some, but there are so many other emerging cryptocurrencies out there you should be looking at.

For example, Ripple is making some waves (the cryptocurrency) nowadays.

If you can do your research and invest in the next Bitcoin, not only will you make good money but could also sell it again when its price goes up even higher; resulting in 10x or more of your money.

Remember, cryptocurrency is very unstable and the price can fluctuate in a few hours.

Don’t invest everything into this.

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6. Investing in Startups

Startups are risky because there’s no guarantee they will succeed, but if you invest in the right ones at the beginning, you could make a lot of money.

Before investing in any start-up, make sure they have an idea that is unique and they are passionate about it.

Make sure you do not invest past your means because if anything goes wrong, you won’t be able to get your money back.

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7. Investing in Property

Just like art, you need to know the right type of property and area before investing.

You can also invest in property developing and selling as well as taking a loan that you will be able to pay back easily.

You can even save money by having tenants pay your mortgage for you! It’s not too hard to make money this way with a little bit of strategy.

A few things you can do

  • Construct and revamp the house. Flip it for profit.
  • Give it out on long-term rent and pay the mortgage with help of the rent
  • Give it out for vacation rental on AirBnB

Read here – how to invest in real estate even if you have $50

8. Stocks and Shares 

Investing in stocks and shares is something you can do if you want to be hands-free with your investments.

It’s critical to keep your stocks for a long time in order to get good returns when things are going well and not missing out.

If you know the basics about how it works, it’s not too hard to make money; however, if you don’t fully understand it, I recommend not investing a huge sum there.

Do your research and see if you think you’ve got what it takes.

The following are a few examples of how to interpret company performance: The firm’s profits, sales, and equity should all be higher than the previous year, and the debts should be equal or less.

Things to buy and sell that makes money – what equipment can i buy to make money

In this section, we will talk about what equipment can i buy to make money. You will have to use the equipment to start an online business and make money

9. Buy a camera – Sell photos or start a youtube channel

You can invest in a camera.

If your camera is high quality enough, you can take photos of people or products and sell them.

You can also start a youtube channel about anything that interests you, the possibilities are endless!

You can sell feet pictures and use these photo apps to sell.

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10. Buy domain and hosting – Start a blog

You can buy a domain and hosting to start a blog.

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online because it’s not as competitive as other fields and you don’t need any special skills (I use Bluehost, they’re great).

There are many ways bloggers make money: Ads on their website, Affiliate marketing, Selling their own products and e-books.

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There are three different ways you can go about this:

Ads – Ads  are shown on your blog, and you make money every time someone clicks on it. Find out alternatives to Adsense that pay well for ads

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is when you recommend other people’s products in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Check this out to learn how to go about affiliate marketing that reaps money

Email marketing – This form of monetisation involves building your own email list and then sending them targeted emails about related topics or products. Check out this free course on how to create an attractive lead magnet

The last way out yo make money from your blog is to sell digital products on your blog.

Once your site is up and running, it doesn’t take much work for you to continue making money while you sleep.

Ready Set Blog for traffic  It is an EXTREMELY underpriced course on how to make money with a blog for beginners. It tells you how to set up your blog, use Pinterest and implement SEO strategies. Using her tips, I have been able to rank on page 1 of Google. You can read my first income report here.

11. Buy a laptop and start freelancing website

If you have a laptop with an internet connection, there are plenty of freelancing opportunities out there.

The best part is that you can do it anywhere that has internet; sitting on the beach or during your spare time after work.

A few of your options are

  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Proofreading
  3. Transcription
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Social media management!

Best Things To Sell On eBay To Make Quick Money

A lady in a cafe on a laptop - a blog post graphic for a post on Things to buy that makes money

12. Buy clothes from thrift stores and resell them on ebay

People often give clothes to thrift stores that are high-quality, name-brand items. Thrift Stores, in return, sell them at a steal.

It is called thrift store flipping and is really popular way to make money online.

When you buy these items for cheap and resell them on eBay, you can make a lot of money!

Don’t forget to include the shipping cost!

I recommend waiting for good deals like when the seasons change because it’s easy to sell winter clothes in summer and vice versa.

Check out this free workshop on flipping to start smart and make money from the first project


13. Sell Shoes and Sneakers 

People love shoes and sneakers, especially when they’re limited edition or high quality.

Since that’s the case, if you sell them on eBay, you’ll be making a lot of money!

A few other things you can buy and sell are

  1. Vintage items
  2. Board Games
  3. Stamps
  4. Sports Memorabilia
  5. Unopened Products
  6. Kitchen items
  7. Wedding decor etc

Click here to find out how to resell shoes and make profit selling it online.

Conclusion – things to buy that makes money

So, these are some of the things to buy that make money or sell to make money.

Start now.

If you have a little extra money laying around, there are many opportunities to invest in things that will make you more money down the road!

You might want to consider investing in something like stocks or bonds if you’re not sure what to do with your spare cash.

Or maybe it’s time for a side hustle?

Whatever direction you decide to take, just remember that “time is money.”

Start today and be well-prepared when tomorrow comes knocking at your door!

Things to buy that makes money