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Get paid for writing – 47 legit websites to work Online and get paid instantly

Get paid for writing – 25 websites to work Online and get paid instantly

Do you know you can write and get paid instantly for many writing websites that pay?

Do you want to know how to make money writing articles online and find one-off writing jobs or gigs?

Are you ready to get paid to write online?

Whether you need the extra cash for your online business, blogging, writing portfolio, or the holidays this is a great opportunity to get a bylined article, a backlink AND get paid for it.

You could also use this opportunity to build a writing career and work from home.

From family to travel, faith to tech, I have included a variety of freelance writing niches in the post. This post also contains websites that pay you to write short stories as well.

This post lists down 25 websites that pay you to write and get paid instantly (between $50 – 500 for a single post submission).

Want to know how you can get paid for writing and where to start? Let’s talk about how you can get paid for writing.

Table Of Contents

Note – This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure policy


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Get paid for writing – 4 Types of websites that pay you to write

Okay.. so, for the purpose of this post, we have divided the websites into 4 sections.

Not only will it help you sort the websites that pay faster but it will also help you with getting paid to write faster.

The main categories are

  • Freelance marketplace
  • Article writing services
  • Job boards
  • Websites that will hire writers directly.

We will just touch upon each of these types of websites that will help you get paid for writing.

i) Freelancing platforms or freelance marketplaces are websites where clients and freelancers come together to bid for a gig.

These platforms bring in the clients who are willing to hire a beginner freelance writer with no experience and pay them for writing.

So, if you are a newbie writer, freelance marketplaces are a good place to begin with. However, most of these marketplaces require you to get paid through their site ONLY.

Basically, if you cannot ask a client to pay you offsite via PayPal or Payoneer – it will be against their terms of service and could get you banned.

These freelance marketplaces allow you to rate clients as well. So, if you are a beginner writer wanting to get paid for writing on these platforms, you could snoop around the clients profile to see what other freelancers say about them. If they are good, you can start bidding on their jobs

You can decide to only work with clients with a positive record.

Besides that, you should ask clients to leave you reviews and testimonials – which can help you increase your rates and get paid higher for writing

ii) Article writing services (also content as content mills) are middle man websites. You can get paid for writing almost anything but the clients gives you the topic.

I DO NOT recommend them at all because it is better to deal with clientele directly.

These websites will ask you to churn out content as fast as possible and for pennies. The payments are low and writers have to work really hard to get paid decently for writing.

You may be really excited for getting paid for writing but this should not mean pennies or peanuts.

But, on these content mills, most jobs suck.

After you submit an article that’s accepted by their client, they can rate your work. Your ratings will eventually decide how much you get paid to write.

Note: Getting paid to write with content mills is a tough job, and I do not recommend it.

Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.

iii) Job boards are one of my favourite ways to find writing jobs that pay well. If you are a beginner writer and want to get paid for writing, this is the best option to begin with.

You apply for the jobs you’re interested in, and it’s up to you and the client to figure out payment details.

You can always receive payments via Paypal. Now, you do not know or cant review your clients, so you will have to look out for red flags and be wary of scams.

iv) Independent websites that will hire writers to create content for their site directly: These could be established and popular websites that look for experience writers to those who are fairly established and look for intermediate writers.

If your writing is rusty, wait until you improve before pitching these types of websites.

Get Paid to Write Online and Get Paid Instantly

Ready to get paid for writing?


get paid to write

1. Cooking Detective

Cooking Detective is always looking for passionate writers, paid or guest bloggers, who can contribute informative articles to the website.

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can get paid to write about anything related to reviews on kitchen appliances, cooking ware, kitchen fixture, and any other product related to cooking and kitchen. This is a great example of what they look for in a piece.


  • Ultimate Guide (3000–4000 words): $120-$160, depending on the depth of the topic covered
  • Articles (2000+ Words): $75
  • We pay to writers using Paypal and Skrill.

Relevant Resources

How to become a freelance writer and earn your first $1k

How to Become a Freelance Writer Blog Post


summer slump for bloggers

Let’s talk about getting paid to write about freelancing and business

2. Freelance mom 

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Freelance Mom believe that there couldn’t be a better time for parents to be a freelancer or soloprenuer.

If you agree with them, you can reach out to them with case studies and other mom stories.

You get paid for about anything that are personal stories and anecdotes that connect and are relatable to other moms who want to sell their expertise or a run a business. This is one the few websites that pay you to write short stories.

PAYMENT: Articles that are selected for publication will be paid between $75 to $100 via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to be paid.

BONUS: Every month, if your article is at the top of our most shared, you’ll be the winner of a special bonus of $150.

3. Barefoot writer

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can write about topics that are related to building a writing career and give people actionable advice.

PAYMENT: We pay $100 to $300 for published articles with the fee depending on the assignment.

4. WOW

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can write about the craft of writing and publishing.

They are particularly keen on how-to guides on a variety of writing and publishing topics, and interviews/round-ups with acquiring editors/literary agents/publishers.

All articles must have takeaway value for fellow writers.

PAYMENT: Pay is arranged between the writer and editor for the piece, but most articles pay $50 or $75

5. Make a living writing 

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Blogging, breaking in, copywriting, editor Q&A’s, ghostwriting, market reports, marketing, overcoming fear, productivity, resources, tool, self-publishing success stories, social media marketing, writing craft etc

PAYMENT: Carol Tice currently pay $75-$150 for guest posts (higher fees are for longer, in-depth pieces written on assignment only).

Freelance writing need not a full fledged business. You can write for online blog and websites, contribute once, and earn $50-500 for each contribution. So, make money online, earn extra cash and spend in the way you want it


WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: WPHUB is always looking for content each week and writers will work with their editors on appropriate topics to publish. As a guideline, we are looking for 800 to 1,200 word articles with visuals.

  • Web design trends and popular design concepts
  • Insight into the top selling themes authors and agencies
  • Identifying up and coming plugins useful for developers
  • General WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Coding best practices as related to WordPress

PAYMENT: $100 to $200 per article depending on the topic and length.

7. Fund for writers

This website looks for unique content related to marketing, profitable business, success stories, unusual writing ideas to make money etc.

They also accept reprints, but the compensation is fairly low for it. They pay 50$ for unpublished original content and 15$ for reprints.


Let’s talk about getting paid to write about travel

8. Great Escape

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Great Escape accepts interviews, personal stories, and any articles with specific income advice readers can print and follow to earn more income.

Again, this is one of the few websites that pay you to write short stories.

They publish articles on the craft and business of getting paid to travel, whether by writing, photography, tours or other means.

Along with this, they are also interested in publishing short interviews with successful readers and members, as well as professionals working in a field that enables our readers to get paid to travel.

You cannot submit a straight travel piece though.


Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.

9. Travel China Guide

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Articles submitted to TCG and pictures attached shall be restricted to Independent Traveling in China and likely to be of interest or of use to other travelers.

PAYMENT: Awards can be from USD200 to USD500 according to its rating evaluated by TCG.

If you are looking for online freelance writing jobs that pay instantly, check this out

10. Alaska AirlinesWrite about a variety of topics for the in-flight magazine.

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: They look for writing with vivid visual images, anecdotes, and a strong narrative flow.

They are interested in writers who can cover business with insight and style; local writers who can lend inside perspective to the destination and travel columns; journalists who write with a sense of humor, though they do not publish a humor column.


  • Rates begin at $150 to $250 for short articles in the Journal section (200 to 600 words)
  • $150 for business shorts (500 words)
  • $500 for columns (1,600 words);
  • $700 for features (2,000 to 2,500 words).


You can make money money writing articles on spirituality and more. Let’s talk about getting paid to write on faith

11. Clubhouse magazine

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can get paid to write about anything that falls under the following –

  • Personality features of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things
  • Activity theme pages with 3 to 5 fun things for kids to do
  • Short, humorous how-to articles (how to get good grades, how to be a good friend)
  • Quizzes (multiple choice or true/false) that teach a biblical concept or character trait—more along the lines of personality quizzes than factual quizzes
  • Factual stories from a Christian worldview that talk about apologetics, biblical archeology or Christian values
  • Short craft or recipe ideas centered around a theme or holiday
  • Interviews with noteworthy Christians or Christians who experienced noteworthy events (athletes, actors, etc.)

PAYMENT: 15 and 25 cents per word, depending on the amount of editing required. Feature-length fiction stories are usually bought for $200 and up. Nonfiction pieces are purchased for $150 and up. This is one of the best websites that pay you to write short stories.


get paid to write

12. Get paid to write for Money Pantry

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Get paid to write about anything unusual and interesting, yet practical, ideas for earning and saving more money.

PAYMENT:  $30 to $150 per post.

13. Penny Hoarder

This is a great place to write and get paid for it. You can pitch them articles that are related to money-saving hacks, success stories, budget planning etc.

I am not sure what they pay for contributions, but I am fairly certain it is a good amount. If your pitch is accepted, you will discuss the compensation with the editor.

14. The Dollar Stretch

The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications dedicated to “Living Better…for Less”.  You will have to pitch something on those lines.

They pay 0.10$ per word. This means you can make 100$ for a 1000 words article.


Let’s talk about getting paid to write for health and wellness topics

15. Eating well

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT:  Cooking and nutrition science along with the origins of food and social issues related to food networks. They appreciate eating culture and traditions.

PAYMENT: Pay rate: up to $1/word


Let’s talk about getting paid to write about parenting topics

16. Green parent 


  • Pregnancy and conscious birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Family life
  • Alternative education
  • Natural Health and Beauty
  • Food and Drink
  • Eco House and Garden
  • Green Travel
  • Ethical Fashion

PAYMENT: If you live in the UK, this UK based publication accepts guest post between 1,500 to 2,000. They have a readership if over 100,000 and they pay £75 for every 1000 words!

17. A fine parent 

The status is currently closed but do keep an eye for when it opens. 

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: The articles need to fall into one of these categories

  • Basics of Positive Parenting
  • “What to do when” type of posts for everyday parenting challenges
  • “How to” type posts for things we parents want to teach our kids

The detailed list in on their webpage linked to above.

PAYMENT: Articles selected for publication will be paid $75 via Paypal.

18. Focus on the family 

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: There are 6 categories your submissions could fall under.

  • Child’s spiritual development
  • Keeping Quiet
  • Brio Friction – How did I get into this mess?
  • Modesty
  • Appropriate dress
  • Family stages submission

The category titles are slightly abstract, so please go through the link to read the details.

PAYMENT: Pay $50 – 450

19. Lies about parenting 

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can get paid to write about anything that falls under this category

  • Kids & Reading
  • Traveling
  • Modern parenting techniques
  • Words of Wisdom from experts like teachers, doctors, and advocates

PAYMENT: $50 per Featured Piece (never published), 48 hours prior to publication. Please note How We Do It posts are currently unpaid, due to budget constraints.

20. Metro Parent

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Metro Parent pay you to write about the local parenting scene.

PAYMENT: You can find the prices here. Pay ranges from $25 – $200+

21. Raising Arizona Kids

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Raising Arizona Kids pay Arizonians for writing content about parenting. Featured article submissions should be 1,000 – 3,000 words.


  • $200 and up for feature submissions (multiple sources, 1,000 words or more)
  • $75 and up for departmental submissions (300-600 words)
  • $75 and up for web-exclusive posts (300-600 words)

22. Stork Guide

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: As a hub for new moms, they want to publish content that helps moms with children from newborn up to toddlers and of course, expectant moms.

A lot of their readers are first-time moms, so if you have content that is really helpful to a first-time mom, that’s a bonus!

How to’s, guides, tips, experiences etc. that are engaging, relatable super helpful and specific. Minimum 700 words.

PAYMENT: Payment: $50+ depending on the length and style of content.

23. Early American Life


  • History
  • Architecture and Decorating
  • Antiques
  • Studio Crafts
  • Travel

PAYMENT: $500 for the first feature from a new writer, more if you are an experienced, skillful writer.

If they assign a story to you, they will negotiate the rate before you begin work.

Besides this, there are a few other websites with which you can get paid to write online. They are in different niches, so do check them out.

If you haven’t yet found the website in your niche, don’t be sad. I am including a few more writing websites that pay you. Are you excited to get paid to write articles at home?

Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.


Let’s talk about getting paid to write about other topics

24. Cosmopolitan

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can write about memorable, crazy, hilarious, or touching college experience.

Stories about friends, class, dating, partying, studying, working, interning — anything that happened to you or around you in college is fair game. (Or: Tell us why you didn’t go to college, why college is bullshit, what you’re doing instead… )

PAYMENT:  $100. You may be approached for future assignments.

25. Listverse

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: You can write any list-based article and get paid to write write articles at home, but it needs to be unusual with a bit of humor.

PAYMENT: $100 for the post even if you are a newbie writer.

26. Bless the List

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Any list based article with a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual or interesting.


27. This Old House

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Did you renovate your house and do most of the work yourself? If so, we’d like to hear about your home improvement project.

PAYMENT: You’ll receive a payment of $250 if your home is featured.

28. Vibrant life

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT: Vibrant Life needs practical articles that stress prevention while promoting improved physical health, increased mental clarity, and a sustained spiritual balance in the everyday life of the reader.

They feature articles on the latest breakthroughs in medicine, health, nutrition, and exercise; interviews with leading personalities on health topics; and seasonal, health-related material written in a readable style that appeals to the typical man or woman.

Articles presenting a happy, healthy outlook are welcome. We prefer articles that take a positive, holistic approach to a topic and emphasize reader benefits.

PAYMENT: Payment for articles ranges from $100 to $300.

There you go. This is the entire list of legitimate writing websites that pay

Write and get paid instantly in 2019. Start pitching now, and by the time the next year begins, you have a live article published under your name. You can use to just make quick cash or promote your online business (whether you are a virtual assistant, proofreader, writer, scopist or transcriptionist).

Do not forget to check out this list of websites that pay $150+ for each article!

Getting paid to write with Freelance Marketplace

29. Upwork

I am pretty sure you have heard about Upwork. It is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces out there and best one to get started if you want to get paid to write.

It provides all sort of full-time, part-time, work-from-home and freelancing gigs. Once a remote job is posted, you can approach the client with your bid, collaborate and start working once you finalize the deal. 

You will, however, get paid to write ONLY through their website. No paypal, payoneer.

This platform is best when you are starting out and creating a name for yourself.

However, it is difficult to land high paying clients on this platform, so my advice – move on from it as soon as possible and explore cold emailing.

30. Freelancer

Even before you sign up with freelancer, you can browse through the writing jobs and decide whether or not it is useful to you

You can filter using the options available – like – skills, language, pay etc.

31. Guru

Guru is the perfect platform for someone who wants to work as a freelancer and get paid to write

It was started with an ambition to connect quality freelancers with potential employers to collaborate and work securely.

Guru boasts staggering numbers in terms of members worldwide, remote jobs completed and money paid to Guru’s    

You can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly newsletter update.

32. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a new remote job website and good platform for people who want to get paid to write. 

It connects freelancers and businesses. You can find jobs in various fields – tech, development, writing etc.

There is no fees on the platform.

You can find a bunch of jobs on the platform. You can apply to them or wait for a client to reach out to you.

33 CloudPeeps

It is a great remote job website for freelancers in the fields of content creation, marketing and social media.

You can get a gig between 30-50 USD an hour.

You can sign up for free. However, just like any other freelancing platform, they take a percentage of your earnings. It starts at 15% for free the free plan and decreases if you pay up for membership.

If you start getting paid to write and earn enough, you can get their standard membership at $9 with 10% as a transaction fee.

They currently accept freelancers from 25 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

34. PeoplePerHour

People per hour has lots of gigs listed for you to browse and get paid for writing

They do not take any money from you but they take it from clients deposits for payment.


Personally, I do NOT recommend these platforms if you are serious about getting paid to write.

But, if you want to just write online and get paid instantly, this is your option.

35. iWriter

They require some amount of experience and you will need to check whether or not they are hiring right now.

You can definitely check out this writing platform.

You will be required to fill out the application form which includes a mandatory 200-word sample article on a topic they provide. They will also you to write 200 words on why you want to work from home.

The application process is simple. Fill out the form and provide a 200 word sample article on a topic that they provide you along with writing a sample para on why you want to work with them

Once you start earning, iWriter will handle all payment related matters.

36. Textbroker

This is another article writing service which is commonplace.

You need to submit a sample article for their review and rating. Once that is done, you can find jobs on this writing platform

Remember – Lower ratings means lower pay. So, if you want to get paid to write, work on increasing the ratings.

37. WriterAccess

They accept freelance writers in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Just like other writing platforms on the list, they need you take some tests and provide writing samples.

WriterAccess does not charge a monthly fee and take 30% of your income as service charge.

38. WritersLabs

They accept both native and non native English speakers. However, you need a college degree to be able to work with them

Starting rate is of 5 USD per page. Their rates top out at 26 USD per page. So, if getting paid for writing is your dream, content mills are not for you.

At $26 per page, they basically wrote at least a 100+ pages to get there and guess what, $26 is the max limit.

Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.

Freelance Writing Job Boards – Getting paid to write made easy!

When I started out, I started getting paid for writing with clients I found on these job boards.

They have great potential because you decide your rates!

39. BloggingPro

You will find most writing jobs on this platform require some of other experience.

But, that is not always the case.

Keep an eye on their board because they do have beginner jobs and you will find high paying clients.

It is just that people are super active when it comes to applying and if you delay, you will probably not find that job.

40. FlexJobs

Flexjobs hand screens all the jobs listed on their website to avoid scams.

You will find a variety of jobs on their platform – flexible, part time, full time etc – but all remote.

This is, however, a paid platform but it worth every penny.

41 FreelanceWriting

This is another freelance writing job board that is my favorite.

They have freelance writing jobs so your chances of landing a high paying gig increases.

They include both jobs listed from job boards all over the internet. Basically, they curate it all for you so it becomes easier for you to get paid to write.

42. FreelanceWritingGigs

This is another freelance writing job board that collates jobs from across different job boards each day of the work week.

You can find the job board here that has new listings added regularly.

43. Indeed

I am not very fond of indeed, but it does work some writers.

They list the jobs located near you and this can be helpful for people wanting to become freelance writer but cannot seem to find gigs (because of being non native)

44. LinkedIn Jobs

Now, LinkedIn jobs is another one that I really love.

You can find both, experience and no experience, writing jobs on their platform. You can find writing jobs and get paid to write with them.

45. ProBlogger

This is a well known job-board for aspiring writers looking to get paid to write and make a legit income.

This job board has a LOT of competition so you are required to act fast. I recommend you check the board every hour and apply as soon as you see something that suits you

46. Writers Weekly

They put up job opportunities for writers every day. Writers Weekly mostly have jobs requiring experience so be ready to browse through a lot of listings to find something suitable.

47. VirtualVocations

You can find writing jobs with them. It is not as good as other writing boards, but it does the job. You can find a few gems in there and get paid writing.

Get paid to write online – Tips and FAQs

A few things to remember about getting paid to write

  • No experience required: These writing websites that pay accept submissions from newbie writers with no experience at all. You can simply work online and get paid instantly!
  • A word of caution. These are not writing sites that pay daily and you cannot type and get paid instantly. You will have to put in some work!
  • Write an excellent pitch: That said, many of these websites are approached by experienced writers, so you need to put in effort writing a pitch, suggesting ideas and writing the final submission.

    Check out this post on how to find and pitch clients your freelance writing services

I also found this AMAZING video by Natalie on how to write a buzz-worthy pitch email. Do not forget to listen to it before you draft a pitch email for any of the freelance writing websites that pay (and, listed below)

  • Use this strategically if you are a freelance writer: You cannot get rich with these freelance writing gigs, but it is a great way to make money writing articles online and build a freelance writing portfolio

So, let’s get started on how to get paid to write online and look at online freelance writing jobs that pay instantly.

Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.

How much can you get paid for writing online?

There are certain things about getting paid to write that I want to clarify.

how to get free money right now

First, If you are a complete beginner and have never written for the online world, the expectation to simple write and get paid instantly is not realistic.

As a beginner with no writing experience at all, starting a blog first and practicing your skill sounds like a good idea.

Once you get comfortable with writing online, you can start applying to some of the lower paid gigs in the hopes of getting paid to write for them.

On the other hand, if you are a decent writer and a fast learner, you will have e much easier road for getting paid to write online and getting paid instantly.

And if you are a pro writer, then the sky’s the limit – you can get paid to write about several topics

Second, getting paid to write is not as simple as many make it sound. You cannot make big bucks right away with writing online. The clients are not stupid and they won’t pay good money for writing that is not upto the mark.

Brand new freelance writers who want to get paid to write start at the bottom, hone their skills and then aim for high paying writing clients.

In summary, start low, improve your skills, then gradually work your way up to the higher paying jobs and get paid to write.

Are there writing sites that pay daily?

Before we talk about getting paid for writing or when I say work online and get paid instantly, I want to clear one thing.

These are not writing sites that pay daily. These are not content farm or content mills.

If someone claims to be a writing site that pay daily, they are either a writing scam or they pay peanuts.

In either cases, stay away from anyone that claim to be a website or a writing site that pay daily.

My experience with getting paid to write…

When I first decided to get paid to write online, I had no idea how to proceed and had a gazillion questions about getting published.

I had no experience or credibility as a writer, why will any major website let me write for them?

But, then I decided to try my luck anyway. I needed the money, and the only way I had was getting paid to write online.

Law school did teach me how to research, that could be useful in getting paid to write.. right?

Within just a couple months, my pitch accepted by a popular website.

It was the best feeling, it reassured my decision to quit my day job, get paid to write from home and do it full-time.

It does NOT matter whether or not you are a freelance writer or have excellent writing skills. In fact, it does not matter whether you want to pursue writing full time.

Even if you want to just get paid to write a few articles, it is possible. This post lists down writing sites that pay and will help with getting paid to write.

But, if you are serious about getting paid to write, these writing sites can help you build an impressive portfolio and get paid clients.

Check out this course by Holly Johnson on how to earn more travel writing for digital nomad blogs. She is rockstar who makes over $200,000 a year writing for digital nomad blogs and other known publications online.

Getting paid for writing – Conclusion

Are you ready to get paid for writing online?
Are you ready to work online and get paid instantly?
Do you know other websites that pay you to write?

Comment below and add on the list.

Relevant read on becoming a freelance writer and how to get paid to write

This post contains websites that pay you to write for them. You can be a freelance writer with no experience, and yet earn $50-500 for each post that you contribute. So, start making money online work from home right now

Getting paid to write made easy!

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