3 best and FREE Christmas planners for you

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FREE Christmas planners are a boon!

They are FREE of cost, meaning, we can plan our holidays and celebrate Christmas on a budget EASILY. 

As we get ready for Christmas 2018, we will be making a lot of lists, revising them again & again, discussing with family, and drawing up a holiday budget. More than often, our plans take a shape gradually – they are not organized and are a bunch of jotted notes or cryptic calendar entries. 

And, none of these preparations or lists, are used when it is time to implement the plans.

If you want to plan Christmas on a budget, we highly recommend you to organize yourself and download one of the FREE Christmas planners NOW. Not only do they cut down Christmas clutter, it keeps planning on track and easy to reference when you actually need them.

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Here are the best Christmas planners and other printables:


1. Crazy Little Projects by Amber

Amber has a great free Christmas planner and it contains –

  • November & December Calendars
  • Weekly Calendar pages
  • Gifts to Buy list with checkboxes (yay!)
  • Blank wish lists for ideas
  • Christmas Card Planning Sheet
  • Blank to do lists for Things to Bake, Party Planning, Family Activities, and more
  • Blank Note pages
  • Dear Santa-pages for kids to write letters on

This is how a sample page look like and you can download it here.

Free Printable December 2013 Calendar 2. The Cottage Market by Andrea

She has a beautiful planner which includes

  • front and back covers
  • November & December Calendars
  • Big Party Planner, Budget
  • Christmas Eve Planner
  • Family Gift Planner
  • General Gift Planner
  • Christmas Day Planner
  • Handmade Gift Planner
  • Notes
  • Christmas Card List
  • Online Gift Tracker
  • Small Gift Planner
  • To Do List

You can download it here.

A sneak peek into the free Christmas planner


3. The Simply Crafted life by Sarah

This Christmas planners by Sarah include seven sections

  • Christmas Contacts and Addresses
  • Christmas Gift List
  • Holiday Party Planner
  • Project To Do List
  • Cleaning To Do List
  • Shopping To Do List
  • Baking To Do List

You can check it out and download it here.

This Christmas Planner is a free download and has all you need to keep your holiday organized - print it out and use it year after year!


1. What Mommy Does by Lena

According to her, this savings plan is really attainable for many families. She says, if you go out to eat once or twice a week, saving that amount instead could be the only thing you need to change. If you don’t have an obvious monthly expenditure to cut, then you can also set a goal to earn the weekly deposit on the side

You can download it here

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2. Kaylnbrooke by Kayln

According to Kayln, many savings planners that are available online are unrealistic. It is not possible for many families to save $50 a week as the holidays arrive.

And, to solve this struggle, she creates her own savings plan that can be customized according to your needs and financial situation.

You can download it by scrolling down here.


One of the easiest ways to save money on Christmas is to use free printables available online.

But, if you start to Google it, the results will run into millions. Sam of Simpleeverydaymom.com has collated 225 pieces of Christmas related free printables from various bloggers and artists around the web. You can access her roundup post, here.

There you go –

Download these free Christmas planners and enjoy your stress-free holidays.

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