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18 Local Places to Find Scrap Metal Near Me

Best places you can find scrap metal easily

What if I told you that you could turn junk into cash?

No, I’ve not found the secret to King Midas’s touch; I’m talking about scrap metal recycling using the nearest scrap yard!

The scrap metal industry is not as glamorous as others, but it certainly is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side.

If you are wondering where I can find scrap metal near me and resell metal scrap for profit, this article has all the answers for you.

In this post, we go over 18 local places to find metal scrap near me to sell.

Selling scrap metal for money is a side hustle a lot of people do in their lives.

In fact, most people do not want metal scrap laying around the house and they are willing to pay you to remove it off the premise – which means – you can collect metal scrap and earn more money selling it.

Anyway – let’s get to discussing more ways to find metal scrap near me and you

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18 BEST Places to Find Scrap Metal to Sell – Scrap Metal Near Me

In this section we will talk about best places to find scrap metal near me.

1. Construction sites

Construction sites generate a lot of scrap metal and can be dependable source for finding scrap metals on a regular basis.

However, you must obtain permission to access the construction site. NEVER EVER remove any metal scrap without permission of the contractors.

In most cases, these contractors are nice enough to let you remove metal scraps they do not require.

Caution: Construction sites can also be dangerous places, so make sure you have the proper safety equipment and knowledge of the area.

You can also find scrap metal in demolition sites and abandoned building sites.

Focus on establishing links with people like plumbers and electricians who work on renovation sites and work your way to getting required permissions.

PRO TIP: While searching through these sites, look for non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, and copper.  

They are worth much more than ferrous metal.

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2. Local businesses

Find Scrap Metal Near Me From a Local Business – Scrap Metal Near Me

While there are SO MANY local businesses that can help you with scrap metal, you can focus on these three to start with –

  • Local businesses like small-scale auto repair shops often have a lot of discarded scrap metal parts lying around.

    They may actually pay you to remove these parts and free up space.

  • Besides that, smaller manufacturing units also have obsolete or damaged machinery which they have lying behind their facilities.

    They will be happy to part with their junk which you can sell to the nearest scrap yard.

  • Retail outlets and restaurants regularly remodel their interiors.

    They may want to get rid of the old shelving, display units, damaged shopping carts, chairs, tables, and even old refrigerators.

Contact these local businesses and let them know that you can get rid of their metal junk.

Let them know that you can offer this service free of charge.

Invest in a pick up truck with a large flat bed to haul the scrap metals without much trouble.

PRO TIP: Start your own “junk removal business”. You can advertise it through business cards and local newspapers. Focus on giving the best service and build relationships!

Businesses will go crazy! All they have to do is call you to remove all the junk they have for free.

3. Search online

You can use different online resources to search for metal scraps near you. These include –

a. Craiglist

You can’t always be thinking where to find metal scraps near me and drive around looking for pickups.

The smarter way to search for metal scraps is by checking the daily postings in your direct area on Craiglist.

You can also place an ad for free to see if anyone wants their scrap metal removed near you.

b. Facebook marketplace

People often post items made from metal on Facebook that they want to give away.

Certain things like baby strollers and swings are quite common.

You may also find some kitchen appliances, old metal bed frames, or metal chairs on the platform.

c. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood.

This site can be an excellent place to find people who want to get rid of metal junk scrap from their homes.

Some may even pay to get rid of their stuff. How awesome is that?

d. Classified

Read the classified section of your local newspaper online.

Check on any garage sales and clean outs going on.

4. Ranches and farms

Farms and ranches often have old cars, machinery, and other items that they don’t want. You can sell the junk for money easily!

These items are left at some gully or ravine on the farm to rust.

If you offer to remove these items from their farms, the farmers will be happy and may also contribute to pay you.

Call up in advance and make sure you have permission from the owner to enter their property.

5. Shooting ranges

Brass shells are valuable (really, valuable!) and shooting ranges are a great place to collect them.

Brass is almost $2 a pound.

Many shooting ranges allow you to take these from the range floor. In fact, I am pretty sure, most of them don’t even care for the junk (the bullet metal scrap) lying around

Contact your local range and make proper arrangements with the range management to ensure our safety.

6. Dumpsters

You can also check out dumpsters near you to find scrap metal. 

Dumpsters near an auto repair shop or an apartment complex can yield better results for collecting scrap metal.

Always take the permission of the owner of the dumpster.

While most people are happy to see their junk getting recycled, others may not even permit you.

Caution: Wear protective gear before entering into a dumpster.

7. Medical centers and hospitals

Broken and discarded bed frames, walkers, wheelchairs, fixtures, and appliances can be excellent sources of scrap metal.

Medical centers, hospitals, assisted living centers, and clinics often have these lying around and are keen to get rid of them and free up space.

Call up the administrator of the center and offer to get rid of their junk for free.

8. Garage sales

Visit all the garage sales around your home.

You may get able to find some great stuff for a less price, and often the owners are giving away some things for free.

Look out for appliances, metal chairs, swings, workout equipment, or baby strollers.

Talk to the owner and let them know what you are looking for.

You may find them calling you back with some discarded appliances and electronic gadgets.

9. Flea markets

Flea markets can be one of the best places to find scrap brass.

This metal is often used to make decorative items. Look for old brass fittings, candlesticks, trophies, plates, doorknobs, and bed frames.

You can buy these for a pittance at flea markets.

Brass can become quite tarnished over time, so look carefully to recognize this metal in its discolored state.

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10. Side of the road or highway

You may sometimes find metal scraps that came from road accidents or lost hub caps.

These items are just lying there and are easy to pick up.

Take part in your next community clean-up, and you may just come across some aluminum rims or broken metal car parts lying around.

11. Your home

Look inside your own home and garage for things that need to be discarded.

It is time to clean out the old appliances like old AC units or electronics like old monitors or TV screens that are taking up so much space in your garage.

Old rims, rotors, and batteries from your car can also fetch you a reasonable price.

12. Scrap metal companies

You can also source scrap metals from scrap metal companies.

These companies buy local scrap metal and reform it into standard sizes to resell it for metal companies.

You can get scrap metals of all shapes and sizes for free here.

13. College campus

College campuses can be a great space to get scrap metal near you.

When students graduate, they often dump all their belongings before they leave.

You can find old microwaves, tables, chairs, lamps, futon frames, and more at dumpsters near college campuses.

14. Festivals and events

Find out if any festivals or events are happening around you.

These can be good places to collect large numbers of aluminum cans and make easy money by selling them.

15. Metal fabrication shops

Metal fabrication shops use metals to craft tools.

They melt down and reuse metals. However, sometimes they are not able to use some pieces.

You can ask them and collect these metal scraps for free.

16. Charities

Charities accept all kinds of donations but often end up collecting items they do not need.

You can call up these charities and offer your services to take these items from them.

These items can include large appliances and even broken metal railings.

17. Vehicle junkyards

Another excellent place to collect scrap metal is vehicle junkyards.

You should be able to get some pieces at really low prices. You can also check out government metal salvage yards.

18. Garbage day

Take your car out and drive around your neighborhood on the garbage day.

You can often find items like broken chairs, bed frames, and even bikes next to garbage bins.

Cords of old toasters, vacuums, and even extension cords have copper wires.

You can snip off these cords and strip copper out of them.

How to make money from the scrap metal that you collect?

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How much is scrap metal worth?

You may be wondering now that I have collected scrap metal near me, how much is scrap metal worth?

The price of scrap metal continually fluctuates, so it can be challenging to estimate the worth of the scrap metal that you may have collected.

Metal scrap prices depend on supply and demand and the kind of metal you have.


Make sure you separate your scrap according to different metals and store them separately. Separating each metal will fetch your higher profits.

Just a few tips while collecting scrap metals:

  • Ferrous metals (metals that contain iron) are less valuable than non-ferrous metal like copper, brass, aluminum, and zinc.
  • Good quality metals can be reused and are in demand.
  • Lower quality metals, those that have been mixed with other less valuable metals, cannot get you a good metal scrap price.

Final thoughts on finding metal scrap near me

Scrapping or selling scrap metal for money can be a highly lucrative business.

There are many places where you can find scrap metals easily – just like we talked.

Call up people in charge of these places and tell them what you are looking for. Check out online sources, scan through classified advertisements, and visit flea markets and garage sales.

The possibilities are endless.

When you collect the scrap metals, sort them out properly, and check the prices online before you sell any metal scrap.

Always check with the owner and take their permission before you collect scrap metal.

Also – Always wear protective eyewear, headgear, and gloves when you enter places like construction sites, junkyards, and shooting ranges.

All the best with your metal scrap business!

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