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5 EASY productivity hacks for work at home moms

Working from home can be difficult for many (especially, moms!)

In this post, Natalie shares 8 extremely stupid and simple productivity hacks for work at home moms that can be implemented right away.

While many people believe work from home means a day out at a coffee shop or sitting in a bikini and working on the beach, it is far from the truth. Working from home is just as difficult as working in an office, and sometimes harder.


Because you are solely responsible for EVERYTHING. However, with these 8 simple productivity hacks for work at home moms, you can nail it.

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This post on 8 productivity hacks for work at home moms is a guest post by Natalie Alleblas. She blogs over Home Health Living. Do check out her blog, she has amazing content!

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While there are many perks of working from home instead of working in an office or a cubicle, you can find yourself being de-motivated and unproductive if you’re not careful.

Yes, that is true. People who work from home can easily slip into the cycle of procrastination, demotivation, and unproductivity. 

There are so many myths about people who work from home and the most annoying one? – It is EASY to work from home.

But, it takes discipline and commitment to be an effective home-based employee or entrepreneur. With a little planning and preparation, you can bust these myths and still be successful while working from home.

Here are some great motivation tips and productivity hacks for work at home moms. Are you ready?

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#1 Follow a daily routine

It is such an established hack that listing it out is almost stupid.

But, let me also tell you, it is one of the most ignored hacks. It takes planning and trial and error to come up with a daily routine that works for everyone in the family and no one really puts so much thought into it.

It’s important to set a daily routine as soon as you starting working from home. Often people fall into the habit of sleeping in, working in their pajamas and getting easily distracted by Netflix or friends wanting to go out for lunch.

By following a daily routine, you’ll be setting up healthy working habits from day 1.

Wake up at the same time each day.

Eat breakfast and lunch at similar times each day.

Treat work like work, rather than an extended vacation.

If you do this, you’ll feel motivated, productive and your work quality will improve. This is one of the simplest productivity hacks for work at home moms!

Take out 5 minutes in your day and work on a schedule. Come on – once it is set, it is done!

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#2 Separate work and personal life

This can be a tough one. But, if you do it, it is the most promising productivity hack for work at home moms.

Often people find it difficult to separate their work and personal lives when they work at home. Some end up working ridiculously long hours and on weekends. Others spend their regular working hours doing other things like household chores.

It can be difficult to focus on work when you’re staring at a pile of dirty dishes! We understand that…

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To keep your mind focused on work rather than household chores and other distractions, set up a workspace or office that is used only for work. It’s a good idea to choose a room or space that is away from your living areas and bedroom.

Set yourself working hours. For example, choose to finish work at 5 pm each day. Switch off your laptop and return to your personal life.

Being able to separate your work and personal life will make you more productive while at work, and won’t cause an emotional strain on your personal life.

In combination with the above, these productivity hacks for work at home moms will quickly yield results.

#3 Learn to say no to distractions

Other people will assume that since you work from home, you’re available during the day for coffee or lunch. Your kids’ school may think you’re available to volunteer during the day.

Learn to say no to these distractions. Let people know that although you work from home, you treat work like everyone else. It’s not a time for distractions.

For friends wanting to catch up, schedule a lunch or coffee date once a month and stick to a set time so that you don’t spend all afternoon at your local café. Longer catch ups are for weekends.

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#4 Work in time blocks

Time blocks are the best productivity hacks for work at home moms.

You can use the Pomodoro time management technique for this. Use a timer,  work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. Repeat the cycle.

There are Pomodoro apps available to help you keep track of your time management. I have tried this productivity hack for work at home people and it really works!

#5 Give yourself a day off

Set aside a day off from work, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Use this time to catch up with friends, attend some important appointments (eg. doctor and dentist), do some exercise, go shopping.

When you give yourself a scheduled day off, you’re giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

Just because you’re not working on location, doesn’t mean you don’t get tired. Everyone needs a day off!

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One final word…

When you first start working from home, you’ll be excited and will love the feeling of freedom that comes with working where you live. Enjoy the early days and don’t get stressed if you’re finding it hard to get motivated.

Over time, you’ll get into a new routine and new habits will form. You’ll learn what makes you productive and what distracts you. You might write off a day when you’re feeling stressed and unmotivated.

That’s ok- tomorrow is another day. So, are you ready to implement these productivity hacks for work at home moms? If you have something to add, we would love to hear from home and we think, other moms will love it too!

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