Bookkeeper business launch review – Scam or legit? (+ an interview)

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bookkeeper business launch review

 Bookkeeper Business Launch Review

Bookkeeper business launch is the best virtual bookkeeping training available today. 

It is started by Ben Robinson, a former CPA who has trained over 3000 students on how to start a bookkeeping business from home. 

But, before investing in any work from home courses, we always should read the reviews of it. So, here is a detailed review of Bookkeeper Business Launch.

But, before we start, let us deal with the first and the most important question quickly

Bookkeeper Business Launch – Is it a scam or not?

No. Bookkeeper Business Launch is NOT a scam and with little internet research, you can find everything about it. It is a 100% legitimate work at home option

Note – This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

So are you ready?

If you are, start learning the tricks of the trade, be sure to check out this free online course on bookkeeping. Not only does it tell you what is required to be a bookkeeper, but it also discusses whether or not you are right for this work at home job!

This Bookkeeper Business Launch review is divided into two parts:

  • Part I A detailed overview of the course (the modules, add ons etc)
  • Part II – An interview with Kevin who is a stay at home dad for 3 kids and earns $8000+ as a bookkeeper from home. He took Bookkeeper Business Launch and shares his honest review and talk about starting a bookkeeping business with kids


Note: If you are looking for other work at home options as well, do check out these guides on the best online jobs today. You can also check out guides on how to start working from home. 

Download this guide and grab a 5 step plan to launching a profitable online business from home.

online jobs to make a full-time income

Work from home bookkeeping

Why Bookkeeping is a great work from home option?

The one and only reason I believe bookkeeping from home is a great stay at home job is because every business (small or large) needs to keep track of finances.

As a bookkeeper, your primary task is to keep track of finances which makes you a desirable professional.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, bookkeeping along with accounting is ranked as the #1 most profitable business on the planet.

Add in work from home to it and it the dream come true for stay at home moms and dad. Isn’t it?

How much do bookkeepers from home earn?

According to this, you can expect to earn around $23 an hour as an entry-level bookkeeper BUT this is for bookkeepers that work in an organisation’s accounting department (not the ones you own work at home business).

If you are able to start your own business and freelance independently, you can earn much more than just $18 an hour.

Considering you are working directly with multiple clients, the combined rate is much more than $18 an hour. You can start charging anywhere between $25-50 an hour depending on your existing skills, knowledge, and services offered.

Once you get experience in bookkeeping, you can easily charge $50-80+ an hour and up. 

You can also sign up for this free course to understand how to become a bookkeeper from home


What are your daily tasks as a bookkeeper? 

People often confuse accountants and CPA for bookkeeping. They are different and the former needs a mandatory degree.

Let’s look at what a bookkeeper is required to do – 

  • Recording and receiving cash, checks etc
  • Creating reports (including income statements and balance sheets)
  • Using and keeping up with bookkeeping databases and software
  • Entering financial transactions into bookkeeping softwares or spreadsheets (as required)
  • Ensuring that client’s bills are paid on time
  • Help them balance finances and maintain financial health etc

These are some of the most important tasks and as you can understand, no business can survive without these (especially without good financial health).

That also means that you have tonnes of opportunities for the right bookkeepers and that requires training.

Bookkeeper business launch can be the solution to this. It helps you learn bookkeeping and how to start a bookkeeping business from home.

Not only does it teach you how to do it, but it also guides you step by step to reach your financial goals with bookkeeping career

Relevant Reads on how to become a bookkeeper from home

virtual bookkeeping jobs

Why not go a university or a community college to take bookkeeping classes?

You can, definitely.

But, you may end up spending a few years learning the essentials of a bookkeeping business.

Also, you might learn everything about bookkeeping but you will need classes on online business as well.

Bookkeeper business launch is a legitimate alternative to learn bookkeeping and how to run an online business from home.

This bookkeeper business launch review has two parts

  • An overview of the course where we get into the detail of what is covers, what you will learn and how is Ben
  • A case study of a stay at home dad who gave up being a administrator at a charter school  and become a bookkeeper from home

Part I – Bookkeeper Business Launch course overview

bookkeeper business launch reviews

What is Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Bookkeeper Business Launch or BBL is a step by step system that show how to set up your home based bookkeeping business in 10-12 weeks or less.

Not only does it teach you the essential skills to become a professional bookkeeper, but it also shows you how to set up business, attract clients and charge premium rates

The course covers

  • Bookkeeping skills (of course, you need to learn your tasks!)
  • Marketing your business – how to wow your clients, charger premium rates, attracting quality bookkeeping clients etc
  • How to set up your business (by the way, you get access to an attorney paid for by Ben Robinson so you can shoot questions and ensure that your bookkeeping business abides by the law)
  • Advanced marketing strategies for when you are already above the ground
  • Live, week Q&A calls with instructors. You get one on one guidance which is one of the best features of bookkeeper business launch
  • Support group with over 4000 bookkeeping students

The course starts with basics, so you do not need to worry if you have no bookkeeping education or experience in the past.

Who’s Behind Bookkeeper Business Launch?

review of bookkeeper business launch

Are you are wondering why you need to include a brief about Ben Robinson in Bookkeeping Business Launch Review?

Because he is the creator of the course and his qualifications, background and experience provide credibility to it.

So here it is –

Ben Robinson create Bookkeeper Business Launch.

He is a former certified public accountant (CPA) and he ran his own CPA firm once. In his career and experience, he realised the importance of good bookkeepers in the industry.

According to him, he has helped over 3000 students launch a profitable bookkeeping business since the inception bookkeeper business launch in 2015.

What do you get inside the Bookkeeper Business Launch Course?

bookkeeper business launch ben robinson

We will look at both – free course as well as the paid bookkeeper business launch course.

Free Courses

If you want to know more about Ben Robinson’s style of teaching and bookkeeping business, I recommend you sign up in the free classes.

It is divided into four free classes.

You can also sign up for this free course to understand how to become a bookkeeper from home

Free Class One

As any class should, the first class deals with the business of bookkeeping from home and the earning potentials.

According to Ben, the general tasks of a bookkeeper is to focus on GRAB

G – Gathering Facts

R – Report

A – Analyse

B – Be available for your client

Besides that, he also covers the personality traits of a successful bookkeeper. According to him if you can

  • Pay attention to details
  • Be organized
  • Be personable
  • Multi-task
  • Work hard and
  • Keep a positive outlook no matter what

you are meant to become a bookkeeper

Free class two:

The second class focuses on technology and tools for bookkeepers along with the basic requirements of starting a business.

It also estimates the start up costs and recurring costs of running bookkeeping business from home.

Free class three:

This is a fun and meaty class. Ben talks about how to start pitching and securing clients for your bookkeeping business.

Free class four:

This class provides you important information on the Bookkeeping Business Launch course. It also helps you to sign up for the full course.

What is covered in the the Paid Course

There are four units in the Bookkeeper Business Launch to learn essential skills along with 6 additional unites to learn about starting a bookkeeping business.

Unit One

As you may have guessed so, the first unit focuses on what bookkeepers do and helps you understand the daily tasks.

Unit Two

It is divided into 3 modules.

Module One: Foundational Elements – This module covers the following:

  • Part one study hacks
  • Part two study hacks
  • Introduction to foundational elements
  • Liabilities, equity and assets
  • Monopoly example
  • Liabilities, equity and assets quiz
  • Introduction to accounting equation
  • Scales demo for the accounting equation
  • Examples one through five for the accounting equation
  • Examples six through nine for the accounting equation
  • Accounting equation quiz
  • Debits and credits and accounts
  • Cheat sheet for debits and credits
  • Chart of accounts, trial balance and ledger
  • The Chart of accounts, trial balance and the ledger in Xero
  • Chart of accounts, trial balance and ledger quiz
  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting principles quiz

Module Two: Financial Statements, Journals and Ledgers – This module covers the following:

  • Financial statements purpose
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flows statement
  • Learning how the different financial statements fit together
  • The bookkeeping cycle
  • Financial statements quiz
  • Posting to the ledger and the journal
  • Demo for the posting process
  • Bookkeeping cycle quiz
  • Special journals and repetitive transactions
  • Further information about subsidiary ledgers and repetitive transactions
  • Cash journal
  • Special journals quiz
  • Methods of receipts and payments for bank accounts
  • Bank security
  • Accounting bases

Module Three: Building Blocks – This module covers the following:

  • Professional ethics
  • Uniform commercial code
  • Basic elements of contracts
  • Laws and legislation
  • Business entities

Unit Three

Unit 3 is divided into 5 modules –

Module One: Get Set Up – This module covers the following:

  • Introduction to building blocks
  • Getting signed up for Xero
  • Using Xero to set up a client
  • How to Use Quickbooks Online to set up a client
  • Using Xero for the import chart of accounts

Module Two: Balance Sheet Assets – This module covers the following:

  • Introduction to balance sheets
  • Cash accounts
  • Introduction to bank feeds
  • Using Xero for automatic bank feeds
  • How to Use Xero for manual bank statements
  • Using Quickbooks Online for automatic bank feeds
  • Part one: classify, reconcile and record
  • Bank reconciliation resources
  • LLC and ABC set up
  • LLC and ABC import chart of accounts
  • Your turn part one: classify, reconcile and record
  • Part two your turn: classify, reconcile and record
  • Your turn part three: classify, reconcile and record
  • Part four your turn: classify, reconcile and record
  • Your turn part five: classify, reconcile and record
  • Part six your turn: classify, reconcile and record
  • Accounts receivable
  • Demo for accounts receivable
  • Accounts receivable associated accounts
  • Your turn part one: accounts receivable
  • Your turn part two: accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Demo for inventory
  • Your turn: inventory
  • Prepaid expenses
  • Demo for prepaid expenses
  • Your turn: prepaid expenses
  • Fixed assets
  • Demo for fixed assets
  • Your turn: fixed assets
  • Intangible assets
  • Demo for intangible assets
  • Other assets

Module Three: Balance Sheet Assets and Liabilities – This module covers the following:

  • Introduction to liabilities
  • Introduction to accounts payable
  • Flow chart for accounts payable
  • Demo for entering bills
  • Demo for paying bills
  • Accounts payable associated accounts
  • Your turn: accounts payable
  • Payroll liabilities
  • Demo for payroll liabilities
  • Your turn part one: payroll liabilities
  • Part two of your turn: payroll liabilities
  • Your turn part three: payroll liabilities
  • Credit card liabilities
  • Demo for credit card liabilities
  • Your turn: credit card liabilities
  • Use and sales taxes payable
  • Demo for use and sales taxes payable
  • Your turn: use and sales taxes payable
  • Other current liabilities
  • Loans
  • Demo for loans
  • Your turn: loans
  • Equity
  • Demo for equity
  • Your turn: equity
You should sign up for this free course to understand how to become a bookkeeper from home

Module Four: Income Statement – This module covers the following:

  • Introduction to income statement
  • Revenue
  • Demo for revenue
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Demo for cost of goods sold
  • Expenses
  • Demo for expenses
  • Expenses and other income
  • Your turn – income statement

Module Five: Statement of Cash Flows – This module covers the following:

  • Cash flow associated with operating activities
  • Introduction to statement of cash flows
  • Demo for statement of cash flows

Unit Four

Unite four is divided into three modules. Each module explores different topics.

Module One: Balance Sheet Review – This module covers the following:

  • Financial statements: Review, present and prepare introduction
  • Checklist for monthly financial statement closing and preparation
  • Getting set up
  • Credit card and cash accounts
  • Undeposited funds
  • Accounts receivable
  • Prepaid and inventory expenses
  • Fixed assets
  • Loans
  • Accounts payable
  • Equity
  • Sales tax, payroll and other liabilities

Relevant Reads on how to become a bookkeeper from home

Module Two: Statement of Cash Flows and Income Statement Reviews – This module covers the following:

  • Cost of goods sold and revenue
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Other income and expenses

Module Three: Present and Close – This module covers the following:

  • Financial statement presentation tips
  • Month and year end close
  • Preparing quarterly financial statements

Additional Units

The six other units includes –

  • To Infinity and Beyond (7 modules)
  • Business and Marketing: (10 modules).
  • Practical and Tactical: (1 module)
  • Bookkeeping Practicals: (4 modules)
  • Bonus Training: (8 modules)
  • Bootcamp Coaching: (3 modules)

How Much is Bookkeeper Business Launch?

work from home

This is one of the most important questions – how much does the bookkeeper business launch cost?

There are two options to pay for Bookkeeper Business launch. You can either

  • Pay 12 instalments of $199 each
  • Pay $1,999 one time

In this Bookkeeper Business launch review, we will also tell you what you get after enrolling into the course

  • Access to the entire program as we discussed above along with worksheets, quizzes, checklists, video lessons, templates, interviews and case studies.
  • Access to the student community named Rocking BBL students community
  • Weekly support calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Office hours that allow you to get one on one advice from experienced bookkeeping professionals
  • Access to a professional lawyer where you can get advice on how to start a business
  • Access to the resource library containing templates, worksheets, and guides to start your bookkeeping business from home
  • Unlimited Bookkeeper Business Launch upgrades
  • Bookkeeper Business Launch Action Guide – an action plan with 41 points to help you with “breakthrough work” items
  • Profit Maximizers bonus
  • Hacks and Facts bonus

How Much Money Can Be Made with Bookkeeper Business Launch?

The most important question is here and in this Bookkeeper Business Launch review we will try to deal with it in detail.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of May 25, 2019, the average annual pay for a Work From Home Bookkeeper in the United States is $58,745 a year.

freelance bookkeeping jobs from home

The type of clients you work with along with your experience plays and past relevant education a vital role in determining the earning potential. For example, if you work with specialised clients in the field of law or medicine, your income potential is higher.

While the course teaches you everything from bookkeeping to how to run and market a business profitably, a lot depends on you. For example, how much you charge and how you sell it to your clients.

As you can see by reading this section of this Bookkeeper Business Launch review, there is ample opportunity and money to be made here.

You should sign up for his free course to understand how to become a bookkeeper from home. It also answers all of your questions

Bookkeeper Business Launch Review: Final wrap up for this section

This concludes  the first part of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review.

We highly recommend Bookkeeper Business Launch if you are interested in bookkeeping. Not only is it the best course to help you become a proficient bookkeeper, it also helps you market your business and grow it faster than others without any training.

Part II – Bookkeeper business launch review – Meet Kevin Schmidt: A stay at home dad who makes $8000 working as a bookkeeper from home. 

bookkeeping stay at home mom and dads

#1 Tell me something about yourself. What were you doing before you started bookkeeping? 

Before I became a full-time stay/work from home dad, I was an administrator at a charter school.
I spent about 5 years in education, while running another side business I own with my wife, BeMyShopper.  I have always been in business/booking in one aspect or another, just never took it to the next level until I left my “career” job.

#2 Why and how did you decide to pursue this career? What was the driving factor? 

I graduated college with a business degree and immediately began work in accounting for a defense contractor.  I have always enjoyed business and numbers so bookkeeping and accounting was always second nature to me.
When I left the accounting career and got into teaching, I picked up some side gigs, including some bookkeeping clients and running our first business, BeMyShopper.
I made the decision to pursue virtual bookkeeping as I saw the immediate need by so many small business owners out there and knew that I could reach so many of them and help them!
I figured would a couple of side gigs, I would be able to compensate for the loss in income when leaving my day job.

#3 What does bookkeeping involves (considering a lot of people are confused about this)

I think the best way to describe bookkeeping on the entry level is to keep account of all the money going in and out of a businesses accounts, both bank and credit cards.

By doing that and properly allocating expenses correctly based on tax laws, the benefit can be exponentially helpful to a business owner.

When an owner can quickly see accurate financial statements on a routine basis, they are able to spend much more of their time focusing on strategies for their business.

how to become a bookkeeper with no experience

#4 When did you take BBL?

I started BBL back in the Summer of 2017.

It took me a few months to complete while working a full-time job.

#5 Were you hesitant in the beginning?

Hesitant to join BBL??  NOT AT ALL!

I watched the free videos and took pages and pages of notes.

Ben kept me glued to the screen the entire time as he was presenting the information in such an easy to understand manner.

After I was done watching, I knew it was something that I HAD to do!

Relevant Reads on how to become a bookkeeper from home

#6 Why did you choose to go with Ben’s course? Did you any bookkeeper business launch review helped?

Like I mentioned before, Ben was teaching information, some that I already knew and other stuff that I didn’t, in such an easy to understand manner.

He made learning about bookkeeping and bookkeeping businesses sound fun and “easy” to do.

The details and road map that he was providing in JUST the intro videos had me hooked!

how to become a bookkeeper with bookkeeper business launch

#7 How much bookkeeper business launch cost?

I do not recall the cost of it. As of today, it is $1999 for the entire program. You can either pay in 12 instalments of #199 each or pay the entire cost upfront.

#8 How long did you take to complete the bookkeeper business launch course?

It took me a few months to complete while working full-time.

#9 How is Ben as a mentor? [is he available to help you with your career]

Ben is an AMAZING mentor.

There are so many programs available besides BBL that Ben and his team has created.

He is very active in the social media groups that all members are part of.  There are weekly meetings/webinars by him and his team.

So much good stuff!  Once you join BBL, you join a family, and the support is amazing!

#10 Can the course be completed and actions can be taken while raising kids? How much time did you spend each day on building a bookkeeping business?


I completed the course while working a full-time job and raising 2 kids under 5 with my wife.  It can definitely be done while raising kids.

I have been running my daily business while raising our newest/youngest daughter this past year.

how to become a bookkeeper from home

#11 Does the course cover everything you need to know about bookkeeping?

Yes, the course covers pretty much everything you need to know.

And if the course does not, then there are so many tips/tools/resources available to fill in the gaps!

And then there are so many people both that work for BBL and that are just members of BBL that can help too!

#12 How long after completing the course did you land your first client?

I landed my first client about 6 weeks after completing the course.  I was on the verge of leaving my full-time job so I was not putting much time into networking and trying to get new clients.

#13 How long did you take to recover the cost you invested in the course?

I think recouped my cost the first month of my first client 🙂

#14 How much do you make a month doing this? Do you do this full time or part-time?

I am billing about $8,000 a month at this time.

My schedule Is flexible and I have the ability to work at different times during the day/night.

With three kids, sometimes I don’t have a full 8 hours a day to put in, but it’s great to have the flexibility.

bookkeeping from home

#15 Please share any negatives and positive of the course (any drawback you would like to share)

I truly don’t think there is one negative thing about BBL.

I do not work for them and do not get paid to say this, but it is truly all positive.

BBL is constantly updating and finding things to do better.  Once you join BBL, you are a member for LIFE and you get to enjoy all of the updates/resources the entire time.

#16 Do you think the course was necessary or you could have found the information for free on the internet?

Sure, I guess someone could do this without joining BBL, but the kickstart that you get with BBL is unmeasurable.

It’s so easy to say I’ll just read some books, google some things, and figure it out!  The small investment that you make into BBL will pay back 10 times, quickly!

#17 How does it with clients (a little brief about where to get them, what kind of clients, how long are they signed up for etc)

I have received clients a few different ways.  I have referral partners that I work with that send me bookkeeping clients.

In the beginning I also worked with some freelancing companies where they send clients.  Then it has just been networking and word of mouth.

Clients that I have would then tell their friends about me or also bring their other businesses on board.  All of my clients are month-to-month clients and can cancel with notice.

#18 How many hours do you work in a day?

I have a flexible schedule that allows me to enjoy time with my family and getting my work done for all of my clients.

My daily/weekly work is dependent upon time of month and certain projects/deadlines that come up.

how to become a bookkeeper with bookkeeper business launch

#19 What according to you are the most important traits to be a successful bookkeeper?

I think staying knowledgable in the tax laws, current on technology out there for yourself and your clients, and being able to talk to people on a level that they understand is important.

Some of the best feedback I get from clients is that the actually understand what I am telling them and that I’m not talking way over their head with “accounting jargon” lol

#20 Do you think is a great job for a stay at home parent? Is it more suitable for parents of children who go to school or it is great for toddler parents as well.

YES, I 100% think it is a great job for stay at home parent.

It’s not the easiest with a toddler at home, but definitely doable as I have been doing it this year.  You just find times during naps, lunch, etc…

#21 Do you have any advice for someone considering this career choice?

I think with any career choice, you hopefully are passionate about what you are doing and then you will find success.

Unlike just walking into a 9-5 job, this is YOUR career and YOUR business so it takes a little extra sweat and tears.

If you want to see great success then you have to put more time into it.  If you are just wanting a little extra money on the side and are not looking to make it a full-time career, then that is possible too.

stay at home jobs for moms

#22 How many kids do you have?

I have 3 kids.  7, 5, and 1

#23 How do you manage time and still raise a family?

Phew…this is definitely a tricky question!

I try to work as much as possible when the kids are not at home.

When I was first starting, I was doing a lot of night time hours but then that took time away from the wife.  Because I have chosen to grow the business on a larger scale, we have started getting help with our youngest child just recently so that I can have more time during the day.

When the big kids get home, I try to be done.

Some days/weeks I have to keep going, but for the most part, I’m able to do school lunches/parties, take to karate/music lessons, etc.

Definitely WAY MORE flexibility then if I was at a 9-5 working for someone else!

#24 Is there anything else you want to share [Please tell us about anything you feel a beginner or someone interested in this WFH option should know]

I think the biggest advice would be to just take the leap and go for it!
It’s not a magic pill and things don’t just happen over night.  If you are willing to learn some new knowledge, or if you already have the knowledge and just want to make some extra money, you can do it!
And BBL will definitely be jump-start for anyone, whether you have the experience or not!

Join Bookkeeper Business Launch Today

Relevant Reads on how to become a bookkeeper from home

Quick FAQ’s answered

What if I don’t have any experience with bookkeeping or running a business?

It is completely ok.

If you read our Bookkeeper business launch review, you would have realized that it is self-paced program and teaches you everything from the scratch.

They teach you from knowing NOTHING about bookkeeping or running a business from home. According to Ben, 75% of his students had no prior knowledge or experience in bookkeeping

$1999 is an AWEFUL lot of money to spend on a program. Is there a guarantee?

You will surprised at this but Bookkeeper Business Launch comes with two guarantees

First – In the first 30 days after you purchase, if you have any reason or think you are not 100% satisfied with Bookkeeper Business Launch, you can tell them

They will return all your money without asking you for a reason. Just send in a email and tell them to give back your money.

Second (the most unique feature of Bookkeeper Business Launch) – 12-Month Double Your Money Back “Achievers Guarantee”.

Ben is confident you can start earning at least $4000 with your new bookkeeping business. 

In fact, he is so confident, that if you don’t earn $4000, he is willing to

  • Return the money you invested in the program
  • Give you additional $2000
  • let you keep Bookkeeper Business Launch for lifetime

BUT BUT BUT, there are a few reasonable conditions –

  • It is only good after 12 months of the intual

First, this guarantee is only good after 12 months from the date of purchase, which means you have an entire year to make your business a success.

If after 12 months you haven’t earned at least $4,000, then you can activate this guarantee.

Second, we will ask you to provide proof of the work you’ve completed, by following the action plan you will receive once you join the program. This is to show that you’ve taken action and completed the required steps.

Remember the goal of this guarantee is to make you a success and these steps are intended to assess exactly what you’ve done, and what might have gone wrong.

Which is why, if you have not earned at least $4,000 after 12 months, I reserve the right to personally provide you with one “Course Correction Plan” with the intention of helping you overcome any challenges you encountered while trying to earn $4,000 as a bookkeeper.

You’ll have 90 days to implement this Course Correction Plan. If you implement it and you STILL haven’t earned $4,000, I’ll happily fulfill my end of the bargain and we will give you $3,999, the equivalent of double your money back (if you purchased the entire program in one payment).

Now, a business is only able to make this sort of guarantee when they’re CONFIDENT that they can deliver the result that they’re promising. And I can do exactly that because I’ve seen the results of this work with all of the students who implement my material.

bookkeeping for beginners work at home/>

Actionable tips

Join my Facebook community and post your questions, wins and get the support

Resources that can help you with land bookkeeping jobs from home: 

Skillshare – Skillshare is my go-to place to learn a new skill without having to splurge hundreds of dollars. It is an online learning community where you can explore thousands of classes in design, photography, business, and more.

You can get started with a free trial using my link and get access to hundreds of courses. 

How to find and pitch clients your freelance services– Are you tired of looking for clients on Facebook groups and job boards? Did you land clients but they offered you peanuts? Well, the only thing you are missing in the picture is to learn how to find and pitch clients your services directly.

Using the methods in the book, I was able to make $900 in the first month of freelancing and it has only grown from there. Check it out.

Become a work at home mom– A FREE training session that comes along with a workbook and guides you through the entire freelancing journey. Not only it tells you what is freelancing, but it also tells you the various option and how to go about establishing one (without any INVESTMENT cost).

FlexJobs If you are a freelancer, you should sign up with Flexjobs. It will help you go through great flexible job listings from legitimate employers quickly, easily, and safely.

Every single job on FlexJobs is hand-screened for legitimacy, with no ads or scams mixed in, and every single job offers work flexibility such as telecommuting, freelance, part-time or other flexible options.

Also, grab this list if you are looking for other online and offline work at home jobs

 Bookkeeper Business Launch Review – Learn to be a bookkeeper

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  1. Another great post! I really appreciate how in-depth you go with your reviews. Bookkeeping is not something I’ve ever considered for myself as side hustle or online business. Too many numbers. 🙂 But it sounds like there’s some great earning potential for those who are interested in finance.

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