Do you want to build a profitable freelancing business, work at home on your schedule and earn $1000+ a month?


So, why think so much? This kit can help you make $1000+ a month within the next couple of months. 



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If you are here and reading it right now, I have only one thing to tell you – YOU CAN DO IT! 

  • You want to make money from home.
  • You want to be able to work at your own schedule
and, this is POSSIBLE. 

All you need is a plan of action and someone to guide. Tell me if any of this relates to you – 

  • You know what you want to do but you are struggling with time management
  • You do not have a lot of money to invest in your business
  • You already have something small but you have no idea how to find clients for your business
  • You are unsure of working from home or don’t feel confident enough to start up a side hustle
  • You have no idea how to market yourself, grow or find your ideal client
  • You are still wondering “Where do I start”
  • Do you fear failure?
  • Do you feel you cannot succeed because of lack of knowledge or lack of experience in a niche?
  • You cannot understand how other freelancers and stay at home moms are doing this?
  • Wondering how to have it all without selling your soul or losing your sleep?

If you are nodding right now, this workbook is for YOU. It is a detailed roadmap to guide you through each step you need to take


Imagine working for yourself and earning money every month while having the freedom to spend time with your kids, travel, add to your savings, create a college fund, contribute to the house expenses and much more.

Can you figure it all by yourself?

Of course. 

But, the choice is yours. You can either take months or years to figure out the secrets of launching a successful business or take the shortcut. 

profitable work at home guide starter kit

Who are we?

Amit and Chhavi. 

I was tired of working long hours as an attorney – it left me no time for family, friends or things that I would love to do. 

So, I decided to take the matters in my own hands, started looking up for options and settled on becoming a freelance writer. 

Within a month, I was able to make more than $500 and quickly replaced my full-time income. I was able to work at my schedule, take only as much as I can handle and plan long vacations without worrying about someone else approving leaves for me. 

and, oh. Amit was already working remotely with a software company in UK before he decided to quit and start our blogging venture last year. 

After a year of blogging and almost 2 years of freelancing, we are making a decent income each month. We can travel, save and do a lot more than we did when we had the traditional jobs. 

This is the beauty of starting an online business from home. 

You can always start out as a side hustle (or ALWAYS keep it a side hustle). 

The risks are REALLY ZERO.

Even if we do not have any freelance writing clients, we make money with affiliate marketing or the ads. We have been able to diversify our income streams and want to help you do so too.


This is a 50 page workbook that will take you step by step on how to start and grow a successful freelancing business from home. 

The workbook is divided into guides and worksheets that makes it easy for you to understand and work-through. While 50 pages may seem short to you, it is action packed and will allow you to launch your side hustle within a month. 

All you have to do is follow the steps. 


This workbook will help you set realistic goals for yourself. 


Depending on your experience, interest and personality, the workbook will help 

  • you to find the best work at home options suited for you. 
  • Understand the requirements of each option in terms of various factors including time, investment, demand etc
  • Select the most appropriate option for you to start with


Time management is an EXTREMELY important skill. 

This workbook will help you 

  • Figure out how much time you can dedicate to your side hustle 
  • How to use the available time to take up tasks that matter
  • with one time management technique that is bound to make you productive even if you have 5 minutes to work


If you haven’t done this for your business, you are leaving money on the table. The workbook will teach you how to spy on competition, learn from them and apply it your offer. 

Besides this, the lesson also help you create an avatar of your customer. This will ensure that every part of the procedure and document is customised for them


This is one of the most extensive sections of the workbook. It tells you how to gear up to start your business and includes budgeting, business names, website, pricing, USP, portfolio, etc



This section tells you how to market your services on Facebook, LinkedIn and provides a list of websites to find remote jobs/gigs on. 

It also tells you what an on-boarding plan should include to make you look like a professional service provider


List of business tools you can use

List of Free courses, resources and guides you should grab

List of Facebook groups to get help and to land clients

Pitch Template + Guide

Time Management Bundle

Proposal template + Guide


The side hustle starter kit is definitely a must read for anyone interested in being an entrepreneur.  This course is very detailed and gives great action items for the participants to complete.  In addition, the timelines provide a level of accountability for those completing course.  I will definitely use this a reference while building my blog.  Excellent work!


Your life can change with just one click. 

This workbook is all you need to unlock the secrets and launch a business that is profitable right from the start. 

You can channelise time, money and resources into things that are most relevant. Meaning, no loss, no risk and no fear.

The book + bonuses are a tried and tested way to achieve success with your side hustle. 




Anyone and everyone wanting to launch a profitable side hustle from home and have no idea where to start from. 

This bundle is best suited for service based side hustles like writing, virtual assistant etc.

Considering the digital nature of the workbook, it is not possible for me to issue any refund. However, if you have any questions about the bundle, feel free to email me at [email protected]