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13 Ways to Afford to Travel for Months (Even If You’re Broke)

Traveling the world is a dream for many young people, but it can also seem financially daunting. However, there are a number of ways that young people can afford to travel, even if they don’t have a lot of money saved up.

A user asked, how do young people afford to travel? Definitely for weeks or months on end with no steady income?

What Did OP Ask?

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He says he always wonders how people my age (18 to 30) can afford to travel so much. Some of the obvious choices are parents’ money, volunteering, and remote jobs, but what about others?

He adds on and asks  “I still don’t see how a regular person can afford to travel without a constant stream of income to help them. For food, activities, and accommodations, how can you afford these without money?” 

Here are a few ways out:

1. Save Up, Quit, Get A Job, Repeat

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“Save money, quit your job, travel, return and get a new job, repeat.”

“I have a friend that did just that, he managed to save about 50 grand over a period of two or three years and then cut out. This was just before covid, and he is still traveling. He spends less than a grand a month and not takes odd jobs when he can. A few years ago, he spent almost a year in Albania because he was able to live there for less than 500 dollars a month.”

2. Be Extremely Frugal

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“Live below your means and prioritize traveling if it’s what you really want to do.

My wife and I aren’t rich, but we’ve gone to Europe a few times. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is most people don’t live below their means and dunno how to give up other things to open up some financials or time for travel.”

3. Work Seasonal Jobs

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“I actually met a dude doing this at a hostel in Singapore. He would work seasonal jobs then just hit the road again.”

“I work seasonally in National Parks. Make $50k+ a year as a server, sometimes more. In between the summer and winter seasons, I travel. I get around two months a year at minimum to travel.

If I save enough, I could conceivably skip a winter or summer season and travel. Rent is usually anywhere from free to $400-500/per month. I don’t have any kids or family to worry about, and I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, which saves a lot of money as well. Don’t have a car either, which, again, saves a lot of money.

Just returned from a 2-month trip to Europe.”

4. Work Half A Year

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“I know a guy who would contract for several months. Then, he would pick countries where the dollar was very strong, and travel/live there for half the year while doing tour guide stuff in English for English-speaking tourists.”

5. Dating A Flight Attendant

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“Dating a flight attendant so I get free flights. Highly recommend it.”

6. Adopt Minimalism

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“Live a minimalistic life, spend it on experiences and bettering your life. Don’t buy stupid items you think you need. Save your money.

People think I’m rich, but I’m a broke college kid that allocates my money efficiently. People my age spend thousands of dollars on clothes, eating out every day, drinking at bars, drugs, and useless plastic stuff (for example Funko Pops) Then they complain that they have no money.

Also, there are cheap ways to travel; Instagram and tiktok make people believe it’s unobtainable because they see rich people going on elaborate 100k trips and then have the assumption that is what traveling is.”

7. Remote Jobs

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There are tonnes of jobs that allow you to work from anywhere. You can find the best entry-level jobs here. 

Other than this, you can also find a job in the country you want to travel to.

8. Volunteer

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You can easily find volunteering activities across the globe that can help you travel. You get a place to live, food to eat in exchange of work.

9. Freelance

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“Freelancing provides the freedom to work from anywhere, which makes it an excellent option for those who love to travel. With a laptop and an internet connection, freelancers can work from the road and fund their travels while exploring new destinations.”

10. Travel Work

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You can think about becoming a travel influencer – YouTuber, Instagram, Blogger, Writer, etc.

11. Credit Card Points

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“Build up travel points with a credit card. You put your normal monthly expenses on it (rent, cell phone, insurance etc) and pay off each month just like you would pay it without the card.”

12. Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

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As the heading suggests, a lot of the people decide to hitchhike and couch surf their way to traveling a lot. 

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