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10 Popular Frugal Tips That’re A Complete Waste of Time

While being frugal is a smart way to manage your money, not all frugal habits are worth the sacrifice. Some people find certain frugal practices to be time-consuming, inconvenient, or simply not worth the small amount of money they save.

Following is the list where user shared their frugal habits they are not interested in.

1. Using The Small, Floppy, and Uncomfortable Soap Bar Till It Vanishes

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We all have our frugal habits, but sometimes there are items that we just can’t bring ourselves to use up or isn’t worth it to run behind. For some, that tiny bit of bar soap is one of them. Let it go. 

“I will squeeze that tube of toothpaste until nothing gets out. I’ll use that deodorant until there’s nothing left. I’ll eat that same thing six meals in a row to not waste leftovers. But that tiny bit of bar soap that’s all small and floppy and useless. I just cannot muster the will to use it.” a Redditor said.

2. Choosing Roommates, Money Over Mental Peace

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Retirement can be challenging on a limited income, but maintaining independence is a top priority for some. 

“I have a low retirement income, but what I seek to avoid is living with other people.” a user said. “Part of why I still rent is that to afford a mortgage, I’d need roommates, and it’s not worth it to me.” another said.

“I’ve lived too long to put up with other people in my space. I don’t have the patience for it anymore.” another added.

3. Frugality Over Quality: Nope! 

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For some people, the quality of their morning coffee is non-negotiable, even if it means spending a bit more. While frugal in other ways, they prioritize an excellent cup of joe.

“My parents buy the cheapest coffee in the store and reuse their grounds. 5 scoops in the first pot, and throw another three on top for the second pot. I buy GREAT beans and toss them after one use. I’ll be frugal in other ways, but not coffee.” said one.

“It tastes bad after one reuse, screw that! Coffee is a simple but important pleasure to me.” said another.

4. Not Prioritizing Comfort

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Sleep is essential for good health, and sometimes comfort trumps frugality. 

“On nights that aren’t hot but are humid, I’ll run the AC for sleeping. Sleeping well trumps frugality for me.” a user said. “I’d never be frugal in the line of comfort.” another added.

5. Not Hiring A House Cleaner 

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For those with severe allergies, having a clean living environment is crucial. While hiring a house cleaner may seem like a luxury, it can be a necessary expense for health reasons.

“I need a house cleaner, and I budget for it. I have severe allergies, and despite cleaning regularly, having someone else deep clean has been so beneficial for my sinuses.” said one.

“I do the same, but it’s because I tend to hole up in my house, and it gets gross. Having a house cleaner forces me to stay on top of things.” another said.

6. Ignoring Skincare And Sensitivity

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“Skincare. I know, it’s an expensive thing not to be frugal about. I have rosacea and very sensitive skin… When something works, I stick with it and am wary about trying a new product.” a user said.

“I’m with you here. No skimping on face/hair products, anything that goes on the skin. I’m 40 but still, get carded, so I think it was a good investment decision.” another added.

7. Valuing Money Over Time

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For some, time is a more valuable commodity than money, and waiting in line or spending hours to get a deal is simply not worth the effort. They prioritize efficiency and convenience over frugality.

“I’m not fighting a giant line or waiting for 3 hours to get a deal. My time is worth more than what I’ll save.” said one. “I love free stuff, but crowded events for the free stuff have slowly become an absolute “no” for me.” a user said.

8. Cheap Toilet Paper

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For some, the comfort of quality toilet paper is non-negotiable, even if it means spending more.

“I will never. Buy cheap toilet paper. I grew up with the cheap thin kind, and I hated it. I buy the good stuff now. but I ration it because I’m hard on toilet paper. I found six squares is enough, so I count out six squares every time.” a user said.

“Good Toilet paper and name-brand Q-Tips are a must!” another shared.

9. Always, Always Couponing


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For some, the time and effort required to coupon are simply not worth the minimal savings.

“Couponing. Even when I was “Ramen is nearly everything I eat” poor, I still refused to coupon. Most of the coupons were for useless things. I didn’t buy anyways or for quantities of items I’d never need. Between that and remembering I had some tiny piece of paper tucked away that could save $0.15? Nah. Pass.” a user said.

“I used to use coupons years ago. Then a gluten-free diagnosis happened, and it’s not worth my time anymore. It’s amazing how many sales and coupons are for highly processed junk food.” another added.

“Coupons. Too much work for not enough benefit. I just buy in bulk and what is on sale.” said another.

10. Buying Cheap Shoes

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While quality footwear can be expensive, for some, the benefits of comfort and support outweigh the cost. 

“Good shoes. Not necessarily flashy, but quality black ballet flats or brown boots with good arch support.” said one. “Comfortable shoes with good support are essential for maintaining foot health and preventing injuries.” another said.

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