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34 Dollar Tree Products That Beat Out Their Expensive Counterparts

Dollar stores offer more than party favors and off-brand groceries. You can find good deals on essential items if you know what and where to look.  Read on for the must-buy dollar store items to add to your shopping list.

Pregnancy Tests

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You can buy cheap pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree. They are less than $1.25 per piece. However, do check the expiration date before buying. 

Greeting Cards

Happy father's day! Child daughter congratulating dad and giving him postcard and gift box. Daddy and girl smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.

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Many dollar stores sell Hallmark’s Expressions and Hartline cards. You can stock up on greeting cards for a buck or less – much less than other stores. The price stays low, but the quality doesn’t.


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The dollar store’s candy aisle is a must-visit for those with a sweet tooth. It offers name-brand candies at lower prices than most stores. Buy your favorite candy from Dollar Tree before going to movies or on road trips. It’s also great for stocking stuffers or party favors. 

Picture Frames

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The Dollar Store’s picture frames come in every size. These frames are perfect for displaying precious memories without the costly price tag. They have a wide variety that fits any decor.

Plant Supplies

Grow Herbs Gardening Vegetables Plants

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Plan your garden without emptying your wallet. Dollar stores offer a range of budget clay pots, liners, trays, marbles, dishes, and other potting requirements for a dollar each.


DIY Furniture Create Chair Home

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You can score brand-name tapes like Scotch and Duck for a fraction of the supermarket cost. Be sure to compare roll lengths to ensure enough yardage.

Party Supplies

kids party

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You can find wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, gift bags, balloons, etc, for cheap. So, fill goodie bags, wrap gifts, decorate for birthdays, and more without worrying about the costs.

Picnic Supplies

family, middle class, dog, kids, parents, happy family

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Pack provisions for a perfect picnic without pesky prices. Load up on paper plates, napkins, utensils, and tablecloths from your nearest dollar store. 

Office Supplies

Businessman in paper recycling concept in office

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Dollar stores offer savings on poster boards, foam boards, binders, and index cards. You can also find other school supplies there. 

Cleaning Products

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Dollar Tree offers a variety of products, including cleaning supplies, at low prices. You can grab items like sponges, steel wool, and powdered cleansers for cheap. 


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Dollar store vases come in infinite styles. They are an inexpensive way to display fresh-cut flowers from the yard or store. If one breaks, replace it for a buck from your nearest dollar store.

Hair Accessories

hair salon, woman, hair

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Bobby pins and ponytail holders get misplaced easily. Hair essentials from the dollar store keep your style in place without draining your wallet.

Cotton Swabs

A ball of dog hair in the hand after combing the husky during molting. Pet care.

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You can find cotton swabs and balls for cheap prices. The dollar store offers trusted brands, like Q-Tips, for everyday beauty routines.

Food Items

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Dollar stores are expanding their food sections. Look for milk, frozen veggies, and more nearing expiry dates for instant savings. However, be sure you can utilize it on time.


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Stock up on plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for outdoor dining and parties. Cheap dishware means no worries if items get damaged or left behind.


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Basic spices and seasonings cost a lot at supermarkets. The dollar store offers the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Aluminum Foil

Raw mackerel and vegetables on aluminum foil

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Heavy-duty aluminum foil, a staple in the kitchen, often comes with a high price tag at grocery stores. Dollar stores sell well-known brands at lower prices, saving money without sacrificing quality.


Handsome middle aged pediatrician is putting a bandage on little girl arm, close-up

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Plain bandages to cover minor cuts and scrapes cost less at dollar stores. Name brands and cute character bandages from dollar stores are perfect for kids.

Gift Wrap

Happy father's day! Child daughter congratulating dad and giving him postcard and gift box. Daddy and girl smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.

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Pick up rolls of wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags, and bows for far less than other stores. There is no need to pay premium prices at Hallmark.

Sandwich Bags

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Zipper-seal sandwiches and snack bags are a lunchbox necessity. Stock up on off-brand versions at the dollar store for all your packing needs.


Cleaning and preparation of a bunch of freshly picked carrots

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Durable plastic colanders are kitchen staples. People use them for draining pasta and washing fruits and veggies. You can grab these from Dollar Tree stores.


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Cozy up under soft fleece and thermal blankets without paying hefty prices. They make great gifts, too. You can also use them for picnics and camping.

Storage Containers

Fridge Eating Leftover Kitchen

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Plastic food containers with locking lids are handy for storing leftovers. They can also be used for packing lunches. Buy only what you need at the dollar store.

Facial Tissues

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Stock up on boxed tissues to stash everywhere. Named brands like Kleenex are far cheaper at Dollar Tree than drugstores.

Kitchen Gloves

Tired boy in rubber gloves don't want to wash the floor in the kitchen. Child's home duties

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Protect hands with affordable oven mitts, gloves, and pot holders. Grab them at the Dollar Tree.

Coffee Mugs

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Cute and colorful coffee mugs add flair to your morning brew. It’s easy to amass a collection when they cost $1 each.


recycling, energy, power, environment and ecology concept - close up of hands holding alkaline batteries heap

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Why waste a small fortune on branded batteries like Energizer or Duracell when you can buy it at a dollar from a Dollar store? 

However, batteries sold in Dollar Stores could be old and lose their charge by the time you use them. Be cautious and look for the manufacturing dates before you buy them.

Brooms and Mops

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Cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and dustpans are pricier at home stores. The dollar store offers the same quality for better rates.


woman razor

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Restock on women’s and men’s disposable razors for hair removal and grooming. You can find named brands for much cheaper than other stores.

Kitchen Towels

paper towel kitchen couple cook

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Cotton dish towels and paper napkins are handy staples you can stock up on for much less than usual.


Toothpaste Brush Dental

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Pick up soft- and medium-bristle toothbrushes from trusted brands without the drugstore markup. You can also replace it every 3–4 months.

Shower Curtains

bathing shower

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Refresh your bath decor with shower curtains and hooks. They come in assorted colors and designs and cost only a dollar each.

Toolbox Supplies

man working tools electrician

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Replenishing toolboxes can be expensive. However, you can find a collection of nuts, bolts, screws, hooks, adhesives, and other DIY supplies at dollar stores for just a dollar.

Kitchen Gadgets

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Silicone utensils, peelers, timers, measuring cups, and kitchen gadgets should cost a buck, not a bundle. The Dollar Shops are a perfect place to get them. 

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