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11 Jobs That People Hate the Most And Consider “Useless”

The modern job market is a vast and ever-changing landscape, with new professions emerging all the time. While most jobs offer some kind of value to society or the economy, there are a few that may be considered to be of questionable value.

A user recently asked in a popular forum, what job is useless? and here is what we found:

1. Bathroom attendants

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While providing a service, bathroom attendants are often viewed as unnecessary and can make people feel uncomfortable or pressured to tip for an essential task that could be done independently.

“I don’t need somebody in there pulling paper towels out the dispenser just to hand it to me and compel me to tip them.” said one. 

“I never saw this until I was visiting Ireland a few years back, and man, was it annoying. It’s bad enough a guy is standing at the sinks watching you leak, but then he wants a euro or two for handing you a towel to dry your hands.” another added.

2. Paparazzi

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The paparazzi’s job is often considered invasive and contributes to the toxic celebrity culture. “Theoretically, these people could be using their skillset to hold politicians and evil oil companies accountable, but nah, they just want to take photos and other stupid things.” a Redditor said.

“Who in this damn world opens and reads the type of garbage paparazzi offers. I will never understand the paparazzi who camp out for days to take a photo and the gossip writers who write and publish these useless stories.” another added.

3. Social Media Influencers

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While there are many influencers who provide helpful content, many promote materialism and unrealistic standards, contributing to the toxic influencer culture. 

“I think that today that industry is way too overcrowded (like YouTube was not so long ago) and that the worst people on this planet become influencers, which is why I don’t follow any of them. They annoy me as hell.” said one.

“Influencers are just giant Billboards, and they are walking advertisements. Their real intention, whether genuine or not, is boiled down to Product Placement.” another said.

4. An Elevator Attendant


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The job of an elevator attendant is often seen as outdated and unnecessary, as most elevators are now automated. It adds cost to building maintenance without providing significant benefits to users.

“First floor, sir? I’ll press button number 1 for you. Is this even a job.” said one.

“I’m so old. I remember when they had these in department stores. While shopping with my grandma one day, we got in an elevator, and the attendant asked if we wanted the second floor. My grandma replies, “why yes, how did you know?” He says, “ma’am, there are only two floors, and we’re currently on the first one.” LOL.” another shared.

5. Middle Management Jobs

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“Most middle management positions. Their job is to take stupidity from above and send it below and have someone to shift the blame to. There are often multiple levels through which the stupidity must pass, as well.” said one.

“Don’t forget all the useless meetings that they organize. I bet redundant managers everywhere were sweating for their jobs when everyone was work form home.” said another.

6. Telemarketers

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Telemarketing is often considered useless as it involves unsolicited and disruptive calls that many people find annoying. 

“I don’t know anyone who has purchased something from a telemarketer. Maybe it’s something the older generation does, but everyone hates them and immediately hangs up on them around me.” a user said.

“I worked as a telemarketer for State Farm when I got out of high school, and in 8 months, I had one person let me give her a quote. It was my aunt.” another added.

7. Car Dealerships

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Some people view car dealerships as unnecessary middlemen that add costs and complexity to the car-buying process. “Just let me buy a car from the factory. Your job is to get me to pay as much as possible. So useless and so annoying.” said one.

“Factory direct should be a thing with all this technology. Order your car on the app, pick custom settings, and have it delivered to your driveway in 2-3 business days.” said another.

8. Health Insurance Claims Officer

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Some people may view the industry as needing to be more varied and complex, leading to high costs and consumer confusion.

“Health insurance claims departments exist so that someone you’ve never met can decide that you don’t need the treatment you and your doctor agree you do. Seems worse than useless to me.” a Redditor said.

“It is. And the people who decide are doctors who failed at practicing medicine. It’s infuriating. I work in healthcare and have seen so many patients denied treatment for things they need — hell, I watched someone get denied CHEMO, and for their CANCER.” another added.

9. Pharmacy Benefit Managers

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Many people view Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) as they seem to be prioritizing profits over patient care. “They exist only to make drugs expensive.” said one. “Shakespeare said to kill all the lawyers, but he didn’t know about pharmacy benefit managers.” said another.

10. Hedge Fund Managers

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“They produce no goods or services that make the world better, and they are gamblers and leeches on society.” a user said.

“I’m convinced that half the time, even the news articles about stocks are intentionally misleading to get uninformed people to bet against the winning play.” another said.

11. Toxicologist (specifically this one)

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“My very first job. I’m a toxicologist and was hired by a very big private laboratory. My main job was to sort and redirect case files depending on the time at which the results came out. THE DOCUMENTS WERE SENT TO ME IN EXCEL. I was getting paid to just click sort by date descendingly.” said one. Definitely a useless job! 

While some jobs may be perceived as useless or hated, it’s essential to remember that they may still serve a purpose in society.  What do you think? Do you agree with the list of these jobs or believe that all jobs have value?

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