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Shocking Discoveries: 11 People Share Their First-Time Traveling to a Foreign Land

From cultural differences to unique local customs and landscapees, you will be amazed with the top 10 most shocking discoveries made by travelers visiting a foreign country for the first time.

Let’s get started. 

1. Leaving Things Unattended In Crowded Places 

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Let’s be honest, if we leave our belongings unattended, it is mostly like to be stolen. But, this user had a different experience in South Korea. 

“I lived in South Korea for about 3 years. You’d be amazed how long you could leave your phone/wallet/keys on an unattended table in a crowded bar and it not be stolen. In the U.S., you bet it’s getting taken as soon as you look away,” one user shared.

Safety & Security

‘The incredible security in Seoul. I’m from Latin America, so I’m used to being very alert at everything, everywhere. I left my backpack in a small cafeteria, and after 25 minutes, it was completely untouched in the same spot. You could walk at 3 am with your cellphone in your hands, and there’ll be no fear about anything’ one user said.

‘A couple years ago, I was living in South Korea and had met up with a friend for dinner. I had around $4K in my backpack because I was planning on purchasing a car the next day. After a few drinks, I started walking home, only to realize about halfway through that I had left my backpack at the restaurant. Hurried back as fast as I could, and my bag was still next to my chair, and no one had even touched it.

I don’t have much confidence that would have happened in my home country.’ another user added

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2. Get mesmerized by the location

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Living up to the hype is definitely a thing. 

I remember like it was yesterday when I first arrived in Manhattan via Penn Station; it felt like a normal subway station, with no luxuries of any kind, just plain normal. Then I got out like I was inside a movie. Walking a few blocks is like getting out of a movie set and into another. It’s crazy how much I felt I knew about the city even though I had never been there.’ said one user

‘That’s exactly my first impression of New York too! When I was in LA, a lot of people were trying to make it in Hollywood, busking and performing in movie character costumes, etc., trying to give you the movie experience. But in New York… it feels like you really are walking in the movie.’ another user added


3. An Abusive Welcome

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If you get an unpleasant welcome in another country, you will remember it, and this user had one. 

When I first arrived in New York, I walked out of Penn Station, looking up at the buildings and taking it all in. My first interaction was with a homeless guy who shouted at me in the local accent, “Welcome to New York, a..hole.” It was exactly as I imagined!’ one user said

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4. Rally Driving Experience On Regular Road

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‘…That it’s possible to weave through Cairo traffic with the skill of a seasoned rally driver while driving a manual transmission car, frequently using the horn and sipping tea (by holding the saucer, not the cup) simultaneously. Shout out to our taxi driver in Cairo’ one Redittor shared.

‘This reminds me of when I went to Cairo. We came out of the train station and couldn’t work out how we were supposed to cross like 6 lanes of traffic that didn’t seem to follow any road rules. A nice man took pity on us, stuck his arm out, and started walking across all 6 lanes. The cars stopped, no one beeped, and we scurried after him with our rucksacks. Still blows my mind.’ another user added


5. Love For Mate Cups 

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‘Everyone always carries a Mate cup and Thermos in Argentina. Even Cops drive around drinking from their little cups with metal straws. Normally, you can buy matching cups and flask with your Handbag/dress, etc..’ one user said

‘This is 100% true in Uruguay (Montevideo at least). I saw people in the supermarket struggling to manage their trolley on the one hand and pouring water into their mate with the other. Also, everyone is so lovely in Montevideo, ‘ another user said.

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6. Sunrise & Sunset


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“From a tropical country near the equator, I was surprised to know that the sun would set completely before 4pm during winter or having the sun still up at 10pm during summer’ one user said.

‘This messed me up the first time I went to a tropical country. The weather is summer, but the sun sets at 6? That makes no sense!’ another user added.


7. Eye Contact And Observation

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“When I went to Morocco, in the evening, the streets would be packed full of families sitting and talking. These people would watch each other; in fact, even the way I’m describing it with ‘watch’ shows how unwelcome and uncomfortable it would be in England. People would also make eye contact and keep it frequently on the street, just with ease. It felt so strange to me at; first”, one user said

“Yes!!! Oh my God, I’m from Morocco, and this has always been one of my main complaints about this place, and I never understood why it didn’t bother other people so much!! It would be considered creepy in other countries. Still, people see no issue in staring at you and what you’re doing anywhere, anytime. It’s one of the main reasons I hate going out”; another user added.

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8. Photography In Peace

non americans about america

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‘In Prague, when you open a camera in the street, it’s like a force field! People automatically move aside to not stand in the way.’ one user said.

‘I learned this in Prague in 2008 and made it a habit. It’s very polite, and people look at me graciously when I do it everywhere.’ another user added.


9. Heated Sidewalks

A woman walks along a sidewalk lined with trees in Seoul, Korea.

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Heated sidewalks in Finland! Absolutely life savers for me, who had no idea how to walk on ice” shared a user. 

“No trash anywhere, either” added another user.

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10. Spotless City

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Singapore is unbelievably clean! As soon as I stepped out of the plane, I swear I did not see a single speck of dust at their airport; even the toilets were squeaky clean and completely dry. Every day I go out to explore the city on foot and return to the hotel with almost no dirt on the soles of my shoes” said one. 


11. Bicycle Parking Lots

Huge bicycle parking in the center of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam. Knew they biked but didn’t expect multi-level bike parking lots every mile. Jesus christ, I loved it there” shared a user. 

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