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21 Things You’re Saying That Make You Sound Like a Jerk

Cultivating mindful awareness of the impact of our words on others is crucial for fostering positive relationships. By demonstrating respect and empathy through our communication, we pave the way for enhanced understanding and connection.

Someone asked recently, when you meet new people, what is a sentence that instantly makes you dislike the person? And here are the top ones:

1. Bragging In Any Form

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“Bragging about being a jerk.”

“I had just moved into my house, and the neighbor came over to introduce herself. The first words out of her mouth were, I’m so and so; I have a bachelor’s degree in blah, blah. Like what? Who cares?”

2. I’m Being Honest

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“Generally, anyone who uses the “I’m just being honest” is an excuse for being a jerk.”
The same goes for any alternative to this. For example, “I’m brutally honest” – no, you’re just brutal.”

3. I’m Sassy

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A lot of Redditors seemed to have agreed on this. According to them, many women like to say, “I’m sassy,” and most often than not, it seems like an excuse to be a jerk.

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4. Announcing Some Is Alpha Male or Female

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“I’m a lion in a world of sheep, leader of the wolf pack, Alpha male, anything else in that direction.”

“Same for any woman who says “Boss lady” or “queen.” I love it; I know who to avoid. Instant red flags, rabbit in the cook pot flags right there.”

5. Entertain me

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“People that don’t know how to talk expect you to bring new subjects while they only offer one-sided answers.”

“Literally went on a date where the other party didn’t want to engage with the location we were at all whatsoever (Faire Grounds), and I asked them what they would be interested in, and they say, “idk, it’s your job to entertain me,” I left them right then and there.”

6. I Don’t Like Drama

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“I don’t like drama.” or “Oh, I don’t do drama.” If this is a coworker or anyone you have to be around, you will encounter a lot of drama.”

“I had a coworker tell me “I hate gossip. I never gossip. As opposed to those two little girls over there, see them? They’re always talking behind people’s backs. Watch your back.”

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7. Inconsiderate

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“I would’ve just killed myself if I were you.” Something every visibly disabled person has heard at least a few times.”

8. I’ve No Filter

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“I have no filter. Everyone I had heard says that is just a jerk and so very mean.”

9. I’m a Human Lie Detector

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“We hired a manager whose opening line when I introduced myself was, “I am a human lie detector….” She then elaborated on how she served in Navy intelligence and was a certified genius immediately after struggling to open the door when leaving to which I responded, “No wonder it took ten years to find Bin Laden.”

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10. You Don’t Deserve Me

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“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

11-. Just Wait Until

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“Just wait until….” I can’t stand people that will take a happy conversation and interject their misery into it. I married two years ago and now have a baby on the way. When we got married, people kept telling us things like, “Just wait until the spark dies,” “Just wait until you hate each other,” and “Just wait until (insert jaded thing here).” Now with a baby on the way, it has been everything from “just wait until you’re fat and angry” to “just wait until your toddler talks back” and “just wait until you realize how kids are so bad.”

“I cannot stand the phrase anymore. It makes me physically cringe when people start sentences that way. Not everyone is miserable with their life choices, and it blows my mind that so many people think that EVERYONE is as miserable as them.”

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12. I’m an Empath

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“I’m an empath” usually means “I decide how you’re feeling, and then I try to one-up you.”

13. I Tell It Like It Is

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“I tell it like it is. Usually, codes for “I say stupid stuff without thinking and don’t like it when I get called out for it.”

14. Mama Bear

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“I’m a mama bear.”

“Mama bear = manipulative, controlling, unstable woman who can’t let her children grow up (usually boys) and will dramatically lash out when they don’t get their way. Run away!”

15. Getting Nosy 

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“This will probably only apply to very few others, but I had my son when I was 14. When people meet me/us and do that math, some idiots think it’s fine to ask, “so how’d that happen?”

How it happens for everyone else. Do you want details? Cuz that’s weird, personal, and none of your business. “I was groomed by an adult” shuts people up fast because “I don’t think that’s an appropriate question to ask” usually offends them, and they dig their heels in even deeper.”

16. Bible Says

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“You know, the Bible says…”

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17. Who Did You Vote For?

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“It’s a special kind of a jerk that asks that question.”

18. It’s my birthday month

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“I can’t stand hearing this from a grown-up adult.”

“Ugh, my ex would be like, “It’s my birthday week” as an excuse to go crazy and make everything about herself. She’s the kind to get herself a sash and tiara so guys would buy her drinks.”

19. I Can Always Tell Right Away If I’m Going To Like Someone

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“This just tells me you make snap judgments/opinions based on very little. Most people are extremely nuanced, and it’s impossible to tell right away what they’re like.”

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20. “I’m not racist, but….”

You can do it

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“My kids and I have an inside joke where we start off a sentence with “I’m not racist/homophobic/s*xist/etc.” and then proceed to have a normal conversation. Example: I’m not racist, but I’m glad I bought these oranges. They are so sweet and good. Dang.”

21. Adorbs or Any Short Form

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“Anyone who uses shortened words like “totes,” “obvi,” or “adorbs.”

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