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13 Funny Things We All Do But Secretly. Can You Relate?

We often pretend to avoid doing things that we perceive as foolish.  A user asked what’s something we all pretend no one does, but in truth, we know we all do it, and here are some honest responses:

1. Faking Scenarios In Our Heads

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“Making up fake scenarios in our head. Sometimes, I’m a superhero in my head. I have cried over scenarios that weren’t real.”

“I have cried over scenarios that weren’t real.”

“I was digitizing some old cassette tapes of my mom singing a while back and thought “I’ll probably play this at her funeral one day.” Sobbed hard for like an hour.”

2. Farting Carefully

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“Trying to fart carefully so that it doesn’t make too loud of a sound.”

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3. Making Snap Judgements

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“Make snap judgments about people based on their appearance.”

“This could be anything from race, gender, age, clothing, hairstyle, facial appearance, etc.”

4. Hovering Near People At Grocery Store

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“When you go into an aisle in the grocery store, and you see someone in front of the object you’re looking for so you pretend you’re getting something else all while hovering near them waiting for them to leave that area so you can get said object.”

5. Procrastinating

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“I was going to say that, but I waited too long.”

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6. Expecting Perfectionism

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“Convincing yourself that everyone around you is doing things perfectly and at full efficiency and expect the same of the people around them.”

“Ah, perfectionism. I know it well. My psychologist said there were three kinds of perfectionism. The kind you demand of yourself. The kind you demand of other people. And the kind you assume people demand of you.”

7. Looking Up Words

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“Look up words that people use because we don’t know the meaning even though we pretend to when they are talking.”

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8. Having Intrusive Thoughts

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“Intrusive thoughts that make us question whether we’re secretly psychopaths.”

9. Making Up Conversations

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“Making up conversations in my head before something important. Like I will say this, and then the response from another person might be this”

10. Scratching

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“Scratching your crotch.”

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11. Winning Fake Arguments

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“Winning fake arguments in your head.”

“I lose arguments in my head all the time. It helps me rethink my perspective.”

12. Reading A Message But Pretending You Didn’t

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“Read messages from the notification bar, then pretend you didn’t see the message only much later.”

“Deliberately delay responses to text messages and e-mails, even though it would be convenient to reply.”

13. Panic Cleaning

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“Panic clean before guests come over to then apologize for the mess”

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