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How to become a Podcast Virtual Assistant? (Make over $24k+)

How To Become a Podcast Virtual Assistant

Wondering How To Become a Podcast Virtual Assistant? We got you covered here!

A podcasting virtual assistant job seemed unheard of a few years ago until the pandemic set in and made into a growing and steady industry.

Now there are a lot of work opportunities in the podcasting industry for everyone – for experienced emcees or virtual assistants, even for stay-at-home moms and college students!

Before we discuss how to get a virtual assistant podcasting job, let us just confirm why it’s awesome to work in podcasting.

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Why Work in Podcasting?

Because You Can Work Remotely

Many jobs in podcasting can be done from home. It’s not usually a 9-to-5 job that will require you to travel and work in the office. 

That means you will have the time to take care of your baby, do chores, run errands, or even do other jobs! 

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Because You’ll Learn Everyday

If you’re working for a small podcasting team, you might need to wear different hats for various roles. This means you’ll gain experience in several jobs, such as script writing, producing, editing, etc. 

These can help you further your career, in and even out of the podcasting industry.

Because It’s Fun

If you’re working for a podcast that discusses topics that you’re interested in, it makes the job more enjoyable. 

You learn something new every show, you get the scoop on what’s the hottest trends plus you can even interact with guest experts.

Now let’s get to the meat of this article – how to get a podcasting job as a virtual assistant.

How To Become a Podcast Virtual Assistant

Look up available podcasting jobs

You need to know first what you’re getting into before you deep dive into the world of podcasting. Look up podcasting jobs listed in various platforms. 

You can easily google some online or search for some on popular job sites such as Indeed, Upwork, Linkedin, Ziprecruiter, and even podcast-related job sites such as AIR and Podjobs.

Try also podcast agencies such as Content Allies or reach out to a favorite podcast show and ask them directly if they have vacancies.

Research various virtual assistant podcasting jobs

Know what each of the available podcasting jobs will suit your role and skills as a virtual assistant.

Here’s some various podcasting jobs you can look into:

Writing scripts for the podcast:

A podcast writer’s job responsibilities can include script writing, producing the show notes, coming up with social media posts, writing the blurbs of podcast episodes, creating email content, or even writing blog-style articles for the podcast’s website.

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Assistant Producer

This role plays a crucial part in creating and executing a podcast show. It involves coordinating with podcast guests or sponsors, editing podcast content, publishing content on various podcast platforms, and assisting in the promotion of the podcast show.

Depending on the company, you might need to have some video and auditing skills to clean up audio interviews.

Guest Booker

If the podcast show focuses more on interview formats and/or relies heavily on guest experts, then it needs a guest scheduler that can keep the ball rolling. 

This role involves conducting the initial research of finding out possible guest experts and topic authorities, reaching out, scheduling, and following up with them.

A guest booker might also receive some guest pitches which they need to vet before bringing it up to the producer.

Graphic Designer

Creating and promoting a podcast show not only involves writing the content but designing it too! 

A podcast needs branding and creating marketing assets such as website banners, landing pages, social media, deck presentations, and digital ad campaigns. So if you want a virtual assistant podcasting job that’s more design-oriented, there’s definitely some waiting for you.

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Web Developer

Most, if not all, podcasts have websites. It’s a must, especially if they want to collect email addresses, sell their own products and just gain more followers and listeners. 

A web developer then can design a podcast website – create landing pages, update banners, publish podcast content and do the upkeep and maintenance when needed. 

If you have some experience in web developing and you’re quick and flexible, there’s definitely a virtual assistant podcasting job waiting for you.

Marketing Coordinator

This role mainly involves creating and implementing marketing plans to gain podcast listeners and ad sponsors.

Depending on the company, this job might include handling social media, email newsletters, networking, liaising with SEO and PR agencies, researching and preparing presentations and press materials, tracking deliverables, and more.

So if you have experience in managing and executing marketing campaigns, this can be a fun podcast virtual assistant work for you.


This is more of a strategic leadership role which can be challenging, but certainly attainable for experienced virtual assistants.

It’s not exactly an entry-level podcast job as it involves steering the show in the right direction while also getting involved in every element of the show – planning content and marketing, editing audio, guest invitation, sponsorship coordination, and many more.

There are short online courses and workshops on becoming a podcast producer, so with the right training and experience, you can snag this role!

Audio Editor

If you know how to use some audio editing software and you have some experience in sound recording or editing, you might be a shoo-in for an audio editor role. 

This job involves improving the podcasts’ sound quality, adding different sound or musical elements if needed, exporting and mixing audio files to create a streamless stream of audio, and might also include posting the podcast online.

Voice-Over Specialists

Big podcast shows might prefer to have their voice-overs done by someone other than the show’s host. And that’s where the role of a voice-over specialist comes in.

This role involves recording an intro/ outro, narrating documentaries, and doing radio commercials. It might be a small role but it can give you some added income if done for multiple podcast shows. 

Think of what you can offer as a podcast virtual assistant

Now that you know what kinds of jobs a virtual assistant can get in a podcasting industry, it’s time to look at what you can offer.

Are you well-versed in graphic design? Do you have a solid writing portfolio? Do you have any experience in creating and executing marketing strategies?

Consider your skills and your work experience first before looking for a job in podcasting.

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Reflect on your strengths as a podcast assistant

Most podcasting jobs won’t require a degree while some are open to receiving candidates with no working experience.

But podcast employers will most likely look for people who are versatile, deadline-driven, reliable, and detail-oriented.

If you think you have those qualities and more, then go to the next step.

Do further research

Don’t just apply to any open podcasting job out there. Try to find out more about the company and the podcast shows that you might be involved in. 

Listen to the show, engage as a listener, research more about its culture, and reach out to the host, to get a feel of what the podcast show is like.

Stay updated

Keep up with podcast-related trends and news. Try subscribing to a weekly newsletter or following certain giants, influencers, and personalities in the podcasting industry.

Create your podcast

It’s easier nowadays to come up with a podcast show. The technology is seamless and available even for the most inexperienced podcast creator.

So having your podcast is the best portfolio you can present to a potential employer. Who knows, once you’ve proven your worth, they might even give you a podcast show!

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FAQs – How to become a Podcast Virtual Assistant

How much do podcast assistants make?

If you’re working as a podcast virtual assistant, you can easily make $15-25/hr and about $1500-2000 a month. However, if you are taking up podcasting jobs online full-time, you can make upto $50000-100k a year.

What does a podcast virtual assistant do?

As a podcast virtual assistant, you can be responsible for:

  • Script writing
  • Transcription
  • Recording and Editing
  • Audio engineering
  • Content Marketing
  • Guest management
  • Pitching and more

How do I become a virtual assistant?

You can check out this detailed guide on how to become a virtual assistant and free resources to take for becoming a VA

How much money can you make as a virtual assistant?

You can make as little as $10/hr to over $100/hr. Check out the most popular VA services you can offer.

Takeaway on Podcasting Jobs You Can Do From Home

Just like any industry, you gotta have an interest in the job if you want to get it and be successful in it.

So try to immerse yourself in the podcasting world. Listen to a variety of podcast shows, join their discussions, and follow their hosts on social media. Who knows, you might just land your next podcasting job sooner than you think!

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How To Become a Podcast Virtual Assistant