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The Clock is Ticking: Learn These 13 Essential Things ASAP

A user asked, what did you learn too late in life? And, here are the top things:

1. You can do everything right and still fail or lose

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“Life isn’t fair, and curveballs can ruin decades of someone’s future.”


2. Not Taking Care Of Yourself While You’re Young

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Listen to the people who tell you to take care of your body while you’re young. They don’t say it for their benefit.”


3. Your Job Isn’t Your Life

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“Your job isn’t your whole life; I realized this past week after getting my promotion that it felt incredibly empty. I realized that I hyped myself up for it, but then I realized nothing changed besides my pay and title.”


4. People Who Want To Make Time Will

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“I learned a lot earlier that people who want to be in your life will make time for you even if they lead hectic lives. They’ll make it work bc they care, and it’s important to them.

If I did, I would have cut multiple people out of my life way earlier.”

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5. Ask For Help

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“It’s OK to ask for help. I failed school due to my arrogance and inability to ask. Just put aside the pride.”


6. Most People Are Manipulative

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“Most people you work with in corporate white collar jobs are manipulative lying jerks.”


7. Going To College Right After School

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“The high school to college pipeline is a big fat scam for lots of us. I shouldn’t have gone to college right after high school. It was a great experience that helped make me who I am today. Lots of useful things I picked up there. The degree wasn’t one of them.

The idea of picking one thing to do for the rest of your life at 18…that’s just stupid.”


8. Nobody Cares

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“That nobody cares. It took until middle age to realize this. Most people are too wrapped up in their drama to worry or care about what you’re doing. So, do what makes you happy. Don’t stress about what others think.”

Everyone is faking it to some degree.”

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9. Life Is A Lot About Confidence

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“Confidence. So much of life is about confidence.

Your success with looking for a significant other. At work. So much of life. Exude confidence. Be confident in the things you do and say. Not arrogance or being flippant. Just don’t get worked up over things. Be confident in who you are.”


10. Don’t Take What Others Say Seriously All The Time

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“Recognising covert hypocrites immediately and not take anything they do or say seriously trying to live up to their fake standards. A lot of wasted time and resentment I could have avoided.”


11. Happiness Is Within You

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“Happiness is almost all created from your thoughts/perspectives, not external situations. No matter how awesome your life is you will still be miserable if your perspective is bad. Change that perspective; even a bad life can make you pretty happy.”


12. Past Actions Haunt You

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“That every time I ever treated a girl or woman like crap when a teenager or young adult in my 20s would come back to haunt me years later as a father of a daughter because every time I think about her upset or hurt emotionally by a partner makes me feel like crap for all the dirty breakups or just not caring enough in past relationships.”


13. Company You Keep Can Make or Break You

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“I learned very late in life that the company you keep can make or break you. I learned I must become friends with people that can make me a better person. Sometimes we are drawn to certain people that may be fun, but they can be toxic. You want friends that will lift you up and make you a better person.”


14. How Bad Debt Is

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“About how bad debt is. I had it figured out relatively young at about age 21, but by then, I already had a bunch of student debt, and even by transferring and moving back home and working my butt off to minimize the rest I would need to take, I still have a boatload of it.”

“They should require people to be a little older or more experienced or at least require them to take a serious financial literacy course before allowing them to take on student loans.”


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