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25 sites like Swagbucks that pay cash in 2023 (but, better)

25 Amazing sites like Swagbucks

If you have used Swagbucks in the past, you know how easy it is to earn money fast online.

Now, if you are tempted to make even more money, it’s time to check out other sites like Swagbucks.

These sites help you earn money by completing shorts tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and reading emails.

In this post, we have compiled a list of sites like Swagbucks to earn money easily and quickly from the comfort of your home.

We all love to use Swagbucks because we trust the site. It has been around for years; it is secure and pays well and on time.

Let us learn a bit more about Swagbucks before we read about other sites like Swagbucks.

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The post includes affiliate links.

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How does Swagbucks work?

Swagbucks is a rewards platform that pays you cash and gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping, and playing games online.

It is available on desktop as a browser extension and an app, providing multiple avenues for you to earn.

Each time you complete a task here, you earn points. You can redeem these points for gift cards to major retailers, or you can redeem a PayPal gift card to earn cash.

One SB is equal to $0.01, but the conversion rate can change according to the payout option you choose.

Since it started in 2010, Swagbucks has gained over 20 million users and has paid out over $556 million in cash and gift cards.

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Sites like Swagbucks

These platforms are some of the best alternatives to Swagbucks. They have a great track record, offer excellent security and great payouts.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the biggest survey site with 10 million active members. It is free to join, and you mainly earn points by taking surveys.

Fill out your profile correctly if you want to be matched with the surveys that you qualify for.

Their surveys cover a vast range of topics, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

Each survey is worth 200 to 7,500 points, earning you between $2 and $75 per survey.

To cash out, you need to make at least 10,000 points. You can claim your earnings via PayPal or as a gift card.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a site similar to Swagbucks as it offers a whole variety of tasks for you to complete to earn money.

You can make points for playing games, searching the web, and taking surveys online. They also pay a bit better than Swagbucks for certain activities.

You can do all these activities on your mobile, which means you can earn additional money during your daily commute to work.

The surveys here take up to 10 minutes to complete, and you can earn $0.25 to $5 per survey. InboxDollars has also teamed up with Groupon.

If you buy a $20 coupon for Groupon through InboxDollars, then you earn $5 back from InboxDollars. You can redeem the money once you have earned $30.

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3. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the oldest reward sites. It is owned by Prodege LLC, the same company that owns Swagbucks.

This site helps you earn reward points every time to shop at your favorite stores online.

Members can earn up to 40% cash back at over 2,000 retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot.

Answering surveys is a great way to make money here as some of the surveys can pay up to $50.

You can earn additional points by completing tasks like watching videos, reading emails, playing online games, and completing web searches.

You can earn up to $5 for every 700 points that you earn. You need to make at least $25 to be able to withdraw your cash through PayPal.

You also earn a $10 bonus when you sign up with MyPoints.

25 Amazing sites like Swagbucks

4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a leading market research company from San Diego. Most of the surveys here are about products and companies.

Each survey takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete and can earn you between 10to 500 points.

You can also earn points by taking part in online focus groups, providing product reviews, and watching videos.

Each point is worth $.01, and you must earn at least $10 to cash out.

This site also has a loyalty program called the Brand Elite program. It is designed to recognize quality survey participation.

When you complete a certain amount of surveys, you can advance to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers.

You also earn points when the person you refer completes a silver badge successfully in the Brand Elite program.

You also gain more bonus points as you progress through the Brand Elite program.

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5. LifePoints

LifePoints is a site like Swagbucks that gives you a chance to earn points by completing surveys and other simple online tasks like product testing.

This company partners with different researchers and marketers who need to collect consumer data.

As a member of LifePoints, you will be asked to share your experiences and opinions about travel, shopping, and services.

Completing your profile and taking part in daily challenges will also help you earn more points.

You can exchange the points for a gift card if you have earned a minimum of 1080 points.

If you want to redeem cash via PayPal, you need a minimum of 1200 points.

6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a survey site like Swagbucks that is free to join and even pays your $1 when you join.

You can earn between $0.5 to $2 to complete surveys here. Some of the surveys can also pay you up to $50.

Some of the other ways to earn money here include watching videos ($.05 per one minute video), opening emails ($0.10 for each email), referring friends ($5), and submitting your photo to confirm that you have received your first payment.

You have to earn $50 here before you can withdraw your money via PayPal.

7. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is among the best paying online survey sites.

They pay between $3 and $5 for every survey and $6 for every product test.

The membership to Pinecone Research is invite-only, so you can’t just go to their website and sign up.

You can join them only through a referral or through an advertisement on another site.

The minimum payout threshold is $3, and Pinecone Research lets you cash out via cash, PayPal, or gift cards.

8. Panda ResearchPanda

Research is an online survey panel of Illinois-based A&A Marketing Inc.

The primary way to earn money here is by completing surveys. You can earn between $1.5 and $3 for each survey which takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

You also receive discounts, coupons, and giveaways when you complete surveys here.

You can also earn money here by reading emails. You must earn at least $50 to make a withdrawal here. All payments are made on the 1stand the 15thof every month.

Panda Research has paid out over $2 million to its users ever since it started.

9. Neilsen Online Panel

Neilson is one of the oldest companies in the market research industry.

The Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel pays you to do things online that you already do, like surfing the web, watching videos, and checking emails.

This rewards program pays you to collect data about how you use the internet.

It’s a great way to make a passive income as the only thing you have to do once you set it up is to cash out.

Registration to this program is free. You can earn up to $50 a year in passive income from this program.

You can also make more if your name is drawn in the sweepstakes.

10. YouGov

YouGov is an international global research and analytics group that boasts 11 million members.

The result of their surveys often gets mentioned in the news. You get 2000 points for joining and completing your profile.

You will be sent a survey to complete if it matches your profile. The points you earn for each survey generally depend on the length of the survey.

Once you have earned 35,000 points, which is equal to $25, you can cash out.

Payments are made via PayPal, gift cards, or donations to charities.

11. Harris Poll

 sites like Swagbucks

Harris Poll is one of the most prestigious polls in the world.

By being a part of their polls, you can have your say in the matters that affect you the most. Harris Poll Online offers its members the opportunity to earn points.

Once you earn 1250 points (equal to $10), you can redeem them for e-gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, ESPN, and more.

The surveys take between 5 and 25 minutes, and you can receive three to five surveys each month.

Harris Poll Online has stopped offering surveys opportunities in the US since March 2020, but the Canadian version of the panel is still operational.

12. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers offer a good mix of long and short surveys.

You can choose to take longer surveys when you have the time and short ones when you are short on time.

You can join Toluna Influencers for free and complete your profile.

This ensures that you are offered surveys on the topics that interest you. You earn points for every survey that you complete.

You can also earn points on Toluna Influencers by playing games, referring friends, and testing products.

You need points worth $25 if you want to redeem your points for cash. To redeem your points for gift cards, you need points worth $10.

13. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another site like Swagbucks that lets you earn points by completing surveys and other tasks online.

The number of points you earn depends on the length of the survey.

Short surveys can give you 10 points, while longer ones can help you make up to 250 points. You can earn $10 for every 100 points that you make.

You can also earn with Opinion Outpost by watching ads, testing upcoming products, and participating in a mission in your neighborhood.

14. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel gives you points for completing surveys, watching videos, winning raffles, and engaging with brands.

When you sign up with them, you must fill in the questionnaire correctly so that you can be matched with relevant opportunities.

To boost your earnings here, you can also take part in daily challenges.

You earn extra points if you complete these time-sensitive goals.

When you refer a friend to Prize Rebel, you can earn as much as 30% of their earnings. A hundred points on Prize Rebel will get you $1.

You can redeem your points when you reach the threshold of $2 for gift cards and $5 for cash through PayPal.

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15. Prolific

Prolific is an academic research platform where participants are paid by the hour.

The studies here are commissioned by academic institutions like Harvard University, Yale, and Stanford, looking for people from specific demographic groups to provide data for their studies.

The surveys are generally short, ranging from one minute to 30 minutes.

You are paid $6.50 per hour on average, which is also the minimum threshold for withdrawing your money via PayPal.

Researchers are also awarded bonuses occasionally based on their performance.

16. ySense

ySense, formerly known as ClickSense, is a site that pays you to perform small tasks online.

There are several ways to make money here, including completing surveys, testing products, and services, watching videos, downloading apps, and more.

You may also be asked to make searches on Google and categorize images. You can do some of these tasks repeatedly, which others can be done only once or twice.

The amount you earn depends on the difficulty level of the task. Once you earn $50, ySense pays you a $5 bonus.

You can cash out with PayPal($10), Pioneer($52), or Skrill($5) when you reach the minimum threshold for cashing out.

ySense also allows you to redeem your earnings with gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Kohls, and more.

17. Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a site like Swagbucks that allows you to earn cash for completing online tasks.

You can complete surveys, play games, and watch videos in your spare time to make money.

You can also earn money here by testing apps and completing signup offers. These signups require you to register your account with their website and earn extra cash.

You can also earn $1 for every friend that you refer here. You get $2 when your friend completes their first task.

You also get $5 every time they cash out. You need to earn $25 to cash out, and payments are made via check, direct to your bank account or PayPal.

All payments are approved on the 20thof every month.

18. GrabPoints

If you are searching for sites like Swagbucks, then GrabPoints is the site to check out.

The tasks on GrabPoints include taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and completing offers.

When you complete these tasks, you earn points that you can later redeem. You can redeem the points you earn for cash or gift cards.

To cash out your earnings, you should have at least 3,000 (worth $3)points in your account.

You can cash out through PayPal or gift cards from Amazon, Steam, Minecraft, etc.

19. Earnably

Earnably is a site like Swagbucks that allows you to earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps, and referring new members.

How much you earn on Earnably depends on your demographics, the time you spend on the site, and whether the offers match your background.

Earnably also offers an excellent referral program, which allows you to earn 10% of your referral earnings for a lifetime.

You can exchange your points for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can redeem 100 points for $1 here.

20. Respondent

Respondent is a survey site that seeks business professionals to give their views on businesses.

While the pay is excellent, you need to be qualified in specific industries to complete surveys here.

Here a business owner can earn $500, or a software professional can make $200 on average.

To apply here, you need to give your work email and ensure that your organization is ok with this.

The studies done on Respondent include product research, exploratory research, and consumer research.

These aren’t quick surveys, and you have to take out time for them. You get paid after completion of the survey, but Respondent deducts a 5% fee.

You can also earn extra money by referring people here. You will receive a payment when your referral completes a survey.

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21. Zoombucks

Zoombucks is a popular rewards site that offers cash and gift cards to members to complete simple tasks.

It works by helping brands to connect with their consumers to get their opinion.

You can earn cash here by taking surveys, watching ads, reading emails, completing online offers, playing online games, shopping, and referring friends.

The website is easy to understand and lists the earning potential and time for completion of each survey.

On average, you can make around $10 to $20 per hour over here.

A 100 Zoombucks is equal to $1. The minimum payout on Zoombucks is$5, which is paid via cash or PayPal.

22. Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a market research firm that pays you to answer questions —even questions about your name and age

You can earn money for every survey you complete. They also guarantee that once you start a survey, you will not be screened out.

On average, each survey takes just five minutes to complete. You need to accumulate at least $15 to cash out.

Another way to make money here is to refer other people. The site will give you 20% of whatever your friend makes, up to $25.


MOBROG is operated by a German market research company called Splendid Research GMbH.

Other than surveys, it does not offer any other side gigs to earn money.

Most surveys on this site pay between $.50 and $3. The amount you can earn is shown before you take the survey.

The minimum amount for cashing out is $4. You can redeem your money via PayPal.

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24. InstaGC

InstaGC stands for Instant gift cards.

You can earn these gift cards by completing simple online tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and shopping online.

Most tasks available here take just one minute to complete. You can earn reward points for each task you complete.

Every 100 points can get you $1, which can then be redeemed as a gift card.

You also have the option to take cash via PayPal, Bitcoin, or prepaid Visa credit card, but this will incur a fee.

25. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is operated byLuth Research, which has been in the market research business for the last 40 years.

The primary source of earning money in Survey Savvy is by taking surveys.

Each survey can help you earn between $1 to $3. If you download their app and use it regularly, you will get paid an additional $5 per month.

So, if you have three devices, you can earn an additional $15 a month just by downloading the app and using it regularly.

They also have an excellent referral scheme. You get paid $2 when someone you refer finishes a survey.

You also get an additional $1 for every survey that your referral completes.

You can make a withdrawal when you have accrued $1, but you can only be paid via check here.

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How do you choose the right surveys?

Once you register on sites like Swagbucks, you will be offered many surveys.

But how do you choose which surveys to do and which ones to avoid?

You need to figure out how much time a survey would take versus how much you will be paid.

So, if a survey takes 30 minutes and you are paid $3 for it, it is not worth it. You can choose to take ten smaller surveys that take 10 minutes and pay you $2 per survey.

This way, you will be paid $20 per hour instead of $6 per hour.

Tips to stay safe while taking online surveys

You know Swagbucks is secure, and your data is safe with them.

But you may be wondering if other sites like Swagbucks are safe to use.

While all the sites mentioned above are safe to use, you should always be careful while giving out information.

Here are some tips and sticks to use to keep your personal information safe while filling online surveys –

1. Privacy

You should only register with a site that has a privacy policy on its website. Also, look for a term of service link. These two are a must for any credible survey site.

2. Clarity

The site should provide a clear understanding of what rewards they are providing for taking surveys.

The site should also have contact information and should be approved by BBB.

3. Set up a separate email account

Set up a separate email account to receive all survey invitations.

This way, you will see how many surveys you have received, and your regular email will not get spammed.

4. Don’t give personal details

Never share personal information like your bank account details, credit card number, or full names of your family members on any site.

A genuine online research company will never ask you for such information. The details should be limited to demographic information only.

5. Check reviews

Check reviews of the site to know what the other users are saying.

If you find that most of the reviews are negative, it is best to avoid the site.

6. No upfront payment

Avoid all survey sites that ask you to pay to join. Most legitimate sites actually pay you a signup bonus to join.

7. Avoid get-rich sites

Avoid joining any site that offers a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not possible to get rich by taking surveys.

8. Don’t download software

If any site asks you to download software to complete a survey, it is most likely a scam.

You may sometimes be asked to download an app or cashback tracker, which is safe.

9. Do not click on survey ads

All legitimate email invitations to complete surveys contain complete information on the survey type, the length, and the incentive.

Avoid clicking on survey invitations that feature ads that offer cash and products like iPhones.

10. Don’t share passwords

Never share your password with anyone. If you share a computer, don’t share the password on the browser.

This will prevent anyone from hacking into your account.

Final notes

All the sites like Swagbucks listed above are free and legit.

They allow you to make money doing all the things that you may be doing anyway.

While these sites won’t make you rich, they will help you earn some extra income in addition to your paycheck.

Take a look at them to choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Also, please go through our ten tips to stay safe while taking online surveys.

25 Amazing sites like Swagbucks