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31 extreme frugal living blogs that you need to check right now

extreme frugality blogs

Do you want to know how to retire with very little money? or how to live on very little money?

See.. if you are living on a tight budget or want to live on a tight budget for financial concerns, these extreme frugal living blogs will help you out.

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While we tell you how to make money online from home, I am going to share extreme frugal blogs that share how to save, invest and achieve financial freedom with whatever money you have.

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Let’s start looking at the BIG list of extreme frugal blogs. Sit tight, get some snacks and a drink – you are going to be here for long!

The post includes affiliate links.

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#1 Fiesty Frugal and Fabulous, an amazing frugal mom blog

extreme frugal blogs

This frugal living blog is owned by Tenille Lafontaine. She is a married mom of three, living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She writes about fabulous frugal finds, giveaways, recipes, lifestyle and other similar posts.

If you are creating a list of super frugal living blogs, this surely needs to be on the top. Check out the blog here.

#2 The Frugal Millionaire

This is one of my favorite frugal mom blogs. It is owned by Sarah who shares her personal stories of living frugal, especially the, journey to becoming financially independent and having more time to bake and cook.

She writes about her income from the blog, side hustles, frugal living tips, and saving money. 

Add this frugal blogger to your list of the extreme frugal living blogs.

#3 Money Saving Mom

frugality blogs

Money Saving Mom is a frugal living blog owned by Crystal Paine. She writes about discounts, coupon, frugal living tips, managing money tips, recipes, giveaways, freebies and tips on living with very little money.

You can check out this frugal blogger here and don’t forget to add this to your list of extreme frugal blog.

#4 All the Frugal Ladies

thrifty blogs

The story of this frugal living blogger is inspiring. It is owned by a native New Yorker named Jessica. She left behind the Big Apple almost 4 years ago to pursue new adventures around the world.

She writes about living on very little income, frugal living, travel, saving for holidays, shopping, finance, giveaways and making money online. If you don’t add this to your extreme frugal blog list, you are definitely missing out on some great tips

Check her frugal blog here.

#5 Fabulessly Frugal

Looking at the name of this extreme frugal blogs, you know it deserves a place in your list.

Fabulessly Frugal is owned by Cathy, a mother to 8 beautiful children. She writes about savings, freezer meals, and super deals going on right now.

Check out her blog here and add it to your list of extreme frugal blogs to follow

#6 Pretty Providence

Pretty Providence

This blog is owned by two BFFs, Jessica and Sarah. They share their best recipes, DIY projects, favorite things, and ways to have fun and celebrate the good things in life.

Check out the blog here.

#7 Simply Frugal

Simply Frugal

This is one of my favorite extreme frugal blogs. It is owned by Taya and she has successfully achieved a no spend month. She writes about the best deals you want in your life at the best prices. Isn’t that amazing?

Check out this frugal blogger here.

#8 Adventures of Frugal Mom

It is owned by Melissa who covers everything from crafts, cooking, recipes, frugal tips, reviews, multicultural life, and more on her blog. So, if you are looking for that, this is a must-have extreme frugal blogs to be added to your list. Visit her blog here.

#9 the frugal girl

It is owned by Kristen who tells you how to live cheerful being frugal. You will find recipes, DIY projects, painting projects, repurposing ideas, frugal home decor ideas, the inspiration for simple living etc

Check out this frugal girl here.

I loved how her blog looked and felt. Definitely, recommend you to add it to your extreme frugal blogs list.

#10 Jessi Fearon – Real Life on a Budget, a great and extreme frugal blogs

This blog is owned by Jessi who encourage others to live life by a budget and to make managing their money a priority in their lives. She showcases their family’s life on a budget and how they paid $50000 in 17 months. Check it out here

You have to add her to your list of extreme frugal blogs.

#11 5 dollar dinner

This is the best and the most extreme frugal living blogs. It is owned by Erin Chase and her mission is to help you spend less money on your groceries!

You really have to check her out!

Do check her out here.

#12 Thrifty frugal mom

It is owned by Lydia and she shares great tips on how to save money. She is a mom to 4 children and share simple, from-scratch recipes, inspiration for successful homemaking, and lots of great money saving ideas.

If you haven’t yet added this to your list of extreme frugal blogs, do it right now. Check her out here.

#13 Frugally Blonde

Before I say anything about this extreme frugal blogs, I love the name.

It is owned by Julie and she shares tips about cleaning, organizing, budgeting, and an occasional recipe or two. Check out her blog here.

#14 Caroline Vencil

Her hobby is to actually find ways to save more money. On a family income of $17000, she was able to buy 2 cars, a house and spend on a family of 5. It is amazing, and you should definitely add this to your list of extreme frugal blogs.

Check this frugal blogger here

#15 The frugal navy wife

Owned by Danielle, a navy wife, and a mom to 5 children. She shares tips to save money and live frugally. Her’s is definitely one of the best and the most extreme frugal blogs there is.

Check her out here. 

#16 Family Balance Sheet, one of the extreme frugal blogs

It is owned by Kristia and you’ll find personal stories, practical tips, and delicious recipes to help you live well on less. Do check out this frugal blogger and add her blog to the list of extreme frugal blogs.

#17 Frugal and Thriving

It is owned by Melissa and she shares information on how to budget your money, money saving tips, frugal recipes, simple and green living ideas. Check it out here.

#18 Six Figures under, one of the best and the most extreme frugal blog

It is owned by Stephanie and she shares tips on how to become debt free, save money, frugal living ideas, budgeting and finance. Read her story here and I am sure you will be inspired.

#19 Printable coupons and deals

Printable Coupons and Deals

It is owned by David Adams. They share all the printable coupons and deals that will save you money. You can find coupons for baby, baked goods, beauty, candy, healthcare, groceries etc

Check it out here.

#20 the curious frugal, one of the best and extreme frugal blogs

She shares tips to save money, lead a frugal life, blogging, making money and much more. Check out her blog here.

#21 Fulfilled for less

This extreme frugal blog is owned by Sandie and I loved her work.  She offers encouragement, motivation, and advice for laying a strong financial foundation, no matter where your financial choices have led you until now.

Do check out her blog here.

#22 Sweet Frugal Life

This extreme frugal blogs is owned by Melanie. She shares tips and tricks that she has learned about SAVING money and enjoying life at the same time. Check it out

#23 Miss Many Pennies

This is owned by Hayley and she helps you find ways to make and save money, and look after your family finances. So, if you are looking for ways to handle your budget, or supplement your income, you should add this extreme frugal blogs to your list.

Check it out here

#24 Frugal debt free life

Frugal Debt Free Life

This is not one of the extreme frugal blogs, but she shares great tips on saving money, making money, recipes and other similar things. Do check it out here.

#25 Bargain Believer, one of the extreme frugal blogs

It is owned by Juli and she shares tips on saving money, especially coupons. You can find great deals while on her blog. Do check it out. 

Trust me, go check it out now.

#26 Tuppenny’s FIREplace

Owned by Emma, this blog is FULL of amazing resources and money saving tips. She also covers frugal living, budgeting and much more. Check out this post on extreme frugal living, here.

#27 Ladies Make money

While Divine writes more about making money, she has some great resources on extreme frugal living. Check it out here. 

#28 Smart cents for life

Smart Cents For Life

This blog is owned by Shirley. She shares Ways to Make Extra Money, Money Saving Tips, Parenting, Productivity, Blogging Tips and Resources. Definitely, a blog to be included in your list of extreme frugal blogs.

Check her blog here. 

#29 Fun Cheap or Free

Wow, this is one of my favorites and I discovered it only while writing this post on extreme frugal blogs.

It is owned by Jordan. According to her, frugality is not about giving up everything. It is about getting everything you want in a smart way. Her story is inspiring and her blog is full of great frugal living tips. Read about her frugality here.

#30 Afford Anything

Another great blog that I found only while writing this post.

It is owned by Paula and she talks about investing, travel, lifestyle design, financial independence etc. I recommend you to read her about page and know what she has achieved. It is inspiring!

#31 Making Sense of Cents

This is one of my favorite blogs out there. In fact, it was Michelle’s income report that inspired me to start a blog and work towards creating a passive income. She mainly writes about saving money, making money and managing finances.

You should check out this post of hers – it has some CRAZY frugal living tips in there!

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There you go!

If you want to live frugally, these extreme frugal blogs will help you do that. Are you ready?

31 extreme frugal and thrifty blogs you should check out


Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Thanks so much for including my blog. I love this list, it's great to know there is so much info out there on frugal living - there are at least 5 blogs I didn't know about so now I'm off to have a read.