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15 Hidden Money Drains That Are Killing Your Wallet. Is It?

In today’s fast-paced world, we all strive to make the most of our hard-earned money. However, despite our best efforts, we often spend money on things that we don’t actually need or that offer little to no value in return.

This can include trendy gadgets, expensive designer items, and unnecessary subscriptions. On a popular Reddit forum, users were recently asked what they think is a complete waste of money. Here are some of the top picks:

1. Renting Furniture

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“Those places where you rent a TV or a couch, and those rates are straight criminal.” said one.

“Very often infested with bed bugs or roaches and sometimes both!” another added.

2. Wedding Dresses

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“I LOVE watching stuff like Say Yes To The Dress, but I can’t fathom spending like £8k on a dress you’ll wear once.” a user said.

“I can’t fathom spending 10k+ on one day when that amount of money could be put towards so many other things, especially at the beginning of a marriage,” said another.

3. Pay Day Loans

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“The interest is extortionate, and even if you pay it back, you’ll still be short this month.” a Redditor said.

“You get charged a thousand % or more for these payday loans, it’s insane, and the founder of payday loans has his money offshore, hiding his money tax-free.” another said.

4. Weight-Loss Drinks

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“Weight-loss drinks and/or powders (along the lines of the new fad Unicorn Water). Congrats, you’ve got yourself a $60 bottle of flavored water that doesn’t do a thing.” said one.

“That moment when people in the 21st century still aren’t familiar with the concept of calories in vs. calories out.” another added.

5. Auto-pay memberships for services you haven’t used in months

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“The gym membership that I haven’t used in 6 months…God dammit!” said one.

“That’s part of the strategy the company leaders at my job have come up with – get people to sign up for our online service and hope they forget about it while we keep charging them.” someone said.

6. Buying Anything On Sale

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“Buying anything on sale because it’s on sale when you don’t actually need or want it anyway, but hey, it’s on sale!” said one.

“You’ll pry my deeply discounted stuff from my cold dead hands. Yesterday I bought an FM/VHF/UHF amplifier for $1; I have no use for it at all.” another added.

7. Cigarettes

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“I quit a month ago after 10 years of 2 packs a day, and I’m saving almost $400/month just by kickin’ the cigs. On top of creating so much useless garbage, they just aren’t worth buying.” a user said.

“I quit smoking after 10 years, about 6 months ago. I smoked about a pack of premiums a day(20 cigs/pack @ $15-$16).” another added.

8. Multi-Level Marketing Business

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“You will waste your money in an attempt to make money. They are designed to be a scam, and you are designed to lose. I wish they would finally be done away with.” a user added.

“It’s crazy that places like Herbalife still exist.” another said.

9. Vitamin Water

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“A bottle of multivitamins and some filtered water will do a far better job and probably cost you a lot less money.” a user said.

10. Cable TV

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“Cable tv, satellite tv, all tv sources in the US that make you get 109-300 channels, but you use 12.” one said.

“I finally cut the cord a few months ago, and I realized I was paying $100 a month for things I stream from my computer anyway, and that only thing was NBA games. Besides, I just couldn’t afford it.” another added

11. Expensive Weddings

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“People still talk about great/awesome/fun/best ever it was, but would I be just as happy in marriage and family life if we spent 50 bucks and eloped? Absolutely.” said one.

“My wedding was less expensive than average but still more than we could have afforded without my parents (very generous and very out of the blue) help. While I’m sure an inexpensive wedding would have been fine.” said one. 

12. Popcorn At The Cinema

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“Last night they wanted £6 for a large popcorn… Probably cost them 5p to make… So expensive for what it is!” a Redditor said.

“Popcorns are the only way they make money.” another added.

13. Expensive Infants Clothing

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“$600 infant pajamas by Dior/Gucci/Armani is a waste.” one said. “No, I’m pretty sure most people know that’s a waste of money.” another added

14. College Textbooks

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“Most of them are free in pdf form online.” a user said.

Even if not online, most of them are available in the library. Also, getting a few things photocopied to study is almost always fair use.

15. Going To Garage For Regular Car Maintenance

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“Going to a garage for all their car trouble or maintenance. Most shops charge a flat rate for labor; you will know if it’s a young guy doing glorified part changing or a trade mechanic with 20+ years of experience.

Don’t be discouraged and watch many how-to videos; you will be ok. I have saved $1000+ a year learning to fix and maintain my car,” said one.

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