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12 Ways To Make Money With Chat GPT And Dall-E In 2023

For the past few days, Robot Lawyer has been in the headlines. It will be a historic first to see an AI-powered robot defending a human in a U.S. court. Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay, saw an opportunity to create an AI legal assistant in 2015. Whether or not you ever hire a robot lawyer, they will definitely become a part of every law office. It is helping in cutting costs and expediting the process.

Similarly, we have all heard of ChatGPT and Dall-E in the past few weeks. While schools, universities, and freelancers have been concerned, aspiring entrepreneurs have taken this as an opportunity to grow.

What you need to think right is – “How can I jump on the wagon and utilize the technology to my advantage” instead of worrying about losing your jobs, pay cuts, or living in denial.

If you are worried about AI taking over your job or cutting on your paycheck (which is more plausible in the short term), this is the time to cash on simple ideas and side hustles. You can use the available tech like Chat GPT and Dall-E to build small businesses like:

1. AI Travel Agent 

Symbolic picture for traveling with a robot by train. A teenage girl with suitcases and a robot on the railway station
Image Credit – val_th, Deposit Photos

You can work on creating an AI travel agent that helps people find and book the best deals online. If you think people will not hire an AI agent, remember that many travel agents/agencies want technology that can reduce their workload. You might not hire one, but agencies will!


2. AI Tutor 

3 children looking at a cimputer with a teacher behind
Image Credit: alebloshka, Deposit Photos

You can build an AI Tutor that helps students learn a subject or a language. For example, Toko is an app for learning English. Students converse with an AI who corrects them and helps them practice real-life situations.


3. AI Astrologer 

Psychic or fortune teller with crystal ball and horoscope zodiac sign of Aries
Image Credit:
innovatedcaptures, Deposit Photos

Astrology is a $2.2 bn dollar market; this is the time to create something new. You can build an AI astrologer that can answer questions about the future or an app that sends out daily horoscope. It may be a mix of both.  Personally, I would be comfortable hiring an AI astrologer. After all, machines are great at crunching data and analyzing all posibilities. What do you think?


4. Build ChatBots

Humanoid robots in the call center. 3d illustration.
Image Credit: limbi007, Deposit Photos

Businesses can use AI chatbots to improve customer service, streamline operations, and increase sales. You can look into building chatbots for:

  • Customer Service: Answering queries and helping customers with refunds, tracking orders, missing products, etc
  • E-Commerce: Helping potential buyers with product recommendations, discounts, checkout, etc
  • Internal Tasks: Create a chatbot for internal processes in an organisation, including, HR tasks, providing quick access to data, etc


5. AI Therapist

Hilarious man is hugging robot and looking at camera with smile. They showing okay sign. Portrait. Isolated
Image Credits: iakovenko123, Deposit Photos

While AI therapists can never replace the real ones, they can be beneficial for people who cannot pay for therapy or are looking for basic help with their behavior, anxiety, mood, etc. Look into WoeBot, which helps people with cognitive therapy.


6. Start A YouTube Channel 

Beautiful blogger. Female young vlogger recording social media video and smiling while looking at camera. Social Media. Blog. Youtube
Image Credit: dima_sidelnikov, Deposit Photos

You can create a faceless channel with YouTube. Write scripts using Chat GPT and create videos using Pictory. It’s a simple combination and a time-sensitive one too. Remember, the early adopters of any popular technology have always benefitted. Be it a social media platform like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or something like Crypto.

7. Offer AI Services on Fiverr

Photo of unhappy worried young woman sit desk problem deadline work laptop isolated on pastel blue color background.
Image Credits: deagreez1, Deposit Photos

You can easily build a freelancing business around AI services. Some of the things you can offer are:

  • AI Art
  • AI Content
  • AI Videos 
  • AI Apps and Tools 

8. Sell Designs on POD

Andrtoids in storage or transport on ship
Image Credits: rlffimageso, Deposit Photos

Use platforms like Dall-E 2 to create new designs that can you can sell on Print On Demand stores. You can start with 

  • Printify
  • Printable
  • Amazon Merch

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9. Sell AI Art Prints on Etsy

A painting
Image Credit: mutalio, Deposit Photos

Just like creating designs for POD, you can also create art prints to sell on Etsy. Try out new things and specify the kind of art (for example, abstract, oil painting, 3D render, etc.)

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10. Sell Children’s Books

Child in a school library
Image Credit: rmarmion, Deposit Photos

You can use Chat GPT to develop creative stories for children; all you do is give a creative prompt to help you fill in the story. To spruce it up, you can use Dall-E to create images. Combine both and start publishing on Amazon KDP.


11. Build Small Tools To Solve Problems

Cardboard human head cutout revealing circuit board content
Image Credit: pogonici, Deposit Photos

Like I said in the beginning, you should focus on building simple tools to solve simple problems. If you are into technology, you can use Chat GPT to create something useful or exciting. Both segments work. For example, you can create an exclusive tax calculator for freelancers, an AI bot that helps you save/simplify taxation or a tool that simplifies data entry work. 

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Look around and analyze everyday problems and think about how you can solve them with an AI-powered tool. A few great examples of simple solutions are Pictory and, Lensa. Pictory helps convert long-form content into videos with 10000 paying customers and revenue of $715K. On the other hand, Prisma Labs was fast to launch Lensa, an AI-based image creator. Lensa AI made $16.2 million in revenue in 2022. 


12. Content Generation 

Young desperate girl writing with an old typewriter. Conceptual
Image Credit: pio3, Deposit Photos

There is a lot of conversation on how AI-written content is penalised by Google, but you can use the tool to create an outline for your content. 

We do not recommend using it to build the body, but you can overcome writer’s block. It can help with prompts, introductions, conclusions, and filler content. Even if you don’t want to use Chat GPT for blog posts, you can always use it to create social media captions, email copy, ad copy, etc. Use it to your advantage as a freelancer! 

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What Do You Think?

A person thinking and trying to whisper something
Image Credit: DmitryPoch, Deposit Photos

These are just some ways to build businesses with Chat GPT and Dall-E. The idea is for you to devise a creative way to solve simple problems with help of  available technology. It’s now or never. 

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