What to do when freelance writing clients ask for a FREE sample?

Freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing clients can be tricky sometimes! I have been writing professionally for over a year now and have come across thousands of clients who have asked me to write a sample for FREE if I wanted to land that freelance writing job. In my opinion, it is ok to consider it. Hey, before you shoot any question or badmouth me for asking you to work for free, just listen up. Some freelance writing clients want to “test your knowledge” in that specific area, some have “company policies” to not hire anyone until you write a sample. Truthfully, most of them are trying to exploit you or get free content written by multiple freelance writers in the same manner. While I advise you to politely decline these generous offers, there are a few you should be willing to consider. I won’t lie to you! When I began as a freelance writer, I wrote FREE SAMPLES. But, not for everyone. So, how do you decide what to do when freelance writing clients ask you for a test gig? Let’s take two scenarios If you don’t have relevant samples (meaning, you are a beginner freelance writer or just starting out) I am […]

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10 ways to land freelance writing clients as a beginner

Freelance writing clients are difficult to find, especially, if you are just starting out. I have been a freelance writer and blogger for two years and the one question I get asked a lot is – Where do you find freelance writing clients that pay well? How to get clients for content writing?  When I started out, I had NO idea about this as well. I stalked other writers, was overwhelmed by the information available on the internet and made a zillion mistakes on the way. But, you don’t have to go through this. In this post, I will show you 10 legit ways I landed freelance writing clients (that paid well!) in the last two years. If you are just considering freelance writing as an option, pin this post to your Pinterest account or bookmark it for your future reference. 1. Start cold pitching your dream freelance writing clients All the successful writers standby cold pitching to land high-paying freelance writing clients. For those of you who are unaware of this, cold pitching is a strategy where you email potential freelance writing clients (this is your ideal client) and tell them how you – a freelance writer – can help […]

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How I got “$250 for ONE blog post” client as a new freelance writer in India?

If you are here, you are probably struggling to kickstart freelance writing in India. You are tired of low paying jobs which pay you INR 0.20 – 0.30 paise per word (if they pay you at all, that is!). You are sick of your day job and want to do something of your own to be able to spend more time with yourself, kids or family OR you cannot see yourself going out to work because of an obligation. BUT, you have NO idea where and how to start looking for these “high paying clients” who are sweet to work with. In my first month of freelance writing in India, I landed a client who paid me Rs. 15000 for a SINGLE post. It is possible. It is NO rocket science BUT it is hard work. Let me tell you one secret, it wouldn’t have been possible, without this blog and my professional website. You still don’t have one? You can use my guide to kickstart your WordPress blog in under 15 minutes.  Adopted “I am not an employee” attitude [Freelance writing in India (or anywhere else for that matter!) is a business] Confession time: Being brought up in a […]

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Shopping in India: A guide to bargaining

budget shopping and bargaining

I hope you have read my post on shopping in India, especially in Delhi. Click here to see what we shopped at Sarojini and read about my experience here if you haven’t already.  I bargained a lot and bought a lot in INR 2500. Yay! A lot of you emailed me asking for tips and hacks to bargain in these markets. So here it is guys – I totally get it! Someone finds it tough and someone embarrassing. It is absolutely normal to have mixed feelings about aggressive bargaining! But hey, it is your hard earned money and you probably (I hope so!) want to spend it wisely. We need to learn this art by practicing it. Let’s start your lessons. Fact 1: India is country where you can find cheap and excellent deals. By cheap, I do not mean bad quality but less price. Every region of India has its own “market” and hence, shopping in India could be very exciting. Oh, guys, that reminds me of my new venture – Dusk. It is a collection of earrings from various places in India I travel to. They depict the traditions and the style of that region. Isn’t that great? You can check […]

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8 things you need to know before planning a visit to India

things to know before visiting india

You have made a plan to visit one of the most diverse country, India. Congratulations! I guarantee you a lot of fun and frolic. A lot of people I know have fallen in love with India and a lot of them don’t even have India on their bucket list. But anyway, I know you will like your trip if you remember the following things while on your trip to India. I have put together a list of things to help you plan better, travel better and confuse lesser. India has a tendency to be confusing and yet inspiring at the same time leaving the travellers slightly (understating!) overwhelmed. Before you plunge into a pool of chaotic enchantment, read and save these tips on your phone. You can pin it too! I. India is diverse  A lot of people from the United States and different parts of Europe have a common misconception that we speak only Hindi and a couple of more languages. This is absolutely wrong! We are a nation with more than 22 scheduled languages, and by that I mean our constitution recognises each of them. If we are including dialects and other local languages, we might not be able to count them easily. So, if […]

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9 things to carry while travelling to India during summer

things to carry while travelling

Ok, so you have decided or you are thinking of planning a visit to India during summer and have no idea (or little idea) of things to carry while travelling.  I must say, it definitely demands some prep before you begin your travel adventure here during that time of the year. Summer in India is characterised by unbearable heat and dry weather with hot winds, popularly known as loo.  While summers in western countries is time to be outdoors sunbathing, it is time to shut door and lock yourself up in India. You do not get sun tanned, you get sun burnt! Hence, things to carry while travelling becomes important topic! Now, that summer has dawned upon us – I thought it is the best time to write about this. It can get really sunny and hot if you are travelling to some parts of India. The temperatures of places sore upto even 40 degree celsius (like, Delhi and Rajasthan). While it is something no-one likes, it is something everybody has to bear. So, you need to be vary of things you should carry with you. I shifted to Delhi a few month back, almost the onset of summer. So, I had to devise my own tricks […]

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