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Nanny Breaks The Watch, Pins It On The Son. Dad Wants To Fires Nanny, Says, “He Can’t Trust Her Anymore But She Has Been There Long Time”. Should He?

Long-term trust is built, not given, but finding they’re untrustworthy shatters it. Nanny break hearts when they betray trust, built over time, with their unjust deeds.

A user asked the forum, Am I a jerk for firing our long-term nanny for breaking my watch and pinning it on my son?


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The original poster (OP) and his wife have three kids; the eldest is 7. Since her birth, they had ‘Lila’ as their stay-in nanny to help out.


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She’s a nice lady and was a great nanny. 

Kids love her, they love her, and yeah, so they have kept her around even though his wife stayed at home after their youngest child’s birth.


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Earlier that week, OP got home, and Lila told him that she found OP’s son playing with his watch, and while trying to take it from him, he threw it across the room, and it broke.



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He wasn’t too happy about that since it was a sentimental and quite expensive gift from a late father figure, but he clearly remembered leaving it on the coffee table while working in the living room, so it was really his own fault.


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Without any intention, OP went through the footage from their living room camera, showing Lila throwing the watch on the floor.


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That was very peculiar, so OP asked her again about the watch and how his son would have thrown it so hard, and she just shrugged.


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His wife later confronted her with the footage, and she confessed that she found OP’s watch and wanted to put it somewhere safe, but then she saw a spider on the floor, freaked out, and threw the watch in shock at the spider.


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OP says he is a very distrusting guy in general, and trust is hard to come by. 

He realizes it is an ill trait of his, but he can’t help it.


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He says they interviewed Lila ten times, including supervised trials, before giving her the job.OP was sad about the watch, but he had lost trust in her since she looked him in the eye twice and lied both times.

He fired her, and says that it might be an overreaction, but he fired her.


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He also added that it wasn’t fun and said it took a lot of tears, a lot of words said, and now he was just thinking whether he was wrong in firing her.


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“ If you can’t trust the person watching your child, they shouldn’t be watching your child. She told a stupid lie, blamed your child, and now faces the consequences of her actions.”


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“It’s the lie that makes her a jerk. Her throwing the watch at a spider seemed to be a panic reaction, and if she had just been honest, OP could probably forgive her for that.

But lying and blaming the toddler makes it hard for him to trust her again.”


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“Why, if you didn’t have a video & she blamed your 7-year-old, so you punished them? How would you feel then after finding out she lied? Think of it that way.

You did the right thing!”

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