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6 Things People in Other Countries Would Kill for (That Americans Take For Granted)

In America, we often take for granted the many amenities and opportunities that we have access to on a daily basis. From clean drinking water to reliable electricity, there are too many things we are used to. 

However, in less developed countries, access to these same amenities can be limited and highly valued. We will explore 7 simple things that Americans take for granted but are valued in other countries.

1. Drinking Straight From The Tap

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Drinking from the tap is commonplace in America. However, if you visit any less developed country, you should remember it is almost always unsafe to drink water from the tap.

On quick research, we found that the only countries where this is normal are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. Anywhere else, it is a big NO. 

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2. Free School Education

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“Education, at least from K-12. For everyone.” said one on Reddit. 

A user adds to this and says, “I have run into one illiterate person in my entire life. This encounter happened when I was working in Alabama.”

While many countries provide free school education, the standards are not upto the mark and more often than not, very few students attend these schools.

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3. Disability Access

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We will give this to the United States. It has the best systems for making all places accessible. 

A user says, “ADA, for sure! I’m in a wheelchair and have seen the lack of simple accessibility in some countries.”

“I’m not disabled, but after moving to France, I quickly noticed how well the U.S. does this compared to other places. France is soooo behind on making things handicap accessible that it seems unreal. On numerous occasions, I’ve had to help people in wheelchairs, with strollers, the elderly, etc., do things as simple as the walk from point A to B or get the bus driver to lower the level/ramp to where they could get on (some are stupid and will act like it’s too much of a hassle). The U.S. really did this one right.” shared one

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4. Relative Adherence To Traffic Laws

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A user says, “Definitely not saying people drive good here or that everyone follows the laws, but it’s generally not total unregulated pandemonium in the streets.”

“You cannot imagine the absolute madness that is traffic in India until you’ve experienced it in person. It’s night and day even compared with Times Square at rush hour on the hottest day of the year.” added another.

“Traffic in India was mind-blowing to me as an American. Are there lanes? Not really? Turn signals? No, that’s what the horn is for! Stop signs/lights? Just a suggestion!” added yet another.

An Italian resident said, “From an Italian who also lives in the U.S., I can assure you Americans do drive really well.” 

“Currently visiting Vietnam for the first time in a few years, and I almost forgot how crossing a busy street here often feels like playing “Frogger” in real life.” said another. 

5. Freedom of speech

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“This right here. To add, freedom to speak your mind on any topic without fear of arrest or persecution by the government.” shared a user.

6. Flushing The Toilet Paper

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Funny, but true. 

“A plumbing/sewer system that can handle toilet paper.” said one

“I didn’t realize how much I took this for granted until traveling to Panama. Nowhere outside of Panama City could handle toilet paper in the pipes.” added another

“Being told not to flush T.P. in Greece was a shock.” said yet another. 

These are just some of the most obvious things that Americans take for granted. Let’s strive to be more mindful of the things we have, and work to make sure that everyone has access to these basic necessities.

Source: Reddit

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