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10 Simple Ways The United States Outshines Europe As A Place To Live

When it comes to choosing a place to call home, both the United States and Europe have their own unique advantages. From job opportunities to healthcare, each continent has strengths that make it a desirable place to live.

However, it can be challenging to determine which one is better overall. So we took to Reddit, where a user asked, “What is better about the U.S. than Europe?

It got over 3.1k comments from people in the U.S., European countries, and those who have lived in both. According to them, here is what is why the United States is better than Europe.   

1. Wildlife

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We have way more undeveloped land where wild animals roam freely. It was a 3-month road trip in the U.S. and a 3-month road trip in Europe. I swear the wildlife I saw was at a 100:1 ratio.” shared one. 

My girlfriend from Europe was with me on both; she thought it was just in the movies how many wild animals are in the U.S. The first time a giant elk walked through our campsite, she was amazed(and scared). Said is in the western U.S. was like being in Jurassic park.” said another.

I live in Oakland. Every week in our yard, we get deer, skunk, possum, raccoons, the occasional fox, turkeys, the occasional coyote.” shared yet another. 


2. Recreation 

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“Many people say space and wildlife, but I’d like to add access to that; we have an incredible amount of public land that belongs to everyone for hunting, fishing, camping, and recreation.” shared one.


3. STEM Field Jobs

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STEM jobs, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are careers that are focused on the application of scientific, mathematical, and technological principles. These jobs are in high demand, but The United States is a great place to be if you’re into it. 

Science can go either way, but the pay and opportunity are higher in the U.S. Tech for self-evident reasons. If you’re an engineer, the U.S. is the place to be. Better pay, many jobs, and much easier than most, if not all, E.U. countries to start a business.” shared one.

On average, STEM jobs pay $54,824 a year in 2023.

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4. Access For The Disabled

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61 million adults in the United States live with a disability, and that is why,  The Americans with Disabilities Act forced businesses, governments, and developers to make handicapped places accessible.

I’m not disabled, but after moving to France, I quickly noticed how well the U.S. does this compared to other places. France is soooo behind on making things handicap accessible that it seems unreal. On numerous occasions, I’ve had to help people in wheelchairs, with strollers, the elderly, etc., do things as simple as the walk from point A to B or get the bus driver to lower the level/ramp to where they could get on (some are dickheads and will act like it’s too much of a hassle). The U.S. really did this one right.” shared one.


5. Anything Is Possible Attitude

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A Redditor shared “An “anything is possible attitude.” I have lived out of the states for a while now, and the opposite attitude has worn me down. In the states, people always seem up for things or ready to change things and spearhead and organize. At least where I live, that attitude is noticeably lacking.


6. Free refills


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 A lot of people seemed to love the fact that we get free refills in the restaurants, fast food centers, etc.  

That said, you need to know that you end up paying for it anyway. The food or the drinks are slightly overpriced to accomodate this freebie. 

Like one user explained “Free refills aren’t free. Cost is cut or profit made in other ways to accomodate for that. If we’d want that, we would have to pay for it in other ways. For example higher overall prices, lower quality drinks, lower wages for staff. Or something else, but it’s not that most of our restaurants are making their owners super rich and they have leftover money to give away by just adding some free stuff for the customers.” 

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7. Freedom Of Speech 

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Freedom of speech. The idea that the government can arrest or fine you for hurting people’s feelings on the internet is absurd.” shared a user.

Definitely, something I’ve become more aware of and seriously grateful for as I get older. The amount of times I literally tagged Donald trump on their Instagram story and told him to go is unreal. And I never even thought twice about it 😂 but on a serious note, we are so lucky compared to other countries …” shared yet another


8. Customer Service

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Customer service – companies have fantastic hours and return policies and are very polite. said one 

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9. Space


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After Russia, The United States has the most land available to the residents. It is a whopping 3,796,742 sq mi for a population of just 331.9 million.

“Space. Whenever I go to my uncle’s in London, I look out of the window and can see inside the house across the street. It’s super anxiety-provoking when you feel like the whole street is looking inside your bedroom window, lol. I almost had a panic attack.” said one

Less population density, in general, and more personal space.” said another 

Our houses aren’t close together” said yet another. 


10. Healthcare

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A user shared “Setting aside the cost and access issues, the actual quality of U.S. healthcare can be phenomenal, especially if you have a severe condition. There’s a reason many foreigners (that can afford it) travel to U.S. hospitals for the best care. We also have access to specialized drugs often restricted in other countries due to costs, rationing, or before they can get approved or become available elsewhere. There are treatments/drugs used in the U.S. for years that may not be coming online in other developed countries. Likewise, if you have a severe or chronic illness, you might have a choice of 10 or 15 drugs in the U.S. but only 1 or 2 and a waiting list in a European country.”

Yes, nationalized healthcare systems have some vast advantages. However, when you set aside primarily the cost/access issues, the U.S. can still offer some of the best healthcare in the world.” shared one

In conclusion, there are several aspects in which the United States may be considered better than Europe. These include a larger and more diverse economy, a more developed infrastructure, and a higher standard of living for many citizens. However, it is important to note that these factors vary greatly within both regions and that it is ultimately a matter of personal preference and perspective.

Additionally, Europe has its own advantages. Overall, both the U.S. and EU have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to consider them all when making comparisons.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion on what is better about the US than Europe. 


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