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15 Lies That Are Poisoning Your Mind. They’re Absolute Lies.

What if I told you that there are a staggering number of widely accepted ‘facts’ that are, in fact, demonstrably false?

Someone recently asked on the internet, What lie do people need to stop believing? And damn. The following replies made us think about it over and over again!

You Are Special

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“You are special.”

False. Only 0.1% of the population is. All the rest of us are just common normal people.”

Protesting Won’t Fix Anything

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“That “protesting won’t fix anything,” especially in America. Voting is great, but a little disruption for justice goes a long way in a nation where people are reliably compliant.”

Missing Complaints Can’t Be Filed Before 24 Hours 

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“That if someone goes missing, you must wait 24 hours before reporting it.” Said one. 

“The worst part of the ‘24 hour’ lie is that sometimes the cops believe it too, and good luck arguing with a cop.” Another added. 

Your HR Will Protect You At All Costs 

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“My last HR lady would get up from her desk and run away if you came in to complain about something…. While running past other employees, saying, “If you need something, I am here for you.” Said one. 

“The fact that it’s called Human Resources says absolutely everything.” Another added. 

Farmers Are Responsible For Food Prices Going Up

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“That food prices have gone up because of farmers.” Said one. 

“Prices have gone up because food corporations want to keep their profit margin, even when it’s inflation.” Another added. 

It is Everything To Be Rich and Famous

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“I’m a science teacher, and so many of my students have this mentality that they’ll be rich and famous one day. The media programs our kids to think they’re exceptional.”

“The media programs make kids think those people on screen are exceptional. They’re not. There are people more talented and charismatic than anyone you see on a screen. The people elevated by the media have connections or money to get to that place. That’s the long and short of it. The cream doesn’t rise to the top; the money and networking do.” Another added 

Politicians Care About You

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“Politicians care about you and your issues.  Or that they will follow through with campaign promises.” Said one.  

“No politicians, not ONE, has a damn clue what the average day is for the average person. And honestly, they don’t care, either. You are just an obstacle or a means to an end. Nothing more.” Another added. 

You Can’t Be Both Logical And Emotional At The Same Time

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“That people can’t be logical and emotional simultaneously.” Said one. 

“It’s funny because emotions play a huge part in our ability to think rationally about anything.” Another added. 

Humans Only Use 10% Of Their Brain 

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“That we only use 10% of our brains.” Said one. 

“I’ve heard it at work a few times in the past few years, and the people saying it are insistent that they’re right. It’s still a thing.” Another added. 

You’ll Get Rich Just By Working Hard

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“*Pulls up in a Ferrari.* See, kid, if you work really hard, stay late each night, put in extra hours on the weekends, and give 110% of your heart and soul to your job, then your boss could have a car like this one day.” Said one.

“I can tell you from experience, as someone who spent most of their life being very poor, that hard work can make you rich. But it must be combined with making smart decisions, being willing to take a hard sober look at your situation and making sacrifices.” Another added. 

Diamonds Are Priceless 

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“That diamonds have any value at all. We use them to coat our saw blades to cut tile and masonry. So stop buying diamonds.” Said one. 

“So much this. I hate that people think diamonds are precious stones. 100% propaganda by De Beers.” Another added. 

The Government Wants What’s Best For You

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“The government wants what’s best FROM you.” Said one. 

“That the government has any collective goal is the bigger lie. We’re all cogs in a massive, poorly communicating bureaucracy trying to keep the lights on in exchange for nominal pay and a stable retirement.” Another added. 

All College Degrees Are Equal 

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“That you can get a college degree in any subject and be equally equipped to find a job after college.” Said one. 

“I wish someone had told me this before I got my BA in anthropology. I spent a decade using bs explanations as to how it was relevant to anything.” Another added. 

So & So Media is Unbiased

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“That any media is unbiased or trustworthy.” Said one. 

“Bingo. Careful, I might get brigaded for this one. CNN and Fox News are two sides of the same pile of crap.” Another added. 

Pharmaceutical Companies Worry About Us

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“Pharmaceutical companies are trying to help us.” Said one.  

“The government and university-run labs that have scientists who do rigorous research and create life-saving medications are trying to help us. The pharmaceutical companies that snatch up their technology are leeches on society.” Another added. 

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