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14 Traits That Make You More Likable, Even If You Don’t Realize It

What’s something different that you find attractive? It could be as simple as a cute dimple or a special smile, or it could be something unique, like loving to read or caring a lot about fairness.

A user asked, What is the most unusual thing you find attractive? and here are the top 14 picks:

1. Reading

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“This is super specific, but one of my exes used to read aloud to himself any time he was studying very quietly, and I could have listened to that for hours.”

“An ex and I once started to read The Hobbit together like a chapter a night. Never thought having story time as an adult would be enjoyable. But it was…”

2. Hair Poking Through Ear

Black-haired woman studying in the library

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“When you can see a bit of her ear poking through her hair. It just gets me”

3. Deep Voice

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“A man’s voice when they first wake up!”

“Wish my normal voice was as deep as my morning voice.”

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4. No Makeup

makeup wedding

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“I think a woman looking tired and with no makeup at all in the morning is super attractive. I do not think my girlfriend believes me.”

“Dude, first thing in the morning, bare-faced with bedhead when she’s first waking up? Ughhhhhh I totally get you.”

5. Shoulders & Collar Bones

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“Shoulders and collar bones dude. Always liked em.”

6. Business Wear

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“I work in Boston sometimes, and seeing a woman in business wear sneakers is something I’ve always liked.”

7. When A Person Is Focused and Working

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“I feel like a person focused while working is very attractive.”

“When the person I like is focused and working, that’s when I want to bother them most”

8. Freckles

hispanic pretty woman feeling stupefied and scared, fearing something frightening, with hands open up front saying stay away

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“Freckles. Don’t know what it is, but I fall head over heels for freckles.”

Also, wet hair. Not like “in the shower wet” but more of a “got out of the shower an hour ago, and it’s still drying” wet. No idea what it is, but it’s gorgeous, and wish it was something that was doable 24/7

9. A Bit of Belly

wow girl

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“I guess a little bit of a belly on a girl. I like fit girls, but something about them having a little belly drives me nuts.”

“Obviously, exercises but doesn’t let it run their life, will still put away some food, statuesque but still soft.”

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10. Well-Trimmed Nails

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“Large, well-trimmed nails (not long). I really don’t like seeing big or small hands that have very small nails.”

11. Not Shaving

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“I’ve found myself oddly attracted to women who don’t shave. I think I am indirectly thinking of how I find confidence most attractive, and to be around a woman who is confident enough not to let armpit hair or whatnot make her insecure in public I find attractive.

Not so attracted to beards tho.”

12. Bangs

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“The hair that covers the forehead I dont remember what they are called. idk I just love em”

“Bangs. Cute but hard to nail, usually a product of an impulsive, emotional decision. Don’t ask how I know.”

13. Ankles

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“Ankles! I love when my husband wears his pants slightly above his ankles with vans or other “no show” socks shoes.”

14. Dark Eyes

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“Dark eyes. Blue and green are gorgeous, but something about not just brown but dark brown eyes. They’re like the void, and I just want to fall into them.”

15. Long Neck

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“Long Neck. I just love a girl with a long neck.”

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